Friday, January 9, 2015

9 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist Bride

Signs Of A Perfectionist Bride
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It's all in the details isn't just another cutesy little saying for the perfectionist bride; no, she lives and breathes excellence in every single aspect of her life. Some might call her a bridezilla and others might simply say she knows what she wants. If any of the below sound familiar though, well, welcome to the club.

1. The thought of not having customized save the dates or invitations made makes you kind of anxious.

2. Come to think of it, so does making any sort of wedding-related decision. What if you find something or someone (AKA a vendor) you like better down the line? Then what!?

3. Once you get started on Pinterest, you literally can't stop. In fact, you have a secret Pinterest board for pretty much all the wedding details, including one solely dedicated to the font choices you prefer for your day-of stationary.

4. When your maid of honor or mother-in-law kindly offers to DIY the wedding favors for you, panic ensues. Those types of things are best left to you or a professional hand selected by you.

5. The number of bridesmaids to the number of groomsmen in your wedding party has to match up perfectly or else someone's getting added/demoted. Visual symmetry for the win!

6. You'd never in a million years dream of letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses for fear of what they'd actually choose (even if it was "perfect").

7. If Kylie Jenner had been your bridesmaid, you'd have made certain her blue hair was gone for the big day!

8. Your budget keeps growing bigger and bigger every day as you realize how much all those teeny-tiny (and in your mind, absolutely necessary) details cost. Who knows, maybe you'll start selling your old designer duds on eBay to account for the difference?

9. Hiring a wedding planner who "totally gets you" was the best decision you ever made because you know planning your wedding is a full-time job and you've already got one of those, unfortunately.


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