Wednesday, April 15, 2015

8 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Pack With Them on the Wedding Day

8 Things Bridesmaids Need on Wedding Day
Photo: Clane Gessel Photography
The day is finally around the corner and your role as a bridesmaid is about to come full circle. So as you're packing up your bridesmaid dress and your heels, don't forget to bring along a handful of bridesmaid must-haves to make sure you make it through the day without a hitch!

1. Tissues
If ever there was a time to stuff your bra with tissues, now would be it. You can never have too many with you on the day of the wedding. Whether it's to dry tears, fix make up, or help dap off last-minute stains, pack as many as you can.

2. A change of shoes
When the ceremony ends, kick off the shoes that are starting to leave pretty little blisters all over your toes and pop on a pair of stylish and comfy flats. You'll have more fun flirting with the dance floor this way.

3. A cell-phone charger
You have a long day ahead of you and it's always good to make sure your phone has some extra juice to it. Bring along your charger so that you won't have to worry about 20% battery life when the bride asks you to snap some extra photos for her when the party starts.

4. Band Aids
Lots of them. For everyone around you — even party guests who have to use a chair as a crutch because their poor feet have had a little too much fun on the wooden dance floor in uncomfortable shoes.

5. Pictures of hair and makeup suggestions
Skip the umms and the hmms when it comes to how you want your hair and makeup to look on the day of the wedding. Come prepared with photos and ideas to show the bride and the beauty team.

6. An extension chord
Because there's never enough outlets for everyone or every curling iron.

7. Your own beauty kit
Have a kit of your favorite makeup items with you so you can do quick touch ups before pictures and in between trips to the dance floor.

8. A good attitude
No matter what's going on, be sure to enter the wedding day adventure with a positive attitude and some fun energy, supporting the bride more than you ever have before!


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