Friday, March 30, 2012

Top Wedding Songs for 2012


"At Last" by Etta James
"Can’t Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley
"Marry Me" by Train
"You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band
"All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo tied with "Lucky" by Jason Mraz,"The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra and "Then" by Brad Paisley


"I Loved Her First" by Heartland
"Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong
"The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra
"Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
"My Girl" by The Temptations tied with "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole


Chicken Dance
Electric Slide
"Macarena" by Los del Rio
"Y.M.C.A." by Village People
"Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex


"Marry You" by Bruno Mars
"Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum
"Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez
"Countdown" by Beyoncé
"We Found Love" by Rihanna

Friday Letters

I saw this segment on Holly's blog and I thought it would be a fun addition to ours. So here goes...
Dear March,
Its been fun, Bring on April (My Birthday Month)
Dear Jacelyn,
I'm so proud of you.. Your trip is paid! Enjoy!
Dear DJ to Be,
Please give me what I need so I can cross this task off my list.
Dear Lent,
Hurry up and be over, I NEED a Double Double soon.
Dear Team Jascott,
I am excited for all the Bridal Activities your planning, Love you girls!
Dear Scott,
I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will

12 Shocking Wedding Facts

12 Shocking Wedding Facts


Some weeks are longer than others but this particular week seemed like it lasted FOREVER. With that in mind, I am excited for the weekend and celebrating Isaiah's 5th birthday. It will be some good family time for all of us to have and I might be able to squeeze in some stuff off my wedding check list to get done as well.

Something about myself that I have to learn is that I need to make sure to get myself some rest. I was so run down last night that I was in the bed early and in some pain. I have to admit to myself that it is OK from time to time to say no and that I need to do better for me... I plan on living my life with Scott for a long time so more rest is needed.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

211 days to go... Good Bye March and Hello April!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Popular Wedding Flowers & Their Symbolic Meanings

Popular Wedding Flowers & Their Symbolic Meanings

Sundays Best

So my Bridal Party is throwing me a " Fancy Fiesta Bridal Shower" that will require my guest to wear Sunday Hats for our ladies day. I have been online looking for a hat and here are a few that I found. I figured that I would wear White since I am the Bride, Which one do you like?

6 Signs You're On Wedding Overload

1. You're using your lunch hour to run wedding errands...instead of eating.

Skipping meals is bad news for your mood -- and more important, your wedding fitness plan! It can lead to exaggerated emotions, amped-up stress and an overall dark cloud over your head (sound familiar?). Basically, making a habit of planning instead of lunching is a lose-lose. Set a limit on how often you can swap your salad for a wedding task. "I decided that only one lunch per week was allowed to be wedding-related and the rest needed to be a break," says Chelsea, a user on

2. Your fiance starts joking (or maybe not joking) about eloping.

If your fiance is less involved in the planning process than you are, he probably decided to lie low about the wedding...until it got really bad. Sometimes it takes a reality check from someone else to know it's time to put the brakes on wedding worries -- even if it's something you don't want to hear. "I knew I was on overload when my fiance told me he was going to be so glad when the wedding was all over, so he wouldn't have to hear about it anymore," says Bethany.

3. The most exciting thing that's happened in your bedroom lately is watching the Say Yes to the Dress premiere on TV.

Whether it's because you're sparring over the guest list or just exhausted from a lack of sleep (thanks to all those wedding nightmares), a dry spell in the bedroom is common for engaged couples. No surprise there: Dampened sex drive is a big indicator of overpowering stress, according to the US National Library of Medicine. So if things start cooling off between the sheets, press pause on planning the reception menu and have a steamy date night instead.

4. You start questioning all of your decisions. But you don't do that...well, maybe you do.

You know you're overthinking things when you start wanting to trash all your original plans for New! Better! Ideas! Worrying that you made the wrong call about your reception venue, which florist to hire or how much to spend on photography will only feed your stress even more, making for a never-ending cycle of fear. So if doubts start creeping in, let up on planning for a week or two. When you come back with a fresher mind, you'll have a better idea of which doubts were truly valid and which ones were just a product of your anxiety.

5. You procrastinate on the tasks that really need to get done.

It's not how you normally picture a bridezilla -- ignoring her checklist and putting off to-dos -- but if you're finding yourself neglecting wedding planning tasks, you probably don't even realize how overwhelmed you are. If your wedding date is looming and the list looks impossible to tackle, start with something fun and easy, like a cake tasting or shopping for your wedding shoes, to get back into the swing of things. Having a few small items checked off will make the rest seem more doable.

6. It stops being fun.

It all comes down to this: If you're focusing more on the negative (like the number of guests who RSVPed "no") than the positive (like the fact that you'll be married at the end of all of this!), something needs to change. Come up with a mantra that will help you concentrate on the bright side. "I've started reminding myself how much I love my fiance and why I'm doing this in the first place," says Samantha. "Oddly enough, reflecting on that brings a great sense of calm."

Year One

Today is our One Year Blog Anniversary!!

I got the blog started so that people near and far would be able to take this journey with me and find out just how crazy I am about wedding planning and all it involves.

Here is what has happened in One Year through some of my favorite post....

Were being Gawked!!!

Here is some advice...

All Girls should play DRESS up...

Yeah, There is a Checklist...

She will ALWAYS be The OG...

If we win the Lotto tomorrow, This is what I want next...


He asked and we got to share it...

You go boy!!

My Team Stays True....

This year has for sure had it share of ups and downs but we continue to move forward and with 212 days to go, we are almost at the finish line.

Thank you readers for comments, encouragement and love. Its great to talk/read with people who understand what Scott and I are going through with wedding planning and I hope to take this on a road less traveled and make it more than just words for Brides.

Happy Blog Anniversary Jascott2012!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shots I would LOVE to have with Mr. Cameron

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is from the McMearn 2011 Family Reunion. This trip was a chance for Scott to meet and greet my Mom's Father's side of the family and of course all of them LOVED him and were very welcoming. I posted this photo today because I got the information about our 2013 Reunion in San Francisco and I am excited!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He Put A Ring On It.... And So Will I!!!

As previously posted, Scott and I went to Robbins Bros about a month ago and found our Wedding Bands. I had not heard from them so I called yesterday and the person said " O they are here and ready for pickup" YAY!!!!!!
So I got there and when she opened them up, I got all excited all over again. When she went to process my payment, I got tears in my eyes thinking that in 214 days, I will be Mrs. Jasmine Nichelle Cameron. I was going to use the photo as the Photo of the Week for tomorrow but I am so excited that I wanted to share this with everyone.
I am happy with the choices that we made and cant wait to exchange them soon.

Shit Bridesmaids Say


Try This Wedding Workout: 3 Workouts to Help You Look Your Best - Project Wedding

Try This Wedding Workout: 3 Workouts to Help You Look Your Best - Project Wedding

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding Planning Tools | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Wedding Planning Tools | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Music Monday- Brandy - Have You Ever


People that know me, know that I am all about being organized and having things done... it makes me feel accomplished and good. This weekend my Sister was in town from Houston so I was able to get a few things done with her and Team Jascott. Here is what we got done.

1. Scott got the STD's funds over to Kre-A-Tive Monkey so we can get those back and out soon.
2. Sissy got measure for her dress so now all the Bridesmaids are complete with dresses
3. All Bridesmaids got their shoes and 4/5 fit....80% is not bad. Brandy is sending hers back for a bigger size.
4. We were all able to get together (I wished I would have got a picture of them all together for my post today) and got dates lined up for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party (August 25 th and Weekend of September 29th). I am excited to see it all come together and celebrate.

Items for this week ahead:

1. Finalize DJ
2. Shoes for Junior Bridesmaids
3. Touch Base with Florist
4. Work on Weekend Timeline
5. Work on Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party List

I swear Wedding Planning could be my future....... 215 to go

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday was my Mom's 55th birthday and because I was running around in the rain all day, I didn't get a chance to post it. Mom, without you there would be no me and I wanted to make sure to recognize you on your special day! Happy Birthday Mommy! Love You!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Honor Lost Loved Ones | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Honor Lost Loved Ones | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

The Weekend is Back.....

There are so many things that seem to be going on in my life right now but I guess it is a good thing to be able to get things done....especially when it comes to wedding stuff. Here are a few things I hope to get done this weekend:

1. Sissy is in town (YAY) so we will get her measured for her dress and they will be off to ordering
2. Hoping to get an answer on Invitations/ STD's so they can be out by my birthday (4/28)
3. Finalize and Book a DJ
4. Get with the girls and the Bridal Shower/ Bachelorette Party deets worked on
5. Finalize shoes for Jacelyn and Xzyria
6. Follow up with Florist on Quote.
7. Spend some Quality time Meditating

This should be a fun weekend... :)

TGIF Bridal Buddies and Friends

DIY Aisle Runner - Ceremony Aisles | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Awesome Idea....

DIY Aisle Runner - Ceremony Aisles | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Surprise Mom!!!!!


The Next Wave of Wedding Favors Favors & Gifts:

The Next Wave of Wedding Favors Favors & Gifts:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's All Coming Along....

Being engaged means the first questions people ask you is ..... When's the wedding? How are the plans coming? And the usual.... WHERE IS MY INVITE???

So now with all those questions, the answers come hard and fast but I'm glad it's all coming along. We are ahead of schedule with alot of the things we need to do and the other details are falling in line as well...

I have had a ruff day with saying good bye to a family member but my Mom's birthday surprise is coming in a few hours... Stay tuned for debts.

219 days till forever.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Gown with 2-mile train Breaks World Record

Tuesday, Romanian design house Andree Salon unveiled a couture wedding gown with a 1.85-mile-long train — a world record-setter. The train took 100 days to create, a spokeswoman for the designer tells the U.K.’s Daily Mail, and required the meticulous work of 10 seamstresses. It’s made of pricey lace imported from France, plus taffeta sourced from Italy.
To flaunt the gown, Andree Salon hired a 17-year-old model to wear it — and in some photos, dangle the train from atop a hot air balloon over Romania’s capital, Bucharest.
The stunt was sponsored in part by the organizers of Bucharest’s 2012 biannual Wedding Fair.


Off wedding topic... If you dont know the story of Trayvon Martin, Google it and learn about him.

Spotlight- Tai Pettaway

Last Spotlight and certainly one of the brightest is My Maid of Honor and Sissy Tai Pettaway. My sissy is like my twin but were not....LOL. She is my fashion consultant, enforcer and my Vodka Tonic buddy... :)
Ten Memories to Remember with Tai:
1. Girls Scouts overnight trip and The Bear
2. Dressing Alex up like a girl for Fun...
3. Rolling down Mrs. Cox's Hill and getting knots on our heads
4. OB's Ice Cream
5. Did this heffa just spit water in my face???
6. There are nice French Men in Mexico....LOL
7. I got to go save my sister, she jumped in the Jacuzzi with ALL HER CLOTHES ON
8. Get ya Mama...
9. How do you get a bag of condiments from Jack in the Box and spend $60.00???
10. I cant give you my 20 pound backpack , its only got my $100.00 chip in it.
Sissy, You have been the best sister a girl like me can have. Even with all the sisterly ups and downs, I would not trade you for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Thanks for being my sounding board, my listening ear and my drinking buddy. Love you!

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is my Bridal Sweatsuit!!! How cute is this??? The date is on the pants and mt lettering is in Chocolate Brown like our wedding colors!!! And the best part... it was a prize that I won.. Yay me!! SO EXCITED!!!

Ceremony Aisle - Wedding Ceremony Aisle | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Ceremony Aisle - Wedding Ceremony Aisle | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

5 Wedding Budget No-No’s - Project Wedding

5 Wedding Budget No-No’s - Project Wedding

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy National Proposal Day!

In honor of National Proposal Day.... I thought I would share Scott and I's proposal video...enjoy! :)

Spotlight- Brandy Corley

This spotlight is on one of my Maid of Honor's and BFF for life, Brandy Corley. We go waaaaaaaay back like juice boxes and fruit snacks. In the 25+ years that we have known each other, we have never had a fight and we have done just about everything possible.
Ten Memories to Remember with Brandy:
1. Our first sleepover at her house.. Her Mom blast the heat so high
2. Elementary Performance of BBD Poison
3. Graduation trip to Knott's Berry Farm with Hot Pink Silk Nike Short Sets on
4. Middle School was the phase of Overalls and Scrunchie Socks
5. How old are our High School Prom Dates?? LOL
7. Were Moms but we party till 5am Friday, Saturday and Sunday... Yeah they were mad.
8. $800.00 worth of Free Drinks and you get a Free Wheelchair ride out of the Hotel. Ocean 12
9. We got to get to the other side of the Island Gilligan
10. If TSA stole my hair out of my suitcase, its gone be a problem.
BKC: This road of life is so much easier with you in it. I cant even think about you not being around, more so on my wedding day (even though you might me late...LOL). We are and always will be BFF'S for life. Love ya girl!

Words to live by......

Junior Bridesmaids Shoe...

So Jacelyn and Xzyria are Junior Bridesmaids in the wedding , because the are too old to be flower girls, and they have everything picked out... except for their shoes. Here are a few choices:

And to better help with the choice, here is their dress:

What do you think is the best choice for them?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spotlight- Sheaun Park

This spotlight is on Matron of Honor Sheauen Park. Sheauen and I met working together at a Rental Car company owned by her God brother. I remember him saying not to corrupt her and needless to say, my sista from another mista is totally like me now...LOL
Ten Moments to Remember with Sheauen:
1. Taxi Cab Confessions
2. I will come get you and I will kick his ass too
3. The Pound Puppy is rolling to Vegas with us
4. Mandarin Vodka and Tonics... Never again for her
5. The Asian Vegas Mix....Paper Boy
6. Margaritaville for Drinks.
7. Your friend looks like Paul Walker... O you must really be drunk honey...LOL
8. The 45 minute ordeal for Roses.. Still sweet but took forever
9. 40's on the Vegas strip for her 25th birthday... There are alot of Vegas memories
10. Her wedding day... So Awesome!
Bonus Memory: Who can forget working in the cave.... Sheauen, Monique and I rocking out to Michael Jackson and Shakira...LOL
Sheauen, I could have not gotten this far in love without you. All the different roads we have traveled together, even if it was mostly the 15 to Vegas, has been more than awesome. We are more than friends, we are sisters and you being there on my wedding day is just as it should be. Vegas soon.....YES!

Wedding dress trends: Sexy slits, disco sparkle

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Music Monday- Beyoncé - Love On Top

Wedding Accessory Guide - Project Wedding

Wedding Accessory Guide - Project Wedding

Invitations: What Will You Say? - Project Wedding

Invitations: What Will You Say? - Project Wedding

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bridal Shower Looks via Pinterest

Wedding Exit Ideas

Wedding Exit Ideas

Greatest Surprise Announcement EVER!!!

I feel like I know Matt and Ginny because I have seen their Proposal Video, Their Wedding Video and now.......This..........

Spotlight- Airika Corley

This spotlight is on Airika Corley. I have know Airika since she was born and every moment with her has been fun... to say the very least. I lived my college dreams through her and part of degree is mines... In case you don't know that already (LOL)
Ten Memories to Remember with Airika:
1. I come from Alabama with a Motor Home on my knee....Classic
2. Her Prom
3. Driving her to Hayward for College the first time.
4. Best Microwave Burritos EVER
5. Late Night Cactus Missions
6. Taking her to the Right Track, knowing dam well she was not old enough to do
7. Bull- Riding at Saddle Ranch
8. I will fight for Airika, Don't get ya ass kicked!!
9. Her crying when I got engaged
10. Is he single... Cause its on!!
My Baby Sister Airika... I could not imagine what life would be like without you in it. You have grown before my eyes and been successful with all you do. I am happy to have you be apart of this special day and I will not be looking behind me on my wedding day because I know you will be crying... Happy Tears I hope. XOXO

Thursday, March 15, 2012

18 Adorable Wedding Favors For $5 or Less

18 Adorable Wedding Favors For $5 or Less

Spotlight- Ingrid McMillan

Now we are back to the ladies... This spotlight is on Ingrid McMillan. She is not only my friend, she is my Aunt. We have done alot together and always have a good time.
Ten Memories to Remember with Ingrid:
1. Ya'll don't know nothing about Mariah
2. Auntie Shingles... And the Right Track
3. Ladies... It was a top night!!
4. Cancun was great
5. Cabo was AWESOME
6. Sweat and the Elephant Underwear
7. We got back to the hotel in 8 minutes and not 30??
8. The Vod Box
9. New Years Day Breakfast
10. Cocktail Time!!!
Auntie Shingles... I love you and I am happy that you will be apart of this special day. You have been apart of so many days in my life and this one will be no different. Thanks for always being there and for being Travel Planner.... Cant wait for more adventures.

Its Back.......

Allison Kornberg Walch’s Blog: How to Be Featured in a Wedding Magazine or Blog

Every bride’s wedding is cover story worthy. After all, the walk down the aisle is the ultimate red carpet moment no matter how far you may actually be from Hollywood.

To look back on your wedding in more than just an album – we’re talking getting featured in major glossies like The Knot! – we reached out to the ultimate source: Weddings Photo Director of the Knot herself, Rebecca Crumley. Crumley has seen it all when it comes to Real Weddings submissions. There have been underwater vows, sky diving and rock climbing ceremonies, Lady Gaga impersonators, flame throwers, cancan dancers, celebrity bridesmaids, and more. So how can you catch her discerning, “hard” eye like the wedding celebrity we know you all are? Here are her Do’s and Don’ts for getting your submission to the top of the pile.

Do Send Detail Shots of your wedding.

Crumley will often receive pitches from brides describing how spectacular their wedding is going to be without the photos to prove it. “Until we see those photos, nothing is a guarantee,” she says. Aim to include shots of the cake, flowers, and venue that will serve as inspiration for other brides. “We love when there’s a new venue that ‘s really exciting, or when you take a space that’s not traditionally a wedding venue, or something that goes the extra mile where you say, ‘Wow, I’ve never really seen this,’” Crumley continues. A venue with breathtaking views, or one that leverages several interior spaces, are editorially noteworthy.

Don’t Just Send Portrait Shots.

Portraits are great and beautiful, but they just won’t cut it in terms of carrying the complete visual story of your big day. Snap pics taken from father back to provide “a little environment.”

Do Be A Trendsetter.

Shelf life is important for any magazine, so make sure your wedding theme and overall vibe has staying power. “The content I am working on now will be out at the end of the year and then those magazines will be on stands for six months, so [the wedding] really needs to be the next step ahead so that it is still current and drawing the readers in,” Crumley asserts.

Do Invest in a Good Photographer.

Style of photography can make or break a submission. At The Knot, Crumley is always looking for photographs to be as straightforward as possible. Certain shots with different color usage, such as vintage tones and washes, can come off as too edgy for The Knot’s editorial pages. The magazine also prefers pics that do not have angles and are not cropped too tightly. “I don’t want to see a tight shot of the cake because, ‘Is it two tiers or is it four tiers?’ If you’re missing that, it loses part of the impact.” Specific photographers adored by the Knot include Elizabeth Messina, who has a celebrity clientele and is “like the mama of wedding photography,” and Jasmine Star.

Don’t Be Scared to send in photos.

And if you are, submissions can come from a variety of sources, such as your mom, wedding planners, and photographers. “If your dog could submit it, we’d take it,” Crumley jokes. Each photographer is welcomed to submit up to five weddings for each season of submission reviews.

Most importantly, Don’t Get Discouraged if your wedding isn’t picked up by The Knot or another publication.

Editors have to be critical as part of their job, but whether they choose to feature your big day or not is no judge of the splendor of your big day. “Remember brides, this is your wedding day, it’s not a media event,” Crumley explains. “Don’t forget the heart of what it really is.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spotlight- John Barnes

This spotlight is on Best Man John Barnes. He is our Guardian Angel and voice of reason when the world seems to spin too fast. Scott and John have been best friends since their L.A.C.E.S days and have been stuck like glue ever since.

Ten Memories to Remember with John:

1. Our 1st official meeting... Good Times
2. Beers at Saints and Sinners
3. Dropping him off in Inglewood, not knowing if someone was home to let him in.
4. Yards of Beer
5. Purple Charmin
6. His Mom in the Jumper with a cast on (You had to be there)
7. The man in the Wheelchair taking off......
8. The Phone call after we got engaged
9. Purple cuff links are hard to find but easy when John weighs in on them
10. Pit Stops in the Alley.....LMAO

John, No words could probably be enough to tell you how much I love and appreciate you for ALL that you say and do. I am happy to gain a brother in you and even prouder to know that on our special day, you will be there.... Probably making a face at me for having an ugly cry face. I got a bottle of Peach Ciroc waiting for you when you touch down at L.A.X. Love you!

Utah Man Crashes on the Way to Propose to Girlfriend

Utah Man Crashes on the Way to Propose to Girlfriend: A Utah man who crashed his car on the way to propose to his girlfriend is unconscious in a hospital bed but still ended up engaged after a state trooper recovered the ring in a puddle at the crash site. Adam Goodsell was on his way to...

10 Wedding Shots Your Photographer Absolutely MUST Take

1. Your Dress Hanging

You’ll want to preserve the memory of it in it’s pristine, pre-dance floor condition. A personalized ‘Mrs’ hanger or clever backdrop (like a window or brick wall) is a plus!

2. A Close-Up Of Your Bouquet

Don’t forget this one! In 10 years time, you won’t remember whether you used English roses or David Austin roses — so capture a close-up of your flowers while you can.

3. A Shoe Shot

If you splurged on designer pumps, make sure those babies get documented for posterity. If your shoes aren’t exactly paparazzi worthy, get a pic of your hair accessories or jewelry instead.

4. A Candid Of The Wedding Party

Not everyone looks fabulous in stiff, formal portraits – make sure to capture a few moments when your BFFs are just being themselves.

5. A Location-Specific Shot

This is particularly important for destination weddings. Think about where are you getting married: Is there a notable landmark, an old barn, or a pier on the lake where you could snap a gorgeous couples portrait? Never miss a travel-themed photo opp.

6. Walking Down The Aisle

The look on a bride’s face as she walks towards her groom is priceless — and this is also a special moment for you and your dad (or whoever is walking you down the aisle). Make sure your photographer can skillfully get around the ceremony space without disturbing the vows.

7. The Decor (Before Guests Arrive)

You’ll absolutely want a shot of the decor – particularly the table settings if you’ve spent a lot of time on them – before the guests arrive at the ceremony. Your photographer and his/her assistant should time this all with cocktail hour/the ceremony. Ditto goes for the cake before it’s eaten, and the favors before they’ve all been taken.

8. A Private Moment With Your Groom

Lots of couples elect to have a special “first look” photo session before the wedding ceremony.

9. The dancefloor!

You know you want a pic of your uncle doing the roger rabbit (or the worm… or whatever his signature dance move happens to be), so make sure your photog gets right up in the action at the moment when the band/DJ is most rockin’ out (ie. the third set).

10. The Get-Away.

Be sure to give your photog plenty of warning before you dash out the door! You definitely want a pic of your sparkler-tastic getaway, and a shot of your swanky getaway vehicle!

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is from our Engagement Shoot... I picked this as the Weekly Photo because it brings a smile to my face. Scott did something silly at that moment and it made me happy to know that no matter what, he could put a smile on my face. With all we have going on in life right now, its good to know that a smile is a good thing and even better when someone can put one on your face. Love you SC.

Reception Décor: 3 Great Ways to Choose Your Décor - Project Wedding

Reception Décor: 3 Great Ways to Choose Your Décor - Project Wedding

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 Signs That You’re Suffering From “Bride Brain” (You Know Who You Are)

Do these symptoms sound familiar? You dream about dress fittings and cake tastings almost nightly. You have trouble sleeping…because you can’t stop thinking about high-low hems. You’ve let other, non-wedding interests and responsibilities fall by the wayside. Your coworkers get a desperate look on their faces when they see you approaching their desks with a wedding mag in hand.

If you’re experience one or all of the symptoms above, you are suffering from a mercifully temporary condition known as “Bride Brain.” Sorry, there is no cure, just tell-tale signs of the illness. Like:

1. You no longer work at work. Though you’re actually doing a ton of filing…on Pinterest.

2. You’ve polled ALL your coworkers on their thoughts re: White Vs. Ivory. So far, the “Ivorys” have it. (Side note: no one actually cares.)

3. Your wedding planner is now #1 on speed dial. She’s also your new best friend. (She’s totally billing you for all those martini bar chat-fests, btw)

4. You don’t even flinch at 4 and even 5 figure price tags any more. Turns out there are no clearance sales in the world of wedding catering. Bummer.

5. You kinda sorta forgot that the point of having a wedding isn’t getting your wedding pics on a popular wedding blog. (OOPS!) Oh right! It’s a loving, life-time commitment to another human being…who’s super blog-worthy.

6. You can now identify all popular wedding flowers by name. Scabiosa pods, anyone?!

7. Lately, your nightmares involve broken mason jars, missing grooms, and photobooth fires. Not to mention the food truck that gets lost and never shows up.

8. The pumps vs. heels debate rages on endlessly (in your mind). It’s pumps for the win! No wait…HEELS!

9. Guests find your “wedding collage wall” slightly unnerving. On a related note, you feel like you’re getting dirty looks from that battered pile of wedding mags in the corner of your room.

10. Somehow you’re able to make small talk with baristas, your creditors, waitresses, and even homeless men about your wedding. Sorry, brother. I can’t spare a dime – I have five more payments to make on my dream dress. (Harsh, we know!)

Are Fewer Women Keeping Maiden Names?

Are Fewer Women Keeping Maiden Names?

10 Weirdest Wedding Favors

1. "A picture frame that was 1"x2"...seriously, what the heck am I going to fit in that?"

2. "A goldfish...don't ask."

3. "A can of sardines."

4. "A miniature ice cream scoop with a creepy figurine handle."

5. "Wedding cake candles..."

6. "A scroll with the couple's life story."

7. "A gray plastic rock with a little Celtic symbol on it."

8. "A mini bar of soap. My uncle thought it was white chocolate and took a bite."

9. "A homemade bookmark in memory of someone who had passed away. The thought was nice, but I didn't want to see a stranger's face when I opened my books."

10. "A business card. Seriously."

Spotlight- Brandon Turner

This spotlight is on Groomsmen Brandon Turner, Not to be confused with Brandon Peace...LOL.
Brandon is also a Childhood Friend of Scott and has a twin sister Brandi (Hey Sis!!) and they are both great people. They are more than friends to Scott, they are family as well.

Ten Memories to Remember with Brandon:

1. He and Brandi's Birthday at Dave and Busters...First Time I met them both
2. The ride home from Dave and Busters with Brandon....Classic
3. Scott and Brandon's Karaoke
4. Brandon and Brandi's Birthday... The picture above tells you of the good times we had
5. The Question game and Peach Ciroc...LOL
6. Gram's Birthday dinner at Enterprise Fish Co.
7. K1 Speed Racer!!
8. Never go to church on 5th Sunday
9. Anointment and Disappointment
10. We Hood Fishing.....LOL

Brandon, You are the other brother that I didn't have and I THANK YOU for being a great friend and brother to Scott ALWAYS. There is no way that this day would not be the same without you being involved. Cheers to you bro...Lets get this party started.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday- Brian McKnight - Love Of My Life

Spotlight- Brandon Peace

This spotlight is on Groomsmen Brandon Peace. Brandon is Musically Talented and considered the Pretty Boy of the Wedding Party. He and Scott have been friends since they were 8 and have been connecting and reconnecting ever since. He is embarking on a Music Career and is doing very well so far...Watch out Ladies...
Ten Memories to Remember with Brandon:
1. The 1st time I met him at Scott's House
2. Going to his Parents House for a BBQ
3. Wine Coolers in a Mop Bucket
4. My friends drooling all over him... Told you, Pretty Boy
5. His facebook post and questions....LOL
6. Random Dudes at Saints and Sinners with Colt 45 Bag
7. Hot Dog on the Stick Hat
8. Reading his Newspaper Article Spotlight.... Superstar
9. Who falls in a toilet???
10. Hearing his First Song on Youtube.. I will have to post soon.
Peace, YOU ROCK!! I am excited that you will be apart of our special day and I promised that I will not make you sing on that day, Now the next day is a different story.

Share and Share alike....

One of the biggest obstacles when coming together as one and wedding planning sometimes is not being able to spend time with your fiancee. With both of us being busy with work, kids and life in general , sometimes we don't get to have any time for just Scott and I.

It frustrates me from time to time because I Love Him and want that time with him so I have to learn to share (I know that sounds bad to say) and to remember that we will have a lifetime together. So I think what I will start doing is pre-planning date nights for us...Even if it is a Netflix night of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and make the best of the time we have.

Until then, 229 till Mr. and Mrs. Cameron

Make-Up Messups: Don’t Make These Wedding Make up Mistakes - Project Wedding

Make-Up Messups: Don’t Make These Wedding Make up Mistakes - Project Wedding

Friday, March 9, 2012

Something Blue.....

Wedding Planning Apps of 2012

Look to the following 5 smart phone apps for your “happily ever after”:

1. iWedding Deluxe – the Ultimate Wedding Planner ($6.99 – for iPhone)

This multi-functional wedding app is chalked-full of every tool you’ll need to plan your wedding. It’s like the mother-of-all-wedding apps! iWedding Deluxe will help you:

Plan a wedding budget

Put together a vender contact list

Scout out ceremony and reception locations

Create and delegate a task lists among your groom, bride’s maids, and mother-in-law

Plus, remind you of all the little things that easily get overlooked—like flowers, cake, guest list books, and guest gifts

2. Wedding Budget (Free – for iPhone)

This app does one thing really, really well: it manages your wedding budget. The Wedding Budget app will help budgeting brides (which is pretty much all of them) keep track of all costs and expenses, and remind you when to make deposits and payments to your wedding vendors. Plus, this app categorizes your wedding costs so you know, ahead of time, how much you have set aside for caterers, flowers, dress alterations, and photographer installments, etc., and it keeps a running total of just how much you’ve spent so you can decide if your wedding will have an open bar—or not!

3. Wedding Dresses (Free – for BlackBerry)

Brides are well aware that on their big day all eyes will be on them—and their dress! The Wedding Dress app is your personal bridal consultant on all things fashion. It will help you find your dream wedding gown form thousands of wedding dresses and designer collections. With accompanying photos and detailed dress descriptions, the Wedding Dresses app will be your go-to guide for bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s gowns, veils, shoes, and more!

4. Wedding Speeches (Free – for Android)

Wedding speeches are very stressful for blushing brides and grooms to make in front of a full house. That’s why the Wedding Speeches app can provide wingman duties with ready-made speeches for your big day. This app contains over 50 prewritten wedding speeches, including:

Bride and groom speeches

Best Man wedding speeches

Maid-of-honor speeches

Father-of-the-bride speeches

And wedding toasts for the whole dang family!

5. Gift Organizer ($3.99 – for BlackBerry)

Once the wedding is over and the gifts unwrapped, you’ll need a handy gift organizer, like the Gift Organizer app, to help you organize your gift wedding ideas and send thank you cards. This app can also be used prior to the wedding to share gift ideas and registry gifts with your wedding guests via email. This way you don’t end up with a dozen toasters.

Shit Brides Say- TOO FUNNY!!!

Someone PLEASE tell me if I am ANYTHING like this....

Spotlight- Alex Pettaway

This spotlight is on Groomsmen Alex Pettaway. He is my little brother and one of my greatest friends. He and I have been a tight set (Along with my sister of course) since he was born. I spent alot of time with him as a kid and it is nice to come full circle as adults and be close still...

Ten Moments to Remember with Alex

1. Him Being Born
2. Giving him the Nickname Boomer
3. Taking him on dates with me....He was my blocker. LOL
4. Him getting hit by a car heading to the Ice Cream truck and him being OK....Twice
5. All the fun of 71st Street
6. Taking him and his friends to the Homecoming Dance at El Camino Real in my Civic...
7. The day he got accepted to college and how excited he was
8. The day he left for college... I cried, I will admit it
9. The day he graduated from College.
10. The day he took Jacelyn for her 13th Birthday and how special she felt (Best Uncle Award)

Boomer, We have come a mighty long way to where we are today and I am happy that you not only get along with Scott but that you will be standing there with us on this special day. I Love You! Sissy #1

Congratulations Cyndi and Alex

Its funny how God brings people into your life and how they become friends.....

Cyndi and I have a mutual friend Jonathan (Who will be marrying Scott and I) and we both have a few things in common. We were both single moms who LOVE your children but didn't take too much time for our selves. One day I found Scott and one day, she found Alex. We both became engaged and went from Friends to Bridal Buddies and tomorrow she will become Mrs. Guidry.

My Bridal Buddy, I wish you nothing but happiness and love. I wish I could be there tomorrow to celebrate with you guys but I know the day will be AWESOME! Enjoy every moment of it. Best Wishes, Blessings and Love Ya!