Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Oval Engagement

Your style: In a word (okay three): Over the top.

Your relationship: Together you are more than the sum of your parts.

Your wedding: Colorful and cool, with a very polished edge. No detail will be overlooked.

Round Engagement

Your style: Traditional. You always look utterly put together.

Your relationship: Bottom line: you're marrying your best friend. Here's to a lifetime of sharing inside jokes and having someone really get you.

Your wedding: Relaxed, romantic and unfussy. It takes a lot of planning to make things look this effortless, but you'll pull it off.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Your style: Sophisticated socialite — aka uptown girl.

Your relationship: You're the girl of his dreams and he's totally in awe.

Your wedding: Voted "can't miss" event of the season (and not just by your mom). Destined to be the party where everyone hits the dance floor.

Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

Your style: You take your cues from the Grace Kellys of the world — legendary women who demand to be set apart.

Your relationship: He lets you be ... well, you.

Your wedding: So elegant and timeless that no one will be able to date the wedding photos afterward.

Princess Engagement Ring

Your style: Lover of all things sparkly.

Your relationship: He treats you like a … yep, total princess.

Your wedding: You may or may not arrive by horse-drawn carriage, opt for the biggest ball gown or sport the tallest tiara — but you're bound to have a royal blast

Pear Engagement Ring

Your style: Classic, but with a twist.

Your relationship: Independent, yet utterly committed. You and your guy have each other's backs. Period.

Your wedding: Contemporary and chic with trendy shots of color and fun, out-of-the-box ideas.

Marquise Engagement Ring

Your style: Old Hollywood (think: silver screen siren).

Your relationship: He puts you on a pedestal and lets you shine. But he's not afraid to help you laugh at yourself when you get too big for your britches.

Your wedding: Pure glamour. You'll create an enchanted atmosphere that wedding guests will never forget.

Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring

Your style: Shameless romantic.

Your relationship: We bet your man is head over heels. Why? Guys don't exactly gravitate toward heart-shaped objects. So we're thinkin' he's all about making you smile.

Your wedding: Ball gown? Check. Petal-covered aisle? Check. Ice sculpture(s)? Check. You definitely don't believe that less is more, and it shows.


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