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Bride gives lifesaving kiss when guest keels over at wedding


Kylie & Russell Cox on their wedding day (© Kylie Cox via Facebook)
The phrase "You may now kiss the bride" is generally directed at the groom, but when Kylie Cox locked lips with another guy at her wedding over the weekend, no one objected. In fact, the 24-year-old bride is being hailed as a hero. Cox was dancing with a pal at her reception in Cornwall, England, when he suddenly keeled over. Cox, a trained nurse, gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and, with the help of other guests, kept him alive until paramedics arrived. The newlyweds then accompanied their friend to the hospital, spending their wedding night there until doctors assured them that he'd survive. What more auspicious way to start a life together than to save a life together.

7 Ways To Tell If A Tech Guy Likes You

Because my husband is a Tech Man and I love him so, I had to share.... Enjoy!


For better or worse, San Francisco is home to a myriad of different tech people and some of these tech workers are bound to fall in like with non-tech peeps (at least the ones who aren't going straight for the Silicon Valley prostitutes). I'm not saying straight tech guys are bad at meeting girls, I'm saying everyone is bad at meeting girls. Maybe if we went around being up front or direct about who we're interested in, more of us would get laid. Since we don't do that, here's a list of ways to decode if a tech guy likes you.

1. He views your LinkedIn on the regular
If you're like me and you don't want to shell out for a premium account to hide whose profile you've viewed, LinkedIn can start to feel like OkCupid's cute conservative cousin.

2. He asks you to be in his promo video
Congratulations on your promo video level of attractiveness and/or awesome personality. Sometimes tech guys will cast a lady as their significant other because the mandatory party and picnic scenes just seem to call for that. A word of caution: a well staged baguette or good looking cheese board can be sneakily seductive. Everyone wants to live in an Anthropologie catalog. Everyone.

3. He gives you early access
Ooh baby! If a tech guy tries to show off their new app that shows the weather and your ovulation through some beautiful color spectrum, homie might be tryna smash. But if he gave you access because you entered your email seven times, he's probably just looking for users.

4. He gives you a company t-shirt IN THE RIGHT SIZE!
FACT: The way to a woman's heart is through tri-blend tees. I think the idea is, if he can't be on your boobs at least his logo can. If he is excited for you to be seen in his start-up's shirt he likes you and/or your rack.

5. He buys a domain that includes both of your names
Do I hear creepy wedding bells? This sign that a tech guy likes you is slightly more fanboyish than the rest, but if things do work out you'll be glad you've got MarkandAnnaForevs.com all locked up.

6. He favorites and retweets you like you're Rihanna
Isn't it funny how things tweeted by people you want to have sex with sound so much funnier than everyone else you follow (people you've already had sex with)? If you notice someone is on your Twitter nuts, but you haven't tweeted anything funny since your cat died, you might have an admirer.

7. He uses your photo in screenshots or app previews
This sign is not subtle, but again it means he thinks you're cute enough to be in the app store. So if you see yourself in a screenshot on TechCrunch, there's a good chance someone wants to get in your pants.

7 Ways to Surprise Your Groom at the Wedding

My fiancĂ© Edwin has surprised me with my fair share of “mush” throughout the years, including take-out picnics in the living room and 5 a.m. phone calls just to say "I love you." I often find myself wondering how I can sweeten our wedding the way that he's sweetened every day of our relationship. Here are some ways that I plan to surprise my groom on our wedding day. I hope that these unexpected moments make him smile that much more and kindly remind him that our big day is about us—he truly is my happily ever after.

1. Make a "love notes" journal. The Mr. is a published author and while I couldn’t be prouder, he isn’t exactly the king of public speaking or even conversing in a private setting. However, he knows just how to melt my heart by scattering love notes around the house. I will publish each one in a leather-bound journal, along with new letters written by me, and give it to him on the morning of our wedding day. It doesn't cost a lot, but the sentiment is priceless.

Photo Credit: Wildflower Weddings

2. Get your bridal party in on the fun. Although I adore all things mush, we all know I can’t deny my inner sass, which is why I just may have my girls flash my groom a message right before I walk down the aisle. Not only is it adorable, but he’ll never expect it...
Photo Credit: Wedding Day Dreams

Photo Credit: The Lovely Find

…or have your girls text him the message instead. Either way, he’ll be counting the seconds till you walk down the aisle!

3. Engrave his wedding band with a meaningful message. It can be a verse, your wedding dates or something that is sure to make him laugh. (While he knows about this idea, the Mr. will not know what I choose to engrave—he will surprise me with my own engraved ring on the wedding day as well).
Photo Credit: Susan Stripling

4. Plan a private moment after the vows. We’re marrying in Italy near a lake, so after the vows, I plan on surprising Edwin with a magical boat ride for two. The guests will be mingling during the cocktail hour, so it’s the perfect time to sneak in some alone time. If you're having a fall-themed wedding, consider having a hayride, instead.

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

5. Include his favorite foods. It’s 12 a.m.—do you know where your man is? Mine is snacking away, and since food is the way to a man's heart, why not include some of his favorite munchies at the wedding? Add them in for cocktail hour if he's a hamburgers-and-hotdogs kind of guy, and you want your reception menu to be a bit more upscale. Or have a midnight lounge where you serve breakfast items like mini pancakes, quiche and donuts, to celebrate his favorite meal of the day.
Photo Credit: Family Bites

6. Have breakfast in bed the day after the wedding. Nothing is more romantic than waking up to your guy as his wife for the very first time. But with crazy events and the never-ending hosting that comes along with throwing a wedding, you may be too busy to enjoy lounging the day after. Ask your Maid of Honor or planner to send over breakfast in bed, which could be just the cure.
Photo Credit: Zsa Zsa Bellagio

7. Take some boudoir photos for him. It’s a trend that I L-O-V-E and couldn’t be more of a fabulous gift. You don’t have to channel the vibes of Playboy, but you can make it sensual by wearing his favorite sports jersey or his 9-to-5 business shirt (and nothing else). Although most brides surprise their groom with boudoir photos on the wedding day, I plan on giving him mine either on our honeymoon or one-month anniversary so that he won't see it coming.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Boudoir

DIY'ing Your Wedding? 3 Questions That'll Make You Question that Decision

It seems like DIY weddings are everywhere these days, and while we love looking at them...we're not sure we'd actually like to plan one ourselves. While doing your wedding decor yourself is the right move for a lot of brides (it can satisfy a creative need), it's definitely not for everyone. So if you're feeling pressure to DIY every wedding detail and the idea of it makes you a little queasy, here are three questions to ask yourself before you decide to do it yourself.

pinwheel alter

1. Could my craft skills put Martha Stewart's to shame? While some brides definitely unleash their inner artist while planning their weddings, some of us get results that look more like a fourth-grade art project (complete with dried macaroni and too much glue). While the DIY project you see on a blog might look perfect, yours might look a bit too homemade. If you aren't sure about your craft skills, try a few non-wedding-related craft projects before you plan to DIY anything. (Think creating table decor for a friend's wedding shower or designing your own holiday cards.) If you find you're pretty good at these projects (and actually enjoy them), DIY might be a good choice. But if the finished project falls flat, don't beat yourself up...start hunting for a pro who can get the job done.

2. How much is my time worth? How much do you get paid an hour? How much do you make for odd jobs like baby-sitting, or for working overtime? Figure out your hourly rate and take that into consideration as you tell yourself that a DIY project is going to be the cheaper option. Because even though it can be less expensive to do things yourself, sometimes it's hard to know all the reasons the pros cost so much. Once you account for the materials and time (time spent researching, practicing, picking up supplies, returning to the store when you realize you forgot something -- which almost always happens), you may realize you'd be better off paying a professional (especially if your project turns out badly and you end up hiring someone anyway). Our advice: find vendors you really connect with and support their small businesses by paying them to do their best work for you.

Glitter DIY Engagement

3. Is anyone going to help me with this? Before you decide to do your own wedding decor, talk to your fiance/e, family, and friends to find out if anyone is willing to help you. Signing everyone around you up for a bunch of DIY projects before having a conversation about your expectations is a recipe for disaster. Start by having a conversation with your fiance/e about how much time you're each willing to devote to wedding planning each week and discuss how each of you thinks that time would be best spent; then check with your friends and family to see what their schedules and priorities are. Once you have feedback from everyone, be honest about how much time you're going to have to put in alone, and consider whether that's going to be fun for you...or a huge source of stress.

If you're looking for a creative outlet or an opportunity to learn some new creative skills, then go for it. But if not, just remember: there's no prize for couples who DIY, and no shame in admitting you don't have the time or the skills to DIY.

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Music Monday: Michael Buble- Home

Birthday, Birthday and More Birthday!!!

Hello my lovies ... Here is my weekend update!

Friday while working the day away, I got a lovely surprise from my husband to start off my birthday weekend... Flowers.

It was a great way to start off the weekend of celebrations!
After getting off of work, Scott picked up Isaiah for the weekend and we decided to have dinner at Elbow since I had a free birthday entree. I have to admit those birthday perks are a great way to go off track of your diet....LOL
After the Carb Load Up... We headed over to Target to do some browsing and I was able to get this painting that I had been eyeing for a while.

Its called Yellow Dancer and it is beautiful. Since my job gave me a 10.00 Target Gift Card for Admin Day (YAY) Scott went ahead and paid the balance and got it for me as a birthday gift. It is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten and it will be cherish always.
Saturday Morning I got up early because I had a full day ahead of me. Scott planned a day of Pampering for me and it was so AWESOME.
1st stop for the day was the Hair Salon

My 2nd stop was to the Nail Shop for Manicure and Pedicure....Sorry no photos of my toes...LOL

The last stop for the day was to Burke Williams for Spa Treatments...

After a relaxing massage and wrap.. I headed over to Robbins Brothers to have my rings serviced for our 6 month anniversary (Yay us!!!). I walked in and the lady who assisted me recognized me from Scott and I's photo on their website...Such a Celebrity..
I headed home after a morning of pampering for dinner with the family at Tokyo Hibachi. It was a cool to hang with family and I even had a heart for dinner...

After dinner , we headed home for a little wine and cupcakes to celebrate our 6 month of marriage:

Sunday.......MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I woke up Sunday to text messages, Facebook post and calls from everyone (Thanks All) and started the day with some breakfast made by my husband:
After breakfast, Scott and I headed out to Costco for my cake and what turned out to be a little sampling and shopping:

Note to self... Costco is a set up... We almost walked out with a Mattress but it so fluffy!!!
After shopping, we headed back home where Scott threw a party for me for a few friends to come and hang for my birthday. It was catered with appetizer's and Sabrina did a great job with the food:

It has nice to see all my friends and have them come and hang for my birthday!!
Here is what is on tap for me this week:
1. Work as Always
2. Celebrations continue
3. Cinco De Mayo... Yay
4. Start Daily Meditation May 1st.
Life is good, so have a great week!




Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today I am  12,419 days old.

This is equal to exactly:

1774 weeks and 1 day.

298,056 hours.
17,883,360 minutes.

1,073,001,600 seconds.
Here is to many more!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Confessions of a Newlywed: Month 6

I really need to sit down and do my Thank You cards... Its out of control at this point

We made it to the half way point.... Yay Team Jascott!!!

We are still looking for a home to call our own... Scary but exciting.

I now know that I have to compromise... I cant always fall asleep to Food Network but will have to sometimes to Everybody Loves Raymond or Star Trek DS9.

The last month has been crazy busy but I am glad that we make a little time for each other.. Even if it is only 10 minutes.

Its nice to have someone who will care for you always, and vice versa.

I am excited to celebrate my 1st birthday as a wife...

I still giggle when I tell people I have a husband. Its such a great feeling.

The shoes are still under the coffee table, The battle has been lost.

I wish we both had more time to be romantic.... I miss some of the things Scott would do for me.

Wine is our friend.

We are going to be in 2 weddings together... How popular are we becoming???

I hope my husband thinks I am doing a good job as a wife because he is AWESOME as a husband.

I like to surprise my husband with things I know he loves...Like Rips....LOL

Kissing is one of my favorite things to do with Scott.

Wedding memories still bring a smile to my face.

I love days when the 4 of us (Scott, Myself and the Kids) can hangout and just be a family.

I am learning the art of being a wife... Its hard but I Love it.

HGTV is slowly becoming our new obsession now that we are looking for a house.

At the end of the day... Its Team Us and that's all that matters.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Retired Bridezilla Says 'Hire a Wedding Coordinator'

According to New York Magazine, only 16 percent of couples hire a wedding coordinator.

Say what!?

As a former wedding coordinator, I can't tell you how many times I saved a bride's hide -- without her even knowing it.

With my event-planning background, I figured implementing my own wedding would be a breeze with a capital B. I boasted to my future husband last summer, "I can plan this wedding in two weeks with one arm tied behind my back!"

Gulp. I was so wrong, so very wrong!

Fortunately, I realized it in time and reached out for help. Not just any help, but professional help. Because, face it, as crafty as cousin Amy may be, she would likely be out of her league on your Big Day to carry out your Pinterest infested celebration. Plus, wouldn't cuz just prefer to enjoy herself instead of running around trying to find missing bouquets or round up the wedding party for pictures? A good coordinator ensures a better time for the bride -- and also as importantly, for your guests.

So, here are just some of the mishaps or "fires" from our wedding day. My obvious advice, hire a wedding coordinator pronto. Please don't leave those fires to be extinguished by a friend or family member.

I don't know about your siblings or circle of friends, but none of mine could have fired my wedding officiant on the morning of my wedding, just mere hours before the ceremony!

Yes, you read that right.
Fired the man who was to marry my husband and me!

Enter my heaven-sent wedding coordinator*, she handled the dirty job for us. Immediately afterwards, she turned her attention to prepping our friend-turned-officiant-at-the-last-minute (thanks to the Internet!) for his sudden role in our nuptials. Mark this on the top of our "WTF, did that really happen on our wedding day" list.

Where was I during this brewing catastrophe? Like any good bride, getting my hair and makeup done.

On this alone, she was already worth every penny. Who wants to start the first day of your married lives together by canning someone?

But like any other wedding, there were other dicey moments that needed intervention. Choosing a friend versus hiring a professional to do the unexpected tasks is up to you. For instance, we found out afterwards that our coordinator rescued us again and again. She ripped up a check for our videographer because he didn't fully deliver on his contract. Sans coordinator, we would have likely just cut our losses (who wants to get into it on your wedding day with a vendor?). But she stood up for us -- and saved us money.

Where was I when all these fires were put out? Probably on the dance floor or stuffing my face with cake.

Most of the other vendors were drama-free, but it still took a varsity level of organizing to bring everything together for us. We did have nine different vendors, which I don't even think my husband to this day realizes! I could have engaged the services of a one-stop company to handle everything; I hired vendors individually because it saved us money. We had a band but we also had a separate deejay. The photo booth was separate from our wedding photographer. Our ceremony fixtures were not from our florist. The list goes on with lighting that was a separate deal from the audiovisual guy. It could have been a three-ring circus. But luckily, our organized coordinator turned it into a juggling act. She delivered seamlessly also working with hotel's banquet captain and wedding coordinator. Note, the "day of" person my venue came with, couldn't have done the above.

Aside from the drama, our coordinator executed our dream wedding with style and grace. From the outside, it looked like she was only making revisions to the timeline and perking up bouquets throughout our day, but I know that she went through a lot. Some other WTF moments been shared with me (I pried), and some she'll take the grave I am sure. She was the go-to gal from the moment I hired her.

A good wedding coordinator is like great wedding insurance. You hope for a drama-free Big Day, but if a crisis arises, wouldn't you rather have insurance to curb the damage? Better yet, a coordinator helps prevent such crises from forming in the first place. So, do yourself a favor and hire a good one.

Just make sure to ask her/him about their experience about putting out fires -- because even the most successful wedding has one (or two) to extinguish as much as you really try to prevent mishaps. Perhaps we had a lot of room for error in our wedding with the gluttony of vendors. But nonetheless, keep cuz on the dance floor and let those fires go out with a professional.

*Wilmarose Orlanes, owner of Lovely Jubilee, our wedding coordinator extraordinaire.

The 7 Ways That Women Can Reduce Stress (INFOGRAPHIC)

Many of the changes that come through our ever-evolving lives create stressful moments. Who hasn't lost sleep over worrying about an exam, a sick child or an important meeting at work, the loss of a loved one? In light of National Stress Awareness month, we're focusing on women as they are often the last ones to make the time to take care of themselves. The infographic below sheds more light on the topic of women and stress, and offers suggestions that can greatly benefit them.

Friday Letters

Dear 33.....
You have been good to me and I appreciated the 365 days we spent together. I will cherish the memories and welcome 34
Dear Birthday Weekend....
I am ready for all things Birthday. I am excited to celebrate with everyone.
Dear Healthy Living....
We will be back on track after all things birthday and maybe Mother's day. I have been doing my best to be good but there are a few things that are a MUST for my birthday... I hope you understand.
Dear Summer...
Come on already! I'm ready for Houston, Pettaway Picnic, Walks on the beach and VEGAS!!!
Dear Scott....
Thank You in advance for a AWESOME birthday weekend. I am looking forward to celebrating my 1st birthday as Mrs. Cameron!! Bring it!
Have a great weekend loves!

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It's Ok Thursdays

I have not had a chance to do this in awhile and I was inspired to do it after seeing my Blogger Buddy Jessica do hers for this week.. So here goes:

Its OK.....
...... to be excited for my birthday! Its one of very few days that I get to celebrate for me so why not??
.... to love Blueberry Muffins even though Blueberry is far from my favorite food.
....... to love my friends as family... They are my fam no matter what.
...... to want a little romance in life. I think it is a great way to keep a sparkle in your eyes.
...... to smile because life is good.
...... to want to make my mark on the world, now I just have to figure out how to do it.
...... to set goals for myself and do what I can to reach them. Now to figure out what to do.
..... to still blog about wedding stuff... I love, love and if I have an a chance, I will spread it.
Happy Thursday!

15 secrets of happy couples

They celebrate a unique anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is a lovely date to remember, but it's not the only milestone that matters. It's even more intimate to celebrate less public moments of which only you two know the true meaning, such as your first kiss, first vacation together or -- hey -- even the first time the pregnancy test turned blue.

They stash pleasure money

Sure, you have funds earmarked for bills and savings, but every couple also needs a just-for-fun account to fund the occasional, much-need indulgence, says Brown University psychiatry professor Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men "Put some money aside that won't destroy your budget when you use it," he says. Spend it on a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip, a pricey bottle of champagne or front-row tickets to a concert you're dying to see.

They have a couple code

When you two can communicate volumes with a mere raised eyebrow or a barely perceptible nod, you feel like co-conspirators in a sexy suspense film. Stephanie McGuire, 36, of Chicago, shares a very specific expression with her husband when she wants to exit a social situation without hurting anyone's feelings. "It's a really straightforward look with the eyebrows raised quickly," she says. "I don't think anyone else would pick up on it, and it makes us feel closer

When the going gets tough, they don't call Mom or Dad

The first task facing all young couples is separating from their families of origin, points out San Francisco-area-based family researcher Judith Wallerstein, Ph.D. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go home for the holidays. But if there's a crisis over whether to have a second child or relocate for a new job, or even if there's good news about a big raise or the results of a medical test, the couple should talk about it together first before dialing Mom. "You wouldn't believe how many people who are getting divorced say to me, 'She was never mine,' or 'His mother always came first,'" Dr. Wallerstein observes.

They don't nickel-and-dime about chores

It's no secret that most women continue to do more in the housekeeping and child-rearing departments than their partners. Still, when couples become double-entry bookkeepers, adding up every dish washed and every diaper changed, they may be headed for trouble. "Most couples think they should strive for a relationship that's 50-50," observes Manhattan-based family therapist Carolyn Perla, Ph.D., "but the fact is, they should each give 150 percent. In good relationships, couples give everything they can.

They never lose their sense of humor

Humor, as many psychotherapists have observed, is the Krazy Glue that keeps a couple together. When a couple can no longer laugh together, says Thomas Moore, Ph.D., best-selling author of Care of the Soul, it's a signal that the soul has gone out of their relationship and they are headed for trouble. But Dr. Moore is quick to point out that lighthearted couples never mock each other. They instinctively know what is -- and isn't -- fair game.

They get busy, period

You don't have to do the deed every day -- or every seven days, for that matter -- to have a great relationship. But there's no way around this fact: "The happiest couples have sex on a regular basis," says Tina Tessina, Ph.D., author of How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free. Avoiding a sex drought is crucial, because healthy sex reinforces and deepens closeness. That said, there's no need to stress if you sometimes let a week or two go by without sex. What's key is that you're both happy with your number.

They never withhold nooky as punishment

Warning: "Expressing anger by never being in the mood will doom your sex life," says Tessina. Why? Besides the fact that it turns what should be a loving and giving act into a commodity, once sex becomes part of a couple's power struggle, so much resentment builds that soon neither partner wants sex. So instead of feigning fatigue or rolling away from your guy next time you're annoyed, speak up and clear the air — without sex being on the table.

They know how to get from dog poop to passion

"One of the hardest things to do is to transition from, say, paying bills to being sexy with each other," says Tessina. Successful couples find remarkably unremarkable ways to snap each other out of daily grind mode. How? They figure out their own shorthand for "let's be sexy together." Maybe your man stretches out on the sofa after the kids are in bed and invites you to hop up next to him. Or you swat his butt. Or say, "Gosh, there's nothing on TV tonight, I wonder how we could ever fill the time?!"'

They understand each other's needs

"The main reason marriages break up is not conflict, communication problems, or sexual incompatibility," says relationship researcher Terri L. Orbuch, Ph.D., who followed 373 couples for over 22 years as part of a marriage study funded by the National Institutes of Health. "It's frustration -- the day-to-day disappointment of the gap between what you expect and how your partner acts -- that is most damaging." To diffuse that frustration, share your expectations with each other. "And be sure to check in with your partner once a year, as added pressures or life changes can create new expectations," Orbuch says.

They do the ultimate intimate move

Four words: Eye contact during orgasm. "It's such a vulnerable moment that sharing it adds a huge degree of intimacy to your relationship," says Laura Berman, Ph.D., director of the Berman Center in Chicago, who notes that a lot of long-term couples can't master this seemingly simple bedroom move. Locking eyes during lovemaking can also make you feel — and act — sexier, says Christine, 31, who lives in Middletown, New Jersey. "I feel more attractive when my husband is looking at me during sex," she says. "And that makes me more relaxed and open in bed."

They use terms of endearment

"Pet names signal a safe, supportive environment," says Manhattan-based family therapist Carolyn Perla, Ph.D. Also, these days, when we're stretched to the limit trying to juggle jobs and kids, they "give us the chance to let down our guard, to be vulnerable and childlike. And they make us feel close to one another." These same feelings of intimacy can also come from using a special tone of voice with each other, sharing silly "inside jokes," or pet-naming your spouse's intimate body parts. The point is to connect with some private message system that's meaningful to you alone, as a couple — not to the outside world. "This type of playfulness is a statement that you're feeling comfortable with each other and with the relationship," says Dr. Perla.

They're grateful for the ordinary

After you've been married for years, it's easy to take your guy — and everything he does — for granted. But for a healthy, satisfying relationship, you need to have an awareness of, and an appreciation for, the routine kindnesses he demonstrates: the way he dries out the wet morning paper in the oven; his patience in training the new puppy; his ability to make you laugh when you're PMSing. "Through praising your partner, you give him the message that he's important to you," explains Tom Lee, Ph.D., a professor of marriage and family studies at Utah State University. "Plus, you'll find these comments have a ripple effect; they're contagious. If you're positive, he'll be positive in return."

They take 10 minutes

A weekly date night is always recommended as a way to reconnect, but sometimes all you need is a few minutes. "I call this the 10-Minute Rule: Take 10 minutes a day to talk about anything — except for kids, responsibilities, or chores," Orbuch says. Her research showed that 98 percent of happy couples say they intimately understand their partners. And knowing your partner intimately isn't always about engaging in heavy conversations: Anything that helps you learn something new will bring you closer, Orbuch says.

They think positive

The best way to make your relationship better is to work at fixing what's wrong, right? Nope. "The most effective way to boost fun and passion is to add positive elements to your marriage," Orbuch says. "That positive energy makes us feel good and motivates us to keep going in that direction." This doesn't mean that you can't feel — or talk about — anything negative, but "pretend you are weighing your interactions on a scale," she says. "If you want a happier relationship, the positive side needs to far outweigh the bad." The more you honor the love and joy in your bond, the sooner you'll transform your relationship into one that is truly great.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7 Reasons Age Doesn't Matter in Marriage

Over the past few weeks, there has been an ongoing debate on Slate and all over the Internet about the age women should marry. Susan Patton wrote a letter to Princeton University girls saying they should lock down the good boys now. Two writers at Slate debated this same issue, with Julia Shaw saying all women SHOULD marry young and another writer saying the opposite. It's no wonder women are confused.

But the reality is, whether you marry at 19 or 38, there is only one recipe for happiness and contentment and it has nothing to do with age. It's not what age you marry. It's who you marry.

Period. End of story.

Who you marry is the person that keeps you warm at night, comforts you through all your sadness, and holds your hand as you birth children and grow old together. Marriage is a beautiful thing that shouldn't be rushed into and shouldn't be forced because you reach "a certain age." Here are seven reasons age doesn't matter in marriage:

Not everyone wants kids: Half the reason most people give for expecting people to marry young is kids. But what about couples who want a soul mate but no babies? They do exist! How do they fit in? Why can't they marry when THEY -- not their biological clock -- want to marry?

Not everyone matures at the same rate: Not to say that you must be mature to marry. But people get "marriage ready" at different times. There is no rush or prize for being the first to the altar. Do it when you are ready. Period.

There is no time limit: It's not like parenthood for women, where we know our eggs expire at a certain age (and don't we know it given we are told every other second). Marriage isn't meant to be rushed into.

It takes time to meet the right person: I know I lucked out in my husband search. I got engaged to a man at 24 (and married him at 25) who turned out to be a truly amazing partner and friend and father. This is something I know 10 years down the line. But at 24, I knew nothing. So much of it was luck. Also, it could have been different had I not met him. Don't look to get married. Look to marry the RIGHT person.

Some people need to be wild: You know those people who get married at 23 and end up divorced by 28? That's because they didn't have the time to live their lives separate for a while. Enjoy your 20s single or enjoy them married. Just enjoy them the way YOU think is best.

Social pressure isn't a good reason to marry: Sure, it sucks to be 29 and unmarried with no prospects. But it's a hell of a lot better than succumbing to social pressure and jumping into bed with the wrong guy. You are still young. Marriage and babies can still happen.

No one else knows your relationship: People never thought my husband and I would last. Typically when you start dating at 22, that's how people treat you. But we did. Some who marry young will. Some won't. But age when you marry doesn't really have to be the deciding factor here.

Photo of the Week

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I got goodies from my boss and my QA Team. After the ruff road I went through with my last job, its nice to be somewhere and be appreciated. Life is good.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The David Tutera Drinking Game

In honor of David Tutera's Birthday today... I thought this was a great post.

Bachelorette parties take many forms these days. The maid of honor should take charge and be able to plan an exceptional and memorable evening for bridesmaids and other guests to celebrate the bride-to-be on this joyous and traditional send-off into wedded bliss. A bachelorette party may be a quiet, reserved gathering of close friends and family sharing stories and exchanging ideas about marriage, love and prosperity. It may also be a sassy alcoholic endurance program with a scorched earth policy for high-spirited ladies who like to party like it's sundown on the rim of Hell; leaving behind the debris of feather boas, broken tiaras and penis thermoses.

If your bachelorette party group leans more toward Zelda Fitzgerald than Carrie Nation and your bride-to-be is more "Samantha Jones" than "Bridget Jones," then undoubtedly you will want to partake in the most cutting edge night of wilding since Lindsay Lohan got her Scram bracelet. Male strippers, novelty gifts, and marathon bar crawls are all good fun; but nothing gets a party started like drinking with David Tutera!

Fans of the debonair host of "My Fair Wedding" know that this man continuously presents the most entertaining bridal-themed reality show on television. On the show, this wedding planner to the stars meets with ordinary women to help them realize the wedding of their dreams. He gets to have a say in planning; but he always gets great results. He is warm, charming, funny and seems to genuinely care about the brides and their stories. The show ran for four seasons before changing its title ("David Tutera Unveiled"); and in March of 2013 it was announced that a fifth season is underway, but will feature more than just weddings. However disappointing this may be for prospective brides, thanks to Netflix, the first three seasons of "My Fair Wedding" (or as his fans call it, "David Tutera Classic") are available for endless viewing.

The show abounds with David's mannerisms and recurring themes. If your bachelorette party starts in someone's home and you want to get the party started off right, The David Tutera Drinking Game is a wonderful way to begin a debauched evening while maintaining the theme of marriage. To play the game, simply pull up any episode of "My Fair Wedding" and start pouring shots. The rules are below and may be amended to suit your particular group.

WARNING: Participating in this game may raise your blood alcohol content well above the legal limit. Always use a designated driver and please drink responsibly.

When David shows up at the home of the bride-to-be in a flashy shirt: Drink

If the bride has favors and decorations that blend more than three themes: Drink

When David sees the wedding favors, the bridal dress or bridesmaids dresses: Drink

When David says, "Look at you!": Drink

When David explains that he really, really, really doesn't like cake toppers: Drink

When David sees something he clearly doesn't like and says, "Okay...": Drink

When David shows up in segment two in a blazer/jacket, open shirt and no tie (new outfit): Drink

If David is flashing his fancy/expensive watch: Drink

When women flip out that their Mom, sister, friend is "suddenly" at the dress fitting: Drink

When the bride or one of the bridesmaids is top-heavy or demonstrates concern about being top-heavy in a dress that David picks out: Drink

If David looks agitated but manages to keep it together while you want to scratch the bride's eyes out: Drink

If you wish you could be at the tasting for the caterer or cake designer: Drink

If David adds alcohol (special drink/wedding cocktail/wine/sangria): Drink

When David has her try on dresses and mentions one of them has an "EM-peer" waist: Drink.

If David lets the bride keep her own dress that she picked out (rarely): Drink.

If Swarovski figures into the wedding in any way: Drink

If David changes a wedding dress AND gets the bride something to wear at the reception: Drink (and then high-five everyone)

When David shows up in segment three in a new outfit: Drink

If David keeps the bride's sketchy venue for the ceremony and reception, but turns it into something worthy of an Architectural Digest centerfold: Drink

If David moves the wedding to a venue so spectacular you start to cry and seethe with jealousy: Drink

If David looks uncomfortable with the idea of having a cash bar (he will): Drink

If the couple thank David at the wedding reception: Drink

If you wish David Tutera would do for your wedding what he did for all those women: definitely drink!

Whether or not you're still standing after this game ends doesn't matter. Remember what David always says, "Have fun!" This is a special night for you to cut loose before you start your new life. Best wishes and congratulations!

25 sweet ways to say 'I love you'

"Every time we kiss, we do it three times, which stands for 'I love you.' When my husband pulls out of the driveway in the morning, I stand at the door while he sets off the emergency light on his truck, also three times for 'I love you.'" — Peggy C.

"My husband irons my clothes for me. He'll either ask me what I need ironed or he'll surprise me and press my skirts and blouses without even asking. It's so nice and thoughtful because ironing is my least favorite chore!" — Michelle L.

"Every now and then I leave a card saying how much I love and appreciate him under his pillow for him to find before he goes to sleep." — Cim C.

"My husband makes banana pancakes for me every Sunday morning. This includes getting up before me, working in the kitchen while I'm still asleep, and cleaning up all the dishes. The pancakes are warming in the oven when I finally roll out of bed." — Melissa M.

"We have a code. We blow kisses at each other. That is our way of saying, 'I love you.' He will blow kisses at me as he goes upstairs or from another room." — Lori B.

"When we're at a party and someone else is talking too much, my husband and I will discreetly push our knees together and glance over at each other for a second. For 20 years, it's let us know that we're both feeling the exact same way." — Jade W.

"My husband puts toothpaste on my toothbrush and leaves it lying on the sink for me every night before bed. He is the sweetest husband ever!" — Lisa W.

"Veronica leaves text messages on my phone letting me know she's thinking of me. They're usually something short and sweet, like 'xo.' It's not necessarily what she writes that makes it special; it's that she found time in her crazy day to let me know that I'm on her mind." — Scott H.

"My husband gets up at 5:30 a.m., but he pulls his dresser drawers open the night before so the noise of them opening and closing won't disturb me. Now, that's love!" — Connie M.

"We leave notes and hand-drawn pictures for each other on the whiteboard in the kitchen before we leave for work." — Mandi R.

"I place special little love notes, cartoons, jokes, or small articles — sometimes racy ones — in her underwear drawer. She never knows what to expect next. She gets a big kick out of them and knows it is my way of saying I love her." — Joe C.

"In the wintertime, I start my husband's car in the morning so it will be toasty warm for him on his way to work." — Autumn G.

"Every morning before I get up, he leaves two folded towels in the bathroom for me for when I take a shower — one big towel for my body and a smaller towel for my head." — Amy E.

"My wife has made a game out of telling me she loves me whenever the mood strikes her. We'll be in the supermarket and out of the blue, Alex will stop and turn to me and say, 'I love you in the frozen foods section.' Or we can be at the movies and she'll say, 'I love you in the 21st row of the theater five minutes before the previews start.' Telling me she loves me in such unexpected ways shows me just how much I really mean to her." — Frederik T

"My husband and I send each other short e-mails to say what we are thinking about at that very moment. Once, he wrote me, 'The new Brad Paisley song makes me think of you.' Now every time I hear it on the radio, I'm reminded how much my husband loves me." — Michelle M.

"If we're in a place where we can't talk, we squeeze each others hand three times to say, 'I love you.'" — Lindsey A.

"My husband will usually run me a hot candlelit bubble bath and lock the kids out of our bedroom so they can't go banging on our bathroom door. He'll also have a nice dinner waiting for me when I get out." — Angela F.

"My husband is an amazing cook, but he specializes in meaty, old-country meals. I am vegan. When he cooks, he is careful to use separate, special utensils — not an easy feat when preparing two separate meals. It sounds like nothing, but it's nice knowing he respects my choices." — Erica R.

"For each of my four pregnancies, I had awful morning sickness, and the only food I was able to hold down were these yummy peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches my husband made. Every morning, I would wake up and find a plate with my sandwich and a glass of milk." — Marie P.

"When I was working out of the country for a long period of time, Renee would fax letters to me, which would be slipped under the door of my hotel room overnight. I'd wake up the next morning and happily find her heartfelt messages waiting for me." — Gary B.

"We say 'magnificently,' meaning 'I love you magnificently' in large crowds, and when we're talking on the cell phone in a crowd of people." — Glynis B.

"Before my husband leaves for work, he sets the table for my breakfast. He lays out a bowl for cereal, a cup for orange juice, strawberries, a napkin, and a spoon. For a big, manly, union guy, this is a really major step!" — Patricia A.

"My wife, Leigh Anne, sometimes has to travel for work, and when she gets home, I give her a small gift for every day she has been gone. I'll set them on the kitchen table and wait for her to notice them — things like her favorite perfume, fresh flowers, or a cool piece of handmade jewelry. I love to spoil her!" — John M.

"Every night before bed, my husband and I tell each other something we're grateful for that the other person did that day. For example, 'I'm grateful for the nice dinner you made,' or 'I'm grateful you gave the kids a bath.' It's taught us to look for the positive attributes in each other. It's also nice to be recognized for doing the laundry or cutting the grass!" — Beth R.

Reporter Covers China Earthquake While Wearing Wedding Dress

One reporter in China went above and beyond the call of duty when she abandoned her own wedding to report on the massive earthquake that struck the city of Ya'an in southwest China Saturday.

Appearing on-air in her wedding gown, complete with the veil, the TV reporter covered the breaking news and interviewed residents affected by the quake that killed at least 156 people. According to The South China Morning Post, a photo of the working bride, identified as Chen Ying, went viral on Sina Weibo -- a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter -- as many netizens praised the reporter for her "professional spirit" during the tragic event.

As Shanghaiist notes, Chen was apparently en route to the ceremony when the earthquake struck Saturday morning (no word on whether she rescheduled the ceremony).

Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Monday: Anthony Hamilton "The Point of it All"

Hard Stick, Tea and Wedding Planning

Hello Blogger Friends... Here is my update.
Friday I had a short day at work so I could go and see the doctor... A place I hate to go to. It was a good appointment but I am a Hard Stick for the phlebotomist but this is nothing new to me... Scott got to go with me and he now knows why my appointments take so long.  After my appointment we headed over to the lunch and then home to take a nap.
I have to say (Not that I usually talk about too many world issues) but the Boston Bomber being caught was a bit of a relief around the world. I don't think that it will bring peace to the families of the victims but I hope there are some answers for them.

Saturday I got up early and headed to the hair shop with Jacelyn to prepare for the Mother/Daughter Tea for Delta Academy.

We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with my Mini Me. After that, We headed out to Corona to see my cousin go off to prom. This was not her prom but she looked very pretty.

After the Champagne Party, Scott and I headed over to our friends Brandon and Chi's Wedding meeting where I am now a Bridesmaid. We got everything situated and on track for the wedding.
Sunday we got up and did our Sunday usual of Laundry and Cleaning. Scott, Brandi and I went over to Bamboo for our Cameron Grub Club lunch and Sangria's!
Here is what is on tap for this week:
1. 6 Month Anniversary in a few days
2. My Birthday Week #teamtaurus
3.Work, Work and more work 
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Birthday...
I am so excited to see you this year... 34 is going to be a good one.
Dear Weekend....
Hey, How ya doing???
Dear Work....
What a great event Erasing the Stigma was yesterday. It left me inspired and with a purpose. I cant wait to try my best to make my mark on the world with awareness of Mental Health.
Dear Food......
We have a great relationship but I know there are days when I need to do better, please help me through it all.
Dear Scott....
You remain my hero for so many reasons and I wanted to say Thank You for all you do for me as a Husband. Hope you enjoyed the jar from Vanilla Bake Shop.  :)
Have a great weekend loves!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going to a wedding? 10 new wedding etiquette rules

For the guests: Share pics of the bride and groom 

It’s inevitable that you’ll spread the excitement of your wedding to everyone in your social media network, so follow these rules to avoid a Facebook faux pas when it comes to sharing your wedding day details.
But respect their request if they ask you not to post photos before they do.

It’s great that you want to show what a great wedding the couple threw and Instagram the cake and the flowers. Some couples may want to wait to share photographic details of the wedding until they have photos from their professional photographer, so you should respect their choice. If you’re worried about whether you’re in the clear with posting photos, then wait until a close friend or family member of the couple does so first. Then you’ll know if it’s okay to post away!

For the guests: Private message any wedding planning questions

It can be awkward for the couple’s other Facebook friends who weren’t invited.

If you want to discuss wedding plans with the bride or groom, then it’s polite to do it in a private way. The couple may have hundreds of Facebook friends who aren’t on the invite list, and it’s not fair if each and every detail comes up on their news feed. Brides especially love to share wedding planning details, and she’ll appreciate a friendly ear to listen if you call to find out how it’s going. This is a busy time for the couple too, so don’t be offended if they don’t keep you up to date on every single detail!

For the guests: If the couple hasn’t made the announcement, then you shouldn’t spill the big news for them

Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first.

It’s exciting when you’re the first to find out your best friend or sister is getting married, but hold off on the public congrats until they’re ready to share the news themselves. They might be waiting for an important reason (like they haven’t even told their parents yet!), and there could be hard feelings involved if others find out they weren’t in-the-know first.

For the guests: Leave the phone in your purse or pocket

Posting occasionally is okay, but the couple invited you to celebrate their day, not sit there on your phone.

The couple spent a lot of time planning an event that you would enjoy, so don’t spend the entire time on your phone posting about the wedding -- go have some fun! It’s okay to share the love a few times, but you shouldn't opt out of hitting the dance floor in favor of tweeting a play-by-play. Plus, having a phone or tablet out all the time can get in the way of photos, and no one wants to look back on their wedding day to see a guest more engaged with a device than their reception.

For the guests: Follow directions for the RSVP

The couple’s inboxes are already full of wedding-related details; a text, email or DM is likely to get lost in the mix.

Most paper invitations will include an RSVP card with an addressed envelope to send it back in, and couples will look for and expect responses by mail (before the deadline!). If you lose the card, then it’s okay to call and find out how the couple would prefer you to RSVP once you know whether you’ll be attending

For the bride and groom: Call your parents before pressing 'post' or 'tweet'

Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first.

A Facebook status or tweet might be the most efficient way to get the news out, but it’s not the most personal. You know which friends and family members would appreciate to hear the news directly from you; plus, it’s likely that older family members (like your grandparents!) don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts and could miss the message altogether.
For the bride and groom: Change your relationship status in minutes or months...it's up to you!
There’s no wrong or right time -- some couples even do it at the altar!

Once you tie the knot, it’s up to you and your new spouse to decide when to change your relationship status or last name on your social media sites. For some couples, this can be a very important moment; for others, it’s no big deal. So if and when you’re ready to make the change, go for it!
For the bride and groom: Post pics of your engagement ring
But keep the nitty-gritty details like cost and carat to yourself.

After you post your “engaged” status, your friends and family will be dying to find out what the ring looks like, so indulge them with a photo (you may want to prep with a manicure first!). It’s not bragging to share a pic with the exciting news. Leave out the other details, because how much it cost isn’t anyone else’s business -- the point is that it symbolizes the commitment you’re making. Everyone’s going to be checking out your hand for the first few months anyway, so make it easy for friends and family to admire from afar.
For the bride and groom: Stay off your phone - designate a 'tweeter of honor' instead
Enjoy your day and stay off your phone while still keeping everyone updated.

Your wedding day will fly by, and if you’re focused on your phone or tablet the whole time, you’ll miss out on what’s important. Enjoy the guests who have come to celebrate with you, instead of everyone in your social media circles. Strike a balance and designate a tweeter of honor -- it could be another bridesmaid who isn’t your maid of honor (she’ll have plenty of responsibilities already!) -- to keep your social networks updated throughout the day so you won’t have to. Another option is to schedule tweets beforehand so they’re ready to go without the hassle.
For the bride and groom: Send out traditional paper invites for the main event
Email invites are totally okay for pre- and postwedding parties!

Paper invites are the way to go for the actual wedding day. In today’s technology-based world, where your guests receive hundreds of emails a day, a physical invite has become that much more special. That doesn’t mean you have to go over the top with an invite that sings and shoots confetti either. Simple card stock and laser printing will do the trick. A paperless invite for the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch is a great option (especially if you want to cut down on stationery costs). Just because the invites are electronic doesn’t mean they won’t have style or be personal to you. There are plenty of sites that let you customize e-invites so that they’ll look beautiful and unique to you.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 cures for the post-wedding blues

You’ve just enjoyed the biggest day of your life, so why do you feel so down? “You were a celebrity on your wedding day and in the months leading up to it—but now life is back to normal and you’re no longer the center of attention,” explains Bill Doherty, professor of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota, and founder of the premarital counseling website, thefirstdance.com. Such a dramatic change overnight can be a major letdown, he adds. Try one of these strategies to extend that newlywed bliss and banish the blues.

Reminisce. You’ve just had a fabulous wedding day (and honeymoon). So bask in your favorite memories. “Order the photo album and the wedding video—looking through them lets you relive the excitement of the day over and over,” says Elena Mauer, a former bridal magazine editor and the author of Planning Your Wedding Sucks: What to Do When Place Cards, Plus Ones, and Paying Two Grand for a Cake Make You Miserable. Consider compiling your favorite candids from friends and family into a picture book or slideshow that you can look over whenever you’re feeling down.

Don’t focus on the imperfections. Even the best-laid wedding plans don’t go off without a glitch or two. But that cringeworthy toast or a wedding-dress malfunction shouldn’t put a damper on the beginning of your new life together. “Don't dwell on going back in time and changing any of the negative things that happened,” says Mauer. “Weddings are imperfect, and marriages are too. The important thing is that you're looking ahead to a very memorable future together.”

Plan another party. Put your new party-planning prowess to good use by plotting the next big bash, whether it’s a blowout for your new hubby’s birthday or a swank dinner party. Consider it the perfect opportunity to break in your brand new china or margarita mixer.
Find another goal to reach. Wedding planning probably ate up a significant portion of your brain power, energy and time over the past several months. Think of what you can accomplish with all of that free time you have now! Look for a new project to keep you occupied—moving up the corporate ladder, giving your house a makeover, or even prepping for your future family. “Come up with a plan to make your goal happen, and break it up into steps you can complete every day or every week or every month,” suggests Mauer. “Then they become wonderful things to look forward to.”

Go on a date. The romancing doesn’t end after the honeymoon is over. “It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking, ‘We're married now. We're not dating,’ and then let a little bit of romance fall by the wayside,” says Mauer. “But you're still newlyweds, and probably childless. Take advantage of this time and really enjoy each other.”

Have sex. “That seems to take people's mind off things, plus it releases endorphins and helps relieve stress,” says Mauer. “And, well, you're newlyweds. That's what you're supposed to do.”

Remember the big picture. No, we’re not talking about the wedding portrait. “Remind yourself that you have begun a much bigger adventure than a wedding—that is, learning to be married well,” says Doherty. A wedding is just one day—you should be looking forward to a lifetime together, and what’s next on the road ahead.

Photo of the Week


This Photo of the Week is of me and my family... I love these people more than life itself.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Top 5 Wedding Apps of 2013

In the past, marrying (excuse the pun here, sometimes I just can't help myself) innovative technology with the traditional wedding planning process seemed unlikely, even at times, impossible. Wedding planning was not an online process, much less something you could do from your smartphone. Well, not anymore.

Whether you are looking for some DIY inspiration for your big day or want to capture every moment of your reception in real time, now, when it comes to any aspect of planning your wedding, there's an app for that. But, which ones are the best? I talked to brides and grooms across the U.S. and scoured hundreds of apps in the app store to come up with a list of my favorite five.

Get ready to fall in love with my picks for the best wedding apps of 2013.

1) Wedding Snap: Wedding Snap makes sure you won't miss a single moment of your wedding by allowing you to instantly collect and get access to all of your guests' photos and videos in one beautiful online album. You can even have separate albums for your engagement party, bridal shower, and yes, even your bachelorette (don't worry, they have a feature that allows certain albums be kept private)! Did I mention you can have the images taken with Wedding Snap projected on a big screen and shared in real time at your reception? Genius.

2) Brit.co: There's a reason (actually, there are hundreds of them) why Brit.co Founder, Brit Morin, has been dubbed "Silicon Valley's Martha Stewart." Brit + Co., a lifestyle brand that teaches the digital generation creative solutions for their online and offline lives, is the perfect place to find DIY inspiration for your wedding day. Not only does Morin dish up uber creative daily DIY project ideas, she also launched her first social wedding planning utility, Weduary, last year which lets you create your own stunning and social wedding website.

3) Fitocracy: Want help getting in shape for your wedding without shelling out a ton of money for a personal trainer? Fitocracy's got you covered. Voted the "App of the Year" by Men's Journal and Mashable's Top Innovation in Health and Fitness, Fitocracy makes exercising fun (no, seriously) by gamifying your workouts. Fitocracy lovers say its supportive community of users keeps them motivated and helps them stay on course. You can track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, and get access to a variety of over 800 exercises for strength, core, weight loss, and motivation to keep your workouts interesting and your body guessing.

4) Gift Registry 360: Gift Registry 360 is the ultimate universal wedding registry app that lets you add anything from anywhere onto one list with its scan and add feature. All you have to do is scan a product's barcode with your iPhone and it will instantly update your list. It couldn't be any easier. Purchases are also automatically updated on GiftRegistry360.com and on the individual retailer's registry so there's no more confusion over what has and hasn't been checked off the list.

5) Appy Couple: A wedding website should reflect who you are as a couple and Appy Couple lets you build your own website (and app) that does just that. Once you've created your wedding app with Appy Couple, you can plan on the go and keep your wedding guests in the loop throughout your planning process. Whether you want to share details about travel and lodging or let friends and family know where to find your registry, its social features are easy to use and ensure sure your wedding guests won't miss a beat.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Music Monday: Tamia "So Into You"

Happy Hour, Pizza and Games

Hello Blogger loves... Here is my weekend recap. 

Friday my Mother in Law came into town to hang with us for a quick trip. Since we probably wont see her again until the wedding, She, Clarise and I went out to Happy Hour to celebrate the upcoming wedding. 

It was great to get together with all of us and just have a good time.... Something we have not been able to do.

Saturday we got up and headed out to lunch and John's Incredible Pizza. Before we left, we took a few pictures of Scott and the kids... They all love each other.

The kids had a great time with Mimi while she was here with Pizza and Laughs. After JIP and a Mani/Pedi for myself, Scott and I headed to our friend Omar's birthday party at the casino.

We had a good time hanging with the crew and chillin. I know that there are a few pictures out there somewhere that I have yet to see but I was able to get one of Brandi, Chi and I together.

Sunday was a day of food for us. My parents invited us over for breakfast at their house with them and my grandparents. We watched classic movies and had a good fulfilling breakfast. 


After coming home and having a much needed nap, we headed over to Auntie Bunnie and Lenora's house for dinner and game night. We have a good dinner and played the new Monopoly game. 

This is the newer version of the game and I have to admit that I like it better than the original game. we had a great time playing the game and a great evening. 

Here is what is on tap for this week. 

1. Got to start hitting the gym this week HARD... I feel some kind of way about my weight. 
2. Lunch with Quincy Jones.... I will explain later in the week. 
3. Countdown to my birthday and I am excited (13 days to go)
4. Trying to get to a place where I feel like I belong... 

Have a great week blogger buddies.