Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 2015 Guide to Wedding Party Gifts

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I’ve discussed ways to recognize the people in your wedding party, and the most popular way is through gifts. Whether they’re something useful or something meaningful, gifts are wonderful tokens of appreciation. If you’re searching for gifts to get your wedding party, here are some of this year’s most popular ideas:

Bridesmaid Gifts:

Monogrammed wedding shoes: There are many styles of monogrammed wedding shoes, from heels to ballet flats. This is becoming an increasingly popular gift trend, especially in the couple’s wedding colors. Check out sites like for ideas.

Floral print robes: also has these incredibly cute floral print robes. These gifts will allow your bridal party to be comfortable and look great in photos as they’re waiting to have their hair and makeup done.

Alex and Ani charm bracelets: Jewelry is always a popular gift for wedding party attendants, and Alex and Ani charm bracelets are an elegant and thoughtful option.

Personalized scents (perfume): Another rising trend is the creation of truly customized scents for each person in the wedding party. Sites like offer couples the option of purchasing personalized perfumes and colognes…a step above just having a gift engraved.

Wine glasses: Glasses are popular because they can easily be personalized with words and/or pictures. You can commission an artist to paint pictures on each glass that have meaning to you and each attendant. If wine isn’t your thing, martini or margarita glasses work well, too!

Groomsmen Gifts:

Cufflinks: This is always a popular choice because they can be customized in both lettering and style. Sites like offer a variety of options, allowing you to choose cufflinks that suit each attendant.

Flasks: If you’re not having a dry wedding, flasks are another popular item for groomsmen. Personalizing them with the groomsmen’s names and the wedding date will make these nice keepsakes.

Whiskey: Known as a “man’s drink,” whiskey has become a trendy groomsmen’s gift. Just make sure if you go this route that the bottles say closed until after the wedding so you don’t have inebriated attendants on your hands.

Personalized scents (cologne, beard oil): Much like the bridesmaid’s gifts listed above, personalized scents for groomsmen are on the rise. And with facial hair now considered hip, beard oil is a great option.

Guys’ outing. Sometimes it’s better to spend time with the guys than worry about finding the perfect gift. Go golfing, fishing, skydiving, skiing, or anything you and your closest guys want to do. Make sure to take some pics to record the occasion.

Gifts for Either:

Name hangars: Hangars with “Bridesmaid” or “Groomsman” are cute and popular gifts. is a good place to find them.

Time capsule: Create a time capsule based on the time when you met each attendant. It can include things like ticket stubs, photos, movie listings, newspaper/magazine clippings, and other trinkets.

Photo frames: For something personalized and sentimental, have photo frames engraved with the attendants’ names and the wedding date, and include a picture of the two (or three) of you in it for them to keep.

These are just a few of the trendiest wedding party gifts this year. Do you have any suggestions for other couples to consider? Please share them with us!

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