Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag


With the ever growing popularity of Instagram it is no surprise that many couples are creating hashtags for their wedding guests to use on the big day. Doing so allows the attendees to not just watch, but be part of your big day.

Recently I attended my best friends wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. I watched as the wedding photographer and her partner were running around taking pictures all over the place to ensure the right moments were captured on camera. However it was no surprise to me that everyone else was doing the same, except in a less hasty way.

Camera phones were out, flashes were off (thank goodness!) and the day was being photographed from every point-of-view. As the wedding day continued everyone was uploading their images to all the social media platforms. By midnight my best friend had TONS of photos to look at. All because there was a hashtag for all the guests to reference.

But the real question is, how do you create a wedding hashtag? One that everyone will be able to type in – whether tipsy or not – and one that has not been used before. Simple.
    1. Use your names. Sure there may be several Jim and Johns out there, but using your name is just the first part of the equation.
    2. Throw in a wedding word. It’s obviously your wedding day, so why not use a word that identifies it. Words like: Hitch, Wed, Tie the Knot, I Do, Wedding, etc.
    3. Alliterations are fun. And simple to remember. Using something like #HarrisonsGetHitched or #WildWilsonWedding.
    4. Spruce it up with a Rhyme. Consider your names and if they rhyme with any wedding related words. Is your new last name going to be Stewart? Shorten it a bit and go with #StewPartyof2.
    5. We love to be punny. Think about using an idiom or a common phrase in your hashtag. You can switch out a specific word with your name to get the punny in there. Take a look at the idiom shop for more ideas.
    6. Keep it sweet. Sure you could use something like #StephanieMarriesDanielCrowder as your hashtag, but its better to keep your hashtag short and sweet. Doing so will eliminate any guests from making any grammatical errors when entering it in. This doesn’t mean you can’t use your names. But consider doing #StephWedsDan16 instead.
    7. Go to the source. Once you’ve come up with the perfect hashtag, log in to Instagram and check it. This will confirm that your creative genius is all yours!
    8. Spread the word. One thing to keep in mind once you’ve selected your perfect wedding hashtag, make it known to your guests. Add it to your wedding invitations, on your wedding website, and place signs around your venues.
If it gets down to the wire and nothing has popped in to your heard. Don’t worry! You can use a hashtag generator for quick and easy help.

Still need more help? Take a look at some of these great wedding hashtags that we’ve come across recently:
    – #MichailaGetsOReillyed
    – #GreatKnightKisses
    – #HappilyEverHarrison
    – #TellerIDo


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