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4 Things All Parents Love at Weddings

Things Parents Want at a Wedding
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Not that your wedding day should be about pleasing your parents or his, but why not include a few elements within your ceremony or at the reception that they're bound to love as well? It's the least you can do if they're footing the bill, and if they're not and your budget can afford it, it's a great way to keep the peace and say thank you for all that they've done for you over the years. We consulted a few wedding planners to find out what things pretty much all parents seem to want at their kid's wedding.

1. Seated Dinners
If there's one thing wedding planner Tracie Domino has picked up on throughout her career it's that parents really dig sit-down dinners. "They have a tough time with food stations and lounge style seating without assigning every guest a specific table," she notes. "They get concerned that guests will want their own spot and won't be able to eat in a cocktail environment." However, once the couple is able to convince them that this is what they prefer, and they select menu items that don't need to be cut with a knife, parents actually enjoy this style of reception a lot, as they get to spend more time with all of their friends, she says.

2. Their Friends
Speaking of friends, parents love to invite their own BFFs to your big day. Think about it, isn't any party more fun when you have your closest pals by your side? Your parents are proud of you, plus it's a big moment for them too, which they're dying to share with their friends. Now, we're not saying you should let them go crazy with the invites if your budget doesn't allow, but do let them request the presence of a few of their friends, especially if they're ponying up the money.

3. Some Recognition
What's a mother of the groom got to do to get some recognition (ahem, attention) around here!? But seriously, according to wedding planner Sandy Malone, owner of Weddings in Vieques, the MOG is usually worried about the bar (even if her side isn't paying for it, tradition says they do so she doesn't want people to think they're cheap), the rehearsal dinner (if she's planning it) and making sure that she has a starring role at some point during the evening. "Most MOGs are perfectly content to have a few moments doing a mother-son dance with all eyes and cameras on them," tells Malone. Dads, on the other hand, enjoy the father-daughter dance but not nearly as much as walking their "little girl" down the aisle. Nowadays, Stefanie Cove, Managing Partner at Yifat Oren & Associates, says it's not unusual to see brides ask both parents to give her away. "Mothers seem very touched by the gesture and honored for the special moment."

4. Live Music
Unless your parents are hitting the club on the reg, chances are, the dopest DJ in town will always pale in comparison to that lovely five-piece band they're just itching to book. If it means that much to them and they insist on forking over the money to cover the added cost though, why not compromise and have both?


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