Monday, March 9, 2015

6 Sexy Ways to Amp Up Your Wedding Night

Tips for Hottest Honeymoon Sex from Real Brides
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Wedding-night sex certainly has the potential to be hot. But after a night on the dance floor, flitting from guest to guest and indulging in a couple — OK, four — signature cocktails, your libido can take backseat to your desire to get your snooze on.

With these expert tips, however, we'll have you racing back to your hotel room to rip each other's clothes off and up-the-ante on your wedding-night lovemaking.

Take a moment for just the two of you pre-hotel time.
"I am a huge advocate of the bride and groom sneaking off to an empty room or in their limousine to get a little naughty," says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. "The wedding day is not the day to be withholding passion — it's the day to show it to each other."

Indulge in a couple cocktails — but cut yourself off when you've hit your limit.
"Having a glass or two of wine, will also help to loosen you up, increase the blood flow in the body, which will help put you in the mood," Ransom-Alfred points out.

Keep the meaning behind the day in mind.
"Always remember what this day is about and that's how much you love each other," Ransom-Alfred says. "The more connected you are feeling — and not worrying about the wedding too much itself — the more passionate the sex will be."

Think ahead with a sex to-do list.
"Try a new sex act and try new sex positions on your wedding night," suggests Ransom-Alfred. "Perhaps even create a 'Top 10' list together of everything you'd like to try that night. Get wild, adventurous and creative."

Take a trip to an adult store.
"Visit an adult toy store, either in person or online, and pick out a toy or game to play with each other that night," Ransom-Alfred says.

Consider starting with a rub-down.
"Bring massage oils, flavored if you like. That way you can rub each other down after your big day, release those 'feel good' endorphins to relax and arouse you both," suggests Ransom-Alfred.


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