Friday, May 15, 2015

10 Beauty Steps You Should Never Skip

A swipe of moisturizer, a dab of gloss—you may think that's the only pre-wedding beauty routine you need (or have time for), but you have to up your beauty game if you want to look on-point for your wedding day.

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Photo by Brooke Schwab

1. Taking Off Your Makeup At Night

A cozy bed can be so, so tempting after a long day, but you should never fall asleep with your makeup on. Not just because it clogs your pores (which it does!), but during the day free radicals from the environment cling to your makeup. If you don't wash your face, those free radicals will breakdown the healthy collagen in your skin while you sleep, causing fine lines and premature signs of aging. If making it to your sink is just too much work, keep a pack of makeup removing wipes in your nightstand for a quick fix!

2. Exfoliating Your T-Zone

Washing your face is kind of like brushing your teeth: You can do it fast and haphazard, but you're probably going to pay for it in the long run. Taking the extra 30 seconds to scrub your T-zone or acne-prone areas on your face can help reduce the build up of sebum (thick oil) and keep your pores clear and unclogged.

3. Using a Toner

It may sound like an unnecessary step in your daily routine, but using a toner actually helps the rest of your skincare routine work more effectively and penetrate deeper into your skin. Skip toners with alcohol if you're worried about over-drying and opt for solutions with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients, like vitamin E, for less irritating results.

4. Wearing SPF Daily

We know, we know: You work indoors all day, why would you need to wear a sunscreen? Because windows and glass aren't UVA proof, that's why! Even just a little bit of sun exposure everyday can lead to long term skin damage. If you're worried about smelling like a pina colada at work, there are many moisturizers on the market that double as sunscreen without the SPF smell.

5. Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Weekly

Here's a novel idea: Take your makeup brushes in the shower with you once a week. Use your face cleanser and warm water to disinfect your brushes and remove oil, makeup, dirt and bacteria that can get caught on your brush's bristles and clog your pores, causing breakouts.

6. Using a Primer Under Your Makeup

If you're not familiar with it, primer can seem like a totally unnecessary step. But when used correctly, it can actually save your skincare routine and shorten your time spent trying to cover up imperfections in the mirror. Try a tinted formula in green or lilac to target specific problems like redness or dullness.

7. Throwing Away Old Products

Old beauty products are a breeding ground for bacteria. General rule of thumb is to toss your mascara after three months, get rid of lipsticks after one year and ditch your favorite lipgloss after two years.

8. Applying a Basecoat

The reason you probably skip this extra layer on your manicure is because you don't know what it does. Not only does a basecoat act like a glue on your nails for your polish to stick to, but it also keeps your nails healthy. As polish chips away it takes pieces of your nail with it, making your tips weak and brittle. A basecoat will prevent air bubbles from forming under your polish, which will stop polish (and your nails!) from flaking.

9. ReplacingYour Loofa

Do you know what's growing on that thing? Neither do we, but we can promise you it's a lot of germs, bacteria and fungus. Loofahs are usually used and left in a shower, meaning they never fully dry, which make them a breading ground for all things gross. Plus, all those dead skin cells your sloughing away get trapped inside it's mesh material. Plastic ones can last up to two months, but avoid using it on your face and after you shave.

10. Conditioning Your Hair

Do you always finish your shampoo before your conditioner? Then this is a tip for you! If you have fine or thin hair, the last thing you think your hair needs is a daily conditioner. But while shampoo helps strip your hair of dirt and oil, conditioner coats each strand and protects it from daily damage. Just avoid conditioning your roots--you'll get all the shine without the grease.


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