Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012... Bring it 2013


Well, What can I say... I never thought in a Million years that I would be a wife and look at me now, Here I am. I have to say that 2012 had some ruff spots, some losses that I thought I could not bare but the smile on my face in the photos showed that 2012's good outweigh the bad. I THANK ALL my Blogger Buddies for riding with me, reading my words and keeping me encouraged. I have learned from you all, grown with you and have friendships with all of you. To my family and friends, THANK YOU for being you always. Jacelyn and Isaiah, THANK YOU for letting me be the Mommy I am, I know I am still learning but know that I Love You both. My Husband, THANK YOU for choosing me to go through life with you. There is no one better for me than you.
2012, Its been real, 2013... LETS DO THIS!
Mrs. Jasmine Cameron

Friday, December 28, 2012

Engagement Ring Shopping: Tips of the Trade

You've found the perfect woman -- check. You're ready to get engaged -- check. Now, there's just one important question to be answered. Not "Will you marry me?," but more importantly, "How do I find the right ring?"

Lucky for you, the following engagement ring shopping tips should help simplify the whole process. We've got everything you'll need to know, except that elusive answer from your bride-to-be. We're pretty sure you've got that part covered though, so let's get started!

1. Before you buy a ring, do your homework. All diamonds are not created equal, and an engagement ring is a huge investment. It's important to be informed, but don't get overwhelmed by the information. The 4Cs of diamond buying are a great place to start:

• Color - Diamonds are available in a wide range of colors -- the most desirable and valuable are those with no hint of color (colorless) or those with strong color (fancy colors).

• Cut - The precision and delicacy of the cut dictates the amount of light a diamond reflects and refracts. The better the cut, the greater the brilliance, sparkle and fire.

• Clarity - Most diamonds contain natural markings called inclusions. The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the more light that can pass through the stone.

• Carat - The weight or size of a diamond is measured in carats (ct.). Diamond values rise exponentially with carat size.

2. In keeping with the theme of being informed, it can't hurt to do a little brushing up on your diamond shapes -- round, marquise, pear, princess, emerald, oval, etc. -- before you begin the ring search. While all cuts are beautiful, your special someone probably has a favorite, and after all your time together, you should have a pretty good sense of her personal style. Piece together all those tiny details that you know and love about your soon-to-be fiancée together and determine:

• Is her style more modern or vintage?

• Does she prefer trends or tradition?

• Does she wear more silver or gold?

I once knew a groom who was determined to keep all aspects of his proposal top secret, so he never asked his bride what she wanted in an engagement ring. A risky move! When in doubt, always consult the best friend (as this guy eventually did). After all, the ultimate goal is to find your bride THE diamond of her dreams, so allies are welcome. (Snagging a ring for reference from her jewelry box can't hurt either, especially when it comes to sizing.)

3. Now that you've done some research and know what you're looking for, it's time to do some smart shopping. Rule number one: Always buy a certified diamond. This ensures the quality and value of your purchase. Be sure an independent, accredited gemological institute (such as IGI) has graded the diamond mounted in your ring to the one, internationally accepted system for diamond grading. A diamond grading report provides an unbiased assessment of a diamond's 4Cs and informs you whether a stone is synthetic or has undergone any treatments, which may dramatically affect the value. Remember, a smart shopper is a happy shopper.

Easy enough, right? Best of luck shopping! And when it comes to that other important question, never fear. We're sure the answer will be a resounding YES!

Offbeat Honeymoon: 6 Unique Alternatives for Your Trip

When it comes to ultimate honeymoon agendas, luxury trips to tropical destinations like Hawaii and St. Lucia typically lead the pack. But for those couples looking for alternatives to the ordinary resort getaway, consider these six unique ideas still bound to provide the getaway of a lifetime.

Mini-moons are quickly becoming a popular honeymoon alternative for newlyweds. Ideal for honeymooners with budget limitations, timing constraints, or little vacation time set aside, a mini-moon still enables couples to experience an unforgettable destination for a few days, even if it's not Paris or Hawaii. Typically, a mini-moon consists of a destination within driving distance or a short flight.

Mini-moon hotspots: New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, and San Francisco.

Volunteer Honeymoon
Whether clearing trails in a scenic national park or building homes in a developing nation, a volunteer honeymoon allows newlyweds to travel the world while giving back to individuals, communities, and organizations in need. This is truly a memorable travel experience, one that will certainly make an impact on you, but also the people and projects that you decide to help out. What a remarkable way to start your new life together.

Volunteer Ideas: Build a home through Habitat for Humanity, preserve hiking trails with the Sierra Club, or help endangered animals with Biosphere Expeditions.

Looking to explore and learn about some of the world's most diverse ecosystems? If the answer is a definite yes, then consider an eco-honeymoon for your upcoming trip.
Ecotourism is an increasingly popular form of travel that focuses on visiting natural or protected areas of a destination while minimizing overall impact. In fact, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing areas in the travel industry. From wildlife viewing in the heart of the African savannah to whitewater rafting down glacier-fed rivers, the options are practically endless for eco-adventurers.

Eco-Ideas: Drop your bags at Tortuga Lodge & Gardens in beautiful Costa Rica. Located in the lush northeastern section of the country, this remote property offers luxury accommodations and a variety of unforgettable eco-activities, including boat tours through stunning Tortuguero National Park and private turtle nesting expeditions.

Camping or National Parks Getaway
Outdoorsy couples may want to consider a national park honeymoon to experience America's greatest natural wonders. Whether you explore just one destination or decide to mix and match, your honeymoon is guaranteed to feature scenic drives, soaring mountain vistas, gorgeous backcountry hikes, and other incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Meanwhile, with properties such as Ahwahnee Hotel to choose from, couples don't have to sacrifice comfort to get up close and personal with some of the country's most extraordinary parks.
Honeymoon-worthy picks: Olympic (WA), Acadia (ME), Yosemite (CA), and Yellowstone (WY) national parks.

European River Cruise
A cruise along one of Europe's famous rivers can provide newlyweds with an intimate, relaxing, and overall exceptional experience. Demand for European river cruises is now at an all-time high -- especially among American travelers -- and it's easy to see why. Travelers can sail past picturesque countryside, discover historic cities, view gorgeous hilltop castles, and easily embark on new experiences and activities along the way.

Popular European routes include the Danube, Rhine, Po, Seine, Rhone, and Moselle rivers. Memorable city stops feature Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Paris, and Amsterdam, among countless others.

Ride the Rails
Leave behind the hassles of airplanes and car rentals on your upcoming honeymoon. With the ability to experience luxurious accommodations, top-notch cuisine, and breathtaking scenery, plus the chance to hop on and off at some of the world's most iconic destinations, train travel can be immensely rewarding, romantic, and eye-opening. Arguably, it can transport you to places -- and even eras -- better than any other mode of transportation.
The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express remains one of the world's most luxurious and spectacular train experiences. Meanwhile, the Napa Valley Wine Train is also a great option, especially for mini-mooners.

Friday Letters

Dear 2012...
Its the last weekend of the year. We have had our ups and downs but we have survived. 2013 is going to be a good one so Thanks for the memories.
Dear Christmas....
Even with Scott being sick and I being exhausted, You did us proud. Thanks for making our 1st Christmas together a memorable one.
Dear Weekend...
Lets see what we can do to go out with a BANG!
Dear Job Hunt...
Lets start off 2013 on the right foot... I'm ready for it.
Dear Jacelyn and Isaiah...
I hope that you both enjoyed your Christmas. Scott and I enjoyed every moment with you all. Love you both!
Dear Scott,
Thank You for making 2012 one of the best years of my life. I appreciate all that you have done and will continue to do. Nothing and no one has made me happier and I Love You for it! I hope that you have enjoyed the ride with me and looking forward to our future together.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Confession of a Newlywed: Month 2

1. I now realize that no matter how much I try, Shoes will always end up under the table.

2. It's the little things, like watching Netflix with my husband that makes me happy to be a married woman.

3. We still haven't sent out our thank you cards.

4. I cant help but to think of our wedding more and more since it is all over.

5. I feel like I have so many things to learn about being a wife but so far so good.

6. I love our tickle fights... It feels good that we can laugh together.

7. Seeing the trials and tribulations that single people go through makes me super happy that I don't have to go through that anymore.

8. Your attitude and mood rubs off on your spouse.

9. I get irritated when people just cant be happy about love.

10. I cant wait for the day for us to have a house... I have so many ideas for it

11. The name changing process has been simple so far... Lets hope it stays that way.

12. I have accepted the fact that I will always be the designated laundry lady.

13. It is important to have hobbies together. Even if it's something stupid like watching a TV show together.

14.Hearing him introduce me as his wife always makes me smile inside and out

15. I still like being Lolly Lolly with my Husband.

16. I love that we can make decisions together and not feel like one or the other is defeated.

17. His sweatpants are much more comfortable than mines.

18. I love that hubby is always looking out for me... Even if I try to fight the feeling sometimes

19. I kind of like people asking me for wedding advice... It makes me feel important in a strange way.

20. I cant wait to see what 2013 brings for us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cameron Christmas!!!

Hello Friends and Happy Holidays from Me to You! I hope that everyone had a great time. Here is a recap of our Christmas Holidays....

Friday Scott and I got somethings done in preparation for guest coming to town. I went over to the airport and picked up my Sissy Friday Night and we headed over to our friend Janet's Birthday/Grand Opening Party!!

Saturday Morning I got up and did some laundry and cleaning before we had guest come over for our 1st Cameron Christmas Party!!
Santa and Mrs. Claus...

The Kids...

The Spread.
I'm sure that there are some other pictures floating around so when I find them, I will post them.
Sunday was a long day because both Scott and Isaiah had been sick for a few days. I helped nurse them back to health and ran some errands. We went to Brunch for my Grandparents 60th Anniversary and I went to Target for my photos that I had printed for my Father in Law to hang while he was here:
Me and the Kids on the move...

Our wedding frame from Bed, Bath and Beyond... LOVE IT!

Our new wall art!
Monday was Christmas Eve which meant Jacelyn and I headed to the hair shop to get all dazzled up for Christmas:
Waiting for the chair.
After some other things we had to do around the house... We headed to my parents house for their Annual Christmas Eve Party!
Sweet Potato Biscuits made by Sissy!

My Sibs... Love Them Forever...

Me and the Hubs!
Christmas Day has arrived and it was a AWESOME day to be with family a friends... Here is a few photos from the day:
My gift from Scott... We should own stock in Robbins Brothers by now....

Gram.... Love

Christmas Breakfast...

Jacelyn and her Devil Eggs.... So Good!

My Grandparents and their Children.
And that is the short version of our Christmas Weekend... Here is what is on tap for this week:
Saying Good Bye to 2012
Still on the Hunt.
Maybe a Date Night before the year is out.
More Projects.
Have a great week everyone.

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is our 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife Instagram Photo....LOL. Its crazy to think that 2 years ago, he was proposing to me and now we are celebrating as one. Christmas will always be special to me and I have him to Thank for it... Love You Scott.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Love Scott, Jasmine, Jacelyn and Isaiah.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Engagement Party Ideas That Won't Bore Your Buddies

By I Am Staggered, USA

While your friends are excited you’re engaged, the thought of being forced to use the “right fork” while watching a photomontage set to a Celine Dion track is enough to make them homicidal. Celebrity Event Planner (and Staggered Event Expert, Peter Otero) shows you how to throw an engagement party that won’t bore them to tears.

Engagement parties are regarded as the traditional formal announcement of a wedding more frequently celebrated at a fancy restaurant or dinner party at home. While tradition can be a safe and predictable foundation for a party, we all know the most outstanding ones are remembered because of the unexpected fun had by all. For guys, the minute we hear about an engagement party, we either curl our lips or ...yawn!

Get Involved.
So with all due respect to Cyndi Lauper’s girl anthem, “girls just wanna have fun”, they aren’t the only ones. Guys want to have a blast too! There are a wide variety of themes and styles to decide on that can ensure a fantastic time. Get involved in the planning process and voice your opinion. The male perspective can usually offer a unique twist to a "lovey dovey" feminine approach. Your buddies will appreciate you for thinking of them. I am not a big fan of themed parties, though I am constantly asked to design them. But when I do, I like to pay very close attention to every detail. That is what makes a party unique and personal. So be as creative as you want and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Remember, It Doesn’t Have to Be Stuffy.
If you’re going for a more casual approach, think of fun and unexpected venues as opposed to the more traditional ballroom, banquet hall or restaurant. A local pub, bar or favorite watering hole can be a fun alternative. Prior arrangements can be made so that you have a sectioned off, semi-private area for your guests that may include your own bartender. If the place does not serve food you can arrange to have food delivered or have it catered. This allows everyone to have a good time in a very relaxed atmosphere. You may also want to be proactive and think of designating drivers or offer a car or taxi service for those guests who really make it a point to toast all night long celebrating the union of love. There’s always at least one or two in the group...maybe more!
There’s also a big trend now in upscale bowling alleys that are equipped for private parties. This makes for a fun filled night of laughter, luck AND some losers...with possible back aches too. Some places have great food, drinks and music with a “clubby” feeling. If not, a regular old school alley can be just as fun. Anything can be arranged to fit your tastes and budget. Everyone has a fun time; participants and spectators alike.

There’s nothing better than pairing good pizza with cold beer (or good wine). Whether at a local pizza parlor, restaurant or private home, it can be a delicious way of saying “we’re tying the knot”. Look into buying out the local pizza spot or hiring a chef to make “pies on demand”. Make it instructional and interactive. Guests participate if it’s entertaining and well thought out. Create new recipes or follow traditional ones. Offer a variety of beer to go with different pizzas. Make sure to keep it casual and family style. If it’s anything like my house, the best times are shared in the kitchen–around food!

Make It an Event and Allow Everyone To Participate.
If your style is classier, try a wine tasting party. And if you don’t have the option of going to a local winery, there are plenty of books on the subject. This is another great way to engage your guests and enhance their understanding of wine. Make it fun and educational by conducting blind tastings or form wine tasting groups. The more palates there are, the more perspectives on a particular wine you’ll have, and the better you increase your awareness of a wine’s complexities. To maximize your wine tasting experience, hire a live cigar roller to roll a stogie just for you and your guests. If that’s not doable, then consider buying an assortment of good cigars from your local tobacco shop. Not only will some women think it’s sexy and try it themselves, but your mates will give you major brownie points for thinking of them.

Not Into Creative Theme Parties? Keep it Simple.
You can never go wrong with a simple, sexy, cocktail party. Have a wide variety of great food, cocktails and different music to suit all tastes. Make it comfortable for everyone. Create an environment that allows for mingling. It’s a great way for families and friends to meet, and get to know each other. Hire a bartender to prepare and serve cocktails. Come up with personalized drinks menu. Go to your local florists and get beautiful flowers that will enhance the space. Consider hiring a baby sitter to care for and entertain the youngsters while the grown-ups focus on just having a good time. For an alternative twist at the end, offer a post-dessert coffee tasting paired with gourmet chocolates. And if you really want to make it spectacular, turn it into a black tie event; a fun and clever way to set the tone for the wedding.

The most important thing to remember when planning an engagement party is that it is a happy, joyous occasion. With that in mind, the possibilities are endless. Make it truly memorable and unforgettable. Put your stamp on it and have fun with it!

I am Staggered USA ( is a top Men’s Wedding Site and the brother site to I Am Staggered UK (, the #1 Men’s Wedding Website in the United Kingdom. @Iamstaggeredusa


Friday Letters

Dear Weekend...
Dear Sissy...
Your home! I'm so excited to hang with you.
Dear Holiday Party....
I am excited for all our family and friends to come over and hang with us. I am ready for some good holiday cheer.
Dear Gram and Papa....
Thank You for being a great example of true love. I am so excited to celebrate with you for your 60th wedding anniversary. Love You Guys!
Dear Scott.....
I Love You SO Much! You make me the happiest woman on the planet. I Thank You for your support, love and kisses...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coffee Talk

1. What type of phone do you have?
I have an iPhone after many years with Team Blackberry.. And I have to admit that I LOVE IT!!!

2. Look to your right, what do you see?
Television, Cameron Family Sign and Christmas Decorations

3. List 5 random facts about yourself...
Wow. Okay. Here it goes........
    I have a tender heart and find it hard to say No to people but I am getting better at it.
I like for all the doors in the house to be closed... Its my OCD
I am a sucker for love. Love is made for me and for you.
I hate the sounds of Balloons popping and them being filled with helium
I hate milk and breakfast eggs after my pregnancy....

4. What is that one talent you wish you were great at?
I really don't know if there is something I would want to be good at... If I had to choose I would say writing. I would love to write and have people be inspired by my words.

5. Go to and hit random article. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. Go to and click random quotes. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first ...album. Go to and click on “explore”. Seventh picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. Use to put it all together. Now show us your album :)


60 Years of love....

On this day in 1952... My Grandparents walked through a Snow Storm in Washington DC to a local Pastor's house. There in his living room, they were married. Here we are 60 years and they are still together and in love. They have raised a beautiful family and I am happy to have them as an example for how love can endure all things and still last. Happy Anniversary Gram and Papa. We love you!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surprise Marriage Proposal: Man Pops The Question At His Own Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Marriage Proposal: Man Pops The Question At His Own Surprise Birthday Party
The Huffington Post | By Posted: | Updated: 12/18/2012 5:21 pm EST
Katie Wanner thought her boyfriend, Blake Harris, was in for the biggest surprise when she shocked him with a 30th birthday party. But the tables were turned when he gave her a surprise of his own: a marriage proposal!

Harris posted a video on YouTube of himself proposing to Wanner at the surprise birthday party she threw for him at their apartment in Queens, New York on Friday (watch the video above).
Harris told HuffPost Weddings that he planned to pop the question at a restaurant in San Francisco on December 22. The engagement ring he bought for Harris wasn't supposed to be ready for pick-up until Monday, but on Friday his jeweler called and told him it was ready early. So Harris happened to have the ring in his pocket when he arrived at his surprise party later that night.

Though he had no intentions of proposing that night, the presence of his family and friends and the fact that he happened to have the ring convinced him to pop the question.

"As soon as I walked through the door and saw Katie smiling at me, that sneaky, beautiful, I-just-pulled-off-a-surprise-party smile, I knew that the moment was right," Harris said.

Harris said everyone, even himself, was shocked by the proposal, which he called "surreal." Luckily, his uncle Brad Fazarri caught the whole thing on video (and, of course, Wanner said "yes").
"I don't like being the center of attention, and thought (like always) that beautiful Katie should be in the spotlight," said Harris, who has been dating Wanner since they met at a financial brokerage firm more than six years ago. "It was a split-second decision and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out."

Harris' proposal is among many great surprises. Last year, one man proposed to his girlfriend over the loudspeaker on an airplane, and in August a woman got proposed to at an art museum.

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is 2012 in review. I do this every year on Facebook to see what I have done. 2012 has been a great year. There were some sad moments of people I had to say Good Bye to but I had so many happy moments that it all balanced out. When the good outweigh the bad... Its all good. Thank You 2012 for showing this girl a great time!

Wedded Bliss Wednesday

What are you hoping to get for Christmas from your husband this year?
(If your husband reads your blog this can be one GIANT "hint hint")

You know... I don't really know what he will get this year but whatever I get, I will be happy for it. I am not expecting alot because we had such a big year with moving and the wedding that all I want is to have a great day with family and friends.... I hope he likes what I got for him.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Monday, December 17, 2012

The 5 Most Important Things We Learned From Celeb Wedding Planner David Tutera

The 5 Most Important Things We Learned From Celeb Wedding Planner David Tutera
StyleList was lucky to sit down with David Tutera, celebrity wedding planner and star of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on WE network. Since the launch of his shoe and jewelry line, The David Tutera Footwear Collection and Embellish by David Tutera, we've been eager to get his styling tips and insights for bridal fashion. We talked about good - and bad - bridal styles, mistakes brides can avoid, and the best in beauty tips and tricks for all brides.

Here are the 5 most important lessons we learned:
  1. "Designate who you are as a bride personality wise. We do this online. I’ve got the David TuteraWedding Planning Program. It’s a questionnaire online that you fill out. It will explain how to categorize yourself as a bride… And the first thing you do when you find out what kind of bride you are, you then know what kind of dress you want to wear. A sleek modern A-line silhouette may not be the dress you thought you wanted to wear, maybe you are a princess ball gown bride."
  2. "If you are 5’7”, you need to not wear a ball gown. If you have a long upper torso, I recommend strapless."
  3. "There is some bad crap out there for brides to pick from. And they pick it. They don’t know their body type, and they don’t have enough [options] in their price point that they can afford. That’s why I launched my wedding line, David Tutera for Mon Cheri, because there’s something for every girl, and body type, size 0-28, which is rare. And a medium price point, to lower, which is built with inner constructions so every bride looks beautiful with corset and boning which is the way its designed, and there’s a style for every bride… My line is what is missing out there."
  4. "I am a firm believer that hair and makeup should not look like bridal hair and makeup… One of my goals in beauty and bridal fashion, is to parallel mainstream fashion with bridal. Bridal is about 20 years behind… so when you see bridal fashion, it's not following mainstream fashion, and in beauty, you aren’t seeing that either… You [the bride] should be embellishing yourself, not doing yourself over… Hair needs to be natural… if I see one more ringlet of curls, I'm going to cut them off!”
  5. "I want girls to wear shoes and jewelry to wear beyond their wedding day… My shoe line is bridal friendly and fashion forward."

Thinking of Starting a Wedding Planning Business? 6 Things to Keep in Mind

This is a great time to start a small business as a wedding planner. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects event planning to increase at a much faster than average rate between now and 2020.
A wedding planning business may be right for you if you're organized, driven, and creative. Plus, you'll need to have people skills to deal with frazzled brides (dare we say Bridezillas?) and some business know-how to manage your finances.

Here are six practical things to keep in mind before you begin:

1. Startup costs
Luckily, starting a wedding planning business isn't hugely expensive. As an independent consultant, you don't need an office space other than your kitchen table. But you will have some up-front costs. You should consider hiring an attorney for basic legal work, such as protecting your personal assets from liability and drawing up basic contracts you can use with your clients before you take on their wedding. You'll also need to put some money into marketing and office supplies. Consider using a business credit card with rewards to help you lower your cost basis.

2. Business goals
Without a boss, you'll need to set your own goals, to keep your business on track. Give yourself a realistic idea of how much you'll make (the median pay for event planners in 2010 was about $45,260, according to BLS) and how you can improve upon that number.
Set out to meet with local vendors within a certain time frame (such as, say, meeting with 15 local flower shops within a month). And remember to set personal goals for yourself, such as vowing to take a few courses to brush up on business skills.

3. Your portfolio
The main way that you'll sell your services as a wedding planner -- other than word-of-mouth -- is through an online portfolio. Here are a few ideas of what to include:
  • A photo shoot of a mock wedding, including the reception table, decorations, and the cake. This is a chance to show off your familiarity with the hottest wedding trends and your attention to detail. Use this as an opportunity to work with local vendors. Offer to give them referrals in exchange for contributing to your mock wedding.

  • Written testimonials and pictures from your friends and relatives' weddings to which you have contributed.

  • A list of your certifications or professional memberships.

  • Samples of wedding timelines you have created.

4. Landing your first clients
Getting the first few clients for your wedding planning business is the biggest hill to get over for many wedding planners. To land them, think of strategies like sending out a direct mailer to just-engaged couples in your area, talking to people you know who are getting married, and offering your services at a serious discount to a friend of a friend.

5. Marketing your business
Most small business owners spend at least 25 percent of their time marketing their company. Fortunately, this critical task doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Besides setting up a website with your portfolio, create a Facebook business page to share the latest wedding trends and statistics, as well as photos from the weddings you've helped plan. You could also create inspiration boards through Pinterest.

And, of course, there are more traditional marketing avenues, including paid advertising in print media. You'll also need to network. Sign up for local wedding conventions, where all sorts of vendors can meet hundreds or thousands of engaged couples.

6. Certifications
Consider getting a certification or even a degree for event planning if you don't have one. A degree in hospitality can be helpful for event planners, but short-term certifications from organizations like the International Special Events Society can also be useful.

As a small business owner, you'll need to wear many hats. You'll be not only a wedding planner but also an accountant, a marketing director, and a customer service specialist. When you pull off a successful event, you'll see the hard work will be worth the challenge.

Crabby, Pianos and Rest

Hello my Blogger Buddies, Here is my weekend recap..... Friday was such a sad day with the shooting in Newtown that Scott and I decided that it would be good to get out and do something good. Since Jacelyn was gone with my brother to do their annual birthday celebration, Scott and I headed to the Boiling Crab for an early dinner. I love the kids but it is nice from time to time to go out and spend some time with just Scott and I... Here are a few pictures.

You can write on the walls so of course I had a Sharpie in my purse and went to work.

Boiling Crab Time...

Shrimp, Crawfish and Cajun Fries... So Good

Scott and the King.....

The aftermath.. It never had a chance.
After dinner we headed back home for Netflix and some rest.
Saturday, I had to get up early to get Jacelyn to her Delta Academy Day at USC. Since she went to that, she missed the Panther Banquet this year so I went on her behalf. She got her regular award along with the Most Spirited Cheerleader for 2012...GO JACELYN!
After the banquet, Scott and I headed to the local winery for a few items and then over to Sgt. Peppers for Luisa's Birthday Celebration.
Luisa is my old co-worker that became my fast friend. Her birthday is on the 27th so she has already started her birthday celebrations... Here are a few photos:
The Birthday Girl!
The Piano Guys... So Awesome

The Duck Fart Shot... Interesting to say the least.

Post Wedding Cheesecake ..Thanks Patrick.
Sunday was a Lazy Day... I was so tired from the long week that I stayed in all day and got some rest. I did get up to make some dinner and some champagne of course...
Smothered Pork Chops with Four Cheese Potatoes and French Green Beans...

Here is what is on tap this week:
1. The grind is still on.
2. Errands as usual
3. Guest Prep (Sissy is coming home!!)
4. The name change continues...
Since I mentioned that... I finally name it to the Social Security and change my name!!!
Everyone have a great week!!!!

Music Monday: Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas


Friday was a normal Friday for me as a parent. I made sure Jacelyn got up, walked the dog, came back in and got dressed for school. She made a Hot Pocket for breakfast, grabbed a Capri Sun and we walked down to the car. She was going with her Uncle after school for their annual celebration of her birthday and I was going to go on about my day... Then I turned on the radio and heard the news of a school shooting. I heard of a young man who went into an elementary schooland killed not only adults but but kids under the age of 10. I wanted to call her and make sure she was OK. I felt tears roll down my face as I saw parents in tears looking for their childheard the news. I got to the dealership to get my car serviced and watch the news coverage and I was horrified at the vision of kids walking out of the school, scared and unsure of why this was happening.
As a parent, I can not imagine that phone call, that last moment with my child not knowing it would be the last and it hurts my soul to know that they wont get to see their children again. There are new angels in heaven and I hope they are watching over me as I pray for them.

Prayers to those in Newton, CT, and to everyone everywhere during this time.