Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gift for the Groom

I am all about making sure that when it comes down to getting gifts, that there is meaning and love behind them. So in t he pursuit for the perfect wedding gift for Scott... I am at a bit of a loss.
I bought him Cufflinks as an Anniversary gift to symbolize his Grandmother that day and I bought him Adidas for the Reception in our wedding colors:

But now the question is..... What can I get him as a AWESOME gift to symbolize this special day in our lives. The ring of course is the best gift ever, but there is a tradition of the Bride and Groom giving each other gifts. Here is a few ideas I found on Pinterest:

Im sure there are a few other things that will catch my eye so we will see what comes up. What are you getting your Groom on your special day??


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