Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Guy’s Guide: 6 Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

real weddingTo switch things up today, I wanted to direct my focus on the guys. With everything on Perfect Wedding Guide being geared towards the ladies, it only made sense to give just a little bit of attention to the opposite sex… after all the wedding is their day too.
Let’s be honest, we’ve all received some pretty interesting and most often unusable gifts as a thank you for being a part of a wedding. Whether it be superhero socks or a pocket watch that no one in this century uses. Sadly they all end up sitting in drawer or being thrown out after the fact. To eliminate that, I’ve done some much needed research for you. I’ve asked numerous guys what kind of gifts they’ve received from being in weddings to see what they loved and what they loathed.
Across the board, the below ideas are the ones that they all loved and or wished they had received. To make life even easier, I’ve included where you can buy each item. So get ready to get all your groomsmen excited when you present them with one of these gifts!
1. YETI Products
The one brand that came out of everyones mouth was YETI. Now as a female I do not understand the excitement that comes with a fancy cooler, but after looking up the specific products that the guys talked about, I now get it. Anything Yeti can be a little pricer, but this is the one thing that will be used time and time again from your groomsmen. Consider YETI Coolers Rambler Colster Beer Insulators ($29.99 each) or YETI Rambler Drink Tumblers ($29.99 for 20oz or $39.99 for 30oz). Go one step further by getting any of the stainless steel products engraved for each groomsmen.
groomsmen gifts, yeti tumblers(Image from Pinterest)
2. Barware
Something that will never go out of style is barware, whether it be stainless steel flasks or beer steins and shot glasses. Similar to the YETI products, you can get them engraved with your groomsmens names, the date of the wedding or their nicknames. As an added bonus pick up mini bottles of their favorite liquor and mini Cokes to have one final toast as a single man.
groomsmen gifts, flasks for groomsmen(Image from First Pick Planning)
3. Watches
While asking the guys about gift ideas, I quickly learned that they are not as specific as us females. Particularly because the purchase of a watch was another standard thought among them all. When I select a watch, it takes time and lots of thought on whether or not it will match things I own, etc. But all the guys said that if it matched with their suit or tux, they could add it to their existing collection and would wear it often. So with that, consider picking up a nice watch for your groomsmen. Something like this JetMaster Silver-Tone Michael Kors watch ($154.88 on sale) or this Seiko Solar Sport ($180 on sale) or this Marc by Marc Jacobs Chronograph Dillon ($275 at Macy’s).
gifts for groomsmen, groomsmen matching watches(Image from Pinterest)
4. Cufflinks
Granted most men do not wear cufflinks on a daily basis, this is one gift idea that can be very nice to have. One of the guys recommended offering to buy the cuff links and having your groomsmen pick out their own. You can go novelty with it and get these Superhero Cufflinks ($165 for set of five) or get a little more personal with these Custom Groomsmen Cufflinks ($237.55 for set of five).
gifts for groomsmen, cufflinks(Image from Lavender Hill Weddings & Events)
5. Leather Wallet
Something that a gent can always use is a wallet. Unlike women’s handbags, you all sit on them and they get worn pretty quickly. Picking your boys up a nice leather wallet will be a great gesture that will be used until a new one is needed. Make it more personal by having their initials stitched on them. My personal favorites include this Slim Billfold ID wallet ($125 at COACH) and this Mitchell Leather Money Clip Billfold ($102 on sale at Jack Spade). Or perhaps your guys would prefer a money clip like the one in the image below from Miller’s Leather Shop ($24.95).
gift ideas for groomsmen, groomsmen gifts(Image from Miller’s Leather Shop)
6. Rent or Purchase
One of the more costly ideas would be to take care of the groomsmen’s attire. Whether you prefer to rent the tuxedos and suits or purchase them, picking up the tab for them is one grand gesture that will make all your boys grateful.
wedding blog, wedding ideas, what to wear to a wedding, menswear(Image from Pinterest)
If you are trying to stick to a smaller budget, consider one of these options as an alternative:
    -Fun socks
    -Cigar or two
    -Bottle of their favorite liquor
    -Cool beer bottle openers
Keep in mind these are just the ideas I received from a group of gents I know. This may or may not be the mass consensus on the topic. One thing to keep in mind is your overall budget. Asking your best bros to stand next to you on your wedding day can be thank you enough. After all, it means they are the ones who are closest to you and have shared and experienced the most with you.


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