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6 Fall Wedding Ideas We Love, Love, Love

Fall is a beautiful time of year and a fantastic season to plan a wedding. Fall weddings present an opportunity to pay homage to the season and to play with color—it's about natural textures, bold hues, glamorous touches, and a few other accents that say (but don't scream) "fall."
If you need a little style inspiration to create an elegant, warm fall wedding theme, here are some of our favorite fall wedding ideas...

1. Natural Textures and Bold Hues

In the fall, wedding décor is all about mixing natural textures with bold hues. That means tablecloths and napkins in tactile, visually-intriguing materials—quilted or ruched silk, velvet, linen—in subdued neutrals mixed with surprise pops of bright color—sangria, magenta, cobalt blue or royal blue.
In addition to using bold hues to offset the fall foliage, using a wood slice as a centerpiece is a stunning and unique option to the classic centerpieces. The wood adds to the fall theme for a wedding of that season.
One of our favorite fall wedding ideas is to use color to create the feeling of autumn without having to incorporate leaves or pumpkins. Chocolate brown, blackberry purple or deep red (or even lighter, neutral shades like cream or gold) are great fall wedding colors for bridesmaid dresses. Chocolate brown suits for the groom and groomsmen create the same autumnal feel without being too blatant. Another fall wedding idea is to use hemp, twine, brown Kraft paper or hessian fabric within your decorations. Wrapping wine bottles, the silverware, and napkins with hemp or twine, or using the Kraft paper, hessian and twine for your fall wedding invitations is a more subtle way of integrating autumn into your rustic fall wedding.
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2. Metallic Details

The fall season may be all about color—the warm reds, russets and yellows of the changing leaves, the bright orange of pumpkins and the deep browns of conkers—but metallic accents continue to be big. Adding a touch of gold and silver or bronze and pewter copper to the traditional fall colors creates a chic color scheme! Glass vases with pops of bronze or copper, gold and silver leaf wedding accessories, or even metallic napkin rings in gold or silver are a clever way to work in seasonal accents.
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3. Fall Foliage

Add a seasonal touch to your ceremony by hanging flowers in mason jars, or, using shafts of wheat or even pumpkins to line the length of the aisle. Replacing petals with fall leaves and adding candle lanterns is a great way to add coziness to your wedding and to highlight the fact that it's a fall wedding.
If the weather is a little chilly and you have to stay indoors for the reception, you can still incorporate the beautiful natural elements of the season in your wedding by decorating the venue with potted plants displaying their most electric fall colors.
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4. Incorporate the Bounty of the Fall Harvest 

Pumpkins are one of those versatile fall wedding ideas to integrate into your wedding. Not only can they be used as part of the décor, they're also an excellent option for chilling wines and other beverages. Another fall wedding idea is serving hot beverages—apple cider, cocoa or gourmet coffee—to your guests at the end of the night. It's a great way to keep them warm and to bring the comfort of fall into your wedding day.
These awesome options incorporate the bounty of the fall harvest in your wedding:
  • Apple cider - This can be served either hot or cold (depending on the temperature). Having a hard cider on tap for your guests would also be a great option.
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  • Wheat - Wheat can be incorporated in your fall wedding in several ways. Wheat bundles can be used as centerpieces; wheat grain (instead of rice) to shower the bride and groom; and wheat as part of your fall wedding flowers—bouquets and boutonnieres—creates a vintage, rustic theme.
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  • Caramel apples - This classic treat is the quintessential fall indulgence. The apples can be rolled in chocolate pieces, nuts, or whatever else you can think of, packaged individually and tied with twine or a ribbon that matches your wedding colors. Guests can grab this delicious treat as they exit.
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  •  Apples - Fall and apples are the perfect pair, whether red or green apples! They're great for a fall wedding and can be used in several ways: from centerpieces to escort cards, from cake toppers to place settings. Everybody has a type of apple they love, so they're sure to be crowd-pleasers.

 5. Fall Wedding Reception Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in your wedding décor and it can affect the way everything looks. Lighting can also change the mood for different portions of the party. Start with bright and upbeat lighting for cocktails, pink and purple sunset tones on the walls and ceiling for dinner, and then switch to something more dramatic—deep blue with white "stars"—when it's time to start the dance party. Classy chandeliers also add glamour to any space, from a Swarovski crystal modern piece to a vintage chandelier filled with candles.
Another way to incorporate the fall season indoors is to use gobo lighting with warm amber light to create a branch pattern on the dance floor or the ceiling of a tent. It will give the effect of the early evening sun streaming through the trees.
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6. Embrace the Night Sky and Add Warmth with Light & Food 

The fall season has clear blue skies and pitch black nights, so bring the outside in and have your ceremony under the stars by choosing an open-roof venue equipped with space heaters, or a closed venue with big windows. Soft fairy lights and plenty of candles will create a romantic, twinkling atmosphere. Have an open fire, pile it high with logs, fir cones and herbs to give the rooms that fall aroma and to create cozy corners.
To add more cozy comforts and to infuse the fall flavors into your wedding menu, serve rich, intensely-flavored seasonal foods such as squash bisque served in little pumpkins or butternut squash soup as starters; filet, cornish hens, or salmon for the entrée; and apple tarts, brownies with coffee ice cream, fig cheesecake, or pie à la mode for dessert.
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Bonus: Feather Bridal Hair Accessories

Feathers are trendy and are a great way to change up your fall wedding reception hairstyle — especially if you're skipping the veil. Chic bridal headpieces adorned with simple, airy plumage offer a soft, whimsical look to any wedding hairstyle. And pairing your feathered hair accessory with a jeweled hair clip adds a little something extra.
Fall Wedding Ideas


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