Friday, April 6, 2012

Do you speak Wedding???

I had a conversation with my Cousin this morning and said to her, My STD's should be ready on Monday and I will get them out to everyone on Monday. Now Brides to be know that STD means Save The Dates.. My Cousin thought otherwise....LOL.

If you don't speak wedding, Here are a few acronyms for you to remember:

B2B - bride to be
BIL - brother-in-law
BM - bridesmaid
BS - bridal shower
DFH - dear future husband
DH - dear husband
E-ring - engagement ring
FFIL - future father-in-law
FG - flower girl
FH - future husband
FMIL- future mother-in-law
FOB - father of the bride
FW - future wife
G2B - groom to be
GM - groomsmen
HM - honeymoon
MOB - mother of the bride
MOG- mother of the groom
MOH - maid of honor
SIL - sister-in-law
SO - significant other
STD - save the date


TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

lol when i was doing my STDs a friend of mine thought the same thing lol..

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