Tuesday, December 29, 2015

6 Tips to Make 2016 the Best Year of Your Life

It’s almost a New Year. That’s means a new YOU! What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be? I love the idea of the New Year because you get to bring it in with the ones that mean the most and January 1st just feels like a new, clean slate! You get to start over and set goals for yourself to make a better you.

It seems that a lot of people never accomplish their New Year’s resolution and their resolution happens to be the same every year. Let’s make 2016 different. Be a new kind of you this year with these easy tips! Let’s begin shall we:

1.Create habit. Set your goals for this year and create habit. Focus on your goals everyday, big or small. At the beginning, it’s kind of hard to have your goals in the back of your head everyday. Write your goal(s) on a sticky note and put on your bathroom mirror so that you are reminded everyday. Another idea, is to write it in your planner.

2. Keep a positive mind. Keep an “I can and I will” attitude. If you keep negative thoughts in your mind, negativity will follow. I’ve gone through one heck of a 2015 and there are times when I felt like I wanted to quit. You have to keep trying hard to move forward. Take your battles and use them at motivation to do better and keep going, even stronger than before. When you’re faced with a new battle, sit back and breathe for a minute and see how big of a deal it really is. As my mom says, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Moms are always right..
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3. Get Organized. Create lists, planners, binders and get rid of your mess and clutter. Starting with your home is best. A rule in my house is if you haven’t used it in 6 months, toss it. Organize your closet, bedroom, and office/desk. Organizing your bills and important paperwork is a great way to take a load off. Grabbing a planner (if you don’t have one, Target and Hobby Lobby planners seem to be my favorite!) is a way to make me feel like I have my stuff together and makes me feel less stressed. Put your energy into something fun!

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4. Find a new hobby. This will get your mind off of things and let you enjoy you-time. Hobbies give you time where you can decompress, forget your struggles, or unwind after a long week. A few hobbies that I recently have found that I enjoy are painting and kayaking!

5. Make your own path. Whatever your goal is for the New Year, make it your own. Don’t follow the crowd. Ignore the negativity of “you can’t do that” and “that’s dumb” and do what makes YOU happy. Follow the road less travelled and enjoy your own experiences to share with others. Life is a journey, enjoy it the way you want to.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

6. Plan a trip. There is nothing more exciting than experiencing something that you never have before. Your trip doesn’t have to be super elaborate, it could simply just be a place you’ve never gone before. Take the time of your busy year and plan a weekend or weeklong trip where you see the world. Go ride a train or subway for the first time. Go sit in a free talk show like Live! With Kelly and Michael. Planning a trip will have you looking forward to something and keep you motivated.

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