Friday, February 6, 2015

Stress Less By Not Doing These Things on Your Wedding Day

Stress can ruin a bride's big day more than an unexpected downpour during an outdoor wedding, and that's saying a lot right there! So how do you handle all the pressure without completely cracking? If you know you have a tendency to get all worked up, avoid doing these things the day of for your own sanity and everyone else's, please.

1. Don't DIY
Any crafty DIY projects you've had in the works should have definitely been completed by now, but what we're really referring to is brides that try to DIY the entire wedding setup to save some money. "Having a point person there to assist you who preferably isn't part of your bridal party or a family member involved in the wedding can be critical," notes Shafonne Myers, a wedding planner and founder of Pretty Pear Bride. "If you don't have a day-of coordinator, expect to be stressed with ensuring that everything goes well."

2. Don't starve yourself
If you're not at the weight you want to be on the day of your wedding, starving yourself isn't going to help you get there (sorry!). Doing so will only lead to stress from being hungry, explains Myers. And we all know how grumpy and irritable hungry people can be...

3. Don't oversleep or sleep too little
Beauty sleep is a must-have for any bride. "Try to get at least seven hours the night before, and for heaven's sake, don't drink too much at the rehearsal dinner and sleep in," warns celebrity wedding and event specialist Donnie Brown. "One thing runs late and everything else will too. Your primary responsibility on your wedding day is to be present and on time." Too little sleep, and you'll likely be a bridezilla!

4. Don't argue with anyone
Seriously, it's so not worth it! This is what you have a wedding planner or bridesmaids for, says Brown. "If someone ticks you off, sick the planner or the girls on them. You stay pristine and sweet and unblemished by frown lines."

5. Don't try to micromanage everything
Or you'll drive yourself crazy! It's finally time to let go of control and just relax and enjoy your day, advises Brown. After all, that's why you hired professionals, right?


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