Wednesday, June 17, 2015

15 Things Every Bride Hopes Her Groom Will Think on the Wedding Day

Just as your thoughts are a jumble of nerves and excitement on your wedding day, remember that your groom is feeling a combination of crazy (good) emotions too. And though we can't say for sure what is going on inside your guy's brain on the big day, here are 15 things every bride hopes her groom will think.

1. "I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life with this woman."

2. "I can't wait for the wedding ceremony to end so I can finally call her my wife. Who would have thought I'd be so excited about the commitment?"

3. "That"

4. "Can I convince her to wear it again? If buying season tickets to the opera or symphony is what it takes, so be it."

5. "If it were anyone else walking down the aisle, I would be nervous — but every ounce of doubt fell away the moment I saw her."

6. "I'm grateful for every bad date I've been on, because I finally found the right one."

7. "She was right about those fluffy flowers (what are they called again?) lining the aisle, even if the decision did take way too long to make."

8. "Gisele has nothing on my wife."

9. "Beauty, brains, and heart — she literally has it all. I should remind her of this as often as possible."

10. "I still can't believe she wasn't taken before this. How lucky am I?"

11. "I wish I could find the words to tell her how special she is."

12. "My vows fall woefully short of conveying how great she is. Is there an app for that?"

13. "I'm going support her in every way I can from this day forward. Did I just write one of my wedding vows?"

14. "Is it my imagination, or does she look look more beautiful each day I'm with her?"

15. "This is way better than the bachelor party."


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