Thursday, December 8, 2016

6 Things That Brought These Brides To Tears On Their Wedding Days

Andrew Mark
If there was ever a time to wear waterproof mascara, your wedding day would be that time. Tears will hit when you least expect them to — and during the moments when you do expect them, like the first look, first dance and even just the first time you see all of your guests in the same place. Here are six stories from real brides who share the unexpected reason they cried on their wedding day.

1. We Couldn’t Find the Groom “I started to panic about twenty minutes before the wedding because my husband was nowhere to be found. I was hysterical when they told me he was missing. Apparently he was missing for a few hours and they finally told me when I had to know that no one could find him. My makeup was all over my face. Finally like five minutes before go-time, he showed up. He was out trying to find my favorite cupcake to surprise me before the ceremony and was stuck in traffic.” —Laura F., 32

2. The Wedding Planner Quit on the Spot “I had quite the crew of high-strung people surrounding me on my wedding day. My mom and my sister were ordering the wedding planner around and I don’t know who said what, but the next thing I know is that she walked out of my wedding and quit. My mom and sister were so angry and yelling, and it just made me feel so stressed. I walked into the bathroom and I cried for a good 15 minutes until one of my bridesmaids turned into the wedding planner and helped finishing getting the wedding set up.” —Carly D., 28

3. When I Almost Didn’t Walk Down the Aisle “There were so many nerves that hit me head-on the morning of the wedding. I was so nervous and just had cold feet all of a sudden, out of nowhere. It was so weird. I almost backed out of getting married and had a cry fest with my maid-of-honor. Finally she told me to just pull myself together and get moving down the aisle. I did and I’m happy about that.” —Hilary D., 30
I almost backed out of getting married and had a cry fest with my maid-of-honor.

4. Right Before the First Look — At the Venue “When I saw the room all set up with the flowers and the tables, I cried. I was so overwhelmed. My parents spend about $150,000 on the whole wedding and the room looked just like I imagined. It was the moment I realized I was actually going to have my dream wedding.” —Kelsey D., 27

5. When I Saw Myself in the Mirror “It’s going to sound terrible and also make me look totally into myself, but when I looked in the mirror and saw my whole look come together, I cried a little bit. I was all glammed up and ready to start my day.” —Tammy P., 31

6. Before Our First Kiss as Husband and Wife “When the priest said that we could kiss each other, it was hard for my husband to do that because my face was soaked in tears. Happy tears of course!” —Deb S., 29


Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary—it’s an act of infinite optimism. 

The moment I became your Mother is the moment my entire world change. You have made me into the woman I am today and for that there are no true words.

On this your special day, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, a day filled with joy and an infinite amount of love.

You are my masterpiece and I am so proud to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Jacelyn Breanna Jackson.

Love You 


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

25 Sweet Ways To Give Thanks Before, During And After Your Wedding

In the spirit of the season, we’ve gathered some fun ways to give thanks before, during, and after your big day.
Photo Credit: Kevin Paul Photography
1. Keep a gratitude journal. Unlike a regular diary, which requires daily upkeep, jot down quick thoughts about your planning “highs” (e.g. what you felt like when you bought your dress) whenever you have the time. You can also use it to store fun mementos like a sketch of your cake.

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Photo Credit: J. Wiley Photography
2. Spend quality time with your maid of honor and best man. Plan a one-on-one hangout before the wedding chaos takes over. You’ll relish the opportunity to bond with them before the biggest day of your life.
Photo Credit: J. Wiley Photography
3. Exchange letters on the morning of the wedding. Sure, “meet you down the aisle” texts are charming, but there’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. Thank your future spouse for marrying you and making you the luckiest woman alive. Capture each other’s reaction on film by reading the letters out loud for your videographer.

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Skog Photographers
4. Unveil a fun wedding surprise for your groom. Is ESPN the soundtrack of your home? Give a nod to his sports obsession by having guests sign a jersey as your “guest book.” Did he spend his childhood (and beyond) secretly wishing he was Spiderman? We’re smitten with this creative take on the groom’s cake.

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Photo Credit: Ryan Ray Photography
5. Savor a quiet moment together. Soak in your surroundings — the stunning reception space that took months to plan, friends and family busting a move on the dance floor, that giddy look on your husband’s face that says, “We finally did it.”

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Photo Credit: Blink of an Eye Photography
6. Wipe away your parents’ tears of joy. Personalize vintage handkerchiefs with embroidered messages for Mom, Dad, your mother-in-law, father-in-law, or any other close family members.

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Photo Credit: Emma Case Photography via A Practical Wedding
7. Dedicate your wedding to both sets of parents. At the ceremony, ask the officiant if you could read a poem in honor of your family. Here’s one example of wording we love, via “We would like to dedicate this ceremony to our parents. They have taught us our values and shown us how to laugh, love and appreciate all that life has to offer. Their generosity, support, and love are unending.”
Photo Credits (from top to bottom): Ana Lui; Zenobia Studios and Ashfall Mixed Media
8. Honor your parents’ marriage by incorporating their wedding-day photos. Whether it’s one small photo tucked into your armoire or a dedicated corner at the sign-in table, they’ll appreciate the sentimental gesture. Or, have your photographer help you re-create one of their favorite shots.
Bouquet at left photographed by Alisha + Brook Photographers / Bouquet at right created by Edge Design Group; photographed by Nadia D. Photography
9. Carry a piece of them down the aisle with you. Use fabric from your mother’s wedding dress as your bouquet holder (like the photo pictured at right), or hang miniature childhood photos from your flowers. Instead of doing a bouquet toss, give a speech at the reception dedicating your bouquet to the most important woman in your life — Mom.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Beasley
10. Give Mom and Dad one last hug before you’re pronounced husband-and-wife. Take the time to stop for one final display of affection. Just remind your parents that the officiant is waiting if they refuse to let go.

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Photo Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography
11. Toast to all of the times that your bridal party supported you. Thank your bridal party attendants for sharing in the joy of your wedding day with a quick speech. Don’t forget to hand out a glass of bubbly to each bridesmaid before you hit the road!
Photo Credit: Mlle Bagatelles on Etsy
12. Give your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts they’ll actually use. Check out 40+ ideas for bridal party presents, here.
Photo Credits (from left to right): Joshua McCoy Photography and Angel Canary Photography
13. Spend one-on-one time with your flower girl and ring bearer. Give the little ones a bucket filled with crayons and activities to keep them busy at the reception, let them play with your dress, and say “cheese” in the front of the camera for their very own portrait.

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Photo Credit: Woodlark Designs on Etsy
14. Give your bridal party kudos in your wedding program. Explain what their relationship is to you (a sister, friend, coworker) and include a few fun facts about them.
Photo Credit: Becky Brown Photography
15. Dedicate a special song to your ‘maids and groomsmen. Don’t require them to practice a dance beforehand, unless you’re Zumba buddies or were in a dance troupe back in high school! Just have your DJ or band play a song from your past and watch unscripted hilarity ensue.

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Photo Credit: Cami’s Paperie on Etsy
16. Thank your vendors for making your wedding vision come to life. After all of those emails, calls, brainstorming sessions, and, yes, the times that they saved your behind, express how much you appreciate them with a heartfelt card. Pay it forward by writing a positive review online, if you were happy with their service.
Photo Credit: Muriel Silva Photography
17. Give vendors a shout-out in your toast. If you plan on saying a few words to welcome guests to the wedding reception, mention all of the vendors who helped make your night (or day) a success.
Photo Credits (from top to bottom): K and K Photography and Rachael Foster Photography
18. Create a heartfelt guest book alternative. Your wedding day is the one time when you’re surrounded by everyone who loves you, all in the same room. What better way to bottle up all of their good wishes than by preserving and displaying them in your home afterward?

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Photo Credit: Taylor Lord
19. Incorporate “thanks” as part of your wedding d├ęcor. One popular option is to display a special thank-you on the menu. Or, you could include a meaningful blessing or prayer.
Photo Credits (from left to right, top to bottom): Minerva Photography; Casey Fatchett; Blink of an Eye Photography and Liquid Courage Flasks
20. Give out thoughtful favors. Gift creature comforts like cozy slippers, a yummy scent or donuts for the ride home.

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Photo Credit: Ashley Brooke Designs
21. Have fun with your thank-you cards. A custom illustration makes signing all of those notes that much more bearable (and, dare we say it, fun).

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Photo Credit: Mari Darr
22. Pay it forward and give back to your community with charitable favors. Donate to a cause that is close to your heart and include a note explaining the significance behind your choice.

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Photo Credit: Snappy Shots by Bev
23. Donate your dress. After the big day, you can donate your dress and any other bridal accessories to Brides Against Breast Cancer, which will resell it and use the proceeds to help a woman with cancer. Or, you can gift it to Brides for a Cause, which collects and resells gowns to support Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit organization that grants weddings to couples in need.
Photo Credit: Amanda Marie Photography
24. Donate flowers. Organizations such as The FlowerPower Foundation (based in New York and L.A.), Blooms From the Heart (San Diego) and Floranthropy (Seattle) will re-assemble your donations into new floral arrangements for hospices and nursing homes that could use some cheer.
Photo Credit: Bowersock Photographers
25. Donate food. Arrange to have any extra food from your reception “rescued” to feed hungry people in your area. Find out more at Second Harvest.
Photo Credit: Betsy’s Wood on Etsy
Bonus: Keep the spirit of gratitude going in your marriage. Leave secret messages for your spouse to find. At dinner, take a cue from The Queen of Giving, Oprah Winfrey, and tell them about three blessings that happened to you on that day. “When you focus on what you have, your abundance only increases,” the talk show host has said.