Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Sneak Peek at 2016 Wedding Fashion


Believe it or not, we’re rounding out 2015 and will soon be celebrating the New Year. Where has the time gone? With 2016 right around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends you’ll see in wedding fashion next year.,, and recently released their spring collections. Here are some of the upcoming trends for brides and grooms:
Gown Bodices:
    -Plunging necklines. Bridal fashion has been pushing limits on skin exposure for years, so it wasn’t terribly surprising to see a number of deep V-necked gowns on the runways.
    -Illusion bodices. As brides get more comfortable with showing their figures, designers get bolder in their fashions. Some wedding gowns include only enough fabric to cover the vital areas. If you’re considering a gown like this, you may want to consider a nude under-layer that matches your skin tone.
    -Keyhole necklines. For those brides who don’t want to take the daring plunge, keyhole necklines are a nice option. They cover more, but open up along the breastbone to show a little skin.
Gown Bottoms:
    -Overskirts. For brides who want a streamlined silhouette but the flow of a ballgown, overskirts are the way to go. They can also be removed for a second look during the reception.
    Sheer skirts. Right in line with the overskirts are sheer skirts. This continues the trend of showing more skin.
    -Thigh-high slits. If you don’t have a sheer skirt but you want to show some leg, a thigh-high slit in your skirt might be for you.
    -Tiered skirts. Layers are a big trend for 2016, so tiered skirts were a shoe-in for designers.
Gown Details:
    -3-D floral appliqués. You’ve seen gowns with 3-D flowers on them, right? In 2016, those gowns will be hotter than ever.
    -Feathers. Don’t think “chicken” when we say feathers. Think light, airy, wispy feather accents that highlight the bodice or skirt. Perfect for spring!
    -Wave details. Designers were inspired by the ocean for 2016. Many prints include wave designs, and a number of skirts were cut to flow like waves.
Gown Styles:
    -Pants. Perhaps the hottest trend for 2016 is wedding pantsuits instead of gowns for brides. Definitely bucking tradition!
    -Mini-dresses. Gown designers have decided that brides need a LWD (Little White Dress) to match their LBD. A number of styles involve miniskirts, and they’re deemed suitable for either a second reception dress or for the entire event.
    -Long sleeves. We’re not talking chaste long sleeves here. Inspired largely by Kate Middleton, wedding fashion has been incorporating more and more long-sleeved styles. The sleeves are usually gossamer and lacy, though…more delicate than purposeful.
Men’s Fashion Trends:
    -Slim cuts. While pants are getting a bit fuller in the leg next year, the overall suit style will be slim.
    -Pant cuffs. Pant cuffs are still popular, but Sal Lauretta cautions against men choosing this style if they’re not very tall.
    -Color and Materials. Plaid prints and bold colors are trendy, as are wool (for cool months) and linen (for warmer months).


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