Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hunt is on

Scott and I have a busy weekend ahead and one of the biggest parts is Apartment Hunting. Right now we are in separate homes but soon we will be combining homes and becoming one. I admit that I am nervous about finding a place because I want it to be the right place and I know it may not be easy to find. We have agreed on so many things so far that I don't want it to go left when its time to find a place.

Pray for us that we find the perfect 1st Cameron Crib.

I am also excited about the other part of our weekend... Date Night!! We will be going to Smitty's Grill for dinner and then Pop and Champagne for Dessert and Drinks. If you live or ever visit Los Angeles, Go to Pasadena and check out both of these places. Scott has never been to Pop and Champagne before so I am hoping he likes it as much as I do and will want to go back. The desserts there are TO DIE FOR!!

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and I will be sure to take some pictures to post for you all.

190 till The Cameron's!!!


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