Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Vintage Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Gift Ideas for Team Jascott Guys........

Photo(s) of the Week

These Photos of the Week are from our visit with Baby Faye Allyce Butler aka Baby F.A.B. Her parents are our good friends Aaron and Lorraine (Jupiter). She is such a cute baby and I wanted to make sure we shared these with you all. Now, don't go jumping on the end of Scott and Jasmine should have a baby like my Mom is already (sigh...) but its nice to visit and play with them. Uncle Scott and Auntie Jasmine titles are good for now.
Happy Leap Day ....241.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 of the Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever

5 of the Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever

8 months and counting

Yesterday towards the end of the day, I realized that we are 8 months away from our wedding day.....HOW CRAZY IS THAT???

With time going the way it is and with all the things going on, its important for us to step back every once in awhile and take it all in and maybe relax a little. Scott and I discussed taking a little getaway, just the 2 of us and refresh ourselves for what is going to happen. Here are a few places we thought about:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Palm Springs
  4. Temecula

Any of those would be great for us to do actually so we will see if and when it can be done. For now, we will just drea, about some time off....LOL

Anyone else doing a Pre-Wedding Getaway???

Monday, February 27, 2012

Greatest Wedding Movie Moments of All Time

Greatest Wedding Movie Moments of All Time


Today is my Little Big Brother's 24th Birthday. The amazing part is that I don't think that time has ever moved so fast as it has to see him grow up. He, my sister and I all have different personalities but when it all comes down to it, we truly love each other and always have each others back. I hope that he has a WONDERFUL day! Love you Alex.

Get'er Done...

What a busy weekend!!

Saturday was Cheer Conditioning for Jacelyn, Bridesmaids Dresses for Brandy, Airika, Xzyria and Jacelyn and K1 Speedway Racing for my Mother in Law's birthday.

Sunday was Wedding Mania... We went to Robbins Brothers for Wedding Bands


After leaving there and having Brunch at Island's.. We headed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for registry stuff..

Man, if you have one near you, go in there, They have everything!! We got our list done and got all kinds of items that we need for our future together.

Its great when things fall into place the way they should be and now we can mark items off our list and hit the next things.

243 till forever....

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Weekend Wedding List

Since I took a Wedding Hiatus last weekend, this weekend I am going to do a few wedding things and see how far I can get down my list:

  1. Junior Bridesmaids Measured for their dresses
  2. Find Butterflies and how to incorporate them
  3. Look for more hair styles
  4. Send out Makeup email to the Bridal Party
  5. Check on Invitation Re-Do status
  6. Set Location for Floral Meeting
  7. Research Gift for SC
  8. Research Cupcakes for SC

Im sure that other things will be added but this is a good start. When its all said and done, I will be Mrs. Cameron and it will be worth it.

His Wedding Present - Project Wedding

His Wedding Present - Project Wedding

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hair Decisions....

I went to get my hair done last night and my Beautician Lisa from Identity Salon saw a photo of my Wedding Dress and suggested that I wear my hair in an up do for the wedding... Here are a few photos of up do's....Please let me know what you guys think.......

Wedding Favors – What Will They Be? - Project Wedding

Wedding Favors – What Will They Be? - Project Wedding

I Loved Her First Lyrics

Great Song for Father/Daughter Dance....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 Cheap and Cool Wedding Favor Ideas

Not having the cash for engraved silver goblets or expensive emblazoned watches needn’t mean you have to forgo cool wedding favors at your celebration. On the contrary, necessity is the mother of invention; since your wedding deserves to be remembered as one of the highlights of the year, we’ve come up with seven really fabulous ways to give your guests delightful favors they won’t forget.

1. Eco-friendly wedding favors: Since a wedding is the epitome of a new beginning and brings with it the promise of new life in so many ways, how about a favor that keeps on growing after the reception is done? There are some lovely ideas out there, from wildflower seeds in paper (fold it into an origami shape for originality) to herbs in little personalized tins. If you’re crafty and want to leave a piece of your creativity in your guests’ homes, how about recycling fabric and sewing or weaving it into little bags? They can then be filled with whatever you like and are guaranteed to be absolutely unique.

2. Gift cards: These can be super fun for your guests, because they get to choose something that will remind them of you on their own time. Purchase cards to a luxury bath and body store for the girls, and a sports store for the boys (for example) and watch your friends grin with glee at the promise of a treat. Cute little cards or tins can be used to wrap them up: it’s a versatile favor and doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

3. Bubbles: Weddings are all about love – so why not treat your guests to a little flirty fun and give them bubbles to blow at one another? Nobody can really be serious when they’re engaged in that: Laughter is a fantastic tonic any time and bubbles will enhance the lighthearted atmosphere at your reception. They’re also really kid-friendly and very inexpensive – you simply can’t go wrong.

4. Bags of personalized M&Ms: In recent years, the makers of M&Ms have been allowing consumers to personalize their candy – so why not take advantage of that service and create a wedding favor? You can choose the colors as well as the phrases you want written on the sweets. You can even have your portraits put on! This can be such a cute way to go. Pop the candy into tiny metal buckets (or another little container) for a yummy treat that will be a focal point for conversation, too.

5. Wedding-themed cookie mix in a mason jar: Here’s a great DIY wedding favor and it can be as inventive as your imagination. You simply measure out the dry ingredients for the cookie mix and add wedding-themed elements (like heart-shaped mini candies or chocolates). Into the mason jar goes the mix, leaving you with a really scrumptious favor that will keep on giving long after the big day is over.

6. Something homemade: If you enjoy making goodies at home, try wrapping little blocks of fudge or candy in colored tissue paper to give out at your wedding. Other ideas include little jars of jam or jelly. If you’re really crafty, use recycled baby food jars and create layered candles in them.

7. Mini photo frame with picture of bride and groom: A lovely classic – yet inexpensive – favor is without a doubt putting pictures of the new Mr. and Mrs. in little frames and gifting them at the reception. Decorate the frames for an extra special touch and watch your guests go gooey-eyed.

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is of the Birthday Girl, My Mother in Law to be Marlene. Today is her special day and I wanted to make sure that I recognized her.
Thank You for raising the man I will soon call my Husband into someone who has Respect, Integrity, Understanding and Love. I hope that today and everyday day is a good one for you and I am happy to carry your family name soon. XOXO.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Biggest Things Brides Forget

With all the planning you’re doing right now, it’s hard to imagine there’s any detail you haven’t thought of, but trust us, there are certain to-dos that somehow never make it to the list. Here are the top ones we hear about all the time.

1. Making post-wedding plans

We’re not talking about the honeymoon here (who would forget to plan that?). We mean you need to decide what you’re doing immediately after your wedding. If you don’t want the party to end with the last dance, you should pick a late-night spot in or near one of the guest hotels. If privacy isn’t all that important, book your wedding night room in the same hotel as your guests. If you just want to get to bed, we strongly suggest you book a room elsewhere.

2.Bringing your overnight bag

If you’re allowed to check into your hotel room early—and you don’t personally need to be there to officially check in— pick someone to drop your overnight bag at your hotel before your ceremony starts. A guest who’s staying at the same place will more than likely be happy to do this for you, since they’re going to have to check in anyway! If your things can’t arrive sooner than you, ask a bridesmaid to be responsible for bringing your bag to the wedding and finding a safe spot for it in the bridal suite. Even easier, if you’ll have the same car or limo for the entire day and night, opt to keep your stuff in the boot.

3. Picking someone to take your things home after the reception

Your gifts, mementos (think toasting flutes, cake topper, unity candle and guest book) and any leftover food, booze or cake need a trusty escort to get them home. Choose a person and let them know about their responsibility. And you may want to donate your centrepieces. Nursing homes typically accept flowers, but call at least a few days before the wedding to find out when someone can drop off the arrangements. If you’re changing out of your gown before you head to your hotel room, you’ll need a person to take it home, too— even if you have no plans to get it professionally preserved, you don’t want to leave it behind! Make sure there’s a hanger and a garment bag on hand (the one your dress came with will do!) so your gown stays in tip-top shape.

4.Deciding where everything goes

Besides planning where all of your guests sit, you need to figure out where you’ll put programs, escort and place cards, menus (if you’re having them) and bomboniere. Once you’ve picked who’s going to set these out—your wedding coordinator, bridesmaids and banquet managers are all good choices—give them clear instructions on where they should go (one bomboniere on every other plate at tables, for instance, if you want couples to share the takeaways, or all of them in two baskets by the exits if you want guests to pick them up on the way out). Also, if your venue’s staff will be setting out these items, find out when you can drop everything off—some venues want everything a couple of days before your wedding; others won’t take anything ’til the actual day.

5.Decorating the other areas

Of course, no guest will walk out of your wedding if the bathrooms and cocktail bar are left bare. But with all the energy that’s put into dressing up the reception and ceremony spaces, you might want to put in the small extra effort to give these spots the d├ęcor they deserve. A few candles will work.

6.Buying gifts for the wedding party

When gifts are constantly coming to your door, it’s hard to remember that you also need to dole some out! So who makes it on the gift list? Everyone who plays a role in your day—yes, your parents and future in-laws, too. You don’t need to make a big presentation.

7.Choosing how to gather the gifts

There are three times when guests are likely to thrust gifts at you: while they’re in the receiving line, during your table visits and when they leave for the night. Designate a person—one of your bridesmaids, your mum or your groom’s mum—to collect envelopes, and have them by your side with a large but inconspicuous bag when you’re saying hello and goodbye to your guests. That person should also keep an eye out for guests who seem a little lost at the reception—they may be trying to figure out where they should put their gift! If you decide instead to have a wishing well, box or other stationary receptacle, tell a few people to subtly spread the word around.

8.Figuring out your day-after plans

If you’re leaving for your honeymoon straight from your hotel, make advance arrangements for a car service to take you from the hotel to the airport, and be sure you bring any luggage you want with you on your trip (and a passport if you need it). If you’re not going on your honeymoon right away, then you need to know where you’re going the morning after your wedding (to your new—or old—home, or your parents’ house?) and how you’re going to get there. Park your car at the hotel before your wedding if you’re allowed, or ask a friend to come pick you up and bring you where you want to go the next day. Don’t schedule your ride too early—with any luck, you’ll be exhausted.

9. Bringing the legal documents

Signing your marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your day; after all, it officialises the reason you threw a wedding in the first place! After all the hours of planning, you’re probably more focused on the party afterwards than the legal side of your nuptials, but without the paperwork, all the stress and money spent will be for nothing. Your celebrant should hopefully keep you on top of all the legal requirements, such as lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month and a day before your wedding day, and bringing along three marriage certificates for you to sign on the day. Check with them a few days before the wedding so you can have peace of mind.

10.Making and confirming itineraries

Check in with every single supplier, from the limo driver to the linen rental company, one week before your wedding. Many of your pros will beat you to it, so be ready to go over times and locations whenever you get a call. Send out agendas to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, too—how else will they know what time you’re taking photos? If someone in the bridal party is notorious for being late, start their schedule half an hour early just in case.

15 Signs You're Too Obsessed With the Wedding | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

15 Signs You're Too Obsessed With the Wedding Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

You Give Good Love

I remember watching this as a kid and learning the song because I loved it. Gotta Love Disney and Whitney Houston......R.I.P

She is our Butterfly....

With the recent passing of Scott's Grandmother, there will be a void at the wedding that wont be easily filled but we want to make sure that we honor her in some way and with that comes the Butterflies. Original JC had a great love for Butterflies and here are a couple of ideas that I found on Pinterest for Wedding Butterflies

Table Decor
Butterfly Toss (Instead of Rice or Petals)
Escort Cards
Table Decorations
Cake/Cupcake Decorations
I wonder from other readers, Are you honoring someone that will not be able to be at your wedding? Are there any ideas you have for me?
I wish more than anything that she would be there on that day in the physical but I know that she cant be but I hope above all that she will be there in one form or another, even through butterflies.

Monday, February 20, 2012


This weekend I did what most brides might find to be a Bridal Sin... I had a Wedding Planning Free weekend. Yes I know some might gasp and wonder why... But I was EXHAUSTED and I didn't want to be a Bridezilla or stress to the max.

This weekend was about spending time with the family and resting. I know that next week I will be back a it but it was nice to take a breather and get back to me. I am not going to lie, I have had some ideas floating around in my head and watched a few videos but as far as the Cameron Wedding planning was concerned, Miss Jasmine took a break. I think it made me feel much better and in a better place with my thoughts and I'm ready to be back at it...

We are 250 days away.....OMGEEEEEEEE!

Friday, February 17, 2012


The List is Updated and the Weekend is here!!

We have made it through another work week and it is now time for the weekend, which for some means more wedding stuff but I am going to do my very best to get some rest.

In the coming weekends, We have a few things to do and our wedding check list is dwendling down further and further... Here is the update for up to 6 months out:

Sixteen to Nine Months Before

Start a wedding folder or binder. Begin leafing through bridal, lifestyle,
fashion, gardening, design, and food magazines for inspiration.- DONE

Work out your budget. Determine how much you have to spend, based on your families’
contributions and your own. DONE

Pick your wedding party. As soon as you’re engaged, people will start
wondering who’s in. DONE

Start the guest list. Make a head count database to use throughout your
planning process, with columns for contact info, RSVPs, gifts, and any other
relevant information. (Want to keep costs low? It may be brutal, but the best
way to do it is to reduce your guest list.) DONE

Hire a planner, if desired. A planner will have relationships with—and
insights about—vendors. DONE

Reserve your date and venues. Decide whether to have separate locations for
the ceremony and the reception, factoring in travel time between the two
places. DONE

Book your officiant. DONE

Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers. Keep their contact
information in your binder. DONE

Throw an engagement party, if you wish. But remember that your invitees should
be on your wedding guest list as well. DONE...Well more like drinks at Saints an Sinners before they closed but it was an AWESOME way to go out.

Eight Months Before

Hire the photographer and the videographer. No need to talk specifics yet, but be sure that the people you hire are open to doing the shots that you want. DONE... No Videographer but we will do what we can with our photos

Book the entertainment. Attend gigs of potential acts to see how they perform
in front of audiences, then reserve your favorite.- Working on it

Meet caterers. If your wedding venue doesn’t offer its own catering service,
look for one now and hire the service this month or early next. All done with the hotel so we still have time for this one

Purchase a dress. You’ll need to schedule time for at least three fittings.
Veil shopping can be postponed for another two to three months. DONE ....YAY!!!!

Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. Pick three hotels at
different price points close to the reception venue. DONE

Register. Sign up at a minimum of three retailers. Working on this very soon

Launch a wedding website. Create your personal page through a free provider
such as Note the date of the wedding, travel information,
and accommodations. Then send the link to invitees. DONE.

Seven to Six Months Before

Select and purchase invitations. Hire a calligrapher, if desired. Addressing
cards is time-consuming, so you need to budget accordingly. Almost there with these....

Start planning a honeymoon. Make sure that your passports are up-to-date, and
schedule doctors’ appointments for any shots you may need. This is still up in the air.

Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses. Allow at least six months for the dresses to
be ordered and sized. DONE

Meet with the officiant. Map out the ceremony and confirm that you have all the
official documents for the wedding (these vary by county and religion). On it.

Send save-the-date cards. Next Month for these

Reserve structural and electrical necessities. Book portable toilets for
outdoor events, extra chairs if you need them, lighting components, and so on. Not on this part yet

Book a florist. Florists can serve multiple clients on one day, which is why
you can wait a little longer to engage one. Plus, at this point, you’ll be firm
on what your wedding palette will be. Meeting set soon but pratically done.

Arrange transportation. Consider limos, minibuses, trolleys, and town cars.
(But know that low-to-the-ground limos can make entries and exists dicey if
you’re wearing a fitted gown.) No transportation needed.. One stop shopping.

Start composing a day-of timeline. Draw up a schedule of the event and slot
in each component (the cake-cutting, the first dance). DONE

There are a few things still left to do but we will get there and it will be AWESOME!!

Have a great weekend all!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Push Forward

I admit that I have alot on my plate and I take on alot of things from time to time but I think its the drive within me that keeps me going forward and when I think about how tired I am or when I feel like I cant have more energy, I think about Lakeasha Monique Rutledge Draft.

If you have yet to here her story, I tell you it is a powerful one on Love, Life and Every Breath we breathe. She was more than a Dancer, Friend and NFL Players wife.... She was a woman that NEVER gave up and NEVER gave in. She never smoked a day in her life and she got Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Instead of feeling sorry for herself and giving up, She fought...hard.

I experienced her and Chris Draft's Wedding Video and it had me in tears. My first thought was how could something so unfair happen to someone like her? Why did it happen to her? But as the saying goes, God does everything for a reason. I watch the video again this morning and I could see the joy in her face, the smiles she had and know that day was so special to her and everyone around her. She got married on November 27, 2011 and died December 27, 2011.

I woke up this morning, Exhausted, feeling like I could not get out of bed and I thought of Lakeasha and her will not to give up or give in. She did it all for Love, Life and Every Breath she breathed. Love is much stronger than we will ever know and she is proof of that.

254 till Love Forever......

Help! My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy - Project Wedding

Help! My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy - Project Wedding

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week is from Scott's Birthday Celebration. We went out with some friends for drinks and had a good time. He had a smile on his face all weekend and that made me happier than anything else could have. With all that has gone on in the last 6 months, it was nice to see him have a good time and enjoy being Scott.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wedding Trends | Bird Themes | Food Trucks

Wedding Trends Bird Themes Food Trucks

Meet the couple that Inspired: The Vow

If you have yet to see this movie.....GO DO IT! Awesome and a Tear Jerker for sure....

The Vow Rachel McAdams Channing Tatum - Krickitt Carpenter Kim Carpenter Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

The Vow, starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, opened on February 10 and took the top spot at the box office over the weekend. The couple whose real life story inspired the hit movie visited the Today Show yesterday to discuss the tragic accident that forever changed both of their lives.

Just two months after their wedding in 1993, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter were in a horrific car accident that left Krickitt with less than half a percent chance of survival. "I heard 'Watch out!' and the most blood-curdling scream," Kim said. "I heard Krickitt just gasp; I thought it was the last breath of air she could get."Krickitt suffered a severe brain injury that greatly affected her short-term memory. When the doctors asked her the name of her husband, she said she wasn't married. She had no recollection of even meeting her husband Kim. Kim's vows from just two months earlier suddenly became even more impactful: "I promise to provide for and protect you through times of challenge and need."

Kim tried everything to jog her memory; he filled their house with pictures of them together as a couple and from their wedding day, but nothing worked. Eventually, a therapist suggested that they fall in love again.

So the couple began dating. And eventually, Krickett did fall in love with him again. Kim proposed once more, and two and a half years after the accident, the couple got married again."She fell in love with me not once, but twice," said Kim with a smile. "It was exciting that I had a memory to hold onto," Krickitt said. "I chose to love him, and obviously my love grew for him, and he's a wonderful husband. You have to stay committed. You have trials in your life, and you have to keep persevering."

It's been 18 years since the accident. Krickitt still hasn't regained her memories, but it doesn't matter to her anymore. The couple now has two children, and they love that their kids can see their love story on the big screen. "It's the greatest compliment to be able to let those kids see the enamor, the glitz, and attention for doing the right thing," said Kim. "Those kids get to see what mom and dad did, and all the attention you're getting, it's the greatest life lesson you could really have."

"We've won the battle," said Kim. "Only one thing can surpass forever the painful events that we have felt and that is the love I have for you. I am truly honored to be your husband."

Valentine's Day

I have never really been a girl that was all about Valentine's Day until I discovered how wonderful it is to truly be loved and in love.... Now I would say that I am not exactly Lolly Lolly but Love is a wonderful thing and when you find it with someone who loves you just as much, if not more by Scott and I standards, then it is a beautiful thing.

Yes, it has become a Hallmark holiday and maybe a bit out of control but as long as you know love, it can be celebrated today and everyday for that matter. I hope that you all enjoy your Valentine's Day... I know I will.

Happy Valentine's Day Scott.... I Love You

256 to go....

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Great Weekend

As you all know... Scott had a birthday on Saturday and this weekend was all about celebrating it. Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, basketball Game and Drinks on Saturday and Sunday was just vegging out. That smile was on his face all weekend long and I was happy to be apart of keeping it on his face. Nothing is better in the world to see someone you love happy.... :)

And now, back to Wedding planning we go......257 till forever.

R.I.P Whitney Houston

Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Be a Great Host at Your Wedding

How to Be a Great Host at Your Wedding

Happy Birthday Love!!

Now I know that his birthday is not until tomorrow but with all the celebrations and plans for the weekend, I might now get to say what I would like to say so now is the time....
To the man who capture my heart, the other half that makes me whole and the reason that love is renewed within me...... I hope that this birthday is a great one for you. Know that you are loved beyond measure that each day you are here is a special one for me. I Thank You for being the man you are and the one I am proud to call my husband (Well after 10/27 at least).
Happy 27th Birthday Scott Anthony Cameron!
Love ,
Jasmine aka The Future Mrs. Cameron

Thursday, February 9, 2012


You ever get that feeling that in Wedding planning that there is something missing??? I think for me right now, it is someone.

It has been someone that has been on my mind the last few weeks and for whatever reason, it is draining me a little to know that they will only be there in spirit. I think the harder part is because I know that they wont be there, its not escaping my thoughts.

How I wish we could talk right now and you could put my mind at ease. Just one more conversation to help me be OK and tell me it will be OK.

261 till JNC


Maggiano's Italian Restaurant is having a contest for a Honeymoon for an
Engaged couple and Scott and I have been entered. Read our story and vote for
us! Love Ya!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photo of the Week

This Photo of the Week s courtesy of Scott's 26Th Birthday. As you can see, Belvedere was there for the party. His birthday is Saturday and he will be 27.. 2 things come to mind with that, 1. He will be 27 and we get married on the 27 (Meant to be) and 2. I am a Cougar!! LOL. We make it a point to celebrate birthdays because without them, we would not be here. I hope that this birthday weekend will be a great one for you Scott... Love you and Happy Early Birthday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cute Valentines Day Cards

For those out there that celebrate Valentine's Day... Here are some cute cards to send to your Valentine.... Enjoy!

Wedding Reception Essentials You Shouldn't Forget - Project Wedding

Wedding Reception Essentials You Shouldn't Forget - Project Wedding

Monday, February 6, 2012

dead hearts: The Wedding of Victoria and Jason Evigan


Love it!!

I know that this is itotally non-wedding related but I LOVE MS. Brown. If I could have a wedding mascot, it would be her....LOL

Dress and Shoes all done....

This is a happy Monday for me because over the weekend I got 2 things check off my wedding list... Shoes and Ordered my Wedding Dress!!!!!

I don't know about any other Brides but for me, getting that done was a big weight off my back. I cant believe how simple it was for me to find "The Dress" and the process of ordering it went so well too. I am pleased with the shop I am getting it from and the price! I would post it for all to see but I know that Scott is a daily reader of our blog so I will have to save it for another time after the wedding....

As for the shoes, My sister and Maid of Honor Tai send me a link to the shoes last week that she found on Bakers and anyone that has been following me knows that I have been on the HUNT (to say the very least) for the perfect shoe, and Red at that. After some heartache and frustration, I saw these from my sister and squealed in delight

I decided to go to Bakers to check them out and to my surprise, They are so new that they are not even in stores yet...BOO. So I am taking a leap and ordering them online. The last online order I made was for my engagement photo dress and it was red so I am rolling with that as my lucky charm right now. As the saying goes, it will be all good in da hood....LOL

So now with Shoes and Dress in progress, There is no stopping me now... Lets see what else I can accomplish this week.

264 till Mrs. Cameron

Top Wedding Tunes - Project Wedding

Top Wedding Tunes - Project Wedding

Friday, February 3, 2012

David Tutera Fall 2012

Make Me Up

Some may know this about me and some may not.... I am a Tom Boy in many ways. I am the girl who LOVES jeans and dress are not usually my 1st choice. With all the wedding stuff going on, I am transforming more into a lady because there are so many lady things involved with being a Bride and one is Makeup.

My daily makeup routine now is Carmex but for the wedding, I wanted to look as FAB as I could be so I enlisted the expertise of Miss Lynique of Mad Diva Makeup to help me out. She did my makeup for the Engagement Shoot and I LOVE IT. As the saying goes, she took me from Drab to Fab in an hour. I loved that she was patience with me in the process, being that know nothing about Make Up, and I am so happy with the way everything turned out...




Hope that all the Brides out there find a Make Up Artist to make them feel as special as I did that day and soon on my wedding day!!


Saying "I Do": Friday Find: Marryoke Wedding Video

Perfect Video for a Friday....TGIF

Saying "I Do": Friday Find: Marryoke Wedding Video

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Longest Married Couple - Longest Married Couple Project | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

Longest Married Couple - Longest Married Couple Project Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette Bridal Guide Magazine

In Favor of Favors

Here is my current Wedding Related Dilemma... Do people really look for Wedding Favors?? I have been to weddings where you get the candle and everyone takes that home and I have been to the Personalized Hershey weddings and see them left behind on the tables. Since our wedding is Sweets theme, I wonder if we will have that left behind favor. It makes me wonder if it is even worth doing... I could think outside the box and come up with a creative idea , There is just so many things that can be done.

Are you in Favor of Favors or opposed???

Top Wedding Trends for 2012!

Top Wedding Trends for 2012!

Fall Wedding Ideas