Monday, May 7, 2012

Im Happy for a Monday

Hey There Friends....

Monday has arrived and you might ask why are you happy its a Monday.. Well the weekend was pretty long and it had its share of stress but all in all we survived.

Saturday we were back on Apartment hunt and I think we may have found a winner.. We will see what happens with the application process...FINGERS CROSSED AND PRAYERS UP FOR US.

Saturday Night, Scott and I had a wonderful night of dinner and enjoying each other's company. Its nice to get out every now and again for dinner and with all that's going on, they may come even fewer and farther in between so it is nice to cherish those moments.

Sunday was light but somethings passed thought my mind wedding wise. I took Mom to look for a Mother of the Bride dress since the last one she liked we were unable to order and she found one (Thank God!) Scott and I selected a First Dance Song....Yes we now have a song and my mind keeps going back to a Videographer.. but I have to let it go.

I think all and all, we had a great weekend and me looking forward to Monday is just me being one step closer to me being Mrs. Cameron (It has such a nice ring to it).

On task for this week for me:

  1. Work with Team Jascott on invites for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette
  2. Pick a outfit for Bridal Shower
  3. Order Mom's dress
  4. Find shoes for Junior Bridesmaids
  5. Continue work on Music List
  6. Gifts for Groomsmen and Groom

Until next time... 173 to Me and He......LOL


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