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Here Comes The Bride!!!!

Wedding Planning: 3 Big Day Myths Busted

When it comes to wedding planning the first thing to know is that unless you're a professional wedding planner -- there's a lot to learn! Here are some common wedding planning myths... busted!

MYTH: I know exactly what it takes to pull off a wedding, and I will not go over budget.

TRUTH: There is a good chance you probably will. Many brides "forget" to include some necessary expenses and/or incur additional costs at the last minute. Some brides also "fall in love" with certain items and must have them whether or not they were originally budgeted for. Work with a trusted professional wedding planner to detail out a budget for you based on your needs. Professional planners deal with budgets all the time and know what costs are involved in a wedding.
As a final precaution, take 5-10 percent off of your budget total and hold it back for those unexpected expenses -- if you need it, it will not push you over the edge, and if you don't you will have some extra cash for your honeymoon... or bank account!

MYTH: You can cut floral costs by purchasing your own candles and/or containers for floral arrangements, instead of having the florist or event designer provide them. DIY is always more sensible and will save you money.

TRUTH: I love DIY in many cases, but sometimes you should think over the pros and cons, not just about the cash savings. Beyond cost, consider the following: where are you going to store these containers (until the day before the wedding), what are you going to do with them after (do you need 20 candelabras?), how are you going to transport them (will 20 candelabras fit in your 4-door sedan...not likely!), are you sure the florist can use them, and do you want to be responsible for them on the wedding night? Chances are the florist will not transport them back to his or her studio and store them until after the honeymoon... they are yours!
In actuality, these are not the items that the florist is making their big money on. What you end up with instead is a string of problems ranging from containers that cannot stand up to the complexities of the floral arrangements you desire, mismatched containers, and storage/transportation issues.
In terms of candles, you need to be sure to buy tempered votive holders and hurricanes, as well as ones that meet current fire code for the city in which your venue is located. Again... who is going to haul them to and from the sites -- think about it!
Also, scented candles can irritate the senses and distract from the meal service -- just imagine the lovely scent of Gardenia and Filet Mignon. Or you buy candles at the dollar store and they burn out two hours into the evening. Many brides also like to purchase their own twinkle lights, and miscalculate the number they need, forget adapters and extension cords, and worse yet, for the battery-operated strands, forget the batteries -- by the way battery operated ones don't really last all that long!

MYTH: I do not need a seating plan. I have no time for it and no one cares anyway.

TRUTH: If you are serving a meal (i.e. the guest will need to find a place to sit and eat), a seating plan falls just short of being considered a necessity. A seating plan is a courtesy that simply alleviates any uneasy feeling or uncomfortable moments as guest find a seat at the reception. If you’re planning a cocktail party, or not planning to serve a full meal, a seating plan isn’t necessary, but you should have enough tables and chairs to accommodate all of your guests.
I won't lie, seating plans can be complicated and chances are not everyone is going to be happy, you just have to do your best at matching and mixing up the guests. Once the responses are in and accounted for, try these tips to get you going:

• Get a floor plan from the venue. The floorplan will outline the layout of the room (dance floor, bar, guest book, gift table, etc.).

• Know how many guests can be seated at each table. A good rule to follow is eight to 10 guests at a 60-inch round table.

• Decide where you will be sitting, and where your family and bridal party will be sitting. Also determine what the seating arrangement will be for the wedding party and yourself -- a head table, sweetheart table, feasting table, etc.

• Ask for input from your families when determining who should sit where.

• Determine if there are any guests with special needs. For example, grandparents who wouldn't want to be sitting next to the college "party" crowd, or guests with young children being seated right next to the band's speakers. Additionally, be sure to account for any guests with a disability.

• Match guests up by families, where you know them from, or by similar interests. From here you will be playing a card game of sorts, mixing and matching until you have the right guests at the “right” seats. Try to avoid playing matchmaker with the single guests; it could be uncomfortable. I have seen brides work with all sorts of "tools" for placing the guests at tables, like post it notes with the guest's names, spread sheets, dry erase boards (think football coach)... you have to decide how you can best visualize the seating arrangements -- there is no right or wrong answer.

Friday Letters

Dear 3 Day Weekend,
Thank You for coming to see me, I needed you more than you ever know.
Dear Dress,
OMG, I LOVE YOU and I am happy that nothing needs to be done to you. I cant wait to bring you home.
Dear Body,
I promise you that I will get at least one nap in on this 3 day weekend...
Dear Weather,
Please figure out what you would like to do with yourself.. You are all over the place and my body is not happy about it one single bit.
Dear Summer,
This is not good bye, but see you next year... Its been fun for sure.
Dear Scott,
How many ways I Love You.. There are so many I don't think I can count them. I hope to be able to have a date night or some Jascott time with you soon before the madness begins but if not, Our Mini Moon will make up for it. 57 days....WOOT! 

What to Wear at Your Rehearsal - Project Wedding

What to Wear at Your Rehearsal - Project Wedding

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Wise Words

10 Songs That Belong on Your "Do Not Play" List

Weddings are a time to revel in the celebration of newly sealed nuptials. No couple wants this mood interrupted by a cheesy wedding song. These songs can disrupt the flow of the dance floor or, even worse, completely empty it.

Throughout my experience as a DJ, I’ve learned that no two weddings are the same, and this is even more evident in the "Do Not Play List." No two couples ever request the same songs for this list. And like mom, a DJ knows best! Here are my choices for songs that belong on a “Do Not Play” List.

1. Heavy Metal

Although this genre maybe splendid for your workouts, it doesn't cater to guests who want to enjoy a night of celebration.

2. Gansta Rap

I started out as a hip hop DJ, but a reception could get awkward if I played some "N.W.A." Trust me when I say taht aunts, uncles, and parents may not appreciate Dr. Dre’s and TuPac's early work.

3. "Mambo No. 5" - Lou Bega

Many couples consider this late 90's Latin pop record overly cheesy. Although its uptempo melody and radio-friendly chorus lends to a celebratory mood, once Radio Disney started to re-mix it, its stock fell.

4. "The Chicken Dance"

For obvious reasons.

5. "YMCA" - The Village People

You might think that this '70s classic warrants a spin at each and every wedding, most couples dislike organized dances. It feels forced upon loved ones, and most couples opt out of playing it altogether.

6. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys

Although a pop classic, this should remain in the vault of lost boy bands... and stay there.

7. "Achy Breaky Heart" - Billy Ray Cyrus

No one wants to do a country line dance in a tuxedo or gown. Also, the sentiment is totally inappropriate for a wedding.

8. "I Touch Myself" - Divinyls

This '90s pop hit is way too awkward for any reception dance floor.

9. All Dave Matthews Band Songs

Many couples love DMB, just not for their wedding.

10. "Macarena" - Los Del Rio

This mid-'90s Latin pop hit has lost its luster at weddings, and the song can make any wedding feel dated. Once everyone mastered this rump-shaking dance, the fad soon passed.

Wedding Planning: Inside Your Groom's Mind

We're not selling grooms short: There are a lot of guys who count "expressing my feelings" as a forte, and who are engaged in the drama of a seating chart. Communication is a cornerstone of any good relationship, but the high tension, strange customs, and unfamiliar etiquette that come with planning a wedding can leave some guys speechless, and many brides aggravated. Here's what he really wants you to know, and how to handle it, without even having to ask.

"You have to tell me what I'm responsible for."

You might expect him to plan the honeymoon, and might hope for a present on the morning of the wedding, but does he know what a groom traditionally takes care of? Unless he's been sneaking a peek at your bridal magazines, he might be totally unaware that he has any responsibilities after he proposes. And if he's among the first of his friends to get married, he probably doesn't have anyone dishing these valuable tips to him.
Relationship Rx Telling your groom what you expect of him is not poor etiquette -- it's necessary, and he'll welcome the guidance. If you're not comfortable filling him in on some of the details (like the bride's gift, for example), ask one of your bridesmaids to bring it up so that he gets the hint (and so you don't get mad).


"I have no idea what napkins will go best with our linens, but that does not mean I don't care."

You mention how you'd like your bouquet to match his boutonniere, and his eyes glaze over. You show him a motif you're going to add to all your stationery, and he responds with a shrug. It's tempting to interpret reactions like these as disinterest in your wedding (and, in turn, your relationship), but don't be so quick to pounce.
Relationship Rx Even if your groom doesn't have strong feelings about the decor, he wants the wedding to look good just as much as you do. His mild interest in the details doesn't mean he doesn't care about the wedding -- it means he trusts your tastes. Ask him specific questions, like "Which flower do you like better?" and you're more likely to get a direct response.

"I want you to look like you."

Every bride wants to look her best for her wedding, but some risk changing their style too dramatically with heavy makeup, big hair, and too many accessories.
Relationship Rx While there's nothing wrong with getting glamorous for your wedding, your groom doesn't want you to change your look so much that he doesn't recognize the girl who's walking down the aisle. He fell in love with you seeing you every day, so remind him of that with hair and makeup that are distinctly you.

"My friends aren't D-class citizens."

Just because you might not like one (or a few) of his friends, doesn't mean you can seat them in Siberia during the reception. If you stick a table of his buddies in a corner while your friends have a prime spot near the dance floor, they will notice, and they'll probably wonder why they got the short end of the seating chart.
Relationship Rx Make a game plan for your reception seating that follows logic more than favoritism. Give close family and attendants the best seats in the house, and arrange tables from there. If you have to put a group of his friends toward the back, show there's no ill will by seating your friends in a similar position.

"Don't ask for my opinion if you don't really want to hear it."

With so many tough planning decisions to be made, it's natural to second guess yourself and seek out your groom's opinion. And that's fine, but not if you're asking him only to reinforce something you've basically already decided. If he tells you his thoughts (the ones that disagree with you), your response shouldn't be along the lines of, "Are you serious?"
Relationship Rx Turn to him when you're really torn about a choice, and he'll gladly give his input. When you know exactly what you want, however, go with your gut rather than put him in a position to pick an option you would never really consider.

"Let me decide which parts I want to be involved in -- then maybe I'll do more!"

Getting your groom to attend the cake-tasting is a cinch. And he'll probably be up for choosing your playlist. But shove a binder of sample invites in front of him and he'll be thinking of nothing other than an exit strategy.
Relationship Rx Your powers of persuasion may be exceptional, but wedding planning is a whole new terrain. Involve him in the details you know he'll enjoy, but don't force it or his instinct might be to resist. Instead, let him know about some of the less interesting tasks piled on your plate, and he'll be more willing to offer his assistance if he sees you're stressed.

"I'm not wearing a sailboat bow tie."

Dreaming of a perfectly coordinated wedding party? Think he'd look handsome in a classic, full-dress tailcoat tux? Make suggestions about the formalwear, but let him choose his own attire. You don't want to look at your photos years later and see him cringe at his white linen wedding suit (that was your pick, naturally).
Relationship Rx Although your fashion sense might be on-point, what matters most is that he's comfortable in his formalwear. Just like you wouldn't want to wear a gown you consider unflattering, he shouldn't wear an outfit that he feels doesn't fit right.

"Don't give me a curfew the night before the wedding."

The rehearsal dinner often segues into a late-night party. If he's having a great time, you're liable to put a damper on things if you insist he turn in before midnight.
Relationship Rx Despite what he does the night before, you can rest assured he'll show up for the wedding... and that he'll arrive on time. If you're really concerned, ask his most responsible groomsman to keep an eye on him, and to remind him that he wouldn't want to endure the wedding day with a hangover.

"The bachelor party is off-limits."

You've had a hand in every aspect of planning the wedding -- so why shouldn't you have a say in his night out with the guys? We know of many a bride who has suggested a particular cigar bar or offered up her parents' vacation home for the festivities.
Relationship Rx Be careful how you tread when it comes to his bachelor party -- though it may seem like an immature tradition to you, for some guys it's practically sacred. To give suggestions, let alone put boundaries on the party, implies that you don't trust him, which is a shaky way to start a marriage. By showing him that you trust him completely, he'll be reminded again why you're the perfect bride.
-- Miles Stiverson

Stress Eat Bride

My name is Jasmine and I am a stress eater. I have been this way for a long time now and although I try to control it, Wedding plans make it no better. I would like to introduce you to my latest junk food obsession:

That's right, the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I only do the small ones because I have somehow convinced myself that the smaller they are, the more I can eat. (Don't Judge Me! LOL) I have them at my desk at work, which is bad, but I am cutting down on the amount I eat... I ask my fellow brides, Was/ Is there a snack food that has helped you through wedding planning?

Bridal Bug

I think I have caught what I have heard about from some Brides.... The Bridal Bug!

I was at work yesterday and I felt like a bus had run me down. By the time I got home, I barely had enough energy to make dinner before laying out on the couch. Scott Thankfully went to get Jacelyn for me from Cheer and by the time they got home, Dinner was done and I had a fever. I had to layer up and sweat it out... Even though it is humid as ever in Los Angeles but this morning I am doing OK.
I think it is a combination of the weather change and not sitting still the last few weeks that got me.I hate to get sick especially now with so many things going on with the wedding activities. I am hoping to get some rest over the 3 day weekend.
O the Bug Got Me!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reddit Wedding Photo Retouch: Community's Heartfelt Gift For Dying WWII Veteran

Reddit users are probably familiar with the social news website's many aspects. Its adorable pets, esoteric memes and candid question-and-answer sessions alone make for hours of quality browsing. But as might be expected of a site where merit is measured in "karma," Reddit's community can also show a lot of heart.

One recent example of the community's kindness was one user's photo restoration request. "Master_of_memes27" posted a wedding photo of his grandparents and asked fellow Redditors to touch it up, explaining that his grandfather, a World War II veteran, was "on his deathbed." He said that adding a little color to the picture would brighten his day.

Several members of the community immediately responded, producing several colorful renderings of the wedding photo. But it was a submission by user "JackDarton" that wowed the community most. His subtle, warm approach added new life to the decades-old memento.

Darton, a vehicle artist by trade, eschewed Photoshop shortcuts like filters and noise reduction in his retouch, opting instead to color it freehand with the brush tool. In an e-mail to The Huffington Post, Darton said the whole project took him about half an hour from start to finish.

"I think the Reddit community as a whole is a great and wonderful place filled with people willing to help other people out," Darton wrote. "Any artist will agree that it's nice sometimes to work on something without it being a 'job,' and if it puts a smile on someone's face, I don't see any downside."
The Reddit community also has a history of supporting members of the armed forces. Some have organized holiday care package drives for troops stationed overseas.


reddit wedding photo retouch before
reddit wedding photo retouch jack darton

'Morning After' Photos: Sexy New Wedding Photography Trend?

Photos are a huge part of every wedding. They capture the moments, big and small, that couples will relive for years to come.

If the media frenzy surrounding a new type of wedding photo session is to be believed, the morning after the wedding can also be preserved for eternity.

In recent weeks, outlets from ABC News to the New York Daily News to The Week to Jezebel reported on the birth of a sexy new wedding trend called "morning after" photography, which apparently captures a bride and groom's first morning together as husband and wife, posed together in provocative states of undress.

"More and more brides and grooms are... [inviting a] cameraperson ... [into] ... their honeymoon suite to shoot them in all manner of undress," wrote Lexi Nisita on Refinery29, one of the first to report on the trend.

On Sunday, Ariel Meadows Stallings at Offbeat Bride cried foul on the trend, saying she'd never heard of it until the photos were picked up by the media.

Indeed, the only person Huffington Post Weddings could find who seems to actually be offering sexy "morning after" photos as a service is New Jersey-based photographer Michelle Jonné -- coincidentally, the same photographer whose images appear in every story about the the trend.
Turns out a few details were omitted from reports on the trend. When Huffington Post Weddings contacted Jonné, she explained that the sexy shoot was not an actual "morning after" session but a first "test" for the concept. What's more, the couple in the photos did not wed the night before the shoot, but were photographed about one month after their nuptials. Jonné says her photos were inspired by Armani's sexy underwear ads featuring David and Victoria Beckham; she charges $650 for one hour of photography and post-session retouching (Jonné says she has since shot a "morning after" session for a couple who wed in October 2011 and approached her after they saw the media coverage. She says she has "about 10 other couples booked" for future "morning after" sessions).
Of her "morning after" shoots, Jonné told Huffington Post Weddings: "The trend is starting now... I don't think the trend was there [before]."

That's not exactly true.

Susan Sabo, a Long Beach-based photographer, says she has been doing "morning after" shoots for the last three years. The big difference between hers and Jonné's: Sabo's sessions are decidedly G-rated. Couples may be pictured jumping on the bed, but they are fully clothed, and shot the day after the wedding at an extremely un-sexy hour -- usually between 6:30 and 7 in the morning. "I admit I was a little mystified when I heard about this 'new' fab [sic] in wedding photography as I'd been doing it for years," Sabo told Huffington Post Weddings in an email.

Ann Arbor photographer Melissa Squires began shooting "morning after" sessions two years ago. Even though she is quoted in many of the media reports about the "new" trend, the vibe of her sessions is similar to Sabo's -- less sexy, more Sunday-afternoon-reading-the-paper-at-home (unlike Sabo, she shoots couples in the weeks or months following their weddings, not the day after). "They're more about togetherness and less of the raunch," she told Huffington Post Weddings.
So the concept of "morning after" shoots is nothing new -- it's the sexy part that is. But Jonné seems to be the only photographer offering this service. So does one person equal a trend? We don't think so.

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is of Scott and I from my Bridal Shower this past weekend. He was such a trooper that day and help where ever he could. He helped set up, Cheered on Jacelyn at her game and brought her back so she would be there for part of the shower. I tell you he never cease to amaze me with all he does and I am proud to be in his world and soon to be his wife.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long Day.

I didn't get a chance to post earlier today because I was off of work and had a busy day in front of me. One of the most important things I did today was try on my wedding dress. It was all I wanted it to be and more! It fit like a glove and I was elated that no major alterations needed to be done. All I have to do is the bustle and I'm good.

Man 60 days will fly by and I'm ready like rain for it to get here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shower, Sunhats and Smiles

Hey my Bridal Buddies... Here is the Weekend recap.

Friday we got some great news from my parents... They are sending Scott and I on a Mini Moon to Sonoma!!!

My Aunt has a time share and graciously have us her points and my parents paid for the rest! Relaxation and Wine for a couple of days.... SO AWESOME! So if anyone has any suggestions of Wineries, Food stops or all things Sonoma/Napa, let me know.

Friday Night my Sissy came by to see my place and hang with Scott and the girls.

Saturday was BRIDAL SHOWER DAY!!

I got up at 5:00 am partly from excitement and I had a 6:00 am hair appointment. I was in the car on the way to the hair shop and Trains "Marry Me" came on my iPod and it made me tear up a little bit.. everything is actually happening and it is not a dream. It brought a smile to my face and I sang along a little too.

Here is a few shots at the hair shop


After the Hair Shop and Family Breakfast, I took Jacelyn and Xzyria to their first game of the season. They are Midget Cheerleaders this year and got to rock their new uniforms.
Love these 2..
Got them dropped off and it was off to Cameron Bridal Shower!!!
My photographer for the day Kris, came out and took over 800 photos!! She was great at it too... Here are a few highlights from the day...
Beautiful Card from Clarise... Made just like my invitations!!

Set Up

Balloons are a must at a party.. We used them after to make wishes....

Gift Basket from Ingrid.

One of my favorite Bible Versus on a gift bag... So sweet.


The Taco Guys.. So nice and so good!

Love the Cards!


He came out to help, went to be Cheer Dad and made the day go so much smoother... Love you SC!

My BFF!! Love you!

Me Thanking the ladies for such a beautiful day and laughing it up with my Sissy....

Me and Sissy. This could not have been any better and I am glad she was here to share in it!

The games that got a little bit rowdy...LOL

Team Jascott Divas!

Daddy and his girls...

Love my Siblings...
A special moment with my Grandmother.. Brought me to tears...

My 776 Sistas!!

Me and Sheauen. Love her!

Jacelyn came in time for the group picture from her game.. Her team won 31-0! GO PANTHERS!

The Cabo Crew + Janet and - TNT... Missed you being there girl!

Brit and Janet!! Hey now!

Dad ALWAYS comes and lends a helping hand.

Mom and I at the shower.

3 the hard way.....

My family!
The group shot..
The day was more than I imagined it to be and I was so THANKFUL for each and every person there. It was great to share my day with them and all the laughs as well.
I went home Saturday night on a high from a great day! After unpacking all the gifts and finding a place for them.. off to dream land I went.
Sunday was family brunch at my Parents house. We all got together to spend time with Tai and laugh as usual.
Sunday night Scott was to have a Guys Night but it got cancelled so instead we went to the McClains house for Burrito night and watch one of my Favorite Movies... The Bird Cage.
If you have never seen this movie, Do it! Its so awesome!

Here is what is on tap for this week:
1. Pick Up my Wedding Dress!!!
2. Check in with the Florist.
3. Hopefully get Cake tasting done soon.
4. Send out Bridal Shower Thank You Cards.
5. Look forward to a 3 day weekend... to get more wedding stuff finalized.
61 days to go!!

Music Monday: Balls Deep In Love

Its a little crude but kind of cute... And it is stuck in my head Thanks to Scott...

Friday, August 24, 2012

How Not To Negotiate With Your Wedding Vendors

You have the ring and you've set the date, but now the rubber is meeting the road and you're running around doing tastings, viewing venues and looking at photography and video samples, figuring out who you want hire for your big day. There's a huge difference between talking to someone about their products and services and actually signing on the dotted line on a contract that puts money on the line. Every bride wants to feel as if she is getting a good deal on the products and services that she needs for her wedding day. After all, weddings are expensive!

Yet many brides fall into some classic negotiating mistakes when contract time comes. Most first-time brides aren't experienced negotiators and repeat brides who have done this before can go over the top trying to demonstrate knowledge and aggressiveness in negotiating.

The good news? Most wedding vendors have some things that they are willing to offer deals on, especially if the bride knows how to properly negotiate. Here are some thoughts on what not to do when negotiating for your wedding.

• Don't be unreasonable: A vendor who charges $2,000.00 for something is not going to give it to you for $1,000.00, so don't insult him by asking.

• Don't make threats. Saying you're going to go with another vendor if your demands aren't met won't result in a deal.

• Don't lie. The wedding industry is very small. Chances are the vendors you are interviewing know each other. You won't get away with saying, "Well, so and so is charging me $1,000.00 less," if it isn't true. Vendors talk.

• Don't make comparisons between vendors who don't give the same type of product or service. You wouldn't expect to pay for a Volkswagen and get a Mercedes -- the same is true for wedding vendors. Sometimes you can expect to pay more because of name and reputation, but more often you will pay more for experience and expertise.

• Don't beat around the bush with your budget. When you make your budget a secret, a vendor may propose something to you that is way out of your price range. This can be aggravating to you and a waste of time for her. A good wedding vendor will give you suggestions on how you can use her services while staying within your budget, or she will simply tell you that the two of you aren't a good match. She might even make helpful suggestions on another vendor who might be better for you.

• Don't just ask for discounts. Vendors who don't give money off may have some items that he can give you to beef up the package for which you are paying full price. Some examples are overtime, dessert, additional bar time, extra prints, a toss bouquet and thank-you notes.

When it comes to negotiating, you need to remember the old adage; "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Most wedding vendors will go out of their way to work with a sweet, well-mannered bride. Transforming into "Bridezilla" will more than likely get you an extra nuisance fee, or an invitation to hire someone else.

Friday Letters

Dear Blogger Buddy Christi,
Have fun in NYC on your Sex and the City trip! I know it will be a blast and I cant wait to see the pictures from the trip.
Dear Team Jascott,
THANK YOU for all your doing for Scott and I this weekend. I am looking forward to the Bridal Shower tomorrow and I'm sure Scott will have fun with the Fellas for Gentleman's Night.
Dear Weekend,
Thank You for being you... SO EXCITED.
Dear Jacelyn,
Monday is your last 1st day of Middle School. I am so proud of all you do and I cant wait to see what else you have in store for the world... I Love You Mini Me.
Dear Isaiah,
You put the biggest smile on my face when you told me that you were cool with being my Son. I Love You Big Guy!
Dear Scott,
Nothing in this world makes me happier right now than knowing that we are all coming together as a family. Between the kids and us, WE WILL NOT LOSE. I Love You More and More each day!
64 days to go!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


10 Things You Should Know About the First Year of Marriage

It happens to nearly every newlywed. Sometime after the garter's been tossed and all traces of your (faux) honeymoon tan have vanished, you realize you spent so much time preparing to get married that you haven't thought much about being married. Even if you were living together before you tied the knot, there are bound to be some surprises over the next 365 days. Here are 10 you may want to prepare for...                    

1. You might feel like a kid playing grown-up.
You relished the way the words my fiancé felt rolling off your tongue, and found occasion to drop them into every possible conversation. ("Oh, just picking up some beer for my fiancé...") It turns out their replacement—my husband—feels even more magical in your mouth. Still, you may find yourself glancing over your shoulder to see if someone is going to bust you for pretending to be married.
2. You'll feel as if you are forgetting something all the time.
Just a few weeks ago, roughly 70 percent of your brain space was dedicated to wedding-related details and minutiae. With no seating chart to arrange or bridesmaids to wrangle, many new brides feel a little lost, and some may even suffer a touch of post-party depression. The good news? Now you get to plan your life together, and that, you'll learn, is actually the most fun of all.
3. The baby hints will start immediately.
Your wedding dress won't even be back from the cleaners before eager breeders start racing ahead to the next big question: "So, are you guys trying yet?" Since the question itself is incredibly rude, feel free to respond in kind: "Well, we are having nonstop sex, but whether we're using birth control really isn't any of your business." And remember: It's up to you and your hubby to decide when and if you're ready to have kids—but know there's really no such thing as ready.
4. You will fight and make up (again and again).
Not the sparring type, you say? Trust us: The blending of two lives can ruffle even the most stoic feathers. He'll leave his gym clothes on the floor too many times; your manic apartment-fluffing before guests arrive will drive him nuts. You may even hurl a few ugly insults at each other. But know that each time you work through a spat and come back together, your bond will grow stronger. In the heat of the moment, remember to take deep breaths, count to 10, and think of all that fabulous makeup sex in your near future.
5. Your relationship with your in-laws is a marathon, not a sprint.
For better or worse, your husband's parents are in your life for the long haul. Your mother-in-law may drive you crazy with unsolicited decorating advice ("Sweetie, I just found the perfect drapes for you!"), but know that you don't have to take that advice. The key is gentle management: "Thank you so much! I'd love to consider them." Combine love and appreciation with clear-cut boundaries and you're on your way to a healthy long-term relationship.
6. You might miss your mom.
Although it's been years since you lived with her, don't be surprised if you find yourself pining for the days when someone else took care of all of the tedious domestic tasks that are now your domain. (We're not sure how one man can make so many mountains of laundry, but somehow he manages.) Even if your groom is a true team player and pitches in left and right, there will be chores and responsibilities you'd gladly hand over to the first willing party. Sigh. Welcome to adulthood.
7. Sex will become a little, um...familiar.
Relax—we're not saying that the passion is going to fizzle or that the act itself will lose its toe-curling luster, but after the wedding dust settles, life in general tends to fall into a more predictable pattern. Less roller coaster, more pleasure cruise. It's not that you won't still have mind-blowing encounters, but it's damn near impossible to keep up that honeymoon-action pace forever. Don't worry: The change will sound less like "Not tonight, dear—I've got a headache," and more like "Hurry up and get in here—Dancing with the Stars starts in two minutes!"
8. You'll discover a "habit" you were blissfully unaware of before.
Maybe he loads the forks into the dishwasher with the tines down while you prefer them up. Perhaps he repeatedly returns the empty milk carton to the fridge after he kills the contents. Although these things may make you mental, remember that marriage is about loving each other, warts and all. Plus, if he were perfect 24/7, your friends would hate you, and you'd have nothing to kvetch about on girls' night out.
9. He may get you a horrible present.
We're not saying that this is going to happen, but there's a decent chance that at some point in the next year, you may be given an incredibly unromantic gift like a coffeepot or a Bowflex. One word here: training. Men, left to their own devices, tend to buy presents they either think we "need" or would like to receive themselves. However, when they're provided with very clear, detailed directions to your favorite store and very specific instructions about what to purchase, there's a decent chance they'll turn up with something fabulous, frivolous, and maybe even sparkly. Here's another helpful word: incentive. Reward him properly, and you'll be swimming in things you love before you know it.
10. It's really important to take a vacation.
You may be all about planning the honeymoon right now, but once it's behind you, you'll surely miss the delicious anticipation of a romantic getaway. (Not to mention a few days of house­ keeping service.) Committing to an annual just-the­-two­-of­-you escape—even if it's just to the B&B in the next town over—will help keep the romance alive and, hopefully, remind you why you got married in the first place.

Sissy's Coming Home Today!!!

My Sissy is coming in today from Houston for Bridal Shower weekend!!! I am so excited to see her and hang with her. As much as I wish she was here daily, I am glad that she is enjoying life in Houston and still able to be apart of this special time in my life!!
Bridal Weekend here we come!!