Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4 Grooms Looks and How to Style Them via ‘Grooms’ by Donnell + Courtney Baldwin

It's no secret that the bride is the main focus at every wedding. But her gorgeous look wouldn't be complete without a dapper groom by her side; and that's what Donnell and Courtney Baldwin aims to do. The fashion power couple has given the gift of style with their latest book, GROOMS. With stunning photography and expert styling tips, GROOMS is a necessary guide for every modern-day groom. Whether his style is classic and tailored or casual and rustic, there's something for every stylish man. We've plucked 5 looks straight from GROOMS and the Baldwins' tips on how to style them.
The Classic GROOM
"When we think of the Classic Groom, we imagine a sleek, sophisticated man with no fuss or frills–only the refined basics. The Classic Groom is appropriately dressed for the occasion without too much deviation. He is not trying to follow the latest trend."
Classic Styling Tips
- select a flat front tuxedo pant without pleats.
- when the top button of your tuxedo shirt is fastened, you should be able to get no more than your index and middle fingers between your neck and shirt collar.
- choose either braces or a cummerbund, but never both.
- the boutonniere should always be placed on the left lapel of a gentleman's jacket to cover the buttonhole stitch.
A few recommended venues for this look: hotel grand ballroom, country club, grand library.
The Chic GROOM
"If the thought of satin lapels and patent leather shoes gives you the hives, you may be a Chic Groom. You want the polished look of a suit but do not desire the commitment of a tuxedo."
Chic Styling Tips
- if your wedding is in the spring or summer, lightweight cotton or linen blend fabrics will be fine. For weddings in cooler climates, consider wool blend materials.
- when wearing a necktie, even a knit one, make sure to put a dimple in the tie just below the knot.
- to distinguish you as the groom, request that your groomsmen wear black knit neckties, which will be a small deviation from your gray knit necktie.
A few recommended venues for this look: church, private residence, botanical garden
The GROOM in Color
"The Groom in Color aims to be different through his use of color in his wardrobe, and most importantly, for his wedding day. He is artistic, confident, and adventurous, willing to travel off the beaten 'black tuxedo' path."
Color Styling Tips
- a solid color knit tie is highly encouraged for your wedding.
- if you decide to wear a tie bar, make sure that it is placed on the tie between the third and fourth buttons from the top of the dress shirt.
- by putting things in your pockets, you run the risk of an unsightly bulge that can show up in your wedding photos.
A few recommended venues for this look: private residence, museum, sculpture garden.
The Preppy GROOM
"This look is for the guy who is preppy yet confident. When we think of a preppy groom, we think of the guy who has, or desires to have, a very collegiate look."
Preppy Styling Tips
- do not mix plaids on your wedding day. Keep it simple with a neutral dress shirt and slacks.
- skip the socks and give your pants a messy roll.
- consider a three-point fold for your pocket square. 
- skip the floral boutonniere and opt for a lapel pin in a solid color. 
A few recommended venues for this look: yacht club, boathouse, country club.


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