Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Invited or Undecided

Does anyone else not discuss there wedding too much with too many people??

Since Scott and I got engaged, I have made it a point not to discuss too much wedding items with Friends so that I wont drive them crazy and so I wont have the question that most Brides loathe... "Am I invited to your wedding??"

So when we got engaged, everyone was happy and asking not an hour later, When is the wedding?? Give us a chance to soak it all in and enjoy being engaged peeps....LOL. Then I devised a plan for my Facebook friends to be discrete with wedding plans. We got engaged Christmas 2010 and had decided that we would not get married until 2012 to save money and not be in debt. So when people would ask I would say 2012, now were are in 2012 I am saying Fall and soon Fall will be here and I will have to say soon.

We love all of our Friends but we know that this wedding is about us, our family and very close friends.. So we have to be the ones to say no sometimes and I dread it. Have you experienced having to tell someone they are not invited to your wedding?? How did you handle it?


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