Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding Stress .... Go Away

Since the wedding process has been going so smoothly, of course there will be a bump in the road to throw me off my Bridal game and in comes... Wedding Stress

I know everyone says it happens to every bride but dam it, I didn't want it to happen to me. Crazy of me to think I would be the exception to the rule but a girl can dream. The problem for me is that I tend to take things personally and with that comes me feeling more than I probably should about it all..

I am going to take a deep breath, inhale, exhale and try to move forward. What do you do to handle wedding stress?


TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

that is so how I am and I had to learn that not everything and everybody will agree with what you like and want versus putting their own two cents in and trying to change your day and i tried to appease a lot of people. which was the worst idea i could have ever had. just take it slow and pace yourself and do exactly what you guys want to do after all its your day to enjoy.

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