Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Man Arranged for His Wife to Receive a Valentine's Day Bouquet Every Year After His Death

If you needed a reminder that love knows no bounds, this sweet story is just what you need. One Wyoming man went to great lengths to make sure his wife knew how much he loved her for the rest of her life, even if he was no longer around to tell her himself.

According to Time, Jim Golay, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor one year ago, knew that he wouldn't be able to surprise his wife on Valentine's Day for much longer. So to make sure the romantic day was still special for her, Golay worked with a local florist to ensure his wife would still receive a bouquet every year on February 14.

When a bundle of flowers arrived at Shelley Golay's home shortly before Valentine's Day, the widow was shocked to see the note explained they were from her now-deceased husband.

Golay posted the above photo of her multi-color rose arrangement on Facebook, showcasing the poignant note that reads, "Happy Valentine's Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours Forever, Love Jim."
At first Golay thought the beautiful blooms couldn't actually be from her husband. "I thought the kids sent the flowers to begin with," she said. But when she called the florist in town, she learned that her husband made a deal with florist Jessie Row to make sure his wife received an arrangement every year.

"Basically he had called and set it up before he passed, and what it's going to be is just, every Valentine's Day just, some of her favorite flowers, the assorted roses, mixed colors, things like that, every day until she dies," Row told Fox Denver.

While blown away by her husband's amazing gesture, even Golay admitted that this thoughtful behavior was something typical of her husband. "It was true love and you just don't find that very often, you know, the fairy tale romance, the knight in shining armor, you just don't find that," Golay told Fox. "And even though we didn't get the fairy tale ending, it was amazing. He's such an amazing man and he just can love beyond boundaries, there is no boundaries with him. Even in death, he's just amazing."


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