Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Remove Any Stain in the Bathroom at a Party

Let’s face it, life can get messy. And, no, we’re not talking about your last Bumble date. We’re referring to food. That glorious source of energy that keeps us going even on our busiest and most stressful days. But when you’re constantly on the go (or when you’ve had one too many martinis at happy hour), it can be a challenge keeping our clothes stain-free. It’s time you learned a few tidying-up tricks to pull out when disaster strikes.
Enter Nick Ciccone, one of Rent the Runway’s masterful dry cleaning pros specializing in tough stain removal. Nick shared a tried-and-true technique for taking care of stains on the spot, a surprisingly simple method that will undoubtedly come in handy the next time you spill rosé on your white dress. Follow along to learn how to knock out a pesky stain in a pinch.

Step 1: Grab 2 white towels and head to your nearest sink.

First, gently remove whatever remains of the cause of the stain from the surface of your clothes. This might be excess avocado, a piece of a popsicle, a watermelon slice… you get the picture. Next, place a dry white towel underneath the stained portion of the garment. Nick stresses the importance of using a white towel here: “White is used so as to see if there is any dye transfer when beginning the process.” If you notice the towel changing color, get the garment to a dry cleaners ASAP. This is more likely to happen with natural fibers, such as silk or rayon.

Step 2: Begin gently blotting.

Next, grab your second white towel. Dap a portion of this towel in water and begin blotting the stain. Continue this process until you notice the stain fading away. The key here is to avoid a back and forth rubbing motion. “Never never never rub the fabric in a back and forth motion, as this tends to chafe the fabric,” explains Nick. When a fabric’s fibers have been overly stretched or weakened, light patches will form over time with each cleaning.

Step 3: Add a little detergent if the stain won’t budge.

If you notice the stain isn’t go away with water, add a little mild detergent to the towel and continue dabbing. Often times oilier stains require this extra push. If you try this step, make sure you follow up with more water to remove any excess soap. This step may not do away with the stain altogether, but it will certainly make your outfit far more wearable.
For best results, let the garment air dry for a few minutes. If you’re in a real hurry, you can use a hair dryer to speed things up. Do not let the hot air get too close to the garment, however: “Dot get too close [with the hair dryer], as you can burn the fabric or set what little bit of stain that may not have been removed.” Once you’re finished, you can get back to having fun, mess-free.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding Menu

The one thing wedding guests will always remember about your big day? The food! Here, Jess Levin from Carats & Cake asks a few wedding-industry pros to dish on the easiest ways to create a wedding menu that's memorable for all of the right reasons.
Palace Hotel
Image by Christian Oth Studio

Welcome Your Guests Right

"Before the ceremony welcome guests with passed Champagne. The arrival is the first impression of what the night will be like and there is nothing more elegant than a line of servers holding silver trays with Champagne flutes as friends and family enter the reception!"
- Leonardo Lorenzo, Associate Director of Catering at Lotte New York Palace

Choose the Best Champagne
topping rose
Image by Craig Warga Studio

Create Something Custom

"The days of the meat and potatoes banquet style menu is buried deep within our history books. In order to elevate what you serve, stay away from any preset options and create a bespoke menu that is 100 percent uniquely you."
- Chef Ryan Murphy, Executive Chef, Topping Rose House

Try These Menu Trends
diamond affairs
Image by Karlisch Photography

Play with Seasonal Flavors

"Embrace the seasonal foods available. During the fall, offer your guests a warm soup shooter or a made-to-order grilled cheese station during cocktail hour."
- Mary Wright Shah, Owner, Diamond Affairs Weddings and Special Events

Get Comfort Food Ideas
Bob Gail
Image by Elizabeth Messina Photography

Replicate a Family Recipe

"Incorporate personal favorites. If you have a favorite family recipe, share it with the catering team prepping your wedding to either have them replicate or re-imagine as a fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding day."
- Allyson Levine Joseph, Executive Event Producer & Vice President of Sales, Bob Gail Special Events
Thomas Pretti
Image courtesy of Thomas Preti Caterers

Think in Pairs

"Create a custom cocktail or wine pairing to serve with each menu course."
- Thomas Preti, Co-Owner/Founder, Thomas Preti Caterers

Delicious Wedding Food Pairs
Image Four Seasons
Image courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel New York

Go Personal

"Your menu should incorporate who you are as a couple, what you like, and where you are from. For example, we have a couple who is originally from Andalusia, Spain so we worked closely with them to design a customized menu that incorporates flavors and concepts from their homeland. We are even creating a Tapas Restaurant experience using the show kitchen with its built-in plancha."
- Mariam Karim, Director of Catering and Conference Services, Four Seasons Hotel New York

Wolfgang Puck
Image by Love Ala Photography

End the Night on a Sugar High 

"Play up your dessert with a variety of sweets and mini versions of your favorite treats."
- Jami Pennings, Catering Sales Manager, Wolfgang Puck Catering

Monday, November 28, 2016

Seasonal Trends That Are Not Only Pretty, But Good Enough To Eat

Winter weddings provide some of the most magical wedding photos and bouquets. We love seeing unique bouquets like adding fresh fruit, pinecones and cotton and they are on the rise for 2017. Will your bouquet be full of color or stay elegant in natural colors? I have searched the web and brought you some of my favorites. Don’t be afraid to use the quick and easy to use pin button to save it to your wedding inspiration board on Pinterest!
winter wedding bouquets
Photo by: The Jon Hartman Photography Co. | Flowers by: Gail Vander Laan

Photo by: Amy Breeze | Flowers by: Amy Fairley

Photo by: Perez Photography

Photo by: Michael Radford Photography

Photo by: JoPhoto | Flowers by: Lisa Foster Floral Design Studio

Photo by: Jessica Frey Photography

Photo credit: Wedding Chicks
Photo credit: Story Mix Media
Be sure to check the blog for winter wedding signature cocktails, cozy wedding accessories and ways to keep your guests warm during your winter wedding!

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Real Reason Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Had a Secret Wedding

Michael Phelps Nicole Phelps VMAs 2016
Photography by: Getty Images
Last month, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson said "I do" surrounded by friends and family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But shortly before their big day, TMZ revealed that the couple had actually been married for months, since before the 2016 Olympics in Rio—and now we know why! It turns out, it all came down to making the trip easier for Johnson and the son they share, six-month-old Boomer Phelps.

How Michael Phelps's Mom Always Knew Fiancée Nicole Johnson Was "The One"
"We wanted to try to make it as smooth as we could for them to travel," the 28-time Olympic medalist told USA Today on Monday night. The solution? Hold a secret wedding on June 13 in Paradise Valley, Arizona, then have a second, more formal wedding in the fall.

"It was small," Phelps said of the initial nuptials, which longtime friend and agent Peter Carlisle officiated. "It was our closest friends and family there. It was perfect."

But Phelps and Johnson didn't confirm their marriage until just before their second wedding—even dismissing rumors of already being married when Johnson wore a wedding band in Rio.

Celebrities Who Got Married at Home Like It was NBD
Phelps himself confirmed reports of their marriage in an October Facebook Live. "I've been married for a while, a couple of months," he said. "I had to keep it a secret from y'all, I had to keep it hush-hush from you guys. But Nicole and I are married, we're officially married." When fans commented asking why he decided to keep it from the public, Phelps replied, "just because." Well, now we know for sure! It was because of baby Boomer.

Speaking of babies, could Boomer be a big brother soon? In the same Facebook Live, Phelps alluded to just that: "Baby number two may be coming soon," Phelps said. "Who knows, though?"

Looks like this couple will continue to keep us on our toes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

20 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged

You just got engaged, congrats! From taking a ring selfie to narrowing down the guest list, here are the 20 things to do to kickstart your wedding planning process.