Thursday, March 10, 2016

Flowers Not Your Thing? Try These 4 Non-Floral Bouquet Alternatives

Having real flowers at your wedding can be a mighty expense. Flowers eat up a big chunk of your wedding budget and while they do a good job of making the room look and smell lovely, they go to complete waste at the end of the night. So perhaps you're looking to use flowers here and there or to use none altogether. Either way, there's no need to panic over what you will replace the flowers with when it comes to a bouquet. To help you think of a fun and pretty replacement, here are four alternatives to have a flower-filled bouquet.

1. Paper Flowers
If you still like the way flowers look, you can make a bouquet out of alternative flowers or paper flowers. For example, if you love books, the bouquet can be made out of pages from your favorite novel or you can use a newspaper or another paper item that has a special meaning to you.

2. Feathers
Feathers can be pulled together to make beautiful centerpieces and even bouquets. You can mix the colors of the fabric so that it makes the bouquet look more full.

3. Stone Broaches
Attach different style, shapes, and colored broaches to a mini-shaped pillow and turn it into a bouquet. This is a perfect alternative for a bride that wants a bold and unique look. 

4. BalloonsYou can mix and match different shaped and sized balloons to make a bouquet that gives off a more youthful and fun overall look. This is a rather unique idea that will save you a lot of money and even make your bouquet something that people talk about long after the wedding is over. Bonus? You can use these balloons afterward to fill up space in the wedding venue or decorate the ceiling of the dance floor.


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