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How to Plan a Wedding in Less Than 3 Months

When my boyfriend proposed in June I had no idea that two-and-a-half months later we'd be married. I had always dreamed of a spring wedding and even though we got engaged a little later than we first planned, I just expected to wait another 10 or 11 months so I could have my dream wedding. But then we thought about it some more. Neither of us were thrilled about paying another year of separate rent (D.C. can be expensive), plus, why wait? We knew we wanted to get married anyway and we had already gone through premarital counseling. So just like that we picked a day in the next three or four months that we could fit into our work schedule and got planning.

1. Once you decide to have a short engagement commit to it and begin planning immediately. You cannot vacillate; there is literally no time for that. Try to pick a day that works as best as you can, knowing that no day is going to be perfect. Something always comes up. But you'll have that regardless of whether you choose a day in the next month, or 10 years.

Initially we picked a day that was about three-and-a-half months out. But none of the vendors we wanted were available that day, plus our work schedule wasn't ideal. So we did what any sane, logical couple would do -- we bumped up the wedding by a month! Ironically, this date worked better with possible vendors we were looking at, and work. Vendors, venues, photographers and even makeup artists can book up a year or two out, reminding me of my next point.

2. Choose two items that are most important to you and book those first. Unless money is no issue, you will not get your first choice of everything, and even if money were not an issue, I can't tell you how many times I heard, "So sorry, we're booked that weekend." I know a guy who postponed his wedding by a year-and-a-half to get the venue they wanted. In my opinion, no venue is worth waiting that long, but it just goes to show, book as early as you can. Fortunately for us the wedding and reception took place at a Christian Campground my parents own a cottage in so although it was very important to me, reserving it was not an issue. Food and photographer were also very important. Miraculously my dream photographer only had one weekend available in months -- the weekend of my wedding. We also found one of the best caterers in the area just happened to be available too. I can't give advice on how we booked them except to say that miracles do happen. During the process of wedding planning EVERYTHING will feel super important, but it's not, I promise. Pick a few things items to invest in the most, and early, and learn to be flexible with the rest. For instance, I didn't even go wedding dress shopping. I just bought mine on eBay for $500 (new with tags I may add) and called it a day. And I loved my dress.

3. Lists lists lists. We used Wedding Wire that gives you a handy and free checklist, but the Knot has been helpful for many couples too. (And don't forget about Avelist!) There are so many things I just wouldn't have thought of if someone didn't put it in a list for me. A few days before the wedding I was ordering a Jenga game on Amazon Prime for our guest book (which is a super cute idea, by the way) thanks to that checklist.

4. Be realistic. This is good advice whether you're getting married after a three-year engagement, or three months. If I had lived in Western New York and didn't have a job, you can bet I would have DIYed the heck out of my wedding. But that just wasn't an option so I had to be even more careful about how our budget was spent. For weeks I was obsessed with the idea that all the guests had to have fancy high-backed chairs, instead of the free ones provided by the campground. As it so happens, the decision ended up being made for me. The chair vendor I wanted to work with was difficult to reach and about time she did get back to me, told me all the chairs were gone. I'm actually glad this happened, as the chairs would have cost an extra $500 -- far over the budget -- and I doubt anyone remembers the chairs anyway. We invested in a great dinner instead. (As a bonus, the caterer also brought the chairs I dreamed about for my head table.)

5. Similarly, compromise often. With your ideals and especially your fiance! No one likes a Bridezilla.

6. Save time where you can. If you're planning a short engagement it will be very difficult to get out those cute Save-The-Dates and wedding invites in time. Instead, send out an e-mail Save-the-Date. We used Paperless Post. It was quick, pretty, and free.

7. Skip the RSVP card normally placed in your wedding invite as well. Instead of mailing out an RSVP card -- which we'd have to wait for people to fill out and return -- we put a card in our formal invites directing people to our website to RSVP. It was quick, convenient for our guests, and free. This idea worked so well for us I'd recommend it even for those with a longer engagement.

8. Divide and conquer the RSVP list. Getting guests to RSVP on time was a real struggle, a struggle I know that any recently married folks can understand. Besides Miss Manners being appalled, RSVP numbers are critical to planning the rest of your wedding. A few weeks out the caterer will be calling asking for final numbers and you still won't be able to place people at tables because you don't know who is coming. RSVP numbers are also critical in helping you budget. I particularly wanted to know how many people would attend to figure out whether I could afford those fancy, high-backed chairs. Besides the fact that some guests asked me if they could let me know the week of our wedding, I can't say I have a right to get angry. Prior to getting married I was a horrible RSVPer and I'd like to take this opportunity to say I'm sorry to all my friends for whom I RSVPed last minute, or worse, not at all. From here on out I will RSVP early, and commit to that choice. This is good news for any of my friends planning wedding or showers in the future. Miss Manners would be so proud and your friends will be so grateful.

So divide and conquer that list. Call, email or text your friends or family and have your fiance do the same. Most people will be sincerely apologetic and give an answer right away.

9. Wait for that one thing to go majorly wrong, and then just roll with it. For years I envisioned my wedding to be outside facing Lake Ontario, white chairs, and a slight breeze with lawn games and an outdoor cocktail hour to follow. But in the words of Alanis Morsette, it did rain on our wedding day. And it was ironic. I did think. Not just a few drops either, but poured.

Fortunately we had a backup and if you're planning an outdoors wedding you should too. The campground had a little tabernacle set up overlooking the lake and dinner was planned inside the dining room anyway. Fortunately again, God gave us about 45 minutes of clear skies in between torrential rains -- just enough time for my wedding planner, dad, brother in law, my husband's uncle and countless guests to take towels from my parents' cottage and wipe down all the benches to give me my dream wedding.

10. Remain grateful. This also reminds me of my last point. Wedding planning can be both equally fun and stressful. We happened to be doing it in an extremely short period of time, hundreds of miles away from the venue, and also while we looking for an apartment to move into after the wedding. There were many times I threw my arms in the air and said, "We should just elope!" Honestly, I still stand by the fact that it's not a bad idea.

But I wished I had enjoyed the process more, too. Yes, it can be stressful. Yes, it's expensive. Yes, you may get into a fight with at least 10 people over an idea and you're sure-as-heck not going to back down... but it's good to remind yourself also that at the end of the day, this is an exciting time in your life and the beginning of something beautiful.

Not only that, but I am so grateful for all the helping hands. Like I said, my parents did a lot of the legwork since they lived in the area and for that I am so appreciative. A friend did my hair and my bridesmaids hair, a family friend styled the flower girls hair, and a good number of guests helped decorate, move flowers, dry benches, write the name tags, donate hundreds of bunches of hydrangeas, place name tags on tables and about a dozen other items I'm sure I will never realize.

Be grateful that people want to help, show appreciation where you can (cards and gifts work great!) and when you have a chance to help -- pass it forward.

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12 Ways to Stay Sane While Wedding Planning

You're engaged! Hot on the heels of hearty congrats are unsolicited advice, strong family opinions, options to make your head spin, and expenses to make your jaw drop—not to mention the pressure to plan a perfect wedding. Take a deep breath (or three), and read on for tips to help keep things in perspective.


1. Be organized, divide, and conquer.

Yes, you do need a plan to wedding plan, and there is a natural flow to follow—can't set a date without a venue, for example! Refer to timeline and checklist resources to create a plan that works for you, and tackle only a few tasks at a time. Don't worry about decisions that don't need to be made now.

Get Our Planning Timeline

2. Give up on perfection.

Ok, not completely. This is your day, and it's going to go perfectly as long as your definition of "perfect" has some wiggle room. Hiccups are inevitable, but if you focus on enjoying the process and having a ton of fun at your wedding, figuring out all the details, and how they fit together, will be less daunting.

3. Set a budget. 

It's much easier to get carried away—and disappointed—if you start planning without a budget. You may still consider a dress or venue that's above your cap, but setting limits early makes you less likely to set your heart on something you know costs more than you want to spend.

4. Delegate.

Most of your friends and family will be happy to pitch in, but you do need to ask for help (not demand or expect it), trust them to come through for you, and be mindful not to overload any one person with too many responsibilities.

5. Give your brain a break.

Yoga or meditation can give your mind a much-needed rest from racing over your to-do list. Practice them regularly, and you'll be in the habit of breathing deeply and summoning a sense of calm whenever you start to feel overwhelmed.

How to Calm Your Nerves

6. Go on dates.

Spend quality time with your fiancé doing the sorts of things you enjoyed doing before you got engaged … and don't discuss the wedding! Whether that means a movie night or a bike ride or cooking a meal together, it will remind you what's really important—your relationship.

7. Stay healthy.

It's easy to overdose on chocolate when you're stressing about the guest list, but try to eat well and exercise frequently. Not only will you look even better in your dress, you'll have more energy and be better equipped to handle anxiety.

8. Do something for someone else.

Volunteer at a home for the elderly, babysit for a friend's toddler, or help your cousin with her college apps. Redirecting your energies in a way that brings someone else's life into focus will give you a fresh perspective on your own.

9. Talk about it, but not 24/7.

Seeking advice, sharing excitement, and venting are all important parts of planning, but don't let the wedding hijack all your conversations and girls' nights out.

10. Take time out to unwind.

Ease the pressures of planning with "me time": go for a walk, relax in a warm bath, book a massage, or spend a morning in with your favorite book or TV show.

11. Choose a bouncer. 

Tell your mom or maid of honor she has full permission to turn Bridezilla away (gently but firmly) should she try to crash your party.

12. YouTube Will and Kate's wedding.

Remember that three billion people won't be watching you get married! You will be surrounded by people you know and love, and who know and love you!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Each year I take the time to reflect back on what has gone on this year with myself and my family. With Kids in school,  my Husband and I working, Life and unfortunately Death, it has been a time of blessings. 

I hope that everyone is Thankful today and everyday for all the ups and downs, Joy and sorrow and for being here for another Thanksgiving. 

Love and Blessings- Jasmine 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Tell a Close Friend She Won't Be a Bridesmaid

How to Tell a Friend She Won't be a Bridesmaid
Photo: Chantal Weddings
Selecting your bridal entourage is an extremely challenging process, especially when one or two close confidantes may not make the cut. However, no bridal party is large enough to accommodate each and every one of a bride's friends. So how can a bride break the news to a dear friend that she hasn't been included on the bridesmaid roster? Our etiquette experts weigh in on how to tell a friend she won't be walking down the aisle with the bridal party.

Before scheduling a chat with your friend, you may wish to consider including her in your bridal party. If she is indeed a close companion and the remainder of your group will be bridesmaids, excluding a single member may irreversibly damage your relationship. Adding one more bridesmaid to your entourage may be the best solution if you wish to maintain your relationship.

However, if you truly do not believe your friend is a fit for the bridal party, you must communicate the news to her as gently as possible. Make sure to explain to your friend that the choice is not a reflection on your relationship, and try to be as truthful in your discussion as possible without hurting her feelings. If limiting the number of bridesmaids is your primary concern, or you have only chosen bridesmaids who are childhood friends, you may wish to include these details in your heart-to-heart. Furthermore, devise a role for your friend to take on at the wedding. By bestowing an important nuptial task on your friend, you will simultaneously include her in the wedding festivities while softening the blow of her exclusion from the bridal party.

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Get a Sneak Peek at Our Brand New Wedding Book!

mswbook-2-143-d112474.jpgPhotography by: Bryan Gardner
We're thrilled to announce that our brand new wedding book, Martha Stewart Weddings Ideas & Inspirations, has arrived and with it, more than 250 pages of planning advice, fresh ideas, and need-to-know info on working with vendors, finding inspiration, and keeping your guests happy and comfortable. The 12 chapters cover the planning process chronologically, from announcing your engagement (woo-hoo!) and finding a venue to picking a palette, designing your big-day look, and deciding on stationery and flowers. You'll also get ideas for putting together a personal—and meaningful—ceremony, a fun and fabulous reception, and a delectable dinner menu and desserts. Consider it your ultimate guide to planning a wedding!

Preorder your copy of Martha Stewart Weddings Ideas & Inspirations and receive an autographed copy from Martha, or grab it when it hits shelves on December 1 ($60, Clarkson Potter). Know someone else who's engaged? It makes an awesome wedding gift! In the meantime, here's an exclusive look at what you'll find inside its pages:


Chapter One
First things first: Share your news, set a budget, and draft a guest list.

Chapter Two
Select a place that speaks to you, then start personalizing your party.

Chapter Three
Five strategies for picking a palette and fun ways to carry it through your day.

Chapter Four
How to find the gown of your dreams, look gorgeous, and dress your attendants.

Chapter Five
Everything you need to know about invites and extras from escort cards to thank-you notes.

Chapter Six
Blooms for all seasons, styles, and budgets, plus hiring the right florist for you.

Chapter Seven
Registry tips and ideas for engagement and bachelor/ette parties, showers, and rehearsal dinners.

Chapter Eight
Help invitees plan, and get them to the right places—and in the best moods—all weekend.

Chapter Nine
Vows, music, rituals: all that adds meaning to this momentous occasion.

Chapter Ten
Give guests the time of their lives with great food, amazing music, and a well-planned event.

Chapter Eleven
Filling, frosting, and finery to serve a sweet sensation, and dazzling dessert-bar ideas.

Chapter Twelve
Festive farewell moments: Toss confetti, give fab favors, and make a grand getaway.

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10 Things a Bride Should Never Do According to a Wedding Planner

Things Never to Do According to Wedding Planner
Photo: Getty Images
Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007. Here, she breaks down the top 10 things she'd advise her clients never to do.

Wouldn't it be nice if all my brides and grooms took all of the advice that they pay me to give them and actually followed it? But they don't. That said, there are some things that I tell all of my clients not to do and it's always interesting to see who listens.

1. Don't invite more guests that you can actually afford to have accept your invitation.

2. Don't pad your invitation list to get more gifts — that's called a "gift grab" and is easily
recognizable and frequently snarked about. Send announcements instead.

3. If you're using a wedding planner, don't start interviewing and hiring vendors on your own first. Most planners have preferred vendors they'll ask you to consider.

4. Don't designate your daughter, friend or anybody else as a "go between" for you and the planner because you are too busy.

5. Don't shop with abandon for your welcome bags, favors and décor whenever you see something you like. That stuff adds up fast — and often, it doesn't match the theme or décor you eventually choose.

6. Don't let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Give them guidance to ensure all of them look cohesive in photos: Choose a color in a certain designer's line of dresses and let them choose their own style. Give input about the neckline and length, too.

7. Don't give your wedding party gifts that they have to use or wear for your actual wedding. That's called "accessorizing" your wedding party, not thanking them.

8. Don't skip registering for gifts. Some brides and grooms skip it in hopes of getting cash gifts — and nobody is fooled. It's extremely bad etiquette. If they wish to give you a money-based gift certificate, they will. If you don't want gifts at all, put something snappy like, "Your presence is present enough!" on your wedding website.

9. Don't invite the same wedding guests to more than one bridal shower, unless they're immediate family or wedding party. Again, it looks like a gift grab and your guests will feel overburdened.

10. Don't put off all the things your wedding planner told you to get done in the first three months of planning. It's easy to tell yourself you have a year to write your DJ playlist, choose your ceremony music and write your vows and then procrastinate. But when you're three months out from your wedding date and trying to keep up with thank-you notes, showers and bachelorette parties, and get ready for the actual big day, those things you were supposed to do six months before will come back to haunt you.

Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello Are Married
Photo: Courtesy of Sofia Vergara via Instagram 
Talk about major aisle envy! Sofia Vergara is officially a married woman after saying, "I Do" to beau, Joe Manganiello, E! News reports. The gorgeous duo, gave us major FOMO this weekend, by documenting their wedding extravaganza through breathtaking Instagram photos of their star-studded events at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

After kicking off the festivities with private bungalows by the pool, and elegant dinners with a personalized touch, like the couples custom napkins that read, "he had me at hola," Vergara, and her hunky fiancé, made it official on Sunday in front of 400 guests.

The Modern Family star posted a photo of her "custom-made, fairy-tale frock" by designer Zuhair Murad, showing a close-up view of the detailed white gown, embellished with ornate embroidery and a matching, cascading train.

Vergara also commented on her big-day beauty look by saying, "Personally, I know that I don't like the natural look that some brides do. I'm 43, I don't really need to look like a virgin getting married," People reports.

One of our favorite pics of the Palm Beach nuptials (after all, we love a good flower shot) was a photo posted by Vergara, showing off the abundance of Jeff Leatham flowers that graced the venue of the ceremony site.

The photo shows a beaming Manganiello in the view of Vergara as she is being escorted down the aisle. The Magic Mike actor, who looked flawless in a John Varvatos tuxedo, sealed the deal with wedding bands designed by celebrated jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz.

The recent newlyweds also published a post-"I Do" snapshot displaying their elated smiles while looking adoringly at one another. Could these two be any more adorable?

Some of the couple's high-profile celebrity attendees included Modern Family co-stars, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, and Eric Stonestreet, while Channing Tatum and Reese Witherspoon rounded out the rest of the A-listers. Guests were graciously asked to make donations in honor of St. Jude's Children's Hospital in lieu of wedding gifts.

When it came to talking about honeymoon plans, Vergara made it clear during a game of "Say It Ain't Sofia" on Good Morning America that her "honeymoon" is "the thing that I'm not going to be able to have much of after my wedding...because I'm gonna have to go back to work."

Vergara also told Redbook magazine that when it came to the subject of kids, "Joe is younger than me. He's 38. He's never had kids. How am I going to say no?"

We can't wait to see what the future brings for this gorgeous twosome!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Create Your Own Hot Cocoa Bar

If you're in the midst of planning your fall or winter wedding, you're surely going to want to make sure your food, drink and favors fit right in with the warm and cozy setting you're creating. In our opinion, one detail that's practically a must is a hot cocoa bar, so below we're sharing some of our favorite ways to personalize yours and create a photo-worthy vignette that your guests will definitely love! 
design by j29 Events // photo by Jennifer Fujikawa
design by j29 Events // photos by Jennifer Fujikawa
design by j29 Events // photos by Jennifer Fujikawa

Felt Wrapped Mugs:

Regular mugs of cocoa are cute, but mugs wrapped in cozy  felt fabric are even better!  To recreate this look is so easy, but the impact is huge. Just cut a swatch of any color of felt fabric, wrap it around the mug, and secure it with twine and any additional decorative elements you'd like (think evergreen or rosemary sprigs, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, etc.)! 
photo by Pill Photography {Rebekah Pillmore}
photo by Pill Photography {Rebekah Pillmore}

Glass Mugs:

For a wedding that gives off an heir of elegance, you may want your hot chocolate bar to feel wintery-chic. Opting for classic, streamlined  glass mugs will help keep the vignette looking timeless and classy, rather than kitschy or eclectic.  
design by Unveiled Design Events // photo by J. Christina Photography
design by Unveiled Design Events // photo by J. Christina Photography

Vintage Teacups:

To style your cocoa bar with an antique-woodland vibe, we suggest serving up hot chocolate in  vintage teacups rather than mugs.  This is sure to add a little  vintage-inspired style to the display, and you can even gift your guests the teacups at the end of the evening! 
design by Jesi Haack Design // photos by Jasmine Star
design by Jesi Haack Design // photos by Jasmine Star

Hot Cocoa Toppings:

Perfect for a bridal shower or any fun event, gifting favors of mugs stuffed with individual packets of hot chocolate and fun toppings ( candy canes, marshmallows, etc.) is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit! You can create a space for your favor/hot cocoa bar at your wedding, allowing guests the option to enjoy right then and there, or take home to sip at a later time! 
photo by Megan Hayes
photo by Megan Hayes

Reindeer Mugs:

Nothing says winter quite like hot chocolate, but pair that with a  festive reindeer mug and you really have a recipe we love. This stylish, cozy display will be a hit with wedding or party guests, and the reindeer silhouette or motif is a fun design element to carry throughout all of the event's styling. 
design by Green Wedding Shoes // photo by This Modern Romance
design by Green Wedding Shoes // photo by This Modern Romance

Cinnamon Sticks:

Our favorite way to enjoy hot cocoa is topped with whipped cream and  cinnamon sticks! You can buy organic cinnamon sticks in bulk and tie them around the glass, display them in a jar, or stick them right into the mugs of hot cocoa at your wedding's cocoa bar! 
design by Michelle Edgemont
design by Michelle Edgemont

Mini Hot Chocolate Favors:

If you don't have the capacity have a full-blown hot cocoa bar at your wedding (maybe you and your fiancé took a vote and coffee won!), you can always send your guests home with this beloved treat in the form of favors! We love the idea of a mini cocoa gift, featuring unique, gourmet flavors and fun, graphic gift tags. To make these yourself, grab some  mini test tubes, gold twine and make your own (or buy some) favor tags!

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6 Fall Wedding Ideas We Love, Love, Love

Fall is a beautiful time of year and a fantastic season to plan a wedding. Fall weddings present an opportunity to pay homage to the season and to play with color—it's about natural textures, bold hues, glamorous touches, and a few other accents that say (but don't scream) "fall."
If you need a little style inspiration to create an elegant, warm fall wedding theme, here are some of our favorite fall wedding ideas...

1. Natural Textures and Bold Hues

In the fall, wedding décor is all about mixing natural textures with bold hues. That means tablecloths and napkins in tactile, visually-intriguing materials—quilted or ruched silk, velvet, linen—in subdued neutrals mixed with surprise pops of bright color—sangria, magenta, cobalt blue or royal blue.
In addition to using bold hues to offset the fall foliage, using a wood slice as a centerpiece is a stunning and unique option to the classic centerpieces. The wood adds to the fall theme for a wedding of that season.
One of our favorite fall wedding ideas is to use color to create the feeling of autumn without having to incorporate leaves or pumpkins. Chocolate brown, blackberry purple or deep red (or even lighter, neutral shades like cream or gold) are great fall wedding colors for bridesmaid dresses. Chocolate brown suits for the groom and groomsmen create the same autumnal feel without being too blatant. Another fall wedding idea is to use hemp, twine, brown Kraft paper or hessian fabric within your decorations. Wrapping wine bottles, the silverware, and napkins with hemp or twine, or using the Kraft paper, hessian and twine for your fall wedding invitations is a more subtle way of integrating autumn into your rustic fall wedding.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:

2. Metallic Details

The fall season may be all about color—the warm reds, russets and yellows of the changing leaves, the bright orange of pumpkins and the deep browns of conkers—but metallic accents continue to be big. Adding a touch of gold and silver or bronze and pewter copper to the traditional fall colors creates a chic color scheme! Glass vases with pops of bronze or copper, gold and silver leaf wedding accessories, or even metallic napkin rings in gold or silver are a clever way to work in seasonal accents.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:

3. Fall Foliage

Add a seasonal touch to your ceremony by hanging flowers in mason jars, or, using shafts of wheat or even pumpkins to line the length of the aisle. Replacing petals with fall leaves and adding candle lanterns is a great way to add coziness to your wedding and to highlight the fact that it's a fall wedding.
If the weather is a little chilly and you have to stay indoors for the reception, you can still incorporate the beautiful natural elements of the season in your wedding by decorating the venue with potted plants displaying their most electric fall colors.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:

4. Incorporate the Bounty of the Fall Harvest 

Pumpkins are one of those versatile fall wedding ideas to integrate into your wedding. Not only can they be used as part of the décor, they're also an excellent option for chilling wines and other beverages. Another fall wedding idea is serving hot beverages—apple cider, cocoa or gourmet coffee—to your guests at the end of the night. It's a great way to keep them warm and to bring the comfort of fall into your wedding day.
These awesome options incorporate the bounty of the fall harvest in your wedding:
  • Apple cider - This can be served either hot or cold (depending on the temperature). Having a hard cider on tap for your guests would also be a great option.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:
  • Wheat - Wheat can be incorporated in your fall wedding in several ways. Wheat bundles can be used as centerpieces; wheat grain (instead of rice) to shower the bride and groom; and wheat as part of your fall wedding flowers—bouquets and boutonnieres—creates a vintage, rustic theme.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:
  • Caramel apples - This classic treat is the quintessential fall indulgence. The apples can be rolled in chocolate pieces, nuts, or whatever else you can think of, packaged individually and tied with twine or a ribbon that matches your wedding colors. Guests can grab this delicious treat as they exit.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:
  •  Apples - Fall and apples are the perfect pair, whether red or green apples! They're great for a fall wedding and can be used in several ways: from centerpieces to escort cards, from cake toppers to place settings. Everybody has a type of apple they love, so they're sure to be crowd-pleasers.

 5. Fall Wedding Reception Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in your wedding décor and it can affect the way everything looks. Lighting can also change the mood for different portions of the party. Start with bright and upbeat lighting for cocktails, pink and purple sunset tones on the walls and ceiling for dinner, and then switch to something more dramatic—deep blue with white "stars"—when it's time to start the dance party. Classy chandeliers also add glamour to any space, from a Swarovski crystal modern piece to a vintage chandelier filled with candles.
Another way to incorporate the fall season indoors is to use gobo lighting with warm amber light to create a branch pattern on the dance floor or the ceiling of a tent. It will give the effect of the early evening sun streaming through the trees.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:

6. Embrace the Night Sky and Add Warmth with Light & Food 

The fall season has clear blue skies and pitch black nights, so bring the outside in and have your ceremony under the stars by choosing an open-roof venue equipped with space heaters, or a closed venue with big windows. Soft fairy lights and plenty of candles will create a romantic, twinkling atmosphere. Have an open fire, pile it high with logs, fir cones and herbs to give the rooms that fall aroma and to create cozy corners.
To add more cozy comforts and to infuse the fall flavors into your wedding menu, serve rich, intensely-flavored seasonal foods such as squash bisque served in little pumpkins or butternut squash soup as starters; filet, cornish hens, or salmon for the entrée; and apple tarts, brownies with coffee ice cream, fig cheesecake, or pie à la mode for dessert.
Fall Wedding Ideas                                                                         Photo Credit:

Bonus: Feather Bridal Hair Accessories

Feathers are trendy and are a great way to change up your fall wedding reception hairstyle — especially if you're skipping the veil. Chic bridal headpieces adorned with simple, airy plumage offer a soft, whimsical look to any wedding hairstyle. And pairing your feathered hair accessory with a jeweled hair clip adds a little something extra.
Fall Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

26 Creative Gifts to Bring to Any Winter Wedding When the Registry Is Done

Winter wedding couples are the ballsy ones. The ones who see the forecast for December and think, “20 degrees be damned!” They’re the couple that says “I do” amidst a well-planned fall meteor shower, then serves peppermint hot cocoa and mini pies for cocktail hour. And guess what? We love them for it. So don’t be gifting this bold duo the same registry staples you gift a summer or spring couple. Try giving from the warmth of your heart with one of these thoughtful gifts.
woodart 1. Custom Wood Art ($30): Created using pine panels, this cozy, homemade art piece can be customized to the state and heart placement of your choosing.
34478859_070_d 2. Love You Pint Glass ($8/each on SALE): Nothing says it better than… saying it on a pint glass. While the booze warms their bodies, these glasses will warm their hearts.
33455759_100_b 3. Diamond Glass Set ($34, set of two): Who says you can’t have diamonds even after you exchange rings? These cocktail glasses are an interesting twist on the classic shape and immediately up your friends’ future holiday party game.
hubby 4. Custom Mugs ($20-23): Department store mugs will never compare to having a sweet, scripted reminder of your wedding day. The best news about these mugs is that the image is applied through a special heat process, so it won’t fade.
st-jude-embellished-jingle-pillow-cover-heart-o 5. Heart Pillow Cover ($39 on sale): Not only is this sparkly pillow a festive addition to any newlyweds’ home, it also has a sweet benefit: 50 percent of the purchase price goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
jingle-velvet-stockings-o 6. Monogrammed Stockings ($49-149): A couple’s first “family” stockings are often overlooked on any registry. Label these jingle velvet stockings with the couple’s shared last name or individual first names. If you really want score some brownie points, pack each stocking with personalized little goodies for each of the newlyweds.
db97de5a71ce1557e633bcee415eddda 7. Heirloom Alpaca Blanket ($85-240): Keep cuddling to a maximum for years to come, with this cotton or alpaca/cotton-blended blanket. Made in the USA, these blankets aren’t just comfy and warm, they also feature a fabric tag that can be personalized with the recipients’ names, wedding details and any special message you wish to share. Plus, for every blanket purchased, Swell Forever makes a donation to their adoption fund. It comes with so many gifting wins.
bonnie 8. Bonnie + Clyde Freakers ($20): While it could easily be given post-ceremony, we recommend surprising the couple with these freakers early, so they can party in style all night long.
37683430_105_b 9. Mini Donut Maker: ($36): Yes, we know nothing goes better with a cup of joe than a warm donut, but battling the cold/crowds/traffic just isn’t in the cards for a pair of newly-married lovebirds. Make it easy on them by bringing the bakery to their house with this adorable mini donut maker.
hmprod 10. Storage Baskets ($18/basket): What wedding guest is thinking about laundry and organizing junk on The Big Day? You, that’s who! Make every day a good day with these 100-percent braided seagrass baskets.
b94b8bb909dea4475416449019356864 11. Jardin Des Plantes Vase ($24-28): Designed by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann, this “modern interpretation of delftware” creates an eye-catching centerpiece on any table.
e6e73427d3fab28f859855e5a6cece79 12. Ring Dish ($13): It may take some time to adjust to wearing a wedding band, or a wedding band and an engagement ring. If your friends’ fingers ever get tired of lifting that much bling, this sweet porcelain dish will be a thoughtful addition to any dresser.
SuckUK1_2395 13. Customizable Cookie Stamp: ($15): Anyone can customize stationary, but customizing Christmas cookies is next level. No other cookie stands a chance this holiday season.
SUPACM003_1_2 14. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56/set of 4): Sure, getting married is a celebration worthy of gold-leaf bubbles, but the holidays are also right around the corner, and simple glassware just ain’t gonna cut it.
D34482166_095_b 15. Oven Mit ($12): This floral-inspired oven mitt is a sweet nod to spring. It’s a pretty reminder for when the couple gets cabin fever.
customaddress3 16. Custom Address Stamp ($44): Both a practical and pretty need, custom address stamps are one of those gifts that are appreciated for their thoughtful simplicity.
afternoonwheat2 17. Beer Brewing Kit + Class ($19/class, or $50/class + kit): Not every couple likes DIY projects, but when alcohol is involved, most couples make an exception. Gift this with strict instructions to create a “family brew,” and, of course, share samples when completed.
ab414030e8bf1db7569b9f3d3ea8cf2f 18. Hug/Kiss Pillow Cover ($25): Stray from the usual “His” and “Hers” by gifting these two pillow covers, which are a sweet reminder before any couple lays their head down for the day.
nesting-doll-scented-candles-o 19. Nesting Doll Scented Candles ($18-29): These sweet-smelling forest animals are a rustic version of the classic Russian dolls. If the warmth of the flickering light doesn’t say cozy romance, the nesting part surely will.
b363bce55308dd6184a87bf793f78b23 20. Marble Rolling Pin ($20): So marble is definitely having a moment, and who are you to ignore a trend? This practical kitchen utensil will be getting a lot of use (and compliments) around the holiday season.
oregan 21. USA Cities Print ($68): Customized to fit the couple’s wedding place or home state, these graphic city prints will ensure those love birds tackle that gallery wall early on.
RIFLE001_0001 22. 2016 Travel the World Calendar ($16): Most newlyweds want to travel the globe with each other. Though this may seem like a practical gift, it’s also a daily reminder to them to get out and see the world.
hmprod-1 23. Apron ($13): This apron motif does double duty: It’s holiday-ish and a sweet wish for two newlyweds.
hmprod-2 24. Potholder ($6): The devil may be in the details, but dammit if those details aren’t insanely appreciated when you’re passing on positive vibes via everyday items.
KITWMP001_0532 25. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): This DIY kit is super simple, so it won’t take any time out of the honeymoon. Instead, it gives the couple a reason to indulge in a tasty drink together, on the daily.
LomoInstant_black_normal_contents 26. Lomo’instant Camera ($119): Capture moments from the honeymoon, wedding and life together with this #tbt-style camera.