Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Real Brides Share: What I'd Splurge on for My Wedding if I Was the Powerball Winner

The next drawing for the record-shattering $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot is at 10:59 pm EST on Wednesday, giving millions of Americans the ever-tempting thought: "If I was the winner, how would I spend my money?" And, for many brides, holding the Powerball winning numbers would mean having the most elegant, glamorous, romantic, and fun wedding of their dreams — most likely in some distant land.

So we took to Facebook to ask real brides the oh-so-realistic question: If you won the $1.5 billion Powerball, what would you splurge on for your wedding? One common theme throughout their answers? Beyoncé.

"Venue/location, food, entertainment but that's after 1 billion goes to my wedding ring." — Sophie
"Photography! I'd hire Christian Oth because his work is my favorite."
— Michela Hattabaugh

"Five-pound lobsters for everyone." — Jessie

"I would pay for all my friends and family's travel and hotels — to our new location in the south of France, of course. — Meagan

"I'd rent Necker Island from Richard Branson, fly in all my guests, get Thomas Keller to cook, Aretha Franklin to perform, Hillary Clinton to do the toast, wear a gown by Sarah Burton, etc., etc. Then, whatever I wound up spending, I'd send 100 times that amount to the UN High Commision on Refugees Syria Crisis Appeal." — Lauren

"A Jay-Z/Beyoncé-size yacht for my honeymoon." — Keija

"Forget the expensive flowers, champagne, and wedding décor — I'd immediately book a 24-day around-the-world honeymoon with TSC World Travel. The upscale operator has its own private Boeing 757 (retrofitted to fit just 78 guests), so not only do you get an itinerary to such bucket-list sites as Easter Island and Machu Picchu, but also insane privacy and business-class sleeping quarters•so you arrive at the Taj Mahal look super fab!" — Katie

"I would fly all of my friends and family to the Amalfi Coast and get married there! Then off to the Maldives." — Jen

"Destination wedding on us! Italy! Live performance by Cher." — Jenifer Walter

"I would splurge on a destination wedding in Barcelona, and I would cover my guest's travel expenses to make sure all of my family and friends could join — or I would spend it on having Beyoncé perform at the reception — it's a toss up." — Samantha

"Flying my loved ones out to my newly purchased island for a vacation/wedding, of course. Then I'd buy and around the world ticket for a honeymoon that's never ending."
— Nicole

"Four words: Beyoncé as wedding singer." — Roberta

"Exotic animals. Lets get some Elephants, cheetahs, black panthers, lions and tigers to be there. And a petting zoo of some potty trained baby cubs." — Noel

"A musical performance by John Legend, my dress and the venue." — Corinne

"An insane floral canopy AND I would fly all my guests to a fun location." — Hannah


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