Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and 5 months to go

What a relaxing weekend.... Well, somewhat.

Friday night Mini Me and I got out and brave the mall for some great deals on items needed for her trip to Florida for school. She was so excited about her stuff and it was nice to see a smile on her face.

Saturday was some rest, Scott got to do BBQ prep with my dad so I got to get some rest (Yay)

Sunday was BBQ Day and we did it up right.....

My Signature Potato Salad Recipe care of Gram

 Iron Chef Scott Cameron

Pit Boss

Dad teaching Scott all things BBQ... I called them Yoda Dad and Jedi BBQ Knight Scott.... I know its a little geeky of me but what can I say

This was just the 1st round of meat on the grill... So good

Sheauen (Team Jascott) made S'mores's Cupcakes for the occasion: Graham cracker crust, Chocolate buttermilk cake, marshmallow cream, chocolate ganache, and graham cracker crumbs.

This is Baby FA.B. She came to visit my house for the first time, had some lunch and was out like a light.... SUCH A GOOD BABY!

Jacelyn and Isaiah along with Patty the iPad (there is a story behind the name)

Monday, I got a little bit more rest but I found a recipe for Cracker Barrel's Hash brown Casserole and made it for Breakfast for the family. I am going to post that on my other blog, Kiddies Kitchen, so everyone can see how that turned out.

All in all it was a great weekend and.....Scott and I are at the 5 month mark....YAY!

Here are a few key things we are going for month 5:

1. Moving into our new apartment...YAY!!
2. Finally Floral Cost
3. Groomsmen's Gift
4. Bridal Flip Flops (Since I am told I cant wear Old Navy ones)
5. Finalize details for Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Parties
6. Find shoes for Junior Bridesmaids (I know it is long over due)
7. Work on Wedding Gift for SC
8. Gifts for Parents

So as the old saying goes, let the Summer begin!!

151 days until WE DO!


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