Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crowd-Pleasing Wedding Late-Night Snacks: The Ethnic Foods Edition

Photo: Max Wanger

Serving late-night snacks at a wedding reception is becoming more popular — not to mention the guests love it! One of our favorite menu trends? Serving up your favorite ethnic foods (often in bite-size portions), whether it's Chinese takeout from your favorite restaurant or mini Greek gyros passed out on the dance floor. Here are six genius ideas that will delight your guests and keep them dancing until dawn.

Chow Mein (above): Serve personalized takeout boxes filled with your favorite Chinese noodles to guests before the evening comes to an end.

Photo: Melanie Romanoski-Rebane

Churros: At the end of the night, have your caterers pass out freshly fried Spanish-style churros served with chocolate sauce for dipping.

Photo: Caroline Studios

Samosas: Invite guests to help themselves to Indian samosas, skewered and served over chutney.

Photo: Steve Steinhardt

Tacos: Set up a self-serve Mexican taqueria at the reception where guests can assemble their own tacos with all the fixings.


Photo: Michèle M. Waite's

Gryos: Have waiters pass out mini Greek gyros to all the late-night revelers on the dance floor.

Photo: onelove photography

Bánh Mì: Love late-night Vietnamese? Serve up bite-size versions of the classic bánh mì sandwich.


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