Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Collection of Addresses

So our printer/cousin Clarise let us know that our Save the Dates would be ready soon (Yay) and in my attempt to be an unstressed bride (At least a large part of the time) I asked everyone to send me their addresses so I could have them and be all ready to go. I am happy to report that I have now about 85% of the addresses I needed.

My question is Why is it so hard to get someone to give you/send you their address?? Come on people, work with me on this. All I want is for you to be apart of our special day and I need your address....LOL

Am I alone in this or is anyone else having this issue as well?


TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

Sounds like my drama i got going on right now...i still have about 78 ppl left to hear from and so i created an event on fb so that i can get the ones that i can't get a hold of to at least rsvp there...since i can't get certain people to give me their address...l

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