Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Change Your Last Name

You signed your marriage certificate with your new last name, but sorry to break it to you – your last name isn’t legally changed. We’ve simplified the steps and created the list below to help guide you along the process. However, the time commitment and confusion of changing your name can be overwhelming, but that’s why HitchSwitchwas created to help!

1.    Marriage License
Once you file for your marriage license and complete the ceremony (YAY!) you’ll receive your certified marriage certificate, in the mail approximately 10 to 15 days after you wedding.

You need your marriage certificate in hand to complete the steps below.  

2.   Social Security
This is what HitchSwitch refers to as the “gateway step”. Visit the United States Social Security Administration website and complete the SS-5. HitchSwitch suggests you take the application to your local Social Security office, as the update happens within 24 hours. Alternately, please note that everything can be sent through the mail if so desired.

3.   Passport
There are a few different cases in changing your name on your passport and all the possible documents can be found on the U.S. Passport and International Travel pageon the Department of State website.

Use the…

DS-5504: If it is less than a year since you updated your Passport

DS-82: If it has been more than a year

DS- 11: If you are a first time applicant, or if your passport was lost, stolen, etc.

You’ll need a new passport photo (taken within the last 6 months) and must include it on your application when applying for a new or updated passport.

4.   Change Your Driver’s License
Head down to the local DMV with your new social security card, your old license, your certified marriage certificate, and anything else stated on the requirements from your state (found online).

5.    Everything else!
–       Credit Cards
–       Club Memberships
–       Address/Post Office
–       Utilities
–       Doctor’s Office
–       Alumni Associations
–       The List goes on!

Overwhelmed? Confused? Don’t know where to start? Simplify your name change and visit  HitchSwitch– they’ll be able to help!


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