Monday, March 23, 2015

6 Romantic Gestures All Married Women Crave

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Married women don't need Prince Charming — but every once in awhile, a bouquet of flowers for no reason would be oh-so-nice. So gather your guy around the computer, because this is practically a public service announcement to bring a little romance back into your relationship.

"Romance makes a woman feel worthy of her relationship and is important to her identity in relationships. It can actually build self-esteem, as well as bond her to her husband," says relationship expert April Masini. "Knowing this, men can make their women feel great about themselves, their husbands and the marriage, simply by creating romantic gestures."

Here are six ways your husband can bring some romance into your lives.

An unexpected gift
"It takes a woman off guard, and let's them know you're thinking about them on days that aren't anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas," Masini explains. "Whether it's a whimsical, fun gift, a traditional dozen roses or a meaningful piece of jewelry, the fact that it's all about her is what makes it romantic."

A sacrifice
If you despise his ratty leather chair and he willingly, without being asked, gives it away, that's romance. "Or spending the money he was saving for a new sports car on a kitchen remodel you really wanted instead can also be a romantic gesture," says Masini.

A whirlwind weekend getaway
Plan it or surprise her, take her camping or meet her in a hotel suite with champagne — it doesn't matter. "The fact that it's about the two of you — not family, not work and not someone else's wedding or birthday — is what makes it a romantic," Masini says.

A spa date
"Maybe it's something he's set up just for you because he wants you to unwind and feel pampered, or if it's for the two of you because you've both been under the gun and need some down time," suggests Masini.

Cooking for you
"Surprising you with a romantic dinner that he whips up himself, when you're the one who usually does the cooking, is very romantic because he's trying to please you, make your life easier, and feed you!" Masini says.

Splurging on you
"If he knows there was a pair of shoes or a dress that you put back on the rack because it was too pricey, and he arranges to buy the exact thing you wanted but denied yourself because he wants you to be happy, that can be a very romantic gesture," says Masini.


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