Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Things

Scott and I have Skype accounts ans depending on our work day, we are able to jump on from time to time and say hello to each other.... Today he got on and said Love You and Cant wait to marry you..... I tell you its the little things in life.

270.... Till We Marry.

Celebrity Wedding Menus: Cupcakes and Coconuts! - Project Wedding

Celebrity Wedding Menus: Cupcakes and Coconuts! - Project Wedding

Monday, January 30, 2012

Year One

happy Anniversary to one of my moat FAVORITE couples ever....Kenneth and Sheauen. Thank you for allowing my family and I to be apart of your special day and for giving me an outlook on love that I thought I would never find again. Love you both!


Here is something for everyone to know when it comes to love... Strength is important. Its a great thing to know that someone has the strength to be there for you, to hold you up when you need it and to be a big support to you in times of need. Its a great feeling to know that here will be someone who is there for me, how loves me and I am proud to call my fiancee and soon, my husband.

Scott, I Love You more than words can say. You hold my heart in your hands and I know you will protect it. Smile knowing that I love you and will for life.

271 till we are one.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ways to Melt a Woman's Heart

Ways to Melt a Woman’s Heart (menshealth.com)

Ask her to dance.

On windy days, brush wayward strands of hair from her eyes and mouth.

When she’s coming down the street, across the room, or up the stairs to meet you,
walk towards her as soon as you see her.

Kiss her between her shoulder blades when she turns her back to you to go to sleep.

Put your arm around her when you introduce her to your friends and family.

Grasp her hand when a scantily dressed, beautiful woman walks by.

Call her when you’re feeling sad.

Kiss her eyelids.

Ask to see a picture of her when she was a child.

Wash her from head to toe in the shower.

If she’s crying on the phone, go over to her place. Immediately.

Occasionally call her by her first and middle names.

Buy her your favorite rock album of all time on vinyl.

Order coffee for her, remembering exactly how she likes it.

Mention your upcoming anniversary before she does.

Send her something in the mail. Anything.

When she’s feeling insecure, stare into her eyes and tell her there is no-one in the world who could be as right for you as she is.

Call her just before you get on the plane.

Pick her clothes up off the floor.

Try desperately to make her laugh when she’s feeling down.

Take her to see your favorite sport live.

Pay more attention to her than to the game.

Touch her arm when you leave the table to go to the bathroom. Touch her again when you come back.

Shave just before you see her. She’ll notice.

Hug her when she gets jealous. Hug her hard.

Give her jewelry.

Hand her two towels when she gets out of the shower. (The second one is for her hair.)

Ask her specific questions about her work.

Keep her favorite cereal on hand.

In the middle of a conversation, tell her you love her.

Send her very expensive flowers when you screw up.

Take her to a cabin with a fireplace. Build her a fire.

Moan her name when she pleases you.

Read her a story when it’s her turn to drive during a long road trip.

Offer to fix something at her place that you realize is broken.

Notice when she’s wearing something new.

Kiss her hand in front of your most die-hard bachelor buddies.

Ask if she wants to wrestle.

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

Photographer, Videographer, or Both? - Project Wedding

Photographer, Videographer, or Both? - Project Wedding

Hotels, Planes and Rental Cars.... O MY

So I sent an email out the other day on behalf of Scott and I to get people's mailing addresses for the wedding (Yay) and my phone has been going off like wild fire ever since. People are excited for our big day and that makes me excited.

One cousin of mines called and said the room block at the hotel is full already....Whoa! 15 rooms gone already?? No need to panic, I got Adrienne on the case. Another relative calls and sets up her rental car and plane tickets... Wow. My people are on the move and ready more than we are I think.

With a few details to handle this weekend, we are well on our way to wedding day!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuskegee’s First Couple: A Midair Love Story

Herbert Carter and Mildred Hemmons Carter had a love story so epic that it deserves its own spot on the big screen.
Dubbed the “First Couple of Tuskegee, Herbert and Mildred met in 1939 and kept their love burning strong until Mildred’s passing in late 2011.
They found love at 30,000 feet, combated racism and career disappointments, and cemented their place in history among Tuskegee’s finest. CNN recently took a deeper look at their love story and found a bond so strong that literally nothing could break it. We encourage you to read the full article over at CNN.com. We have some excerpts for you below.
How they met:
The two first spotted each other in 1939. He was a senior football player in high school at Tuskegee’s then-boarding school. She was a college freshman and a majorette in the band.Their paths crossed during practices.“Who’s that?” Mildred asked a friend when she saw the handsome 5-foot-7 quarterback.He was instantly attracted to her. She wasn’t like the timid, shy girls around campus. There was something about her confidence, like she knew she was going places.“I could just see her energy.”He worked at a local grocery store run by his brother. He’d see her shopping and wave. He couldn’t muster much courage beyond that. Socially and academically, he felt below her.But by the next year, he was enrolled in Tuskegee’s civilian pilot training program. He didn’t enter to become a war hero. He was just trying to “get the draft board off my back.” His plan: Get his pilot’s license, serve his time in the military, then become a veterinarian for farmers in Texas, flying from farm to farm.“But I got into that first plane and something bit me.”He kept hearing there was a young woman in the program, too.“One day, I’m coming out of class, and who is there but Mildred!”He grew more intrigued. For their first date, he took her to a campus dance. A brass band played mostly melodies. It was, he says, “magical.”
Love in midair:
Flying was intoxicating. It provided Herbert and Mildred a sense of freedom — to be themselves, to dream big. The in-your-face racism of the segregated South was gone, if only for a while. In the air, the sky was literally the limit.It takes pioneers to force change. Herbert and Mildred would play their part in the years ahead. But in those early days, they didn’t see themselves as trailblazers. They were young and in love.More than anything, flight provided a rare opportunity to see each other. He’d call her up on Fridays: “Are you gonna be flying this weekend?”“Of course,” she’d say.A painting depicts their rendezvous point: 3,000 feet above a bridge at Lake Martin, 25 miles away.They’d pick a time to meet. Their rendezvous point: 3,000 feet above a bridge at Lake Martin, 25 miles away. He’d be flying a repaired AT6 trainer. She’d be in a much slower Piper J-3 Cub.“When I’d get to Lake Martin, I’d see this bright yellow Cub putt-putting along,” he said. “I’d be real proud: She was on time and on target.”He’d pull down and fly in formation with her. They couldn’t communicate by radio; her Cub didn’t have one. All they could do was smile, wave and blow kisses.Seeing each other in flight created a bond. When they flew together, it was as if they were holding hands in midair. At the end of their aerial encounter, he’d peel away, only to circle back. He’d sneak up behind her, pull in front and leave her in a trail of airwash. Her tiny craft shook mightily. She’d come to expect it every weekend.“It didn’t faze me,” she’d say. “I was the better pilot. … I just didn’t fly the fastest aircraft.”
Racism rears its ugly head:
Determined to fly for her country, she applied to become a WASP, a member of the groundbreaking Women Airforce Service Pilots who ferried planes from factories to airfields. (Women of any race were barred from flying combat at that time.)By then, Mildred had her business degree and well over 100 hours of flying. She was named “Miss Tuskegee Army Flying School” by the airfield newsletter, and Anderson ranked her among his best pilots.But the rejection came swiftly. “The U.S. government does not have plans at this time to include colored female pilots in the WASP.”Shaken, she called Herbert.“Mil, what is it?” he said.“It’s race again,” she said.He rushed to her side. She ripped up the letter. He hugged her.“Keep the faith, Sweet. We’ll get there.”Her rejection made him more determined to succeed.“I thought, ‘Well, damn it, I’ll show them that we can do it.’ “They held each other’s hands.During painful moments, that’s how they communicated. “So much physically can be translated by holding hands between people who are close without having to verbalize,” he says.He called it “her hand of understanding, her hand of ‘I care.’ ““When things would get rough on me,” he says, “I had to remember that Mildred wouldn’t let this get to her.”She’d reach out her hand and say, “Geno, it’s going to be OK.”“That’s all I needed. And I’d go out there and fly the hell outta that plane the next time.”

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is a picture of The Cameron Men and all their charm. We were out for my Birthday Foodie Crawl in 2010 and this a picture of the guys winking at me.... So much charm those Cameron Men have. Love them both.

7 Signature Drinks Your Guests Will Never Forget - Project Wedding

7 Signature Drinks Your Guests Will Never Forget - Project Wedding

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

David Tutera Answers Your Questions | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

David Tutera Answers Your Questions Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

David Tutera on Open Bar vs. Cash Bar

I posted a question on Bridal Guide Magazine 's Facbeook Page and David Tutera answered it!!!! How cool is that??? Now I just need him to come do my wedding and all will be good. :)


The Value of Friendship

I think in the Wedding process, you will learn that everyone will not be happy about decisions that you make for yourself and for your wedding but that's where people need to understand that its YOUR WEDDING.

I have a friend planning a wedding and it seems that not alot of her friends are willing to be involved because of what she wants for herself. It is heartbreaking to see people be so down on what she wants when all she has done is been a great friend to people. It goes to show you that sometimes in life, you never really know who will be in your corner and who wont.

I am Thankful to have friends and family in my life that understand the value of friendship and know that beyond anything else, I am happy in my relationship with Scott.

Be happy in life and everything around you will be good.

Your Flower Budget - Project Wedding

Your Flower Budget - Project Wedding

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dress Journey Continues

Friday Afternoon I got a call from La Soie Bridal Shop informing me not to forget to order my Wedding Dress....HOW COULD I FORGET??? It got me a little amped up for my dress and all I hope for it to be on our special day. I am so excited for people to see it but I am trying to be patience in the process and go in next month to order it.

Now for our Bridal party, There is still some more searching to do with the girls for their dresses. They have found the one's they want online but need to see them up close and personal so we Will see how that works out this weekend coming up.

I still need to schedule a time for the Mom's to find what they are going to wear as well. My plan is to take them out to lunch and then do some shopping (or vice verse) but we will see how that goes for both of them.

You never really realize all the things that need to be done until your list becomes longer and your pockets become empty... But as I always say, This is a lifetime thing and I am happy to be making this journey with him.


Mother Son Song - Mother Son Dance | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Mother Son Song - Mother Son Dance Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

Friday, January 20, 2012

I was chatting with a friend of mines yesterday about how to incorporate 2 families together and it made me think again about how blessed I am not only to be getting a Husband but a Son as well.

Scott and I both never hid the fact that we had children in the beginning of us dating and made sure that no matter what, we made time to spend with them. When it was time for all of us to come together as a family, it was much easier than I thought it would be. With the difference in ages (Jacelyn is 13 and Isaiah is 4) I didnt know how it would go but they are like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

This Friday, I am THANKFUL for my new family and our babies.

281 to Cameron Crew!!

R.I.P Etta James

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party Party Party!!

I was on the phone with my BFF Brandy this morning and she and I were talking about Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.... Man it all is coming so quickly.

When you think about all the things that happen in wedding planning, you forget the different parties that come along with it. It will be nice to be able to bond with he girls and to hear from everyone their advise on Marriage and Life. I am excited to see what the girls have planned and hope that I dont end up in a trunk of a car somewhere or with a missing tooth like The Hangover....LOL

Team Jascott is ready to party..... 282

Sherri Shepherd Wedding Video

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Honeymooners Make

Your honeymoon will be great because you’ll be far away from wedding stress with your shiny new husband.

By Meredith Bodgas

Choosing a Site-Seeing Destination When You Just Want to Relax

A friend and her hubby traipsed around Europe for their honeymoon…until the bride collapsed into a puddle of tears on an Italian sidewalk halfway through the vacation. Why? Going from landmark to landmark on a schedule in a foreign city where you don’t speak the language can be stressful. Even if sitting on a beach doing nothing sounds just as stressful to you, bake some downtime into your honeymoon itinerary. On that friend’s advice, Paul and I saved Italy for our one-year wedding anniversary.

Booking an All-Inclusive Hotel in a Destination Known for Great Food

Another friend went with her honey to Aruba and stayed at what may be the sole all-inclusive hotel on the island. She wound up venturing outside of the resort one night to sample the local fare and was blown away. She regretted taking the hotel’s meal plan because their food wasn’t as good as the unaffiliated restaurants there.

Cheaping Out on the Flights

Flying first-class just isn’t an option for many honeymooners (it wasn’t for me!), but you shouldn’t feel like you’re roughing it for this celebratory vacation. A friend had a harrowing experience on a discount airline (I’m talking a rung or two below JetBlue) during her honeymoon, and she was shaken up for the rest of the trip. Another honeymooner I know chose to save some dough by taking flights with multiple connections. Sure enough, that bride and groom missed their last flight and lost a day of their honeymoon, chilling in an airport.

Cheaping Out on the Hotel Room

Sure, in site-seeing locales you won’t spend all that much time in your room. Everywhere else though, a nice room is worth a little splurge. No, you don’t need the honeymoon suite (what would you do with the extra room anyway? Wait, don’t answer that), but you do need enough space for your luggage and a comfy bed. Ambiance couldn’t hurt, either. After all, you will be having lots of sex on this vacation, won’t you?

Taking Too Little or Too Much Time Off

Yes, there really is such a thing as a too-long honeymoon, especially in a destination where there isn’t much to do. And of course, spending just a few days in a locale that took you a couple days to fly to isn’t worth your time or money.

Leaving Too Soon After the Wedding

There is something very romantic about exiting your wedding reception and piling into a limo that whisks you off to an airport. It’s also a bit unnerving because there are so many details to work out (stowing your luggage and passport in a safe place, assigning someone to take all of your wedding presents home, finding a place in the airport to change out of your wedding attire). Plus, you will be exhausted after your own wedding, not wanting to think about catching a flight. Paul and I left two days after our wedding, which still didn’t seem like enough time to decompress, open gifts, and pack for our trip.

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is Me and my Gram.... Today is her 81st Birthday and I wanted to post a photo of her because she is the BEST. She has been there through all my hardships and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life. I remember her meeting Scott for the 1st time and telling me that she could see the love he has for me in his smile and that made me so happy that day. She is my inspiration and if not for her wisdom, I do not know where I would be sometimes... Happy Birthday Gram.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Hero

A couple of days ago, My officiant Jonathan's Dad Bruce took ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. Jonathan lives in Portland and was doing what he could to get to Oceanside (San Diego) ASAP. He was able to fly in Los Angeles but still needed to get to his family. I offered to drive him down and as any Prince Charming would, my fiancee stepped in and said he would go along with me so I would not have to make the 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive back home alone.

So we took a mini road trip last night to help out family and it was the right thing for us to do... More so, he is the BEST FIANCEE EVER for taking the ride with me.... Another one of the many reasons I Love Me Some Him.....

Tamera Mowry-Housley Shares Her 6 Wedding Planning Must-Haves!

Three people you should have leading up to the wedding…

A fiance…who is involved. People always say to the bride, “This is your day!” but I wanted our wedding to be a reflection of both of us. Adam chose three or four things that he really wanted to be involved with—and I let him have at it. He loves taking pictures, so he used photos from our travels to represent a city that we visited at each table. A lot of my family members who lived across country had never met him, so this was an easy way for them to get a glimpse of who I married.

A close friend…who will put things into perspective. There are so many decisions to make—you really need to have a support system around you. My best friend and my cousin flew out from Texas to be there for me, and they were there every step of the way. When things got overwhelming, they’d tell me, “Focus on who you’re marrying—it’s not so much about having everything perfect. You are marrying the man that you love.” That helped me a lot.

A wedding planner…be it a professional or just someone you trust to help you make big decisions (and stick to your budget!). Whoever you have helping you, make sure that you click with her as a person, because you’re going to be together all the time. My planner, Mindy Weiss, is the most humble, caring, genuine person that I’ve met in the whole wedding business. At our first meeting, she said to me, “I can’t promise you a perfect wedding, because there is no such thing. Things will go wrong, but I can promise you you’ll have an amazing time. It’ll be a great wedding.” And that’s exactly what it was. She prepared me for the inevitable from the beginning, and it really helped me along the way. She was so calm, always picking up the pieces. Even when I called her crying, she’d just say, “OK, we’re going to work this out.”

And three things you things you should have on the day of…

Dresses that you and your bridesmaids feel good in. Each of my bridesmaids picked a dress according to her body type. My friend Jessica has beautiful, broad shoulders, so she wore something strapless. Tia was pregnant, so she needed to feel comfortable. And everyone looked gorgeous! As for me, I wore a long, mermaid dress by Carolina Herrera that I dream of renewing my wedding vows in. But I probably wouldn’t have changed three times. When your husband says he can’t find you because you were changing, that’s not good!

Time to yourself. Wendy Raquel Robinson gave me this advice: You’re going to be surrounded by so many people on your wedding day, so whether it’s getting up in the morning and doing yoga or just stretching for a few minutes (which is all I had time to do!), reminisce about all the amazing memories you’ve shared with your fiance. The best thing you can do on your wedding day is be present. Take everything in!

Meaningful music. We had some of our favorite songs playing before the ceremony—“I Die Without You” by P.M. Dawn, “No One” by Alicia Keys and “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison because Adam loves my brown eyes. My close friends would listen to the verses and chuckle because they understood the meaning behind each of our choices.

Wedding Trends 2012 - Wedding Trends | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Wedding Trends 2012 - Wedding Trends Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reflections and Decisions.......

Sometimes when you want to have so many things.... You sometimes to step back and realized that the moments are bigger than the day. We are making decisions on what we will have for the wedding and with budgets and life, we may not get all we want but at the end of the day, we get the ultimate gift in starting our lives together.

I didn't do much wedding dreaming as a little girl but as a woman, it always makes me smile to dream and now to have the reality. Everything will be perfect with what we have.....


Friday, January 13, 2012

Just cause I LOVE IT....

You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there. ― Bob Marley

Dark Night Princess.....LOL

Scott and I are in the process of saving money not only for the Wedding but to move as well.

We live in separate places but you would never really know that seeing as how I spend almost every night with him. I get Jacelyn together and situated at home with my parents and I slip off in the night like Batman, as Isaiah would say, and spend the night in his arms. I get up in the darkness, head home and get myself and Jace out the door for work and school. Its kind of hard to do some mornings but right now it is being done.

It will be nice to get up and not have to worry about going home because I will already be at home. In the meantime, we make the best of what we can do and we go from there.

In his arms is where I belong......288

Martha Stewart Weddings -- Darcy's Weddings Idea of the Day

Martha Stewart Weddings -- Darcy's Weddings Idea of the Day

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

Nailing it!

I am a tomboy by all definitions and one of the things I did as a kid was bite my nails... I know the horror of it all. As I got into High School, The thing for girls to do was to have nails so I figured, in my quest to be more feminine, I would get Acrylic on my nails. From about 10Th grade until July, 2011, I had Acrylic on my nails.... That's over 10 years.

The running joke Scott and I had before we got engaged is that I always said please warn me when you are going to propose to me or do it after I get my nails done so when people ask to see the ring, I wont have to show them jacked up hands....I know it might be vain but a beautiful ring should be shown in all its glory on a pretty hand. ..LOL

I decided that it was time to give my nails a breather and let them be natural and when I took them off, it was so hard to see all the damage that the Acrylic had done to my fingers. There were so days when I wanted to throw in the towel and go to the nail shop and say forget it, acrylic me back up. I held on and kept strong and today my nails look like this...

I am not ready to be a Hand Model but it is a start and by the time the wedding gets here, I'm sure they will be better. Although I miss having longer nails, its nice to see that my hands still look feminine with out all the extras.

289 till He is all mines.....LOL

Becoming one of my favorite songs......

Hitched: Why Do I Have To Invite Strangers To My Wedding? - The Frisky

Hitched: Why Do I Have To Invite Strangers To My Wedding? - The Frisky

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is from New Years Eve with Scott and I playing with Photo Booth on my iPad. This was just a silly moment after the clock struck Midnight and our 1st picture of 2012... Gotta love us!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cameron Engagement Shoot | weddinggawker

Readers- Here is a great site to find out ideas/information for weddings. I submitted Scott and I's engagement video and they posted it...YAY!

Cameron Engagement Shoot weddinggawker

The List Begin

My Mom and Dad asked me last night if I had a copy of our wedding guest list... Of course I have one but I know that it needs to be modified. I LOVE the idea that everyone is so excited for us to get married but I am also realistic in knowing that we are not going to be able to invite everyone as well. I am sure I will have a few bruised egos that will come my way in the next few months but I don't think that people truly understand the cost of a wedding and how much of that we are truly paying.

So back to the list.... There are so many list I have right now going on and here are just a few

1. Wedding Guest List
2. Bridal Shower Guest List
3. Bachelorette Guest List
4. Rehearsal List

I'm hoping that here are not too many more list in our future (Who am I kidding??) but I hope most that people understand that we are limited in having people share in our special day.... Readers, how are you handing your guest list issues??

Style Guide: Casual - Project Wedding

Style Guide: Casual - Project Wedding

Monday, January 9, 2012

Discount Double Check

Totally UN-Wedding but Scott, I and the kids LOVE this commercial

The Wedding Account

Scott started Our Wedding Account when he decided that he wanted to marry me and wanted to put funds up for my ring. After we became engaged, we converted the account into the account were we would transfer money for the wedding. I can say, it is one of the smartest things we have done for our wedding. Its nice to know that its there and we can go and pay for things and not be in debt when the day comes.

I totally recommend having a wedding account and saving your funds if you need to. It will be nice for us to be in the black to start our lives together as The Cameron's.

292 days till Mr and Mrs.........

Friday, January 6, 2012

Love This Song and This Couple.....

Yes, The shoes are a factor....

I am at a cross roads when it comes down to wedding shoes. I have made a deal with Scott that I would wear heels for the Wedding Ceremony and Photos and switch over to comfortable shoes for the Reception. I have a love/hate relationship with heels... I love them and want to own many pairs but with a knee injury from cheer, I cant have them on for too long.

In my hunt for the perfect shoe, I saw a photo of this shoe....

but I can not find it ANYWHERE... :(


Here are a few choices that I am thinking about getting....

And if I change up for the reception... Here are a few choices

So the hunt is on..... Red shoe, size 10 and FAB!!

295 till forever....

Bank Refuses Wedding Checks Because Bride Kept Her Maiden Name | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Bank Refuses Wedding Checks Because Bride Kept Her Maiden Name Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Team Jascott

I tend to believe that I am a social person and when it came down to selecting a Bridal Party, I knew that it was going to be tough. I have a great group of friends that I love like sisters but I knew there was no way for me to have 27 bridesmaids (LOL) so here are my 5........

Tai- Maid of Honor

Brandy- Maid of Honor

Sheauen- Matron of Honor

Airika- Bridesmaid

Ingrid- Bridesmaid

And you know there was no way I was not going to include Hook and Crook in the wedding....

Jacelyn and Xzyria- Junior Bridesmaids

This is my team and I am PROUD to have them stand my my side on our wedding day!

Kem - I Can't Stop Loving You

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pinterest Photo Fun

The Dream is becoming The Reality

So when I was about 14 years old or so, I had a High School health class project to plan my wedding, It was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. I even remember having dreams about a wedding but it would always stop at my veil being lifted to see the groom's face. For awhile I didn't understand the dream until recently when I figured that the dream had to become a reality for me to see it completed.

I have the same dream a few nights ago but this time, I saw Scott and in my deep sleep I was relieved to see his face seeing as how before I was unable to see any one's face. I think in some instances it was God's way of telling me to be patience and wait for my time to happen. The funnier part of it all is that here I am today about to be a Bride this year and I never thought it would actually happen.

After all the years I watched friends find love, get married and have families, it is now our time to do the same. It is our year and nothing can turn my smile upside down....

297 to go.....

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is courtesy of one of our followers and the coolest Princess on the Earth.

Scott and I use to go to a bar, Saints and Sinners, for Happy Hour when we worked together and we met Lyndsey aka Princess Lyndsey who worked there as a bartender. She has become one of our favorite people ever and this a pic of us on St. Patrick's Day a few years ago. Welcome to our blog Princess.....XOXO

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Wedding Song

10 Better Ways to Show Your Love

Make a Decision

This list works from four principles: making, giving, doing, saying. That is the order of things, too. Making is first. First thing: make a decision. For instance, decide: you are not afraid (not afraid to pick out flowers or to say what you think). Decide: you are not worried about yourself (and what you might or might not get from this endeavor). Decide: you don't deserve anything from love, so you expect nothing. (This, friends, is power.) Make a decision that recognizes that the only thing you can control is your own behavior.

Make Food

Observe what she likes. Stock your kitchen. Start with a small plate of at least three well-chosen elements: olives, chocolate, expensive cheese. Like that. Move on to breakfast if you're lucky (learn how to cook an omelet), or to dinner's humblest offerings: a savory soup, salad, bread and expensive store-bought dessert. Don't apologize for your shortcomings as a cook. Making food is an assertion of capability. Even a bad meal, made for another, tells that person you will try, that you will come back stronger and better informed.

Give a Gift

Pick it by laying your hands on it. This implies: getting off the couch and giving something that matters. Forget the Internet. Forget anything you can order over the Internet: flowers, perfume, suggestions for the reading club, shake-weights. The Internet is a gas cloud of binary code — long strings of ones and zeros. Don't give in to the coding. Instead, give her something off your dresser. Give her a drawer in your dresser. Give her an order of take-out sushi at work. Then, forgetting reciprocation entirely, assess how that makes you feel.

Give Compliments

Lead with one when you walk in the room. Pull her aside for another when you leave the room together. Mean what you say. Women listen to what you appreciate in them. Don't lie about her hair if you don't really like it.

Give Your Appreciation

I asked my girlfriend: How did your dad show your mom that he loved her? Her response: "Ceaseless appreciation of everything she did for him. He treated everything she did as if it were a surprise, as if it were the first time he'd ever had her chili or smelled her perfume. He noted every routine kindness. And he loved her the same way, consistently, even when she got fat." Don't worry about this last thing. Just appreciate what you have and it won't be an issue anyway.

Make a Gesture of Your Very Own

When I was fourteen I opened my family's refrigerator one evening and discovered a plate of antipasto in which every piece of food on the plate had been cut in the shape of Valentine hearts. I pulled it out, went and thanked my mom who was watching TV. She smiled and said, "That's for me. I can't stand that salty meat, so I left it there all day just to look at it. That's how your father lets me know he loves me." My father had, before leaving the house that morning, shaped everything on every flat surface into hearts. "It's his little thing. It's what he does," my mother said. "It's so corny, but it works." I've never tried it. That was his material. But I got the point. Small gestures are a pleasure of love.

Be Dominant

Aggressiveness and strength can be a form of completion. Saying what you want, even gruffly, is a means of telling the person you are speaking to that you actually want them, particularly. The message here is: Be strong. Don't be constantly compliant and cooperative. Women want to be heard, but they don't want to push you around. So — despite all my urging to be humble, self-contained, to strip yourself of expectations — be honest about what you need, what you like and what you want. Don't force it, but don't back off either.

Be Passive

I'm talking about letting the needs of the other supersede the needs of the self. Surrender. Give in. Do what she wants, the way she wants it. You can be sure a good woman knows the value of a small surrender. Despite the moronic hegemony of lite-beer commercials in the framing of American male self-conception, there is nothing wrong with going shopping now and then, in reading a book she gives you, in listening to her expansive stories about conflicts at work. You want her to watch games with you, to watch you play softball, to sit around and eat wings once in a while, right? Lookie there, I'm in the middle of a Miller Lite commercial as we speak.

Tell Her What You Are

Make a list of all your flaws, foibles and missteps. Be honest. A legal pad is your best friend here. Just put your head down and admit your shortcomings, your weaknesses, your mistakes. Use numbers. Remember: Don't sell it. Just tell it. You will never be sorry you did, not five days later, or five years. Don't ask for forgiveness. This is an assertion, too, not an apology. If you're lucky, she'll be inspired to do the same. And the two of you will undo years of deception. Save your best stuff if you must, leave blank lines, whatever. But understand that if you are not willing to open up in this way, at least in some fashion, then you probably aren't in love.

Just Show Up

And tell her something. Deliver the message in person. Avoid texting, cell phones, e-mails. Walk to your car, drive across the city, find a parking spot, go into her office, suffer the niceties and small talk of her inane office workers, greet her, pull her to the side and tell her that you were thinking about how much you love the way she looks in her underwear. She'll know what you did to get there, that it meant something to you. She'll understand the geography you crossed to get to this point and apprehend the pure outlines of your desire. You can also tell her you love her this way. But personally, I'd wait on that.


I am not big on making resolutions for New Years but here are a few things I do want to try and change for 2012.....

1. Making Healthier Choices for myself and my family
2. Staying in touch with people more because you just never know anymore
3. Commit myself to having a more positive outlook on life and everything in it
4. Blog more.... Its good for my soul
5. Spend more time with Jacelyn and Isaiah
6. Spend more time with Scott .... :)
7. Keep my stress level down
8. Do more for the community/world
9. Finish writing my story/book
10. Become Mrs. Jasmine Cameron


Now that we have officially hit 2012.... I am back in full Bridal mode. I feel like Scott and I are ahead of the game with some things and there are a few other things that we need to do along the way and work out the details for. I feel like a little kid waiting for summer to get here and be out of school except for this summer, I will be moving and by fall instead of going to school, I will be a wife.

I have yet to order my dress but I am excited to do that. I looked at the picture of it last night and I am soooooo excited to get it and see the reaction on Scott's face when I walk down the aisle. I am working with the bridesmaids on their dresses being ordered and looking for sure as well...

Im sure over the next few weeks, my checkoff list will dwendle down but for now I have to attck it full on.

How crazy is it that its 2012???

5 Desserts to Consider - Project Wedding

5 Desserts to Consider - Project Wedding