Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Music makes you loose control

So we book our DJ last month and now comes the task of picking out the music. I recently posted about the First Dance Song but now comes the task of other music. Here is what we have to decide on:

  • Precession Music
  • Processional Music
  • Wedding March
  • Recessional Music
  • Cocktail Music
  • Dinner Music
  • Introduction Music for Bridal Party
  • Introduction Music for Bride and Groom 
  • First Dance Music
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/ Son Dance
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • Cake Cutting Music
  • Last Song of the Night

This list is a little crazy but there is more... We now have to think about the music to be played in general. I put on our wedding website a page for people to make request but I still need more songs. there is so much time to fill seems like so I want to make sure its right....

Anyone got must play songs or request??


TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

we are going for a old school r&b kind of feel

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