Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Budget Friendly Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

Escape from wedding day stress and dip into honeymoon bliss with these budget-friendly tips.
After months of party-planning meetings, wedding related events and constant to-do lists leading up to your wedding, you deserve a fabulous honeymoon with your newlywed! Here are nine budget-friendly secrets for planning the most romantic trip of your life.

1. Find Travel PackagesThere are incredible honeymoon packages for newlyweds on any budget and craving any kind of destination. An all-inclusive package appeals because transportation, food and lodging are all included in one fixed price. You can find quotes fast at reputable sites such as Butterfield and Robinson, Jetsetter or Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

2. Get A Travel AgentSkip the time-consuming task of searching out destinations yourself and get to a pro. Let a travel agent who specializes in honeymoon travel work with your wish list and your budget requirements. If you’re on a tight budget, request hotels that have a ton of amenities and fabulous pools or beachfronts so you don’t feel the need to book additional excursions or trips off the resort property.

3. Choose An Exotic LocaleEver dreamt of taking that 10-day safari in South Africa? Diana Smullen of Hospitality Afrika says it’s a wise option for honeymooners on a budget. “Your dollar will go a long way in most developing nations allowing you to maximize your spend in these locations. Look for resorts like game lodges, where you are offered full board and two game viewing activities per day, all-inclusive.

4. Prioritize Your Wants
“Decide where you want to have the best experience and put your money towards that chosen location,” Diana suggests. Start off at a luxury safari lodge, Victoria Falls or on an island off of Mozambique, whatever your dream-stay may be, then opt for modest lodging and shift your focus to the outdoors. “Be prepared to compromise in lesser accommodations for the balance of your trip, particularly when you will be out all day at the beach or sightseeing.”

5. Charge ItConsider charging all of your big-ticket wedding-related expenses on an airline-affiliated credit card. Those charges can add up to frequent flyer miles, which may be enough to get you free upgrades or even free tickets!

6. Seek Frequent Flyer DealsJoin a frequent-flyer program now! There are so many deals and upgrades offered from partner car rental companies, hotels or cruise ships you can take advantage of.

7. Upgrade It... For FreeThe art of a fabulous honeymoon experience comes down to planning and making it absolutely clear to everyone that you'll be a newlywed. It's code for getting special treatment. When making reservations, state that you're arranging your honeymoon before requesting that ocean view. Then get all the details confirmed in writing.

8. Call The ConciergeSpeak to the concierge to plan any of those romantic extras you want. Whether it's an intimate dinner on the beach or passes to a major museum show, the hotelier will bend over backwards to make sure your stay is fabulous. And be sure to ask about discounts and packages for whatever excursion you’re interested in! Most concierges will do their best to help you with these discounts, but those who don’t ask, don’t get!

9. Pre-Departure PaperworkTake care of any paperwork needed for traveling well in advance of your wedding. Is a passport or visa needed? Does your destination honeymoon require inoculations? Print and organize your itinerary so you have all the addresses, reservations and confirmation numbers ahead of time to minimize stress and unnecessary costs down the road.

10. Escape Right AwayDepart for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. Scheduling may make it more practical to delay your trip for a week, but the momentum may be lost if you wait. Besides, you deserve to escape after planning a major party for months!

11. Amp Up The RomanceIt’s so easy to create romance on a budget! Consider running a steamy hot bath (free) with bubbles (ask the concierge), tea lights ($5) and music (create a playlist before your departure). Hotels will usually place a bottle of champagne or wine in your room as a gift, but don’t be afraid to ask if they haven't! 


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