Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Find a Plus-Size Wedding Dress....

Q: “I’m a plus-size bride and am having trouble finding a flattering dress. Any idea of what I should look for?” —Katherine, Seattle

A: In the past, I have helped many plus-sized brides find their ultimate gown. It is a process of finding out what you have envisioned and melding that idea with what looks flattering on curvier figures. There are many gown silhouettes that can look great, depending on what you would like to highlight and what you would like to hide.

Here are my Top 10 suggestions for finding the perfect dress for you:

Find a bridal boutique or salon that gives personalized service and will spend a little extra time working with you to help you with your concerns.

Go shopping with a very good, uplifting support strapless bra, preferably a bustier, as it will be low enough in the back to accommodate most gowns.

Focus on dresses with fuller skirts. They balance the body and make the hips and waist appear slimmer.

Wrap-around or criss-cross designs at the waist are good for hiding tummy issues.

Avoid gowns with horizontal design lines, stripes or patterns—they will widen the body.

Make sure that custom bodices (built to your measurements) are available if you are very “gifted” on top!

Higher V-neck, sweetheart or straight-across necklines are the most flattering on plus-size women.

Elongate the midriff—it will make your top and bottom appear smaller. Look for dresses with either an empire seam or dropped waist seam.

Think simple and long in design, elegant and luscious in fabrics, and stay away from too much beaded or appliquéd detail – it can draw attention to the parts that we want to cover.

Lastly, remember that designer sizing usually runs about a size or two smaller than everyday dress sizes. Sizes 16 and up are couture plus sizes. Remember this is only a number and not to take it too literally.

The most important part of finding your gown is to have fun. Make sure you choose a boutique or salon that has helpful and warm consultants, that you feel comfortable, and that they have the knowledge to help you with your concerns. Gowns are designed for all shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect, gorgeous gown out there waiting for you!


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