Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Tell a Close Friend She Won't Be a Bridesmaid

How to Tell a Friend She Won't be a Bridesmaid
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Selecting your bridal entourage is an extremely challenging process, especially when one or two close confidantes may not make the cut. However, no bridal party is large enough to accommodate each and every one of a bride's friends. So how can a bride break the news to a dear friend that she hasn't been included on the bridesmaid roster? Our etiquette experts weigh in on how to tell a friend she won't be walking down the aisle with the bridal party.

Before scheduling a chat with your friend, you may wish to consider including her in your bridal party. If she is indeed a close companion and the remainder of your group will be bridesmaids, excluding a single member may irreversibly damage your relationship. Adding one more bridesmaid to your entourage may be the best solution if you wish to maintain your relationship.

However, if you truly do not believe your friend is a fit for the bridal party, you must communicate the news to her as gently as possible. Make sure to explain to your friend that the choice is not a reflection on your relationship, and try to be as truthful in your discussion as possible without hurting her feelings. If limiting the number of bridesmaids is your primary concern, or you have only chosen bridesmaids who are childhood friends, you may wish to include these details in your heart-to-heart. Furthermore, devise a role for your friend to take on at the wedding. By bestowing an important nuptial task on your friend, you will simultaneously include her in the wedding festivities while softening the blow of her exclusion from the bridal party.


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