Friday, June 24, 2016

6 Cool Food and Beverage Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

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Happy July! We’re in the heart of summer, and today we wanted to offer up some of our favorite food and beverage options for summer weddings. Think light, think refreshing, think fruity . . and have fun with it! Here’s a list that’s sure to whet your appetite:

1. Iced drinks (nonalcoholic). Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, the heat is sure to be a factor. Offer a selection of cool, thirst-quenching drinks such as iced tea, fresh juice, and fruity spritzers. I’ve even seen couples create whimsical lemonade stands featuring different colors and flavors of lemonade. Truly fun and adorable!

2. Iced drinks (alcoholic). Summer is the time to offer bar options that aren’t suited to the rest of the year. Some of the most popular summer cocktails are sangria, mint juleps, mojitos, rum punch, tequila coolers, limoncello, pina coladas, watermelon martinis, and peach bellinis.

3. Cool appetizers. Consider offering a raw bar, or individual shrimp cocktails on shaved ice. Gazpacho shots, mixed fruit kebobs with dip, crouton cups filled with mini Caesar salads, or sweet watermelon bites paired with feta and mint are among our favorite cold appetizers.

4. Bring the grill indoors. For your main meal, consider offering guests an elegant summer picnic theme. Pair grilled steaks, chicken, and/or fish with fresh and bright salsas and sauces, or go the barbecue route with pulled pork and beef brisket.

5. Keep the sides light. Some of our favorite summer side dishes include pesto pasta salad, succotash, cucumber salad, summer herb potato salad, tomato and goat cheese salad, and zucchini salad with yogurt-dill sauce.

6. Incorporate summer fruits in your dessert offerings. Whether you intend to offer only wedding cake or a wide variety of dessert options, keep flavors light and/or tart to infuse summer into your menu. Popular summer flavors are lemon, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, melon, pineapple, apricot, and mango. Among the most popular summer desserts are sorbets, shortcakes, dessert “pops,” mini fruit pies, tortes, mousse, and cobbler.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How Much Input Can We Have with Our Wedding Vendors?

advice photo
Photo: Peter Van Beever 
Building a team of vendors can make or break your wedding experience. An awesome team will take care of any problem before it even arises, and will help you take your vision to the next level. But, of course, you're the client, so you're entitled to some input, right? Here's where to find the line between enough input and too much, according to our experts.

Of course your wedding vendors want to hear . Whether it's the florist, the caterer, or your wedding band, getting input from you is what turns an event into your wedding! But as professionals, you do also have to recognize when to step back and let the experts do their jobs.

When it comes to the florist, working out a style and color scheme is great, as is some guidance as to flowers you love (or hate). Less helpful? Trying to pick the exact blooms that will be in each and every arrangement. There's no way to know what your florist will find at the flower market until he or she gets there, so trust that they'll do their best to get you what you want, and will find you the next best thing if those peach roses came in a little too orange.

Working on the menu with your caterer? They wouldn't have tastings if they didn't want you to sample their food and talk to them about your likes and dislikes. And many caterers are even happy to work with you to include family recipes that aren't part of their usual repertoire. But again, draw the line before you start tweaking things that they've perfected over the years or offerings that are dependent on what's freshest. Tomato salad is great at the height of summer, but in the dead of winter, there's a reason your caprese now has roasted tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

When you're working with a wedding planner, acknowledge where their expertise trumps your opinions. They've built a career organizing, negotiating, timing, and arranging, and they've learned a lot of their tricks the hard way. If your planner insists that something just can't be done a certain way — and has a horror story to back it up — that's the time to give in. The same goes for creative license. Your planner will work closely with you to suss out all of your likes, dislikes, and expectations, but once it comes to actual event execution and nitty-gritty details, let the experts take over.

Monday, June 20, 2016

10 of Our Favorite Wedding Day Hair Accessories for Summer

small beaded headband
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Wherever your fairytale wedding takes you, these dreamy accessories will let your hair take center stage, without upstaging you. From veils to crowns—our exquisite and unique take on the top 10 hair accessory trends for summer, has something for every bride.

Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN

The Simple Statement Veil
This light and airy Parisian cirque veil complete with a hand-sewn organza ribbon hem, is cut to circular perfection—enveloping you from head to fingertip. Wear as a blusher, or flipped back for a more voluminous look. (Ribboning Cirque Veil, $250, BHLDN )

wedding headpiece
Photo: Courtesy of J Crew

The Side Comb
This handcrafted gold-leaf comb adds instant opulence and glamour to your big day. Consider this comb an ideal compliment to a side swept 'do, or an understated side swoop. (Jennifer Behr Eos Comb, $419, J Crew)

wedding headband
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Head Band
For a dainty halo effect, dress your locks in this gold plated headband complete with lustrous freshwater pearls and beaming rhinestones. (Ines Pearl & Jeweled Head Band, $310, Nordstrom)

body framing veil
Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN

The Body Framing Veil
This intricate, French Chantilly lace hem is oval-cut to drape delicately around the shoulders. Perfect for that walk down-the-isle and romantic first dance! (Visionary Chapel Veil, $650, BHLDN)

face framing wedding veil
Photo: Courtesy of J Crew

The Face-Framing Tulle
This modern take on the veil is ideal for a demure, yet flirty, look on the big day. It's designed in fine tulle to let your groom catch a glimpse of your beauty as you float down-the-isle. (Short Tulle Veil, $198, J Crew)

hair crystals
Photo: Courtesy of Free People

The Individual Sparklers
Dress your locks with subdued sparkly gems like these metal hair clickers featuring shining rhinestones. Perfect for braids and messy buns. (Crystal Hairbead Clickers, $24, Free People)

hair flowers
Photo: Courtesy of The Left Bank

The Dainty Florals
This silk organza flower complete with freshwater pearl & Swarovski crystal centers can be placed anywhere for a bold, yet swoon-worthy statement. (Sara Gabriel Raquel Clips, $157, The Left Bank)

floral headband
Photo: Courtesy of Free People

The Whimsical Floral Crown
We're not quite done with floral crowns, and this understated colorful confection dressed in Mulberry paper florals is the reason why. (Cosmo Daisy Crown, $38, Free People)

small wedding headbands
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Bohemian Head Wrap
Winding luminescent crystals make this delicate head wrap the ideal headband or cascading adornment to a sensuous mermaid braid. Dainty alligator clips let you design a look that's all your own. (Vera Bohemian Head Wrap by Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge, $145, Nordstrom)

beaded headband
Photo: Courtesy of Free People

The Woodland Crown
For our etherial brides, this delicate crown is fastened in preserved dried thistle and baby's breath, wrapped around floral twine. Ideal for forest weddings and woodland fairies! (Thistle Flower Crown, $148, Free People)