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5 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect for Brides-to-Be

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Here comes...The Bride of Chucky! Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays and for very good reason too (hello, free candy). Not to mention, you can be anything you want to be and the options are literally endless. Because we're obviously all about weddings over here though, we figured some brides might want to go as actual brides, well, with a scary twist, that is. From Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to the Bride of Frankenstein, here are five Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for you and your boo.

corpse bride gif
1. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Instead of trashing your wedding dress, why not have it hand dyed blue (along with your veil) for Halloween instead? Pricy, yes, but boy would it be scary cool as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! Or you can always purchase a vintage wedding dress at a thrift store on the cheap to create the perfect costume. Of course, this ensemble wouldn't be complete without a blue wig and an incredible makeup job too. We recommend Googling professional tutorials (there's a ton out there) to see how to get the face paint just right. Top off your look with a floral crown and you're ready to roll.

bride of chucky gif
2. Bride of Chucky
If you're married to a redhead, you've definitely got to try this creepy costume idea! Naturally, your man will go as Chucky. There's no need to have red hair, as colored hairspray or a wig works just fine, along with some denim overalls, a little "blood" and makeup magic to create those ugly face scars. As for you, a little white (or long dress) with a black motorcycle leather jacket, blonde wig and goth makeup (think black lips) will get the job done. Big fake eyelashes are also a must and a cigarette tucked behind the ear will totally take it up a notch.

bride of frankenstein gif
3. Bride of Frankenstein
Use your own wedding dress if it somewhat fits the bill or shop thrift stores for a long white flowing gown that definitely works. The key to pulling off this creepy bride costume though, in our opinion, is more about the hair (okay, mostly the hair) and the makeup. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, backcomb your locks into a big voluminous 'do and use a colored hairspray to get those famous white streaks on both sides. Look up makeup tutorials to complete your look, and you're all done. If you suck at hair, book an appointment with a stylist to make sure it's on point for your costume!

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princess bride gif
4. The Princess Bride
If you're looking for something a little less scary and more fairy tale-esque, not to mention ridiculously comfortable too, we suggest going as Princess Buttercup and getting your guy to be her one true love Westley, because duh! All you need is a long sleeve red maxi dress and glittery gold belt for yourself and an all black ensemble with a matching eye mask, headscarf and boots for him. Done and done! And so easy to pull together last minute too.

zombie bride gif
5. Zombie Bride
And of course your guy will be your zombie groom. Again, if you don't mind "trashing" your dress (assuming you're already hitched), you can easily use your own to create the costume. Have your guy pull out an old suit he never wears to get the look. From there, you'll need some fake blood splattered all over the both of you, a bouquet, white face paint/makeup to make yourself look dead and white hairspray for added effect. Feel free to get creative to create your own unique zombie bride and groom look.

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Men Reveal What They're REALLY Looking For In A Wife

Men Reveal What Theyre Really Looking For In A Wife
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What is it men are REALLY looking for when it comes to love and marriage?

We think we have an idea of what the "perfect" woman is, but it seems like no matter what any of us do, we are constantly falling short of that mark.

It's hard to get guys to open up about what they really want in a marriage partner, because let's face it, you can't ask this question when you've just started dating someone.

And you can't exactly ask this question when they dump you. You just kind of have to hope it all works out and you meet the marriage checklist of his expectations.

But thanks to one question-asker on Reddit, we now have insight into what exactly men are looking for in a wife, and how they decide it's time to settle down and get married.

I may sound jaded but I was pretty sure I knew what I'd find on this list when I sat down to read through the mountain of replies.

I felt pretty sure that looks would rank as the number one quality all men sought out in their marriage partner.

But it turns out that most men aren't looking for just a pretty face. Not by a long shot.

They had a lot of insight to share about how they picked their wives.

For some, it was about so much more than some arbitrary list, it was about the individual.

"Someone who genuinely likes me instead of some checklist of qualities that I managed to get a pass on."

Other men reported that the decision to marry almost wasn't conscious, but a result of time, interpersonal chemistry and that ineffable feeling of connection.

"My wife loves me for who I am. It wasn't about who she thought I could be, or who she thought she could make me into, but just wanted to be with me. Despite all my flaws and weird habits she still wanted to be with me. Even with all of her flaws and weird habits, I still wanted to be with her. Sometimes, things just click together, and it's not something you realize right away. I probably didn't start to think about marrying my wife until after we were dating for a year. I've now known her for over 10 years, and our 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up this fall."

Some men pointed out that while a marriage is a work, your feelings for your partner shouldn't be.

"Maybe it's just a male perspective but things that have an emotional basis, like romantic relationships, should be simple. If you have to work to justify being with someone you probably shouldn't be with them."

For other men who responded, the idea of marriage wasn't even in the equation. It was only when they met a woman whose life plan didn't send them running that they knew they were ready to take that next step.

"I think my marriage has worked because I wasn't actually looking for a wife - I just happened into one. She was the most interesting girl I ever met, she was smart and attractive and mostly nice, and I feel in love naturally. She said she wanted kids and to be married, and somehow that didn't scare the hell out of me."

Some men revealed that they need to be with a woman who isn't afraid to challenge them, a woman who understands that fighting isn't just something that HAPPENS in a relationship, it can actually make your marriage that much stronger.

"I want someone that I can argue with (and who will argue with me), without it turning into a fight. Someone that can call me on my BS when it matters, who isn't going to flip out if I call her on hers. I'd much rather be with someone who will challenge me and make me rethink things than someone who is trying too hard to be nice and sweet all the time. (Then again, I may just have a thing for hot tempered girls.)"

The most touching thing to me was important it was for men that their partners love THEMSELVES. The idea that you aren't ready for marriage until you've started learning how to love yourself seems to be really important to so many men.

"She loves what she does, she cares about herself as much as she cares about me and she smiles a lot :) Bonus: she likes the same music as me."

When men on Reddit responded to this question and discussed how a woman's looks impacted a marriage, it was almost always to say that looks fades and that there are other things that are so much more important to building a strong marriage.

"Values. You have to have values that have some intersection. Looks, health, wealth, all changes, but of those values seem to remain the most over a longer period of time."

"So, the hottest woman in the world, but hates to learn and read? Good bye. An attractive, affluent person, but tramples on others dignity? Bye."

The most touching answers revealed that in a nutshell, men want exactly the same thing that women want. They want a partner in life, who isn't scared to be fully themselves with another person.

"If we can laugh our assess off together about something silly, share the glory of a big indulgent meal, fall asleep watching/reading something stupid together, get trapped in a shitty situation and laugh at it because it's a shared adventure..."
"I had a huge checklist before I met my wife. There was only a single thing on that list I would never overlook: A genuinely kind hearted person."

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4 More Years...... And Beyond!

Happy Anniversary Scott... I Love You! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Khloe Kardashian Is Wearing a Ring Clearly From Tristan Thompson on That Finger

Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Rings From Tristian Thompson
Photo: Getty Images

Well, it seems that there's no denying that Khloe Kardashian's new bling is from her NBA star sweetheart, Tristan Thompson! We first became suspicious that the youngest Kardashian sister is planning to tie the knot with Thompson when she first stepped out with a glittering diamond ring on that oh-so-special finger. Cue our excited screams about another over-the-top televised wedding spectacular! (Oh please, don't act like you're above it...) And today, the reality star offered up an up-close and personal look at her blinged-out left hand — and it's obvious that the latest addition to her collection of ice is courtesy of Thompson!

In case you haven't been Keeping Up with the Kardashians lately, "Khloe and Tristan have been seeing each other for a little bit," a source previously shared with People. "He's a really nice, good guy and she seems very happy with him." Between Snapchat smooches and PDA around Tinsel Town, the two have been showing off their love and we've been loving every second of it. But now, Kardashian is showing off something else that's got us talking...

Is this the engagement ring — or rings — selfie that we've been waiting for? (Really, you didn't expect a Kardashian to only have — gasp! — one engagement ring, did you?!) The KUWTK star was first spotted with a suspicious stack of diamond eternity bands on her left ring finger late last month. But now she's added another piece of bling to the mix that says her heart definitely belongs to Thompson. In a recent social media snapshot Kardashian shared, that trio of dazzling diamond rings are seen shining bright — but with a Cleveland Cavaliers band right alongside 'em. That's right, Kardashian is wearing a ring that shows support for her beau's NBA team in her latest Instagram share. And even better? She's resting her hand atop of Thompson's, who is also sporting matching Cavaliers bling.

Before we get too excited, a source shared with E! News that Thompson has yet to pop the question, so sadly, it seems that those glittering diamonds are not of the "I do" kind... But we have a feeling that Kardashian's Cavaliers ring won't be the only bling she'll be receiving from the basketball pro! "There is a lot of chemistry between the two of them and they are happy together," another insider shared with the gossip site. "She's even gotten close with a few of his friends and they all hang out sometimes. Khloe hasn't had this much fun with someone in a while."

That certainly sounds promising, no? Consider us still on engagement ring lookout...

How Wedding Planners Expertly Recovered From These Wedding-Day Disasters

wedding disaster stories
Photo: Getty Images
No one wants disaster to strike on their wedding day. But if it does, you might want these planners by your side: They've solved everything from missing wedding rings to a wedding dress that caught fire — during the ceremony. Read on to find out how they saved the wedding day.

Forgotten Wedding Rings
"The best man forgot the rings at the hotel in the French Quarter — during Mardi Gras. He didn't realize until I asked him about 10 minutes before the ceremony. If you've ever been to Mardi Gras, you know that all of the streets are blocked off and the crowd is insane. My assistant left to try and get it, but we had little hope she would make it back in time. I scanned the crowd for a man about the size of the groom and asked him to borrow his wedding ring for the ceremony. The groom knew but the bride didn't until she was about to walk down the aisle. I told her not to panic and that the other ring was on the way. Meanwhile, my assistant ran about a mile to the hotel and was able to get them and get back to the church by the end of the mass. We had the priest bless the rings again following the ceremony with the correct rings." — Emily Sullivan, owner of Get Polished Events

No Wedding Cake
"The biggest day-of disaster I ever encountered was when the mother of the bride forgot to pick up the cake. In all of the discussions with the bride, her mom was to pick up the cake from the bakery on her way to reception and give it to the caterer. Prior to the wedding I confirmed this was the plan. But the mother walked in with no cake. When I kindly asked her, 'Is the cake in your car then? Do you want me to bring it in?' her response was, 'What cake?! I never ordered any cake!' Cue panic in the mother of the bride. We were without a cake, or any dessert for that matter, and the ceremony was starting. I immediately called the catering company, who was scheduled to arrive during the cocktail hour. With that, I knew we had a bit of time before they left the kitchen and explained to them what happened. I pleaded with them to add some dessert bites to their truck. Thankfully, they did. Phew. No one even knew the difference! I'm sure some people wanted cake or a bit more of the sweet bites, but all in all the magic happened and the wedding went on without a hitch!" — Taylor Curley, lead wedding planner for The Simply Elegant Group 

Screwed Up Seating
"As the venue coordinator, I was given 250 seating cards by the groom, who was in charge of that duty. I quickly realized the seating cards had the name of the guest but no table number. I discreetly asked the bride for her list of guests. I did not want to worry the bride nor get the groom in trouble. Thank goodness she happened to have her table arrangements on hand. Then, I enlisted a staff member to help me go through every name, find the table number and write it on the escort card. There were also guests who had escort cards but no assigned seat, so I and the caterer added seats or found empty spaces to fit the guests. No one was the wiser and the groom was very grateful for fixing his mistake." — Jane Kernen, owner of Austin Busy Brides

A Bridesmaid Caught on Fire
"We had a bridesmaid's long dress catch on fire when she unknowingly backed up into a candle during the ceremony. As a wedding planner, you are always on high alert during a wedding. When I smelled smoke from the back of the ceremony site, and looked up at the front, I could see that the candle was smoldering a hole right through her dress. I don't know how many guests saw this happening, but we had to do something immediately before she went up in flames! We quickly sent one of our girls with a cup of water up behind the bridesmaid and splashed the fire before she even noticed she was on fire — the water scared her more than anything because she didn't realize what was happening. She let out a little gasp, but the ceremony continued. After the ceremony, I first thought we might be able to stitch the hole but quickly realized it was a bit of a bigger problem. We ended up making it a tea length dress — I just cut the bottom right off. Each of the bridesmaids dresses were different so it didn't make a huge impact, and most of the bridesmaids photos had already been taken." — Krystel Tien Stacey, founder and owner of Couture Events

The Bride's Transportation Broke Down
"Picture it: You are waiting with the bride's family and groom at the beach for the arrival of the bride. Waiting, waiting, waiting — and here she finally comes, not on a regular resort golf cart but a maintenance golf cart, wearing a beautiful sequined wedding dress. The clean golf cart she started her journey on died, and the maintenance cart was all that was available. The bride still looked beautiful and she thankfully did not get dirty. But she was stomping her feet and screaming. I did the only thing I could think to do — and that was channel my inner J. Lo. I crossed the stone wall and took her by the shoulders, and I told her, 'You are beautiful, and you are so lucky to have won the love of the man standing there waiting for you. Not everyone gets a chance like this.' And with that, all was calm and the sunset wedding began." — Paula Coffaro, concierge at Weddings by Funjet

A Torrential Downpour
"While this tale has a happy ending for the brides, their outdoor spring wedding included a torrential downpour. Rain had been in the forecast, but no one expected one of the worst storms of the year to hit that day — horrible. In the face of numerous challenges presented by the weather and a tight budget, we fought back with reconfigured plans, creative solutions on the fly, and the help of loving family members. The original plan was to have the wedding ceremony and cocktails outdoors in a field, with the reception in a tent. As the wedding approached, we arranged for a secondary tent for the ceremony and cocktails. When the tents were put up, there was a gap in between and a waterfall of rain came gushing down. To keep everyone dry as they moved from the ceremony to the reception, we obtained a tarp, and the father of one of the brides used a forklift and helped place it over the gap. To keep the budget down, there had been no plan for a floor to be installed for the reception. To keep the tables from sinking into the soggy grass, we propped tables and chairs on wooden blocks. Oh, did I mention the wind was so bad that one of the generators we brought in lost power in our tent? We stopped using ours so there could be power in the other tent. Fortunately, we always bring camping lights with us, and were able to operate open flame." — Olivia Colt, owner of Salt & Honey Catering and Events

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6 Slip Dresses For All Your Fall Weddings

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

Fall trend alert! Slinky slip dresses were all over the Fall 2016 runways at New York Fashion Week. This on-trend silhouette is a staple for wedding guest attier. Sleek, minimalist and super versatile, it will take you from semi-formal to black tie with just a few accessory updates.

Fall's frock du jour combines sartorial elegance with the fluidity of second skin fabrics (think silk and satin) and luxe velvet. Whether you opt for a classic black or feminine florals, nothing compares to a sexy slip. Here, see six options that are guaranteed to get you through all your fall weddings in style.

This striking gold satin midi dress is sure to turn more than a few heads (above). Pair with barely-there heels for a wedding-ready look that's equal parts glam and sultry. ("Two Strap Satin Midi" dress, $115, Topshop)

House of Harlow Revolve
Photo: Courtesy of Revolve
A subtle, totally wearable take on the season's must-have silhouette. The knee-grazing length and midnight blue color keep it classic, while the delicate ruffle trimmed neckline adds a romantic feel. ("Deep V" slip dress, $140, House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve available at Revolve)

Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop
Floral embroidery and spaghetti straps lend a feminine touch. Wear with metallic heeled sandals for early fall festivities. And when the weather cools down, layer with a second skin turtleneck and sleek pumps. ("Sophia" slip dress, $460, Self Portrait available at Shopbop)
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Alice Olivia
Photo: Courtesy of Alice + Olivia
With a low open back and deep v-neck, this sultry staple doesn't skimp on showing some skin. Pair with a stack heel pump, embroidered clutch and statement earrings for a stylish, seasonal ensemble. ("Kera" slip dress, $295, Alice + Olivia)

Rebecca Taylor
Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor
Exude vintage glamour with this gently flared silhouette—elevated with a floral print, lace trimmed neckline and scalloped lace hem. Finish the look with a minaudiere clutch. ("Bellflower Print" slip dress, $299, Rebecca Taylor)

Diane von Furstenberg
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop
This figure-skimming, lingerie-inspired design is detailed with a deep v neck, eyelash lace trim and illusion hem. Complete the look with a classic pump or bootie—when the occasion calls for less formal attire. ("Margarit" dress, $368, Diane von Furstenberg available at Shopbop)

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The Groomsmen's Oh-So Simple (Yet Super Important) To-Do List

Tips for Making Mismatched Groomsmen Outfits Work
Photo: Wookie Photography
While bridesmaids have a whole list of responsibilities, being a groomsmen sounds, er, pretty easy. Rent a suit, get dressed on time, and escort a bridesmaid down the aisle. Pretty basic, right? The job description may be simple, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few things the groomsmen should keep in mind before they head down the aisle. Our experts have put together a list of things groomsmen can't forget to do — before the ceremony begins.

Check the Boutonnieres
Take a gander around the group. All boutonnieres should be on the left lapel, and should be pinned in the same orientation. For floral boutonnieres, this means the flowers pointing up, angled ever-so-slightly toward the left shoulder (running parallel to the inner edge of the lapel, where the jacket meets the shirt).

Spit Out Your Gum
You might be surprised to see the planner or venue coordinator holding out their hand for groomsmen to spit out their gum before they walk down the aisle, but it happens pretty frequently! Save the embarrassment and dispose of your gum in advance. You don't want to be that guy with a wad of gum in his mouth in his buddy's wedding video!

Put Down Your Phone
Not in your coat pocket, not in your back pocket. Take your phone out of your pocket and put it away — we'd recommend alongside the bridesmaids' purses so it doesn't get misplaced. Even the thinnest of phones will stick out in your pocket, especially in a lighter-colored suit. Empty pockets means smoother pants and jackets, which means better photos!

Perfect the Details
Make the rounds and ensure everyone's tie is tied correctly and is straight and flat. Button your jacket, make sure it's laying flat over your shirt, and brush off your shoulders and lapels. Then stand up straight, offer your arm to a bridesmaid, and smile!

Friday, October 21, 2016

BRIDES Southern California: Instagram-Worthy L.A. Restaurants for a Dreamy Bridal Shower

Los Angeles Bridal Shower Venues
Photo: Courtesy of Gracias Madre via Facebook

One of the oh-so-wonderful perks about the wedding planning process is getting to spend some quality time with your besties — beginning at the bridal shower. One of the best ways to celebrate your impending nuptials is with decadent food — and by documenting all the special memories with lots of pictures! Luckily for Los Angeles brides-to-be, the city boasts many restaurants that are not only delicious but extremely photogenic to boot! Check out our favorites for a dreamy, Instagram-worthy wedding shower.

Gracias Madre (Above)
With its exposed brick walls, utterly chic black-and-white patterned bar, and lush greenery throughout, you and your besties will be seriously smitten with the décor of this vegan, all-organic Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood. Indulge in enchiladas, coconut ceviche tostadas, tacos, and lots of chips and guacamole. For dessert, the restaurant serves yummy Mexican wedding cookies, which seem very fitting for a bridal fete. Then toast the occasion with margaritas.

Nobu Malibu Los Angeles Restaurant
Photo: Courtesy of Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu
This beachfront Malibu restaurant abounds with Instagram-worthy ocean views. There's no prettier backdrop for a bridal shower than the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Even the food is picture-perfect — think yellowtail sashimi, black cod miso, mango dulce de leche torte for dessert.

Commissary LA Bridal Shower
Photo: Courtesy of Commissary

Flooded with natural lighting and awash with verdant foliage, this Koreatown restaurant is unlike any other spot in the city. Located at The Line Hotel, the unique space is set in a glorious all-glass greenhouse and serves Pan-Asian fare with a strong focus on vegetables.

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Perch LA Bridal Shower Venue
Photo: Perch LA via Facebook

Perch LA
This hidden Downtown Los Angeles gem in the sky serves French cuisine and offers a few different spaces to host a bridal soiree including the 15th floor restaurant lounge outfitted in antique-looking furniture, and the 16th floor rooftop offering picturesque views of the city skyline.

Penthouse LA Bridal Shower
Photo: Courtesy of Huntley Hotel

The Penthouse
Perched on the 18th floor rooftop of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, The Penthouse is bathed in bright whites and neutral hues and evokes a laid-back yet glamorous beachy ambiance that's perfect for a fancy bridal shower. You and your BFFs can look forward to digging into smoked salmon benedict, halibut, pastas, steaks, and chocolate soufflés for dessert. Read real brides' reviews here!

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7 Fall Date Ideas That'll Have You Fall-ing (Get It?) in Love All Over Again

Fall Date Ideas
Photo: Getty Images
Your bathing suit is packed away and your summer vacation is long gone, but the passion that comes with summer love doesn't have to end. Whether you're headed out for a first date, or have been married for years, these fall date ideas are the perfect way to celebrate the seasonal weather and get that lovin' feeling. That's because each one of these date ideas is supported by science! (We're nerds, we know.)

As a couples therapist and dating coach, I help couples increase their relationship satisfaction by implementing a more strategic dating life. Capitalizing on love research to get the most out of your date night is a surefire way to have a hot and thriving love life. So, if you need more romance in your relationship and are stumped on finding new activities, try one of these seasonal date ideas.

Leaf Peeping
Ogle the bright red, yellow, and orange leaves as you stroll hand in hand through a local park, or better yet, go on a hike that gets you out of the city and into nature. Exercise and exploring the unknown activates the pleasure system in your brain and releases dopamine, the chemical that gives makes you feel good and exhilarated.

Apple Picking
Pick a sunshiny beautiful day to frolic in the orchards together, canoodle behind a tree, and help each other reach the highest bunches. Plus, sunlight makes you happy, so soak it up before you go into winter hibernation mode.

Pumpkin Carving
You may be too old to go trick or treating, but you're never too old to carve a pumpkin! Enjoy a little flirtatious competition: whoever creates the best pumpkin masterpiece wins something (wink wink)! Plus, being creative allows you to relax, and activates parts of the brain associated with emotional responses and the release of dopamine.

Haunted House
Boo! Jump into each other's arms as you're startled and reap the benefits — surprise activates the reward center in your brain. Going on a date with an element of surprise, risk and excitement can help you rekindle the romance.

Corn Maze
This is the perfect opportunity for teamwork! Does your partner listen to your ideas, get angry when you wind up in a dead end, or praise you for your great sense of direction? Negative communication patterns, such as criticism or defensiveness have been shown to lead to breakups and divorce, so make sure you support each other.

Cozy Picnic
Bust out the basket and plaid blanket! Just make sure to touch or snuggle up as you enjoy your wine and cheese. Physical touch is not only a popular love language, but it's also a way we communicate our emotions, such as love, gratitude and happiness.

Halloween Costume Shopping
Head to a costume shop or thrift store and laugh together as you try on some whacky outfits. Laughing and smiling cause the brain to release dopamine, making you feel happy. Plus, eHamony found that a sense of humor is the most desirable quality in a partner, so let lose and reconnect. You may just feel the same spark that initially attracted you to each other.
Ultimately, boredom is the silent relationship killer. Prioritize your partner, date your mate and take advantage of all of the fun activities the fall season has to offer. There are so many creative ways to boost connection, intimacy and happiness in your relationship. Just remember you have to mix things up to (pumpkin) spice things up!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10 Unbelievably Creative Centerpiece Ideas

10 Unbelievably Creative Centerpiece Ideas
Centerpieces set the tone for an entire event, so why not “wow” your guests with a unique arrangement? An eye-catching centerpiece can make your event totally Instagram worthy. Better yet, a memorable centerpiece doesn’t have to break the bank! From simple and understated to dramatic and over-the-top, we’re sharing 10 of the most creative and head-turning centerpieces to incorporate into your wedding.

1. Ethereal Fairy Lights

Delicate fairy lights placed inside of bell jars or terrariums bring a touch of whimsy to any table setting. Your event will feel absolutely magical with the addition of these twinkling lights. 
Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations
Photo by Angel He Photography

2. Mono-Floral Arrangements
For a modern feel, try placing single flowers in a variety of vases. Alternate the size or color of the flowers and vases for an eclectic mix-and-match look. Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography
Photo by Sara & Rocky Photography
Photo by Joielala Photographie
Courtesy of Birds Of A Feather

3. Mini Hot Air Balloons
We can’t get enough of these quirky miniature hot air balloons. Whether sitting in baskets or hanging above, this centerpiece would be a playful addition to any tabletop. 
Photo by Logan Cole Photography
Photo by 5ive15ifteen Photography

4. Fabulous Floating Candles
Floating candles are elegant, set the mood, and are an affordable way to make a big impact with your wedding décor. An added bonus: everyone looks better in the soft glow of candlelight. 
Photo by A Day of Bliss Photography Inc.; Event by Cynthia Ross Affairs
Photo by Christian Oth Studio
Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations

5. Sensational Succulents
As an alternative to blooming flowers, try using succulents for a bit of subtle greenery on your table. Succulents can work as a neutral in your color palette, while still bringing an organic aspect to yourdécor. Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations
Photo by Watson Studios; Event by Off the Beaten Path Weddings

6. Glam Feathers
To heighten the drama, tall arrangements of feathers lend an air of old Hollywood glamour. Imagine women in elbow length gloves, sipping champagne beneath towering vases of white ostrich feathers –how chic!Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations
Photo by Rebecca Weiss Photography; Event by X-Quisite Flowers & Events
Photo by Jess Elysse Photography; Floral by A Design Resource

7. Delicious Edible Displays
What’s better than a centerpiece that serves two purposes? Make an edible centerpiece of charcuterie, plates of fruit, or containers of cookies – it will feed and impress your guests! 
Photo by Kate Webber Photography
Photo by Ashley Batz; Styling by Erin Hiemstra + Bianca Sotelo 
Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations

8. Vintage Lanterns
Filled with candles, flowers, or a combination of the two, lanterns can be used to create a charming centerpiece. We love the old-world vibe they bring to a table.  
Photo by Onelove Photography

9. Prettily Potted Herbs
Herbs in small flowerpots are one of the simplest and sweetest centerpieces, with the added bonus of their fresh aroma. Try to select herbs that will compliment the menu, such as rosemary if you’re serving roasted chicken or basil if you’re serving pasta.  
Photo by Divine Day Photography
Photo by Docuvitae Photography
Photo by Lane Dittoe

10. Shining Reflective Surfaces
A mirrored runner or vase can offer just the right amount of sparkle to your reception table. Mirrors add dimension and enhance the arrangements of flowers and candles placed above. 
Photo by Colin Miller; Event by Colin Cowie Celebrations
Photo by Duke Photography
Photo by Krista Mason Photography; Event by At Your Door Events