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9 Bridal Shower Confessions You’ve Got to Read

If your upcoming bridal shower is stressing you out, don’t worry — you’re not the only one. After searching Whisper (the addictive app that lets you post anonymous secrets for all to see), we can definitely promise you that you’re among many brides-to-be who are also worried about opening sexy lingerie from their grandmother.

Here are nine of our favorites that you’ve got to read:

Out of 30 people invited to my bridal shower, the only two who showed up were the two who threw the shower. I laughed it off but secretly want to cry.
I am so awkward when I accept a gift. That part of my bridal shower was painful and I broke out in hives because I was so nervous.
I am so grateful to everyone who came to my bridal shower. I feel like I can't say 'thank you' enough.  It makes me cry.
I'm dying my hair black with semi permanent dye to watch people flip at my bridal shower
The last thing you want to hear from your soon-to-be mother-in-law at your bridal shower is "I have the same thing!" 😷
I looked at my registry before my bridal shower so I could be prepared on how to react and not get disappointed when I didn't get something I wanted.
My SURPRISE bridal shower is today. My friends can't keep a secret. Lol still excited though.
I'm getting ready to leave for my bridal shower in the next few minutes. I would rather sit on my couch and watch Rehab Addict.
My bridal shower was yesterday. Of all people, my grandmother bought me lingerie. I have never laughed so hard and been so embarrassed in my life. Gotta love her.

A New Service Guarantees a Rain-Free Wedding Day For $100K

$100K for Rain Free Wedding Day | Hyer Images
It’s true, there’s actually a service that can guarantee it will not rain on your wedding day — if you have a spare $100,000 in your wedding budget. A company called Oliver’s Travels recently started offering couples who get married at their wedding venue in France this expensive service. What they’re doing is called “cloud seeding,” and it involves releasing (via airplane) a chemical compound called silver iodide into the clouds to get them to quickly create rain and then disappear.
But we’re not convinced having a rain-free wedding day is such a good idea, or worth the price tag. Here’s why:

There are much less expensive ways to protect your wedding from the rain.
A tent is the first option comes to mind. Having an indoor Plan B is another. Or, if you really want a bright and sunny wedding why not throw a destination wedding somewhere where it rarely ever rains. You can also use historic weather reports (for free!)  to help you choose a wedding location and date that’s less likely to have rain.

There could be (harmful) unintended consequences.
Oliver’s Travels says what they’re doing doesn’t hurt the environment, but this is the first time (that we know of) cloud seeding will be used for weddings. Even if cloud seeding hasn’t been harmful when used for other purposes it’s possible there could be unintended consequences when used in this new way. That’s why we’re hesitant to jump on board when there are great alternatives.

A little bit of imperfection is okay, and can actually make your day more memorable.
Romantic rain photos, a rainbow backdrop, a sudden rain shower that ends up cooling off a hot day — there are actually a lot of great, unexpected outcomes that can come from the rain. And no matter how big your budget you can never guarantee that every single thing will go exactly as planned. That’s okay, because those aren’t the things that really matter when you’re standing at the altar saying your vows.

There is a chance it isn’t actually going to rain (but you’d still have to pay).  
It takes three weeks to set up the process to prevent rain because they have to hire a crew and an airplane to be on-call the week of your wedding. And the cloud bursting process is done a day in advance. That means you can’t make a quick decision the day-of if clouds start rolling in or get your money back if it turns out to be a sunny day.

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7 Genius Chalkboard Wedding Projects


There are lots of new and clever chalkboard craft supplies out there that make DIY wedding projects a total breeze. You don’t need a chalkboard to make it happen either. There are chalkboard stickers and labels, chalkboard contact paper and even chalkboard 8-1/2″x11″ paper! See the creative chalkboard projects below (and shop the products to make them yourself!).

Chalkboard Mug Wedding Favors

Give your guests a mason jar mug during the cocktail hour that doubles as a wedding favor. Attach chalkboard stickers and write in their names and table number for a quick and easy escort card.

Shop It: Chalkboard Canning or Kitchen Labels, ZigPosterman, $14.95 for pack of 27

Clothespin & Chalkboard Table Numbers

Attach mini clothespin signs to small centerpieces for a DIY chalkboard table number. Follow this tutorial to make the clothespin chalkboard signs. Tip: instead of painting the wood, use chalkboard vinyl labels!

Shop It: Chalkboard Vinyl Stickers, Hobby Lobby, $2.79 for pack of 16

Chalkboard Fan Place Setting

Use chalkboard paper to create paper fan place settings for guests are your reception. Just cut out your desired shape from the chalkboard paper and use double stick tape to attach it to jumbo craft sticks (like these!). Set out pieces of chalk on every table so guests can write in their own sayings for fun photo opps.

Shop the craft supply! Chalkboard Paper:, $131.99 for 100 sheets

Chalkboard Bride & Groom Chair Signs

Make your own chalkboard paint, then brush it on plain wooden plaques (available at craft supply stores) to create pretty bride and groom chair signs. Added bonus of mixing up your own batch of chalkboard paint? You can make it in any color you want! Use this chalkboard paint recipe.

Chalkboard Paint Window Sign

Repurpose an old window by chalkboard painting the panes and writing out directions to the various wedding day activities. Hint: acrylic chalkboard spray paint adheres best to glass.

Shop It: Chalkboard Spray Paint, Home Depot, $5.98 for 1 can

Chalkboard Welcome Wreath

Photo: Elario Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog
Create a wedding day wreath by painting a plain wooden plaque with chalkboard paint and writing in a welcome message. Use a chalk marker to for a smooth and mess-free alternative to regular chalk.

Shop It: Chalk Markers,, $4.99 for 1 marker and Staples, $13.99 for pack of 4

Photo Booth Chalkboard Speech Bubbles

Photo: Beyond Beyond // Featured: The Knot Blog
Let your guests get creative in the photo booth by making your own speech bubble props. Just follow this guide and use genius chalkboard contact paper!

Shop It: Chalkboard Contact Paper, Michael’s, $10 for 15″x36″ roll

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15 Signs You're an Anti-Bride

Signs You Are an Anti-Bride
Photo: Getty Images

Some girls have been dreaming of their wedding day ever since they started playing with Barbies, and others, well, let's just say that throwing the big bash their friends and family expect of them is more like a huge to-do. It's not that they don't want to get married (trust us, they do!), it's just that planning a lavish party for a year plus and having all eyes laser focused on them is sort of their nightmare come true. Sound familiar? If so, here are 15 signs you're totally an anti-bride.

1. The thought of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a "dream wedding" you've never even really dreamed of actually makes you sick to your stomach.

2. You've been trying to convince your mom for months that, no, you do not in fact want a bridal shower.

3. You could deal with a bachelorette party, but you've already set the ground rules: No penis straws, wedding games, and absolutely no sashes or tiaras!

4. You've seriously considered not hiring a photographer simply because being in front of the camera is just so awkward.

5. If you even have bridesmaids, there's no way you're putting them in matching dresses.

6. You'll use any and every excuse in the book to get out of wedding planning; after all, making a guest list can wait, right?

7. Bringing a gaggle of girls to go wedding-dress shopping with you is so not your idea of a fun Saturday. Can't you just order a gown on the Internet or something?

8. You're all for writing your own vows, however, you're so not about to recite them in front of everyone you know.

9. Your answer for "How's the wedding planning going?" has become some sort of snarky response that makes your friends and family totally uncomfortable.

10. You're currently in the midst of planning a courthouse wedding and/or an elopement.

11. Bringing a wedding planner on board was quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to you. Now someone else can take the reigns!

12. The thought of walking down the aisle and being the center of attention the entire day makes you want to elope.

13. When someone asks you what your wedding theme is they're met with a blank stare. A wedding "theme"... seriously?

14. You laugh in the face of tradition (until your overbearing mom, dad, fiancé and/or in-laws insist otherwise).

15. If you absolutely must plan a wedding, it will be everything that a traditional wedding is not. Bring on the food trucks!

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Let the Wedding Planning Begin: The Most Popular Places to Say 'I Do'

By Caitlin Moscatello

Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Riviera Maya

The peak of engagement season -- that annual rush of proposals between Thanksgiving and New Year's -- is winding down, which means it's time for couples to start planning the big day. Almost a quarter of them will decide on a destination wedding, so we narrowed down the most sought-after spots(using data from Internet search trends, as well as a survey of over 1,000 brides from the wedding network The Knot.


Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Riviera Maya

Not only is Mexico relatively easy to get to, it also has reliably good weather outside of hurricane season, and you won't have issues bringing in vendors from the U.S. Los Cabos and Cozumel --both known for their beautiful beaches -- are popular choices for weddings. But the most desired location in Mexico is Riviera Maya. Stay in a private villa at the Viceroy and host your reception right on the beach, by the pool, or in one of three restaurants. The Grand Velas Riviera Maya, an all-inclusive resort, offers eight different wedding venues, including a chapel in the Mayan jungle that fits up to 143 people.

Photo: Courtesy of Halekulani

The long-ish flight will be worth it for guests, who can go snorkeling off the Hawaiian Islands or hiking in their down time. Oahu, Maui, and Kauai are all popular islands for destination weddings, and since you can't go wrong with any of them, start by choosing a resort and work from there. The Four Seasons has three wedding-worthy properties, one of which is on Maui. If you want beachfront views for your ceremony without getting sand in your toes, stay at the Halekulani, which has a ceremony spot on a lush lawn overlooking the water.


Photo: Courtesy of The Half Moon, Rose Hall Resort

The most popular Caribbean wedding destination, Jamaica has been a hot spot among couples for decades. Exchange vows at sunset at the Jamaica Inn on a staircase overlooking the water; if you can get 100 friends and family to attend -- the resort's maximum capacity -- you'll have the whole property to yourself. The Half Moon, Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay offers five outdoor ceremony locations and the same number of wedding packages for easy planning.

The Bahamas

Photo: Courtesy of One&Only Ocean Club

With direct flights from at least 12 major U.S. cities and easy transfers from Miami, the Bahamas is far enough away without being a hassle. If you want to be near the beach (but not on it), go to the One&Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island. Couples can tie the knot against the backdrop of French Cloisters, on a beach deck, or poolside -- as well as in the resort's upscale restaurant that looks out onto the water. Do your pre-nuptial relaxing at the resort's spa, which includes private outdoor lounges and deep soaking tubs.


Photo: Courtesy of Cap Juluca

Known for being equal parts friendly and beautiful, this British territory has become one of the most searched destination wedding spots. You'll have to fly to St. Maarten to get there, and then take a short flight or a ferry ride to the island -- making this destination best for smaller parties. The Viceroy Anguilla, a favorite for luxury weddings, has six different event spaces, as well as two simpler packages for couples without guests. The beachfront resort Cap Juluca is another top choice, offering couples four unique packages--or the services of on-site wedding planner, who can help you build a customized wedding from scratch.

Las Vegas

Photo: Courtesy of Wynn 

Vegas? Yes, Vegas. While Sin City might be better known for quickie weddings, you can bring your family and friends with you and throw an all-out bash. Stay at the Wynn Las Vegas, where you can get married on a terrace overlooking a waterfall, inside a nightclub, or seemingly every whimsical option in between. If you want to be away from the sound of slot machines, head to the smaller, mellower Four Seasons Hotel, which doesn't have a casino but does have just about every other luxury. The hotel also specializes in same-sex weddings.


Photo: Courtesy of San Clamente Palace

Couples are throwing destination weddings in Europe at twice the rate they were just a few years ago, and Italy is topping their lists. If you're inviting guests, forget Capri and host your wedding in scenic but easier-to-get-to places like Venice, Portofino, or in the Tuscan countryside near Florence, so guests won't have to take four modes of transportation to get there. Should you decide to pull a George Clooney and marry in Venice, book the San Clemente Palace, a St. Regis property on its own little island that's safely guarded from tourist crowds.

Costa Rica

Photo: Courtesy of The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort

Central and South America have yet to attract much attention from wedding seekers, but Costa Rica is an exception. Adventurous couples love it for its surfing, volcano hiking, and ziplining -- activities that their wedding guests will certainly want to test out. Not all areas are easily accessible, so keep that in mind when looking for venues. The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort is only a 20-minute drive from the airport -- but you won't feel that way once you're taking in the tropical forest views. Wedding packages, planning services, and customized ceremonies are all available through the hotel.

Florida Keys

Photo: Courtesy of Pier House Resort and Spa

Florida is the most popular spot for destination weddings in the continental U.S., and even though the Keys aren't all that far away, you and your guests will feel that way without having to deal with passports and customs. Take over some or all of the 18 rooms at Moorings Village in Islamorada, which has a private beach perfect for a marriage ceremony, and is just a 90-minute drive from Miami International Airport. If you prefer to be near the action in Key West, host your wedding at the Pier House Resort and Spa -- it's a short walk to downtown.


Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Tucker's Point

Between its pink-sand beaches, limestone arches (otherwise known as "Moongates"), crystal caves, and UNESCO World Heritage site that just so happens to be the remains of a church, you'll have plenty of ceremony location options to choose from on this gorgeous, accessible island. Stay at Tucker's Point where you can host a small rehearsal dinner in the resort's private wine room, and then throw your reception poolside the next night.

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What are the hottest trends in weddings right now?

Colin Cowie Celebrations

Here’s the top 3 trends in weddings right now:

Farm to Table.  Farm-to-table isn’t just the biggest trend in restaurants right now but it’s also the hottest thing in weddings.  Nowadays, brides aren’t just asking for organic greens- they are asking for the exact farm that their greens came from.  Caterers are working with local farms to create the best menu and experience for the new-age bride.

Reflective Surfaces. Think: lucite engraved place cards, a mirrored table runner and either mirrored or mercury vases. Reflective surfaces add a big dose of style and glamour to any table. For a luxe for less version, remove the frame from a simple back of door mirror and viola- you have your mirrored runner.

Music Mash-Up.  Forget the classic band vs. DJ debate… why not have both? Go for a band in the beginning of the night, for first dances and while dinner is being served, then turn it over to a DJ to keep the party going late into the night. If you have a talented group get your band to d

Happy National Spouse Day

Happy National Spouse Day to the BEST Spouse a girl could ever ask for! I Love You! 

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How to Save Money on Alcohol for Your Wedding Bar

Cutting back on cocktail costs can be a sobering task. Raise a glass to scoring big-day drinks on a budget with these money-saving tips.
rw-anthony-rusty-cocktails-13-354-00526-wd110176.jpg Photography by: Thayer Photographs, Inc.

Play Sommelier 

If you work it out with the venue to supply vino yourself, you’ll get better wine for the same price (or less), even with a corkage fee. “Choose lesser-known wines like Orvieto, Soave, or grüner veltliner for whites, and Rioja or barbera for reds,” says NYC wine consultant Lyle Kula.

Lower the Bar 

We’re not talking about setting up a cash bar—guests shouldn’t pay for anything at a wedding—but rather editing the selection of beverages. One or two kinds of beer, a red and a white wine, and a signature sipper or simply a good vodka, gin, and whiskey is plenty.
Get Signature Drink Ideas

Hold the Trays 

If you do offer a signature wedding drink, don’t have servers pass it around, says planner Calder Clark, owner of Calder Clark in Charleston, South Carolina. “Most people will take one but not always drink it—and that’s wasted money.” Instead, keep the cocktails at the bar, where guests can request it if they want one.

Do the Math

Considering serving wine and beer instead of an open bar to cut costs? Calculate the difference before you make that decision. “A bottle of wine contains five drinks, whereas a liter of vodka has 25,” says Richard Nix Jr. of Butler’s Pantry in Saint Louis.

Buy Bubbly on a Budget

Though Champagne technically only hails from the Champagne region of France, the sparkling wine you serve at your reception could come from Spain (Cava) or Italy (Prosecco). These worldly competitors pack a smaller price tag.
Get Creative Ideas for Celebrating with Champagne

Skip the Champagne Toast

It turns out, most people don’t touch their glass, literally resulting in money down the drain. Keep the bubbly at the bar for guests who want it.

Go for Quality Stemware

Remember these words: Riedel Bordeaux glasses. “Your caterer can rent them for about $1.50 a stem,” says Rebecca Feeney of Custom Event Group in St. Helena, California. “They make everything taste better, which frees you up to spend less on wine. Plus, they feel fancy.”

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9 Proposals That Went Terribly Wrong

Everyone likes an oh-so-romantic engagement story. You know, where the guy sets up a hidden camera or sneaks a series of gift boxes in a Christmas tree? We just can't get enough! But then there are the epic fails, the total disasters, and the just plain awkward proposal stories out there. If you thought that man who proposed with 99 iPhones had it bad, here are a few more painful proposal stories we found on Reddit...
  • somethingwickednc: "My dad stuck the ring in a stick of deodorant, then told my mom she needed to use it. Small argument ensues when mom tells dad she does not need it."
  • anonymous: "I proposed to my wife in Times Square at New Year's Eve (I was going for maximum cheezy!) She was pretty emotional and took a while to believe I was serious (even though I had a ring). This being New York, strangers started shouting at her to 'HURRY UP LADY, WHAT'S IT GONNA BE? WE DON'T HAVE ALL NIGHT!'"
  • aquariums: "I was on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty a few months back, and suddenly we see a plane writing something in the sky... Extremely slowly. Like, ridiculously slow. I know it must take a while to write something out in the sky, but it seriously took like 25 minutes for this dude to write "MARRY ME SUE" in the sky. By the time he had written Sue's name, the "MARRY ME" had faded from the sky."
  • ABlackThaiAffair: "I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend in a Subway at around 9 at night. It was so unbelievably awkward because it was just the three of us in the shop. She said no, the guy cried and I still had to order my sub while they sat there."
  • apiratenamedbob: "Pilot here. Guy ask me to fly him and his SO over a field, where 150 people had formed a heart and two rings. Huge show, I was really impressed. When she saw it, her response was: "Look at all those idiots! How ridiculous is that??" He did not ask his question that day."
  • aladyredditor: "I knew a guy who was at McDonalds with his girlfriend one time, and as a joke he wrapped a fry around her finger and said, "Will you McMarry me?" She started crying and called her mom and like started planning the wedding the next day. He hadn't meant to propose but he didn't have the heart to tell her so, so he just married her."
  • s**ttycats: "I was a restaurant in NYC once with my whole family and there was a couple at a table across from ours. The man had the restaurant bake a ring into a cake which was to be presented to his girlfriend so he could pop the question. The wait staff made this known to likely the entire restaurant so when the cake was brought out all eyes were on them. The woman proceeds to cut into the slice of cake finding the ring. She looked mortified. You could see the "are you f**ing kidding me face" on her a mile away. She said no. Promptly placed the ring on the table and left the restaurant, leaving the man behind with his head in his hands. He sat there for 20 minutes or so before paying his bill and leaving."
  • weaselmeat: "I proposed to my wife in Dublin, which is more difficult than it sounds because it's not a romantic city. After dinner, I decided that the Halfpenny Bridge was about the best place to get the job done. Right in the middle of my proposal, I hear the unmistakable sound of a drunk guy pissing off the bridge not 10 feet behind me. Ireland has never let me down."
  • Toast_n_Gravy: "I unfortunately didn't witness it but my best friend just got engaged and when her SO proposed they were in a little french deli. She had just put a massive mouthful of pie in her face when she saw he had got down on one knee. She was so shocked she spat the pie out all over herself, all over him, all over everything. She just sort of nodded ... it was very like her to do something like that so it's all fine but still ... I don't think he was expecting pie in his face."
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    Gown Shopping Tips For Curvy Brides — Read Expert Tips Here!

    Whether you’re an apple, a pear (or any fruit in between!) an experienced bridal consultant can help you find the silhouette that works best for your shape. Worried that your curves will be a hindrance on your quest for the perfect dress? Don’t be! Check out these helpful tips from stylist Sara Viola and co-owner Lisa Litt of Della Curva, a bridal salon in California specifically for curvy brides, below!

    Della Curva 

    Know Your Body Type
    Curvy bride or not, it’s important to know your body type before you try on gowns. Ask your consultant what styles will flatter your measurements the most—you might be surprised at the amount of options out there. “Most curvy girls think they need a dress with an empire waist, but that’s actually not true,” Viola says. “A lot of styles will look good on them. They just need to know what silhouettes will complement them the most.”

    For instance, pear shapes  should avoid clingy mermaids that accentuate and the hips, while apple shapes should steer clear of clingy sheaths. “Fit-n-flare is generally a solid silhouette,” Viola advises. “I think everyone can find their signature style.”

    Find A Boutique With Larger Sample Sizes
    Save yourself a frustrating experience and find a salon that carries larger sample sizes, or caters to curvier body types. “You need to try on a dress that will zip up, so you can feel the most confident,” Viola says. “You shouldn’t start off feeling discouraged about your size!”

    Shop For Your Body Now 
    Even if you’re planning to shed some pounds before your wedding, your body type isn’t going to completely change. “If you lose inches in your bust, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose inches in your hips,” Viola says. “Order the gown that looks good today.”

    Avoid Shiny Fabrics 
    “Shiny fabrics like high-shine satins or fabrics with metallic threads reflect the light and makes you look larger,” Litt says.

    Structure Is Your Friend 
    Consider more structured materials like satin, lace and organza for a smoother silhouette. “Some chiffons might be okay, but for the most part, clingy fabrics are not forgiving,” Viola says. Ruching or gathering on the bodice and a lace-up corset are also safe bets, especially if you want to disguise your tummy. “A lace-up bodice has more flexibility, so if you lose weight, you can still cinch in your waistline,” Viola says.

    Wear Spanx To Your Appointment
    Before you hit the stores, make sure you’re armed with some body shaping undies.  “Whether you’re a size 4 or a size 24, Spanx will smooth out your tummy and hips,” Litt says. “You’ll stand straighter and feel better.”

    Invest In Serious Undergarments
    What goes underneath your dress is just as important as the dress itself. Set yourself up for success by investing in a good under-the-dress essentials.  “No matter your size, Spanx and a supportive bra are always a must,” Viola says. “A long line strapless  bra with extra boning in the bodice will help create a seamless look for bustier brides.”

    Keep An Open Mind
    Trust your bridal consultant. “We know what looks good, we know what works.” Litt says. “Even if you think something won’t look good on you, at least try it on. We’re trained to know what will flatter your body type.”

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    Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Get Married 20 Years After They First Met

    After their first wedding together in 1995, Briggs and Brittney Fussy couldn’t wait to do it again.

    The St. Paul, Minnesota, couple first met as children: He was the ring bearer, while she handled flower girl duties.

    The day was so special that the mothers of both Briggs and Brittney kept photos of the wedding on their walls for years.

    Brittney and Briggs took center stage as flower girl and ring bearer.


    That’s a fact Brittney mentioned when Briggs sat down in front of her during a college class.


    Briggs told FOX 9 it was their childhood duties that brought them together.


    He said, “It’s funny how God’s plan came into place.”


    “I didn’t even know her before she turned around in class and told me that.”


    Twenty years later, after five years of dating, the pair headed down the aisle once more.


    The Fussys are together again.


    It seems wedding magic might be real, after all.


    Congratulations to the newlyweds. This love was a long time coming.


    Their own flower girl and ring bearer are related, so there’s no repeat love story in the future.


    But, it’s one their own family is sure to appreciate one day.


    This wedding was worth the wait.

    This Gorgeous Proposal Photo Almost Didn't Happen

    Photographer Michael Justin was hired to shoot a proposal Monday night along the Long Island City waterfront in Queens. No big deal, he thought.

    He set up his cameras and flashes -- using his camera bag as a weight to keep the light stand from falling over on the windy night -- and texted the groom to ask about timing. Then, his phone died.
    "Time to stress the F out," Justin wrote on Imgur. "I went to do another test shot to make sure I had the correct composition ... nothing. My camera batteries were dead."

    After running to and from his camera bag -- which was directly in the proposal area -- to retrieve new batteries, he returned to his spot in time to snap the pics. But thanks to a gust of wind that knocked down the light stand, he was forced to run back to the proposal area and reset it. That's when he noticed the guy and girl in the distance.

    Luckily, he was able to run back to his secluded spot in time to take the photos -- and it's a good thing he did:

    Photo Credit: Michael Justin Films

    The bride-to-be told The Huffington Post that the waterfront is the couple's favorite place in Long Island City, and they walk there often. After dinner that night, her boyfriend suggested that they walk along the water in order to see if it had started to freeze. There, he got down on one knee.

    "All I remember saying was 'are you kidding me!? Are you kidding me?!' I was in complete shock," the bride told HuffPost Weddings. "I said 'yes' and we embraced. It was the happiest moment of my life!"

    Check out more of the beautiful photos below.