Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Boomer!

Happy 25th Birthday to my Little Big Brother Alex aka Ace aka Boomer! Love You Kid!

Confession of a Newlywed: Month 4

1. I know that this is bad but I still have yet to do my Thank You cards... I know I am a bad bride but it has to get done soon.

2. I love sitting on the couch with my husband and having the perfect spot under his arm for me to lay in.

3. There is something special about a man who understands the value of all my madness.

4. People still gush over our wedding and it makes me happy that people love our love.

5. Speaking of weddings, I kind of like people asking me for wedding advice.... I feel like an expert.

6. My husband's hugs are the best in the world.

7. I love that when I want to try and do something, My biggest cheerleader is still my husband.

8. I am starting to accept that his shoes will always end up under the living room table.

9. I am learning to pick and choose my battles wisely.

10. I wish sometimes we had more time together but we have a good balance

11. Nothing is better at the end of the day like Red Wine, Boigie Snacks, Netflix and the Hubs.

12. I swear his smile gives me butterflies no matter what.

13. I know he might think my Good Morning texts are corny but I want him to know that not a minute goes by that I don't think of him.

14. If you have a iPhone or Android, The Couple app is a real way to be kissy face with each other.

15. He is my hero.

16. Public Displays of Affection between us always makes me smile.

17. I'm sure my candles and oils drive him a little crazy but I am glad he is starting to accept them... Now if I can get him on board with closing the doors, we will be all good.

18. I look forward to doing more traveling with him.

19. The empty glasses next to his side of the bed is something I can deal with...

20. 124 days and I love him more and more each day...

Photos of the Week

Here are a few photos of quotes on marriage that I thought were nice... Enjoy

Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Mondays: Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man [Official Video]


Hot Yoga, Veal and Birthday Song

Hello my Blogger Loves.. Here is my weekend recap.

Friday night after work, My Yoga buddy Jessica and I went to Hot (Birkam) Yoga for the first time....

Ok... So I will admit that I was SCARED AS HELL when I first went in there... But after a few Thank You Jesus (Out loud) and some water... We Thrived (Instead of Survived). I was so proud of myself and never wanted to take a bath so bad in my life. It is a good way to sweat away toxins and feel great afterwards.

Oh... Marlene (MIL) got her flowers we ordered her for her birthday and she LOVED them!

Saturday Morning I got up and went to the hair shop to get this hair done. Scott and I were going to go to breakfast, but we decided to head out to the farmers market for goodies and a nice walk. He got to try Twist Potatoes and as you can see... It was a hit! 

I came home to do a few things at the house and take a nap after a busy and early morning out. Afterwards, Scott and I took Auntie Bunnie to dinner at Maggiano's for Veal Parmesan. It is one of her favorite dishes and she has not had it in 15 years! It was a successful and great dinner with her and Lenora. Its always fun times with them and we are glad to have them be apart of our family.

After dinner, We went and met up with one of Scott's friends from High School...Roxanne and her partner Robyn for drinks at The Wellsbourne. This place was cool and a little crowded. They had great drinks but the seating was limited. We had a good time with them.

Sunday we got up to do our hike at Runyon Canyon but hit so much traffic because of the Oscars... Boo. I took Scott over to The Griddle Cafe for HUGE French Toast and a good morning. We did get a little workout in as well and laundry and our taxes! Nothing like Tax Season to add some cash to your pocket. I am debating if I should buy a new computer with my return or not... I do need a new computer and its been awhile since I bought something for myself... I also need to get our June Family Reunion stuff paid for and some new clothes for work. So many things, so little time.

Later that night, we went out to celebrate our friend's Aireah's Birthday at Lucile's Barbecue. I was proud of my husband and I for making smart food choices. Instead of grubbing down on high calorie food, we chose dishes to share and not have too many calories....YAY!!

I hope that you all have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Cameron

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Marlene

Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law, Marlene. Hope you have a FAB day!

Friday Letters

Dear Week,

I know it was only 4 days because of the holiday but DAM... Love you but happy to see you go.

Dear Yoga,

You kicked my ASS on Tuesday but I am happy that you are back in my life. We will meet up again tonight for some Hot Good Times.

Dear Blogger Buddies,

I LOVE ALL OF YOUR LIVES... It makes me happy to see you all doing so great.

Dear Jacelyn,

I am so proud of you. High Schools are loving your grades and wanting you to be there. I hope that we hear from choice #1 soon. Enjoy your weekend with Katelynn.. O and kick ass at Softball today!

Dear Marlene aka Mother in Law,

Happy Birthday! Thank You for giving me one of the best parts of you... Scott. I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend.

Dear Scott,

Week one of Weight Loss Challenge is done and you are doing a great job! I know we have made some changes with our food but I hope you enjoy them. Team Jascott will be Team Super Sexy before we know it. Love You and I mean it!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marriage Research: Study Shows A 21-Minute Writing Task Can Improve Your Marriage

While millions of couples spend hours trying to learn how to improve their marriages through books or therapy, one recent study found that sustaining a happy marriage may only take 21 minutes, a pencil and a piece of paper.

A Northwestern University study set to be published in "Psychological Science" later this year surveyed 120 married couples for two years about their relationship satisfaction, and asked them to describe their most significant recent arguments. During the second year, half of the couples were also asked to complete three seven-minute writing tasks -- one task every four months -- in which they wrote about the arguments they'd had in the preceding months from the perspective of a theoretical neutral third party who wanted the best for all involved. These couples were found to have greater relationship satisfaction than the couples who did not participate in the writing task.

Lead author Eli Finkel, a Northwestern psychology professor, talked with HuffPost Weddings about why this 21-minute writing task was so influential in sustaining marriage quality.

Where did you get the idea for this research?

We were inspired to do the work because we know that when people argue they tend to adopt their own perspective, and from your own perspective, it’s really easy to understand what it is your spouse is doing that’s so infuriating and why you are so justified in your anger. From a third-party perspective, it’s much easier to get a sense of the possibility that you might be coming off as kind of a jerk and your partner has a pretty compelling argument on his or her side as well. There was also a study in 2008 that asked people to recall an anger-inducing incident they had experienced and asked them to adopt a neutral third-party perspective, and that research showed the people were less angry and had less physiological reactivity.

Why did the writing task improve couples' relationship quality so significantly?

On average, relationship quality, passion, etc. went down over time. What we found is that in year two, that decline continued among participants in the control condition, but among participants who were in the writing condition, that downward slope disappeared entirely. They were able to sustain their relationship satisfaction and passion over time, because it helped people avoid the distress that frequently comes with conflict. What’s clear from previous research and our own work is that it's not the existence of conflict, but how people manage conflict that can have a pretty corrosive effect on relationship well-being. What we were able to do was not reduce the amount of conflict, but the amount of distress they experienced about the conflict and that helped them sustain their relationship satisfaction and passion over time.

How did adopting a neutral third-party perspective shape the way couples thought about their past conflicts?

When asked about the third party perspective, they would sometimes be able to develop new insight into the broader context for the fight. So rather than being so immersed in thinking about the fight from their own perspective, they were a little bit better at adopting a broader perspective and realizing that a third-party person might say, “In a relationship that is generally functioning well, does it make sense to be this frustrated about one little thing?” We also had an additional component of the writing task in which they had to think about obstacles they might confront in adopting this third-party perspective...and what they might do to overcome these obstacles. For this part of the writing task they tended to write, “When I’m angry I find it difficult to adopt a third party perspective, and maybe what I can do in the future is to take account of the fact that I’m feeling angry, and take a minute away to gain a better perspective.”
We certainly found some people who said this neutral third party would think I’m totally right and my wife is totally wrong. My guess is that they benefitted less from the intervention than other people. There are fights that are more driven by one person or another, so I don’t want to imply that all fights are exactly 50/50. And the procedure of the writing task doesn’t require that. It just requires that you try to adapt an external but kind-hearted perspective on the whole conflict.

How do you explain the fact that the couples still had the same number of disagreements, but those in the writing condition ended up happier than the other couples?

Everybody has disagreements. If you’re married to somebody, your life is tied up with their life in so many ways, it’s impossible to avoid conflict. So we don’t have any illusion that we can stop people from having conflicts. What we think we can do is make them a little more rational, a little better at adopting the other person’s perspective, and consequently, everyone’s less upset about the conflict, and consequently they have happier and more passionate marriages.

Passion and intimacy also improved as a result of the experiment. How do you explain this effect?

We can’t be totally sure how people get from constructive conflict resolution to greater sexual passion, but we know that it’s difficult to sustain passion over time. One thing that can stand in the way of passion is when you feel frustrated or angry with your partner. So one way in which this intervention may have promoted sexual passion in the marriage is by helping to keep the marriage focused on a positive emotional keel instead of a negative emotional keel.

Is this writing task something couples should consider doing themselves?

People often don’t think to intervene in the marriage. Frequently they don’t stop until the marriage is on the rocks, and then they seek marital therapy. But what’s the point of waiting until then? So yes, I think this is a task that takes 21 total minutes a year, takes $0 and you can do it from your own home. What possible argument could there be for not trying out whether this could help your own marriages? Get out a piece of paper, and write now. Try to start thinking about conflict in the marriage from a more positive third party perspective. There’s a good chance that you’ll do some real good in your marriage.

What’s the biggest lesson you hope people learn from this study?

One lesson from this work is that it probably doesn’t make sense to treat your marriage as if it’s something that will just work itself out without any attention. We pay lots of attention to all sorts of things that matter to us, yet many people have a mentality that marriage is something that falls into place. And that’s not really that realistic. Marriage is immensely satisfying when it goes well, it’s immensely important, and it certainly requires a little cultivation especially when we’re talking about something that’s so easy to do. I would encourage you, if you’re in a happy marriage, don’t take it for granted. Take a little bit of time to see what you can do to help sustain that good marriage.

Coffee Talk

Morning coffee break essentials | The Sweetest Occasion

So it has been awhile since I have done a Coffee Talk and today I thought I would give it a try and work on some questions of my own.. Today's Topic: Health and Fitness

1. What are you doing to make your life healthier?

Since I have had issues with my Thyroid since I was 15, I am working on ways to eat smarter (Choices and Portion Control) and some Fitness. My weight usually goes all over teh palce because of it and I want to take hold of it.

2. Speaking of Fitness.. How is that going for you?

Right now I am still a little sore from Yoga after god knows how long but it is Awesome... I highly recommend it. I am also talking daily walks and maybe a hike this weekend.

3. What food are your "Bad Foods"?

I am a Sugar Queen so I have cut out all the sweet treats I LOVE. I am also a HUGE fan of Pasta... I believe in my past life I lived in an Italian village and cooked for everyone.

4. What will be your biggest obstacle?

I am a total stress eater and I admit it. If I ever feel any kind of stress, more the chips away from me...

5. What is your Overall Goal?

Its honestly to just be better at eating. I want to be able to eat, be comfortable and be happy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is from some of my favorites... Mickey and Minnie. I thought it was a cute to share.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marriage Weight Gain: Reasons You've Gained Weight Since The Wedding

When the honeymoon is over, it's not unusual for newlyweds to notice their waistlines expanding.

A 2011 Ohio State study found that weight gain of about 20 pounds is average among people who get married (especially for women), and according to Texas health care professional Judy Gaman, there are lot of good explanations for the increase. She explains that after the wedding, lifestyle patterns change, leading to more food consumed and less activity.

One major culprit is television. Gaman said married people tend to watch more T.V., since they're not just watching the shows that they personally want to watch.

"You watch your show, but then you have to sit through your spouse's favorite show, and then you usually have one you watch together," Gaman said.

Moving in with a spouse who is a good cook can also lead to more lavish meals, and the cook will often ask his or her spouse, "Do you want some more?"

"Saying no might be taken as, 'I didn't like the meal,' so they'll continue to eat even after they're full," Gaman said.

Another recent study found that the quality of your marriage also affects weight gain; couples in happy marriages were found to pack on more pounds than those in unhappy marriages. Fitness magazine recommends being aware of how your eating habits have changed to match your spouse's and to make sure to get a workout in whenever possible.

The Newlywed 9 will disappear...

So I have read articles on how after the wedding is over, Husband and Wives usually get impacted by the Newlywed 9. Well, I think it has hit me a little and it is time to adjust.

Scott and I have started today with healthier choices and exercises. I made us Salads and Detox water for lunch today, healthy snack (Chobani Yogurt is so BOMB) and we are both going to work out (He at LA Fitness, Me at 24 with Yoga)

We are excited to get back on the road to healthy and to be able to do it together... Wish us LUCK!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Newly Engaged

One of Scott and I's Groomsmen, Brandon Turner, proposed to his girlfriend Chiquita Duplessis this weekend and we were happy to be there to witness and celebrate with them.... Congratulations to the Future Mr. & Mrs. Turner!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Weekend,

I am so excited for you... 3 days of family time and possibly sleeping in.. BRING IT!

Dear Houston,

I wish I could be there for All Star Weekend but I know Sissy and the family will have a good time.
H-Town Up!

Dear Weight Loss Challenge,

I am ready... Lets get Physical!

Dear Valentines Day,

You were awesome for my 1st one as a wife... I am looking forward to many more of days like that.

Dear Scott,

I know that you had many battles this week but you came out on top as I knew you would. Being you is one of the many qualities that I love about you and for those that keep trying to mess with that... Tell them to come see me! I got your back my love and next week will be better. I Love You!

Enjoy your Weekend loves!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our 1st Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.... Love Scott and Jasmine!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Healthy Love: The Perfect Antidote To Stress

Falling in love sure sounds stressful: the quickened pulse, the fixation, the anxiety that feelings won't be returned. But while the sight of your beloved might send your heart racing (thanks to a kick of adrenaline), the act of being in love may have a protective effect on your health.

Indeed, the moments of first love involve some stress. One small study of those who were newly in love found that levels of cortisol -- a stress hormone -- were higher in recent lovebirds than in those who were single or in long-term relationships. What's interesting is that when the group was tested again 12 and 24 months later, their cortisol levels had returned to normal. It suggests that the stress of falling in love is fleeting, but the benefits of being in love remain -- including some other hormonal changes that may have a stress-protective effect.

"What happens in the brain when you love someone is that there's more activity in the 'reward' system," explains Dr. Helen Fisher, a physical anthropologist who studies the neurohormonal phenomena of love and is a research professor at Rutgers University. "Your brain floods with dopamine, which gives you focus, energy and optimism and those things can all be good to counter stress."

As Fisher explains, romantic love can provide something of a loop: as you fall in love, your dopamine levels surge, which in turn contributes to testosterone production. More testosterone is linked to increased sex drive. And sexual release has a particularly healthful effect, Fisher says, delivering oxygen to the brain and other organs.

"Sex with the right person has a lot of health benefits," she says, listing a battery of stress-reducing health benefits. "It lowers blood pressure, enhances mood by releasing endorphins. It's a sedative, helps you sleep, soothes aches and pains. It even gives you healthier skin and even emotional confidence."

While many of those side benefits of the physical acts of love can contribute to reduced stress, you don't need to have sex to achieve calm: kissing, holding hands or even just looking at your beloved can release the "love hormone" oxytocin in the blood stream, Fisher told Healthy Living. And oxytocin can actually work to inhibit cortisol production and stress response. Some research finds that just feeling the emotional support of a partner was enough to amp up levels of the feel-good hormone coursing through one's veins.

So this Valentine's Day, as you're thanking your beloved for the happiness they bring you, don't forget to include the calm they provide as well.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Hey Love Bugs... Happy Monday! Here is my recap of the weekend.

After another successful week of work, I came home to start off Hubby's Birthday weekend.

Friday Night, we had friends come over for Game Night and Girl Talk... Here is Scott and the boys having fun!

Saturday Morning I got up and went to the hair shop and made another change for 2013... Bangs!

I have not had bangs in a few years so I thought I would be like JT and bring SEXY BACK!

After some cleaning and chilling... Scott and I headed out to have dinner and hit Sgt. Peppers for Piano Fun!

The Birthday Boy at Bubba Gumps

Love of my Life....



There are more pictures and even a Video.. but all in all a great night out with friends and family.

Sunday we lounged around the house before heading out to one of our favorite places for dinner...

The only flowers he might ever accept...

Cheers to you my love!

Since Today is Scott's actual birthday..... We will have dinner with the kids and cupcakes to celebrate!

Life is great and smiles are on our faces... That is what matters most!

Have a GREAT Week loves!

Music Monday: Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

One Year Later... You are missed....

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

To the Love of my Life...

You saved my from myself, taught me how to love again and make me happier than anything in the world! I hope you enjoy 28 and all your celebrations!!

Love You More and More,

Mrs. Cameron!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wedding Trends: L.A. Experts Tell Us What To Look For In 2013

Stephanie Hallett

We've talked a lot about the hottest wedding dress trends for 2013, but what about the biggest trends in wedding food and design?

On Wednesday, HuffPost Weddings stopped by the St. Pucchi boutique in West Hollywood for A Soolip Wedding's press preview event. There, five of Los Angeles' top wedding industry professionals shared their thoughts on the most popular trends of the year.

Cocktail Weddings
Pauline Parry of Good Gracious! Events says cocktail weddings will be popular this year. At a cocktail wedding, there is no formal sit-down dinner or buffet, but rather trays of food passed throughout the event. "It's a complete meal on a small plate, but you're grazing throughout the night," she said. "It doesn't disrupt the speeches or dancing!"
Personalized Decor
Rrivre Davies of Rrivre Works, a custom luxury rental and design company, says that more couples are looking to design homey, unique weddings. "Brides and grooms are designing weddings like a house," Davies said. "They used to want it to look like a 'wedding,' but now they're expressing their personalities. They're using a lot color -- not just white draping."
Clean, Classic Rings And Colored Stones
Jeweler Nelson Holdo of Black, Starr & Frost said that classic, clean settings are in style for 2013, along with yellow gold bands and colored stones. "Vintage-inspired rings were so prevalent in the last few years and they got overdone," Holdo said. "Also, for the first time in I don't know how long, we've seen yellow gold. For the longest time platinum was the thing. Yellow diamonds are the most accessible colored diamond, so they're gaining popularity too."
Illusion Necklines
Rani Totman, designer and owner of St. Pucchi, says illusion necklines are making a huge splash in 2013. "They still give you the feel of a strapless dress, but with some coverage," she said. "Sleeves are so elegant, so romantic."
The Death Of Vintage
This is more of an anti-trend, but David Pressman (pictured at left) of David Pressman Events says that many of 2013's couples are rejecting the vintage trend of the past several years. "I see less and less vintage now," Pressman said. "Bales of hay, mason jars -- they've been done."

Longest Married Couple In The U.S., John and Ann Betar, Named By Worldwide Marriage Encounter

By The Associated Press

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- John and Ann Betar of Connecticut have been married so long they're getting national recognition.

The Fairfield spouses, who tied the knot more than 80 years ago, have been named the 2013 "longest married couple" in the United States by Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a group in San Bernardino, Calif., dedicated to improving Christian marriages.

The Betars will be presented with the honor and gifts at their granddaughter's home in Fairfield on Saturday.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter says the longest married couple is based on nominations, so there may be others who have been married longer.

John is 101 years old and Ann is 97. The two grew up as neighbors in Bridgeport and got married on Nov. 25, 1932. They have five children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

Friday Letters

Dear Work,

Thank You for being You... It has been a great 2 weeks and I am so happy to be here.

Dear Weekend,

Lets show hubby how great Birthday Celebrations and 28 can be!

Dear Laundry,

Yes you will get done come hell or high water. I'm trying to balance it all.

Dear Blogger Buddies,

I am looking for great cook ahead week night recipes, Please share if you have any.. Thanks in Advance.

Dear Christi,

LOVE the Diva Hair! So happy that you are back to blogging... I missed you!

Dear Scott,

I hope that this birthday weekend is awesome for you. I cant wait to celebrate with you, family and friends! Bring on the party baby! Love You!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Change will do you good...

I decided that 2013 was going to be about me making some changes one way or another. My job was one change (Not really by choice but necessary) and now... The look of my blog!

So what do you think.... Like, Love?? Feedback is welcomed.

Back to work I go but more changes to come.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is me back at it!! Loving my new job!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding tips from celebrities who have been there

Planning a wedding can be stressful for anyone, no matter what type of budget you are working with. Some of the best advice you can get is from those who have been there before, and a few celebrities have shared their tips and tricks about wedding planning, according to The Huffington Post.

Michelle Obama: Invite who you want to
Michelle Obama tied the knot with President Barack Obama back in 1992, and she believes that no matter who they are, couples should invite who they want to because it is their personal and private day.

Carrie Underwood: Take it slow
Country star Carried Underwood does not believe in rushed nuptials. In fact, when she heard about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth?'s engagement, she told Extra TV that the two should stay engaged for awhile and take the wedding planning slowly. Underwood said "I do" to hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010.

Claire Danes: Make sure to sleep the night before
When Claire Danes married Hugh Dancy back in 2009, she couldn't get any sleep the night before. As a result, the biggest advice she would give is to make sure you get a good night's sleep, according to New York Magazine. If it is hard to snooze, consider taking a sleeping pill because you do not want to be groggy when you say "I do" the following day.

Tori Spelling: Be careful of families interfering
Tori Spelling walked down the aisle six years ago when she married her hubby Dean McDermott, but this isn't the only wedding planning experience she has. The actress and reality TV starlet also helps brides and grooms plan their nuptials on her show "sTORIbook Weddings," and she's noticed a few things in the process.

"Brides were being influenced by family and friends a lot, and they all were trying to figure out how to have their dreams. They didn't know quite how to manage their family and their bridesmaids because everyone wanted what they wanted," Spelling told Yahoo! News.

Brides- and grooms-to-be who feel overwhelmed about meeting all of the demands of friends and family can also take a page out of Kate Winslet's book and have a secret wedding ceremony. Winslet's wedding only included her two children and very few friends and family this past December, Us Weekly reports. Winslet married for the third time to Ned Rocknroll, who is the nephew of Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson.

Friday, February 1, 2013

4 Important Business Lessons I Learned From Planning My Wedding

By Angela B. Pan, award-winning travel photographer.
I’m not your typical female when it comes to certain things in life. For example, I never wore makeup until I was in college. I never dreamt of having the perfect wedding. And I’m still not too excited about the whole bringing-a-life-into-the-world part, either.
However, seven years ago at a neighborhood bar in Fairfax, Virginia, I met the man of my dreams. Andrew was cute and funny, and we had so much in common right from the beginning. Fast forward six years, and my parents kept asking us when we were going to get married– until one day I said, “FINE! I’ll get married!”
Since I had never thought about my wedding day, I had no idea where to start. Wedding planning seemed more like a big hassle than anything else. I was having way too much fun running my own photography business to be thinking of ceremonies, flowers and wedding favors.
But now that it’s all said and done, I kind of miss it. I learned so much from the wedding process — lessons that I find myself applying to my business today:
  1. Hire help. No matter how much you think you can do, there is always someone out there who knows more than you do (in business and in weddings!). Hire these people. They will save you so much time and energy that you will achieve your goals faster and easier.
  2. Be specific. When you start working with contractors or vendors, be as specific as possible. Even if it’s a little detail that you think doesn’t matter — it matters! People aren’t mind readers; they have to know everything you want in order for you to get the kind of results you desire.
  3. Manage your time. Wedding planning takes up a whole lot of your time, especially if you have friends and family who want to throw you bachelorette parties, wedding showers, help fold the invitations at night — you name it. It’s draining. I found that the key to it all was organization. You must figure out a system that works for you, to set deadlines, control your tasks, and find a way to follow up. I like making lists of all my to-dos and using a big black marker to mark them all off when I’ve completed the task. The same principle applies to running a small business: You have to control your own time. No one else can.
  4. Take time out for yourself. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the daily tasks you are doing. There are deadlines, goals and pressures coming from numerous places, but you have to remember to breathe once in a while. You are the most important person in the world. If you don’t take the time out to enjoy the weather outside, exercise or even work on the little things that make you happy, then what’s the point? Avoid burnout and find a reason to smile.
All in all, wedding planning wasn’t so bad. I learned a great deal from it and found some great lessons that I’ll carry with me and use in my business for a long time.
Now, delivering a baby — that’s a whole new topic!
Angela B. Pan is an award-winning travel photographer whose work has been featured on ABC,, and theWashington Post. Her blog has been named one of the top 100 travel blogs and has been internationally recognized by the World Journal.