Friday, June 19, 2015

A 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Stole a Kiss from the Ring Bearer in Her Mom's Wedding Photo!

Turns out, not all four-year-olds are afraid of cooties! Flower girl Anderson Hall surprised everyone at her mom Michelle Hall's Knoxville, Tennessee, wedding on Saturday when she misinterpreted photographer Leah Bullard's directions and — when Bullard prompted the newlywed grown-ups to kiss during a bridal party photo shoot — little Anderson planted a big smooch right on Ike, a very shocked ring bearer.

"I was setting up the bridal party to take the bridal party photographs, like I do at every wedding, and so I took a few shots of that, and then I said, 'Okay, I need the bride and groom to kiss.' So, when I said that, well naturally...she thought I was referring to her, because she thought she was the bride and so naturally she just leaned in for a kiss and kissed that ringbearer!" photographer Leah Bullard told WBIR Knoxville.

"Guess what! When momma kissed, Ikey and I kissed!! I was trying to get Ikey to kiss me..." said Anderson, who, according to Bullard, "was calling herself the bride the whole day."

Bullard attempted to get the wedding shot again: "I said...'Okay, let's try that again, one more time bride and groom kiss...' and [Anderson] really went for it that time, and it was hilarious!" the Knoxville-based photographer said. "I strive to capture the moment of the day, so for me to be able to capture that moment, that's a moment that the families can look back on for years to come and laugh and relive it over again."

Bullard said everyone in the wedding party got a big laugh out of the sweet, unexpected moment. And as for the budding "relationship" between Anderson and Ike? "He was the best ring bearer ever! And he thought I was the best flower girl ever! We're best friends," said Anderson.


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