Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Exact Timeline for Every Bride's Pre-Wedding Beauty Needs

Timeline for Bride's Pre-Wedding Beauty Needs
Photo: Larissa Cleveland
It's time to face the facts when it comes to peak bridal beauty performance! We've mapped out all of your pre-wedding beauty rituals, in accordance to your wedding day, to ensure stress-free satisfaction when walking down the aisle.

6 Months Before
If you're planning on cutting your windswept locks into a flirty bob, or going from brunette to platinum blonde, this is the time to do it! Any hair modifications/experimentations should start six months prior to the big day to avoid any non-reversible damages.
Use this time to make appointments to see your dermatologist to discuss a personal cleansing and moisturizing program for supple wedding day skin.

Take extra long walks on the beach with your hubby-to-be if you want to shed a few pounds before slipping into your lace Vera Wang. Developing an exercise routine six months before your big day will ensure a healthy way to lose, or maintain, your goal weight.

4-5 Months Before
Make consultations with both your wedding day hair and makeup teams to go over exactly what you envision while walking down the aisle. Knowing you and your stylists are on the same page when it comes to wedding day style will ensure a stress free "getting ready" party with your bridal squad.

2-3 Months Before
Begin the process of booking all of your day-of appointments (hair, makeup, etc.) and write everything down in a personal planner or calendar. Staying organized is always in a bride's favor!
Beach wedding? Play around with your favorite self-tanners and decide which ones bring out your natural glow and not make you unusually orange.

1-2 Months Before
Round up all of the beauty products, and extra accessories you will need to complete your wedding day look. Whether you've opted for a classic red lip, or a feather hair clip, you don't want to miss the boat when it comes to your favorites selling out.
Go through a trial run with your makeup artist to seal-the-deal on your bridal look. Every bride needs an excuse to sit back, relax, and get pampered!

2 Weeks Before
Make a mental note to consistently drink water throughout the day to maintain clear, hydrated and glowing skin.Exfoliate and moisturize everything from your elbows to your feet daily from this date on. Confirm all of your big day beauty appointments for some extra stress-free satisfaction.

1 Week Before
Book your final wax before your celebration. Anything from your eyebrows, legs, and everywhere in between can be scheduled at this point to allow enough time for your skin to heal.
Facials should be scheduled one week before your big day. Any allergic reaction, or unexpected skin outcome, can be maintained in time to walk down the aisle.

1 Day Before
Pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and lots of beauty sleep.
Continue to drink lots of water to maintain optimal hydration from the inside out.

Wedding Day
Don't forget to eat something healthy! The excitement of the day can sometimes be overwhelming and cause you to forget this very important guideline. Lots of champagne on an empty stomach leads to a flushed face and an early night!
Most importantly, don't forget to celebrate, live in the moment, and have fun!


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