Monday, April 9, 2012

Oreos, Purple Pumps and Easter Sunday

This weekend was one of those that I didn't have much planned so it was a good one.

Scott went over to Isaiah's birthday party so that gave me and Jacelyn a chance to do some Pre-Easter dinner preparations at the house. After that, Scott and I got an invite from Brandon and Brandi to come over for some BBQ.

I will say, that I LOVE THESE 2 and I am happy that they have always been so welcoming and so nice to me. Some people will tell you that when you meet your mates friends and family, it might be difficult at first but it has never been this way with the 2 of them and I so THANKFUL for that.

We all sat around while the boys played Domino's, the girls had Oreos, Stretchy Shoes and talked about Bobcats (You had to be there). It was a great way to spend our Saturday evening.

Sunday was Easter and 4 generations of Ladies went to our church to Praise the lord:

Rev. Scott came up with a good analogy that I had not thought of before.... In John Chapter 20 Verse 7, it talks about how when Peter and Mary went to the tomb, they found Jesus handkerchief that was over his eyes neatly folded there in the tomb and the analogy was likened to Dinner Manners.

When you go to dinner and placed your balled up napkin on the table, it means your
finished but if you fold it and put it on your chair, it means your not done yet..... Jesus was not done yet and neither am I. I must admit I have a renewed sense of Church now with Rev. Scott leading the way. I missed Rev. Mason and wished he didn't have to go away but we will see how things go with this leader.

After church and a late breakfast, We went home to prepare for Easter Dinner and it was great to spend time with the family. They are all excited about the wedding and it makes me feel good to know that they are just as excited to have Scott be apart of the family.

This week we reach 200 days, Save the Dates should be ready to go out and we will move further down our list....

Life is good right now.


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