Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And we're off !!!

We are off to Napa/Sonoma for our Mini Moon! Hope everyone is good... See ya soon!

Jasmine Cameron

Monday, October 29, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today is the day!!!!

Today is finally here and we will become Mr. & Mrs. Cameron!!! Thanks to everyone for your love, prayers and best wishes!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Blogger Buddies,

Thank You for all your comments , post, words of encouragement and love during this ride of wedding! It's so much appreciated.

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to Los Angeles!! Lets party!

Dear Wedding,

Your finally here. I am so excited to see our hard work come to life... Time for the show!

Dear Scott,

Tomorrow you will become my husband. Thank you for restoring apart of my heart that I never thought would feel love again. Thank You for being a father to Jacelyn and treating her like your own . Hopefully you won't need your tweezers tomorrow (Insider). Love You Mr.Cameron.

1 day till The Big Day!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Call in All Favors Now!

Remember 6 months ago when Aunt Sue said just to give her a call if there was anything she could do to help out?  And when your friend Tiff - the one that's really handy with a needle and thread, offered her assistance too?   You're finally in the final countdown to your wedding date and it's time to take advantage of all those willing helping hands.
If you're anything like the rest of us, you're feeling quite overwhelmed!  There's less than a week left before the big day and still so many little things to do.  Friends and family members love to share the joy of a new marriage and are usually more than willing to lend a hand.  These last few days are the times you'll need (and appreciate) that assistance the most.
What Else Needs to be Done? 
Take out your planning checklist - by now, you may have two or three different ones!  Put together a final list of all the little things that still need to be tended to for a perfect wedding event.  Is your gift table ready?  Are there any last minute touches needed on decorations?  Will your caterer be setting up all the serving stations at the reception or is it your responsibility?
Other details that may require some assistance include:
  • Finalizing the ceremony program.
  • Arranging wedding favors.
  • Setting out place cards for the reception.
  • Watering plants at the location sites.
  • Setting up tables and chairs if your venue or caterer doesn't handle this.
  • Last-minute touches to any handmade elements of your wedding.
Depending on your plans, there may be other minor tasks that require attention before everything's ready for perfection.
Finding Willing Hands
In a perfect wedding planning world, you would have a list of everyone who has offered their help over the past months with notes about the things they would prefer to do.  But in most of our real lives, we're lucky to remember the names of our bridesmaids when the wedding date gets this close!
Take your final checklist to your parents and future in-laws and discuss which family members would be suitable for some of these details.  Talk with your bridal party for input as well.  Once you have a list of names and numbers, make a few phone calls and enlist the help of those who have the time to pitch in.  Even small weddings require a great deal of planning and preparation - you can't do it by yourself so don't be afraid to ask for help!  

Photo of The Week

This Photo of the Week is of our favor boxes. My Mother on Law has been working on putting them together and they look great!

Almost there .....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

7 Ways To Ensure You Look Fabulous On Your Big Day

Deciding on a makeup artist for your special day is a huge decision! Whether we believe it or not we are highly egotistical creatures. If someone showed you a picture of yourself in a group you would automatically look at yourself first and the first thing you will check out is the expression on your face.
With that said, after the most expensive four hours of your life, i.e. your wedding, is over, the only thing you will have aside from your memories are the pictures. Picking out your wedding day look isn't as simple as picking out a cake flavor. You need to make sure that the particular look you select will look amazing five feet away and 25 feet away. You need to make sure it will be natural enough that your garden pictures in daylight don't look like a montage from "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." And bold enough that in dim candle lighting across a banquet hall you can still see gloss, glow and contour. It needs to last all day -- from "I do" to the last dance. And most importantly it needs to meet the standards of modern technology -- meaning that you look great in person, in still photography, and in video.

As much as I wish I had fairy powers to make sure that every bride's makeup meets the below criteria, I do not. But with this criteria handy, you can make sure your artist is versed in the ways of the fairy.
  1. Make sure your artist is using a primer! Silicone-based primers are the best. Silicone fills in fine lines, wrinkles, pock marks and blocks the sebaceous glands from producing oil. It also is noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic -- which means it doesn't harbor or produce bacteria. In layman's terms, it keeps your makeup on all night and keeps you from sweating!
  2. Foundation. A foundation can make or break your wedding day look. You basically want to re-create the way shadow and light naturally bounces off the skin in the finish of the foundation you select. If you go too matte, your skin will not deflect light at all and you will end up absorbing a ton of light -- making your face look eons lighter than the rest of your skin. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the "J-Lo glow" should be created with bronzers and luminizers, not the foundation. If you go too dewy all over the skin it will just attract way too much light, making you look more like a golden ball than a bride.

  3. Neutral Palette. I get it -- some girls love makeup and love color! But color is more of a trend and is something I tell my brides to save for the bachelorette party. That is this time to take your electric eel shadow and go from lash line to brow with no mercy in intensity. But your wedding day is a different story. Your artist can deliver just as much oomph with neutral colors and it allows the look to have a more timeless quality. Thirty years from now, you don't want to look at your pictures -- the ones super-tight, on your face, next to your flowers pictures -- and say "Wow, my eye shadow is the same shade as my roses!" You want to say "I looked gorgeous." So keep it neutral!

  4. No Frost! Frost is a photographer's worst nightmare. It creates holey pixels in photos and glares back at videographers. It is the number one no-no for brides. So as much as you LOVE your pink freeze and your nylon -- let your brow bone breathe! Stick to matte finishes and if in doubt, nothing on the brow bone. Take photos as you do your makeup trial, too -- if something is glaring back and you and seems too white on an iPhone, there is no telling what it will look like against a real photographer's flash.

  5. Picking a lip color. A lip color can make or break your wedding day look. Amazing eyes can turn heroine chic if the lip is too light and Robert Palmer-esque if the lips are too red. Keep it peachy -- and definitely not blue-based. Blue-based colors bring out the yellow in teeth, and if your teeth don't even have yellow, against certain lip colors, they will look like a witch's! Stick to yellow-based colors -- cool colors -- as they brighten up your teeth and compliment your eyes. Some of my favorite bridal colors are MAC'S spice liner and angel lipstick with a generous coat of love nectar lipgloss. Also YSL makes long wearing peachy pinks to die for!

  6. Avoid Period Makeup! I get it -- you have a birdcage veil, a 20's flapper-inspired gown and chandeliers galore around the event, but if you go too 20's with the makeup, you might look like you just finished an off-broadway show. Keep the makeup fresh, timeless and modern. Do what's best for your eyes -- not Marilyn's.

  7. Set it and forget it! After your makeup is done, your artist should seal in their work with an incredible setting spray! It will keep your makeup on all night and in some cases it can ensure a particular finish on your look. Urban Decay's "All Nighter" and the infamous "Model in a Bottle" are my absolute go-tos.


Yesterday I was at work and my job Surprise me with a Bridal Shower.... So sweet. My boss set it up to call me for a meeting during lunch time (That's when I should have known) but I didn't pick up on it right away. Everyone was so sweet and gave Scott and I some good gifts. Here are a few pictures from the Shower....

Monday, October 22, 2012

For you JC......

Sometimes things happen in life that we don't quite understand. We look for the words to comfort us, the smile to warm our hearts back up and each breath to let us know that it is going to be OK. Now with the days coming closer to the wedding and today especially, we all miss you more than we can say. I would give anything to have you be here because I know more than anything you would want the same. I hope you have a fly dress to wear on Saturday in heaven because we will have a party here on earth. I Love You JC.. more than I got a chance to really let you know.

Music Monday: Frank Sinatra- "It had to be you"

Final Date Night, Playoff Battles and Bring it ON!

Hello my Blogger Buddies.. Here is my final weekend recap as Miss. Pettaway!!!
Friday after work, I went to the Spa for a Bridal Facial. Since they are having Spa Week specials, I got 50% off my facial which was awesome. It was nice and quiet when I went in and something I needed to start the weekend off right.

After my face was all clean and shiny... Scott and I went on our final date night as fiancees. We went over to Smitty's (One of our favorites) for dinner and Pop and Champagne for desserts and Champagne of course. Here are a few pictures from the night:

My Handsome Fiancee/Soon to be Husband

A Toast to us... The Cameron's

Ahi Tuna..... SO GOOD

His Fillet Mignon Burger

My Pot Pie...

Notice the J on it... It was meant for me to have.....LOL

Pop and Champagne... This place always makes me happy

Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Hazelnuts... Yummers

Champagne Flights... I had the Pretty In Pink ones...
Saturday Morning we woke up and I had to get Jacelyn over to Delta Academy. It was held at my High School Alma Mater and it was nice to see the school still looks the same after all this time.....

Tarbabes for LIFE!
 While she was there, I got to get come cleaning done for the crazy week ahead. Jacelyn had a game later that afternoon and the Panther Midgets are going to Round 2 of the Playoffs. I will miss it this weekend because of the wedding but I am so excited for them and I know the boys will do a great job. One of our players is hurt so he was on the sideline with the girls and I got a great picture of them all lined up on the bench..

Get well soon Roujae!
After the game, I made a quick stop at the San Antonio Winery. It is very close to the game site so I was able to get Cider for the kids and Wine for the adults.

It was so close that I had to stop in and I am glad I did!

Saturday night, Jacelyn spent the night with the Cheerleaders, Scott had his Bachelor party (which I heard was a good time) and I went out with the girls on the town for the evening. Sorry I didn't get any pictures but it was nice to spend some time with Brandi, Chi, Aireah, Ashley, Diana and Mechelle.
Sunday was Cheer Competition Day! The girls have been working hard all season and it was time to BRING IT ON!
The competition went well and all of our divisions qualified for REGIONALS!!! GO PANTHERS!
Here are a few pictures from the day....

Her Cheer Bag... So Cute!


My baby ready to hit the floor... In that red lipstick!

Proud Mommy!
After competition, we headed home to see that Mimi is Here! Scott's Mom arrived last night and will be with us for the week. Isaiah also came over last night to spend the week with us as well. As you can see, All my loves are together and I am loving it.


Here is what is on tap for this week:
1. Finalize Seating Chart
2. Confirm Guest
3. Cupcake Boxes
4. Get Jazz set up with a Kennel
5. Beauty Line Up
6. Close out at work
7. WEDDING!!!!!!!!!
5 days until forever is true..........

What to Do the Day Of - Project Wedding

What to Do the Day Of - Project Wedding

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jewelry Store Offer: Buy a Wedding Ring, Get a Free Gun

A whole new meaning to 'shotgun wedding'.

Heads up, extreme couponers, hunters and the betrothed! A jewelry store in Iowa has an interesting proposal for customers looking to, well, propose.

Beginning this Thursday, Jewelry By Harold will begin offering a free shotgun for customers who purchase a diamond engagement ring.

"I'm a little bit of a crazy guy," Harold van Beek, the store's owner, tells MSN's The Heart Beat. "So one of the most important things in life is fun, and yeah…deer season is coming up in Iowa, and I like to hunt myself."

Essentially, the offer is an incentive for those hunting for both game and marriage. Anyone who purchases a diamond ring from Harold before October 31st will receive a voucher to pick up their free Remington 870 at Fin and Feather in Iowa City. Harold explains:
"I went to the local outdoor store, to the hunting department, and I talked to them. I bought my shotgun there myself, and I said, 'If I want to buy this shotgun for my customers, are you willing to participate?' And they said yes."

He adds that he's been so busy with his new business, he hasn't had much time to go out and hunt (deer, that is—not marriage). So perhaps this is Harold's way of mixing business with pleasure.

"I thought this is probably something cool. And something unexpected."

Hash Tags

Cameron Wedding Guest:
Use the following tags to celebrate us through Social Media on our Special Day

How to Tell Your Friend She Isn't a Bridesmaid

You know when you have a best friend but then you realize that they're YOUR best friend but you're not THEIR best friend? That happened to me a few years ago. This wasn't just any friend. To me, she was a she-would-be-a-bridesmaid-in-my-wedding kind of friend. After hearing the news of her engagement, I was eagerly awaiting my bridesmaid's duties. Days turned into weeks and I still hadn't heard anything. After a few months and no phone call, I realized that the bride hadn't lost my number... translation: I wasn't a bridesmaid.

The wedding was a whole new kind of uncomfortable. Throughout the ceremony, friends of the bride would get up to read a poem, sing a prayer and say something sweet about the couple. I'm telling you, knives through the heart. The real kicker was when I overheard someone say, "I'm so happy I was able to find a yellow dress! When the bride called and told me that special people were going to be wearing yellow..." My ears couldn't take in anything else. My heart was already broken.

It seems obvious, right? "If I don't ask her to be a bridesmaid then she isn't going to be one." You know your relationships with your girlfriends, so you know who is expecting to be in your wedding. There are numerous reasons for not having someone be a bridesmaid. You might want to only have your sisters if you have a lot of them. You may have other closer friends who you would rather have in the wedding than her. She might just be annoying and you don't want to deal with her closely for the next year. Any of these reasons are completely understandable but if this friendship means anything to you, you'll go ahead and approach this situation head-on.

First, I suggest finding a way to incorporate her into your big day so that she knows she is still important to you. Reading a poem during the ceremony is an excellent way to involve your girlfriend. Another idea that I took from my non-bridesmaid experience was to ask her to wear a dress that matches the colors of your wedding. I swear, if my friend had asked me to wear a yellow dress, it would have made the sting of not being in her wedding less painful.

Second, after you've decided on what role you would like for her to play during your wedding, I suggest inviting your girlfriend out for coffee to explain to her that she isn't going to be a bridesmaid but you would like her to do A, B, C or D. Nine times out of 10, she'll be happy and relieved that she wasn't completely left out.

I know this seems like a lot of work but try it. If she isn't happy with the effort that you made, there isn't anything you can do at that point. At least you'll be able to say that you thought of her and incorporated her. I promise, you'll thank me later.

Friday Letters

Dear Week,
You really did a number on me but it has made me stronger and giving me a new perspective on people in general.. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life...
Dear Wedding,
Who's 8 days away....YOU ARE!!!
Dear Jacelyn,
What a weekend you have coming up. Delta Academy and Cheer Competition! I am so PROUD of you and all of your accomplishments! Love You Mini Me.
Dear Family,
I cant wait to see you all this week coming up! We are going to have a great time and make some great memories.
Dear Body,
After the wedding, I promise we will get it together and be better.
Dear Scott,
I am excited for our date night... Our last date as fiancees. I cant wait to be your wife and spend the rest of our lives together. Lets toast it up! O, and enjoy your night out with the guys on Saturday! XOXO

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Hottest Wedding Trends

Color Combinations

Berry and metallic color palettes are all the rage, frothy hi-lo hemline ball gowns are hot, and cocktail hours -- they've never been more fun.

The hottest wedding color palettes for the season are light, crisp and airy hues mixed with deeply saturated pops of color. Think: metallic gold and silver accented with bright berry red; muted slate gray and deep emerald green; or champagne paired with magenta and purple.


Also big?
Ivory weddings with hits of black, blush and champagne for the epitome of a formal sophisticated affair.

Stationery Trends

The trend for invitations this year is to go simple and muted in color and design, marked with statement details like bold calligraphy, patterned envelopes or an interesting wrap. We'll see lots of cozy accents to get guests in the mood for fall, like lace-like patterns and belly bands and illustrated autumn leaves and trees.


Also big?
Foil-printed monograms and accents -- in metallic gold and silver, and even colors like purple, green and pink.

Dress Trends

Frothy, airy ball gown wedding dresses have been popular all year. This season, the new twist on the ball gown is the hi-lo hemline. Bonus: The higher hemline in the front will highlight your fabulous shoes!


Also big?
Dresses with beautiful backs -- we're talking plunging V-backs, lace-appliqued backs and even sheer backs with painted floral designs.

Hair and Beauty Trends

The look for wedding hair and makeup right now is decidedly soft and romantic. Natural waves and braids and sideswept chignons topped off with a fresh flower crown or a traditional veil with a blusher are all the rage. For makeup, it's all about a crisp natural look and a bold red or berry lipstick.


Also big?
Dramatic plum lipstick -- inspired by the fall ready-to-wear fashion runways.

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

The trendiest bridesmaid dresses are long and flowy designs in formal hues like berry, plum and navy. Vary the necklines so that every bridesmaid gets to wear a flattering design.


Also big?
Knee-length dresses with peplum skirts and structured bodices -- perfect for a chic city wedding.

Reception Decor Trends

This season, event and floral designers are taking the cozy reception vibe up a notch by adding lots of monochromatic texture to tabletops. Long farm-style wooden tables topped with white lace, raw silk or crocheted runners and low, lush floral arrangements (that don't block conversation) will create an intimate vibe.


Also big?
Cocktail and reception lounges featuring hay bales, quilts and a bonfire, complete with s'mores, for a country wedding; or big easy chairs and cozy couch vignettes for a ballroom or country club wedding.

Flower Trends

The hottest arrangements are richly hued textural designs. For example, bright berry red in-season dahlias paired with lotus pods and fiddlehead ferns. Mixed metal vases, votives and vessels (especially in gold) are also hot.


Also big?
Cascade bridal bouquets made up of fall seasonal flowers like dahlias, sedum and even hypericum berries.

Wedding Cake Trends

Cake bakers are invoking the taste of the season through mouthwatering flavors and frosting like blackberry buttercream and vanilla bean with a hint of cinnamon. Design-wise, classic reigns -- tall round cakes with a pop of bright sugar flowers is the must-have cake style.


Also big?
More cake! Cake table buffets and dessert bars filled with fall-flavored desserts like pumpkin spice cake with maple cream cheese frosting, cranberry bread and gingersnaps are huge.

Food Trends

For reception menus, it's not your standard chicken and potatoes -- wedding caterers are designing tasting plate menus that highlight the season: small dishes of pumpkin sage ravioli topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and parmesan; romaine hearts and mesclun with apples and gorgonzola; striped sea bass topped with a fig tapenade; and more.

Also big?
Cheese tables, cheese plates and even cheese carts -- fun for the cocktail hour or even served alongside wedding cake!

Cocktail Trends

Going right along with the food trends, signature cocktails that really highlight seasonal ingredients are must-haves. Bourbon apple ciders, pear margaritas or vodka concord grape puree are just a few ideas.


Also big?
Flights of craft beer during cocktail hour as a fun activity or at dinner, paired with each tasting plate.

The Art And Soul Of Engagement Photographs

"Will you marry me?" he asked, or she asked. Well, someone asked and the answer was a resounding "YES" There is undoubtably a ring, perhaps tears, or laughter, or both. Kisses, lots of kisses. Phone calls. And then at some point the wedding panning begins. You have now entered your "engagement" period.

Now you know, for sure, that this is the person you are going to spend your life with. Maybe you had an inkling of it along the way, but now you KNOW. There is a beauty, a peace in knowing. Whether a brief or very long engagement, this is a very special time in every couple's relationship. Chances are many discussions and most of your focus becomes the plans for your big day. And certainly a wedding is a wonderful, heartfelt celebration.

But what about your engagement? A wedding is a day in our lives, a special day to be sure. But in comparison to an engagement, it is a brief moment in time that, as we all know, is most likely going to be very well documented. Of course, as a wedding photographer, this is a very important part of my life. To be absolutely clear I LOVE weddings. I am a true romantic and love the variations of affection and vows and decor from couple to couple. I feel very lucky to photograph so many weddings. I just feel the need to point out that an engagement is just as important as a wedding. It is, in my humble opinion, a right of passage. And as such must be honored and treated with respect. It is not merely a "waiting" period, but rather most couples are navigating the treacherous terrain of each other's families and customs and seating preferences, oh my. Couples that stand side by side through this process, and remain reasonably unfettered, are laying the foundation for a strong marriage. For we all know how complex family dynamics can be (if you don't believe me, just wait til you have children). Anyhow, my point is this....


I think we all can agree that pregnancy is a significant part, for many people, of becoming a parent. And birth, all though a rather important moment in all our lives like a wedding day, is just a moment. The life of a child and our journey as parents is most like a marriage, it is longer and more complicated than anyone can really imagine or explain. (I realize some people adopt and become parents in different, beautiful ways, I'm merely trying to make the point that an engagement period is an important one). With that said....

Your engagement is a vital, magical part of your relationship. I believe that documenting this time in your love story is absolutely worthwhile. If you are able to set aside the time and are financially able, by all means hire a professional photographer to capture engagement photographs of you and your betrothed. If you are not, do not throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, and scrap the idea of engagement photos all together. Instead, recruit a friend or family member (preferably someone you feel comfortable showing your affection to each other in front of) to take engagement photographs of you. Treat it like a special occasion. Carve out some time, so you do not feel rushed. Be thoughtful about your outfit. Pick a place that is beautiful, or has special meaning to you. So something that celebrates this incredibly meaningful time in your life....please...

I speak not only as a photographer, but as a former bride who did not do any engagement photographs. At the time of our engagement, life was busy, plus I was trying to scrape together every penny we had to put towards our wedding (which was indeed magical). But i could kick myself for not taking the time to do engagement photos. It was such a happy time for us, and seriously I have so many friends who are photographers. What was i thinking???

Let me leave you with this: no matter how beautiful and amazing your wedding is -- and your subsequent wedding photographs are -- you can only blow up and frame so many images from your wedding before you freak your friends out. Engagement images have a more day-to-day feel and you can display them here and there with more freedom. On a more personal note, after our wedding, on a trip to France, a dear friend took some sweet photos of my husband and I embracing. Last year I framed one and gave it to my husband as a gift. It now sits on his bedside and we both see it every day. The image captured a tender moment between us, one that reflects the sweetness of days gone by that are reminiscent of our courtship. Which, as most married couples will understand, has now been replaced by the demands of day-to-day life and the realities of marriage.

Now don't get me wrong, our marriage is wonderful, but it does lack some of the subtle -- and not so subtle -- sweetness of courtship. I secretly think that seeing this photo of us hugging every day before we go to sleep and again when we wake up in the morning helps us remember to "hug" everyday. And please don't tell but, I pretend it IS our engagement portrait.


Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK to have butterflies in my stomach... I am marrying the man of my dreams in 9 days, so yeah its normal.
Its OK to be excited about taking some time off of work, its needed and healthy for you to do every now and again.
Its OK to worry about everything... Even thought I have decided that at the end of the day all that matters is my name will change.
Its OK to have Ice Cream as often as you like to keep your stress level down... It should be required for all Bride.. Just Sayin'.
Its OK to have some alone time with your fiancee for the wedding, I am so excited for our Final Date Night as Fiancees!
Its OK to just be happy.......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whats in a Name......

Since I am 10 days away from The Wedding.. The Blog Title "Cameron Wedding" is going to have to change... But what shall I change it to??
Here is where you come in.... You have all read my blog (Hopefully) and have entered the world that Scott and I have created so I want to hear from you... What should the blog be renamed? Should I start a new blog and lave this one the same? Tell me what you think and stay tuned to see what name says it all!

Dadmissions: Reasons I Love My Wife

When my wife and I got married we wrote our own vows. I carefully crafted mine on the morning of the wedding on that piece of cardboard which comes in the package of new underwear. It was an A-Z list of reasons I love my wife. A lot has changed since 2000. So without further ado, I am relaunching an updated Dadmissions list 2.0 of "Reasons I love my wife":

A- Axe body spray- My wife sticks with me even when I apply the Axe body spray like a bug bomb fumigation in our bedroom. Not my fault -- it's supposed to be irresistable.

B- Bat Mitzvanera- My wife sticks with me even when I try to convince her we should one day combine the girls' quinceaneras and their Bat Mitzvahs into one Bat Mitzvanera.

C- Cleanliness- My wife sticks with me despite the beard clippings in the sink, the razor I hide above the bathroom mirror and the random things tossed around the house.

D- Driver's License- My wife stuck with me even when I mistakenly washed her learner's permit in the washing machine so she missed her exam and missed out on a new job.

E- Eating in the car- My wife sticks with me even though I eat in the car, drop chips on the seat and invariably leave my lunch container, which stinks up the car overnight.

F- Facebook- My wife sticks with me despite my growing addiction to Facebook and likes to remind me that she was Dadmissions' first ever fan. #1 Fan.

G- Gas- My wife sticks with me despite the obvious. It's a guy thing. Nothing more to say here.

H- Hickory Farms- Each year for the holidays, she surprises me with the one thing I always wanted... One of those little Hickory Farms trays with crackers, salami and other good stuff.

I- iPad- The gift my wife wishes she never bought me because I spend so much time on it. This is where all the Dadmissions and online posts originate. She still loves me.

J- Jimmy Choo- OK points for me here -- I bought her a pair a couple of years ago. Yep.

K- Kimmel- Jimmy Kimmel -- My wife sticks with me even though I arrive home from work at midnight, turn on the TV in the bedroom and laugh with Jimmy Kimmel Live!

L- Lakers- My wife sticks with me even though she is a die-hard Lakers fan and I am a die-hard Celtics fan and the Celtics have one more championship banner so booyah!

M- M&Ms: My wife sticks with me even though I could pop peanut M&M's all night long.

N- Nails- I don't clip them. I tear them. It's a thing I do. My wife looks the other way.

O- Old Spice- My grandpa used it and 100 years later, I use it. My wife forgives me.

P- Parenting- My wife sticks with me even though I have the parenting skills of a Magic 8 ball... "Dad can I have that"? 8-ball answer: "Could be."

Q- Queazy- I get queazy when the girls mention body parts and boys. Wife still sticks with me anyway, despite the dad shortcomings

R- Rocky- Rocky III to be specific -- my wife stuck with me even though I asked her if we could watch Rocky III in the birthing room on the TV while she was waiting to deliver Alicia.

S- Sweatpants- See my post on the brotherhood of the traveling sweatpants. My wife stays with me even when I go out with my favorite tattered, torn and ripped sweats.

T- Teeth- My wife stuck with me even when I tripped while carrying a speaker, fell into her and chipped her tooth.

U- Underwear- My wife sticks with me despite the fact that I have a pair of boxers with a shark that says "bite me," and another Santa holiday pair that says "ho ho ho."

V- Vienna Fingers- My wife stuck with me even though I lost my wedding ring for three weeks in a half-eaten package of Vienna Fingers cookies.

W- Work- My wife sticks with me even though I work wacky hours and am permanently attached to my Blackberry.

X- X-ray vision- I don't have it. I don't have ANY super powers. My wife still loves me.

Y- Yoga- My wife sticks with me even though I make fun of her yoga, her yogurt, and any of the other healthy things starting with "y."

Z- Zen- My wife sticks with me even though the best Zen I can offer her is a bottle of Pinot Noir and the remote control to watch Lifetime.

Let The Sunshine in.....

10-Day Forecast for Culver City, CA (90230)

Photo of The Week

This Photo of the Week is our Save the Date photo because we are 10 DAYS AWAY FROM THE CAMERON WEDDING!!! I am beyond excited and ready to change my last name!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

20 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

First, Know Your Budget

Have a good idea of what you're ready to spend on flowers before getting your heart set on specific blooms or arrangements. The cost of wedding flowers ranges widely (typically between $2,000 and $6,000) depending on the types of flowers you choose, how delicate those flowers are and, of course, how many arrangements you'll need and how elaborate they'll be. So set your budget, then look for inspiration -- not vice versa.

Then, Spend Wisely

Focus your flower budget on the areas of your wedding that will be in the spotlight. Your bouquet, a signature element at the ceremony (like the huppah or pedestal arrangements) and reception centerpieces should top your list of priorities. Use leftover cash on the extras like decor for the cake table, guest book table and cocktail hour.

Visit a Flower Shop...

There's more to wedding flowers than roses and peonies, so don't miss out on the blooms you didn't even know existed. (Some lesser-known types not to miss: craspedia, proteas, scabiosa and gloriosa lilies.) Find out what's out there in person by taking a walk through the biggest nursery or flower depot near you. Ideally, you'll go exactly one year before your wedding date so you'll see what colors and flowers are in season and will be readily available to you.

...Then Home Depot (Seriously!)

For color inspiration, visit the paint aisle of the local hardware store. Pick up a few swatches that you love and bring them to your meeting with your florist to get each of your creative juices flowing. Other good sources of color: Visit a fabric store, which can drum up ideas for both color and texture, or simply take a look around your apartment to see what colors you loved enough to choose for your home.

Prioritize, Then Plan

Think about how important flowers are to you in the grand scheme of your wedding. If the answer is "very!" then consider planning elements of the day around your dream flowers. For example, if you know you want lots of peonies, pick a date in late spring (when they're in season) and a classic venue to complement them.

Complement What You Love

Speaking of prioritizing, your wedding flowers should enhance whatever element of the day you want to emphasize most. Are you big on food? Plan to have centerpieces that fit in with the dishes on the table, like low, long centerpieces in wooden containers. Want your wedding party to be the stars of the show? Spend extra effort planning individualized bouquets and boutonnieres for them.

Look to Your Dress

As one of the first major purchases you're bound to make, your dress can inspire the style of your entire wedding and your flowers -- especially your bouquet. Choose a floral design that will photograph well with your gown. If you buy a sleek, sheath dress, a simple bouquet of calla lilies and similar arrangements will accent it well, while a loose, just-picked bunch of wildflowers looks great with a romantic, lacy gown. Also something to take into consideration: your height! If you're petite, ask for a smaller bouquet that won't overwhelm your frame.

Complement Your Venue

Once you book your reception site, choose flowers that will look like they belong there (wild, rustic flowers might look odd in a formal ballroom, while glam arrangements decked out with crystals might not fit with a garden venue). Take into consideration the height of the ceilings (high rafters call for taller centerpieces, which might look cramped in a space with low ceilings). If your florist isn't familiar with the venue, plan a site visit so you both know what you're working with.

Think in Seasons

Don't make decisions about flowers or colors before knowing what blooms are available for your wedding date. Spring and summer have the biggest selection of flower types and colors, while you'll be more restricted in fall and winter. Peonies, cherry blossoms, ranunculus, lilacs and anemones are popular blooms that have limited peak seasons. Some top flowers that are available year-round: roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas and cymbidium orchids.

Pick a Personality

Still stumped about your flower style? Rummage through your closet. Who's your favorite fashion designer? If it's Kate Spade, maybe your flowers will be monochromatic, but bold and bright. If your drawers are filled with J. Crew, a preppy, streamlined look might be for you. Consider putting together an inspiration board of a few things you love -- a photo of your favorite dress, a vintage postcard and a swatch of fabric, for example -- to show your florist your style.

Don't Expect Exact Colors

You might be able to find table linens in that perfect shade of pink, but flowers are a different story. Color-matching with a natural living thing like a flower can be frustrating, if not impossible -- flower colors vary vastly, even if they came from the same plant! Instead, think in terms of color families (think: light greens or pale pinks) rather than precise shades picked out of a Pantone book (like cerulean blue or lavender).

Go Classic for Your Ceremony...

Your ceremony flowers -- the bouquets, boutonnieres and those at the actual site of your vows -- will probably be the most photographed flowers of the day. Keep your ceremony arrangements on the clean and classic side so your pictures will stand the test of time.

...But Creative for Your Reception

For the party, there's much more room for creativity (that's right -- your ceremony and reception flowers don't have to match). If you're itching to experiment with funky colors or unusual arrangements, the reception centerpieces and other decor are the place to do it.

Mind Mother Nature

For an outdoor wedding, your flowers will probably be delivered and installed several hours before the event starts, meaning they might be sitting in the sun. Not all flowers can withstand heat or wind, so work with your florist to choose flowers that'll stay fresh for your venue. The same goes for boutonnieres and fresh flowers for your hair.

Envision Your Tables

When planning your centerpieces, visualize what else will be on the dinner tables. Don't let candles and favors upstage your tall, glam centerpieces. On the other hand, a minimalist arrangement might look too spare if there aren't other accents nearby.

Don't Forget About Your Guests

Don't let your flowers get in the way (literally) of your guests' having a good time. Be sure that centerpieces aren't so large that they'll block conversation across the table. If you opt for tall arrangements, display them in thin vases or clear glass containers so guests can see each other.

Think About Flower Alternatives

Nonbotanical decor can be gorgeous, especially for your reception. For a vintage wedding, a pile of old, meaningful books can make a great centerpiece (not to mention conversation piece) or arrangements of colorful veggies might be just the thing for a barn setting.

Personalize It

Making your wedding flowers extra meaningful can be as simple as adding your grandmother's brooch to your bouquet or carrying the same flowers down the aisle that your mom did -- or it can be as complex as using a photo of your family's home garden to inspire your entire floral vision.

Trust Your Florist

We've heard it over and over: The happiest brides are the ones who picked a florist they loved, then let them do their thing. Most likely, your expert has experience from hundreds of weddings and knows those little secrets about everything from choosing your flowers to last-minute adjustments. So trust her instincts as well as your own.

Show Them Off

After your flowers are set, make sure to show them in their best possible light. Plan for lighting that will enhance their beauty, like pink pin spots to highlight fuchsia centerpieces or amber room lighting to complement romantic all-white flowers. And choose simple, not-too-busy linens that will enhance your flowers, not detract attention from them.

Beyond Petals: 9 Creative Ideas for Your Flower Girls

Guest blogger: Emma Arendoski, founder and CEO of Emmaline Bride, The Wedding Guide for the Handmade Bride, a website dedicated to all things handmade for weddings. Launched in 2009, the site has grown into the leading online voice for handmade weddings. Emma's mission is to empower her readers to support handmade through the use of handcrafted wedding items for all parts of the wedding planning process.

Here, she shares an excerpt from her first book, The Handcrafted Wedding: More Than 300 Fun and Imaginative Handcrafted Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day (Sellers Publishing, October 2012).
flower girl with bridal party
Photo Credit: © 2012 Eric Boneske Photography

The flower girl’s traditional role — besides looking adorable, naturally — is to toss flower petals down the aisle. I say, baskets with petals have held the spotlight for long enough; it’s time to twist tradition a bit with alternatives the flower girl can carry.


 For a fall or Halloween-inspired wedding, have your flower girl carry a small pumpkin or carved jack-o’-lantern down the aisle. Use an LED candle for safety. Keep the pumpkin its natural color, or add a coat of metallic or glitter spray paint. Autumn leaves made of paper can become the new “rose petals.”

Farm-Inspired Basket

 I live in a small town where peaches are a big deal. And, when I say a big deal, I mean there’s an entire week dedicated to a festival of peaches. If you’re planning a homespun woodland- or farmland-inspired wedding, feature homegrown foods by using bushels of fresh fruit throughout your d├ęcor. For the flower girl, fill a small basket with a few peaches, corn husks, or apples in lieu of flowers, with the emphasis placed on items that are light enough for her to carry comfortably down the aisle.


 Have your flower girl carry a lightweight lantern, with a battery-operated light instead of a candle. Add colorful fillers like hot-pink sand, a few gemstones, or seashells. Let her lead the way down the aisle with light rather than petals.


 A flower-girl wand will make her feel like a princess. Create a wand by wrapping ribbon in any shade you like around a wooden dowel, hot gluing it as you wrap. Once you reach the end, glue a few ribbons to the top, making sure the strips are long enough for your flower girl to twirl.

A Love Note

 Before the ceremony, write a short love note for your groom; fold it in half and have the flower girl carry it down the aisle to the groom.

bride with flower girl
Photo Credit: © 2012 Eric Boneske Photography
Sentimental Symbols

 Have your flower girl help you share your love story. For instance, if you met your husband in high school, she can carry your school yearbook down the aisle.

If your groom is a talented guitarist, he may wish to play a song as part of your wedding ceremony. Your flower girl could carry the guitar pick or sheet music down the aisle.

The Vows

 Instead of tucking your vows in a pocket, place them in a box and have your flower girl carry it down the aisle. The box can become a keepsake to house your vows after the wedding.

Announce the Bride’s Arrival

 Have your flower girl walk down the aisle, holding a banner or sign that says, “Here Comes the Bride.” This idea is charming, sentimental, and functional, all rolled into one.

flower girl banner
Photo Credit: © 2012 Thomas Gardella for Michelle Gardella Photography

The Train

 Your flower girl can help the maid of honor carry your train down the aisle. Walk very slowly so she can keep up. Once you get to the end of the aisle, have her place the train gently on the ground (and provide plenty of practice at rehearsal so she’s confident). This idea reminds me of planning my own wedding. When I was trying on wedding dresses, I stood on a dress pedestal — the kind with mirrors all around — to show my mom how the train looked. Without any hesitation, a flower girl from another bridal party walked over to admire the gown, reached down, and fluffed the dress out. She looked up and smiled at me ever so sweetly!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Maysa What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

Saying Goodbye, Wedding Missions and Life at 5

Hey Blogger Buddies. Here is my weekend recap:

Friday I was not on much because I was with my family as we say Good Bye to my Cousin Bernard. He left this earth to be in Heaven on October 2, 2012 and his services were on Friday. I have to admit that it was nice to see everyone but I wish it was a happier time. Families have the tendency to only see each other at weddings, funerals and holidays so I am going to make an effort to be better about spending more time with family other than those occasions.

When I got home on Friday, My Cousins Darryll and Renee had sent Scott and I a care package. Renee and I talk just about everyday during the work week and she know that last week was a little stressful so it was a nice gesture on their part to send us something to make us smile.

Here is the package itself with our favorite things... Pop Chips and Double Stuff Oreos

Our Beautiful Frame... They give the best gifts.
That was a great way to end the day....

Saturday since Jacelyn had a BYE this week, I thought I would get a chance to rest... I was all wrong. I got up early and was on the road. I picked up Brandy and Xzyria to drop off Jazz at the Groomer and head Downtown to Santee Alley for some Jewelry shopping for the Bridal Party. We looked around for some nice stuff and came down to 2 choices:

The girls choose the diamond shaped earrings and we found a bracelet to go with it.....

After that, we picked up Jacelyn from Home (She had practice but they cancelled it at the last minute) and headed to grab some lunch. We went out and found Xzyria some shoes for the wedding since she was not able to order shoes like Jacelyn's and headed over the the dress shop to get her measured. While I was there, I was able to try on my dress after the alterations had been done and it is AWESOME. I am feeling much better about it all and STILL was not able to take it home... Well I was but it didn't make sense since they have to steam it and I didn't want to make multiple trips.

After that we headed home for Family Night!! The kids wanted Cupcakes so Scott made Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting (Forgot to take a Photo... Sorry). We watch The Wiz and had a good night!

If you have never seen it, Do It! Classic remake of The Wizard of Oz with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Isaiah loved the music and wanted to dance... Of course I had to Video it.

After that, he wanted to do some more dancing so he and Scott did the Raji...LOL
Good Family Fun.
Sunday Jacelyn and Jazz slept in for a little bit so I finished Laundry and made Breakfast
I took her to practice after that and took my Mom out to pick her dress and shoes from Davids Bridal...FINALLY!
While I was out I got a call from Scott that Isaiah had to go to the ER for an Ear Ache. It was a long afternoon but he was OK and went home to rest after that.
Here is what is on tap for this week:
1. Finalizing Timeline
2. Work on Brunch for After the Wedding
3. Start cleaning since we have company coming to town
4. Escort Cards
5. Verify all appointments.
12 days away......OMG!!!