Wednesday, December 2, 2015

9 Creative Prop Ideas for Your Engagement Ring Selfie

While you can't really go wrong with a close up of your new ring, using a prop in your engagement selfie can make your snapshot that much more special. Adding an extra detail can show off your personality and capture this exciting moment even better!

Here are nine creative props that will seriously step up your selfie game:

1. Your new fiancĂ©! 
Not to say that your fiancĂ© is a just prop... but your partner can make a sweet addition to your photo. After all, your engagement isn't just about the new bling on your finger—it's about your relationship. Get your sweetie in the background, holding your hand, or smiling next to you.

2. Something that represents where you are.
Did your partner pop the question while on a ski trip? Snap your picture with a ski pole in hand! Did you get engaged on the beach? Hold a seashell (or a frozen drink) to commemorate not only your engagement, but the special spot, too.

3. A prop for the holiday.
Did you wake up on Christmas morning to a ring wrapped under the tree? Or maybe you got engaged under the fireworks on New Year's Eve or the 4th of July. If the day has significance, you can capture it by holding a festive prop, like an ornament or sparker.

4. The proposal itself.
If your partner popped the question in a creative way, you can kill two birds with one stone by documenting the proposal and capturing your rings all in one photo.

5. A glass of champagne (or your drink of choice).
If anything deserves a champagne toast, it's your engagement! Raise a glass of bubbly with your sparkling left hand for a ultra-chic and celebratory selfie.

6. Your pet!
Your furry friend's undeniable cuteness won't steal the show this time—all eyes will be on your ring! This idea is especially adorable for couples who adopted a pet together or who plan to include him or her in the wedding.

7. Your shoes.
Whether you're rocking a pair of stilettos or keeping it comfy in sneakers, any pair of shoes makes a fun addition to an engagement ring selfie! Bonus points if your shoes say your future name.

8. A message on a mug.
Send the message that you're engaged with a cute announcement mug! Order a cup to go at the coffee shop and ask the barista to write "Future Mrs." or "Bride-to-Be" on your cup. Hold it in your left hand for an instant photo op.

9. Something seasonal.
Nothing makes a diamond ring pop like the bold colors of fall! Try green grass in the summer, freshly fallen snow in the winter, and fresh blossoms in the spring.

Our top tip: Remember to keep it natural! Nothing is more cringe-worthy than an awkwardly stiff or uncomfortably positioned hand. Relax and be yourself.


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